Saturday, 20 October 2018

prosperously centred

 born with an awesome innate skill set,
five six would be more correct.

armoured with all one may need 
to take heed
of all that would be presented
rewarding paths suggested.
in the splay of riches splendid
the very best of what could be selected
in the 'self ', glory detected.

no wish to be blinded and apprehended
by uncertainty affected
rather, ones core centred
in prosperous success cemented.
aah... the spirit and mind captured
the slumber of soul raptured
toward heavenly vast liberties ascended
that understanding of serene peace, rendered. 


could there be a more beauteous moment
than the loss of self in the glory of a morn so precious...?



Thursday, 18 October 2018


 the glory of forgetting the urban jungle
vrooming, breaking, hooting...disgustingly impatient.
throttling through time, without any awareness that there be another kind of 'busy-ness' on the go.
a rose rich in bloom, its heady scent, intoxicating
speckled with the morning dew.

 thorny be the stem, protecting petals luscious and rich
alluring in the splay of a perfect formation
and as a bud...tight, appealing sight
..the anticipation of its spread when the time be right....


hidden...but, there.


do look and find
what u may come across will know to capture and bind
a garden so much like Eden
expression of nakedness, a freedom
so, let us strip and each other tease
let us touch...and each other please.

Good morning.


Tuesday, 16 October 2018

what bonded him to her?

(inside a womans mind - internet)

 "...a sensitive tolerance of your stubbornness to hold on to the idea that it be taboo to let fly your sensual side.
The emotional frailty should u feel dejected and misunderstood, pushed, before u are ready to jump.
jump...?... where...?...nowhere actually...simply to embrace that which is already there...."

With all the calm he could muster, he stepped across the threshold, heart erratic, unsure if it was the right thing to do. But, he had to try. He had to find it again. He felt so dead numb.
How many times he had sat with his manhood in hand, caressing himself into a hardness...what was in his head...?...not much...usually the same old same old...a fantasy of some sort.
Sexual and sensual intimacies between him and his partner had become so mundane, a chore, an expectation just to keep the ball rolling.
Was that how it was supposed to be or, was it more that they had grown apart...whatever the case was, he couldn't imagine she was could she be...?... he wasn't...he wondered.In actuality, it didn't matter anymore.
That sensual, that sexual part...there or not...was not what kept them together... routine, the life they had shared over so many years...a loyalty to their efforts and what they had created....that is what kept them together...a love deeper than the physicality of self.

It was a conversation he had overheard that got him stepping over the threshold.
It went something like ...."...oh come on Jess! Who cares if there is an afterlife?? Who cares what is to come? U wont remember this life anyway, never mind any other previous lives! And u want me to live in this hell i know both of us are in?? Don't u think we both deserve better in this life?? This life we know and are aware of?? and should we meet in our next life...well..Que sera sera..."....he heard pain in the speakers voice. He thought it must have taken a lot of courage to broach a subject so sensitive and most definitely painful.

He got to thinking...was he destined to be loyal and accommodating in this life? This life that he claimed to cherish and honour living it to the fullest? The reality hurt for, he did not like the answer.

" piteous u are in your state of confusion...a grown intelligent worldly man...stop whimpering...!... and wallowing...! your unnecessary numbness..


...give me your hands and let them be filled with the soft firm fullness of my breasts...feel...feel my nipples as they harden under your touch...let me pull your head back and sink my teeth into the side of your neck and pretend to suck out the very life that sadly fills your veins!!

Awake and moan for me!

Beg me to awaken those loins of yours!!

Beg for mercy as i ride ...deep and harsh your hard manhood...growl for me and pull me harder on u thrusting higher and higher as u feel the life seep back into every pore of your physical form...that kaleidoscope of brilliant explosive rainbow as u shout....


do u eventually feel life???.... do u feel alive again....???..."

...he stepped over the threshold and back into the grey world again...this was just a temporary fix....he would need it over and over and damn the past years that he had surrendered to a bleakness of nothingness. It was time for change.


Sunday, 14 October 2018

oh gorgeous lover!

 if , quietly, peaceful in my seat i should sit,
an indulgent serenity, would be my grit,
an internalisation of spirit and self,
a conscious desire external intrusions to shelf.

that ageless selfishness to pamper my thoughts,
narcissistic endeavours, shares with those small of mind, aborts
for, how soft and giving and wanting it be
every imagined idea in my head, u would see. 

the pleasures my flesh would know from your touch,
the yearning in your eyes, simply too much,
the ache that builds and throbs and calls...
every part of my being with such intensity trawls.

my mind does reel my head be full
a state of desperate need, the pull.
and thus, myself to caress with care
waiting for that moment myself to share.

oh gorgeous lover ...! my head u reside
the torture of your absence knows not to subside,
your hands in my hair, your kiss on my shoulder,
deeper, more desirous, my wantonness does smoulder.

you have captured my senses and eaten my peace oddity,
a peculiarity,
for, in imaginings of u , a serenity still knows to reside
the oddity of your hold on my thoughts knows not to hide...
it feeds and nurtures an erotic seduction so bewitchingly addictive
no boundaries no limits ...u and i...all we can be...unrestrictive.


a Sunday thought

How often the mind knows to be tickled and tempted by dreams, knowing the possibility be there to bring it into reality. A dream reachable, a dream realistic...a dream possible.
And holds back. Why the fear to dabble in something new... why the fear to try...?
Why the hesitancy to apply oneself and take that shaky step forward in the direction of fruitful new beginnings?
Knowing to take example from others who had the courage to leap into the unknown...the faith that they would make it...but...first...arming oneself with research bringing knowledge, understanding and insight as to what the road forward could bring. 
An awareness of not only the success that lies ahead of such an adventure but, more importantly, the pitfalls and challenges that would inevitably present themselves.
And, should one indulge in ones dreams then, what foolery it would be, to imagine one should not take on board wise words of advise and critic that would know to polish away the roughness of naivety , the novelty of new amateur applying oneself diligently and purposefully to embracing that dream...

...what a waste it would be for ego and arrogance to raise its ugly head.

Adapting, fine tuning yet ,never forgetting that unique self , that personal dream balanced with the wisdom of those that went ahead of one.

And thus, to dig deep, be honest, and realise the very best in ones self, is the truest form of acknowledgement of ones matter the matter the indulgence.

A bravery commanding , a diligence addictive,a perseverance conquering.. 


...a wet...good morning

 too cold to step outside
and thus indoors, i decide
a silken cloth , a gown real light
my nakedness to delight.
and even though the clouds do rage
a spirit sensual does engage...

the rain does drop,
it does not stop
that which burns,
that which churns...

the tickle
the prickle...


a hug engaging
a kiss deranging
of all that holds pure indulgence back
knowing to bring seductiveness back on track
and thus...hands soft along the thigh
to travel up up ....up....real high
to feel the heat of a naughty woman's charm
that knows any gentleman's sanity to disarm.


prosperously centred

 born with an awesome innate skill set, five six would be more correct. ...instinct... armoured with all on...