Thursday, 14 June 2018

enchanted be the night

imagine a chant, a serenity in the repetitiveness
transcending boundaries of the here and now.
 travel of mind into space...enormous...where the self 
willingly embraces its innermost,
courting and coaxing and acknowledging the intimacy that lives within.
imagine floating with liberties of expression...erotic...sensual.
the kiss of ones own gaze.
a caress that knows to make love to ones own nakedness.
imagine knowing to appreciate the sight of self.
imagine knowing to invite another in... to see the same cast that chant upon them, like a spell...the allure of mysteries
that lie within ones self.
and as the dark sets deeper for the sun travels further and further away
and the moon cares not to peep from behind the clouds...
so the chant of musical notes wafting through the room
begin to make the eyelids heavy and the call be for sleep....
if we could lay together and enchanted be with each other.



a tip of the hat

 ...a hat tipped in greeting....

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

woman...master unnatural...?

what is it that dictates that a woman cannot take the lead...cannot pave the way?
what is it that holds strength in the thought that men are the more dominant, unnatural and intimidating be a woman who knows to take the reigns?
why can a woman not lay claim to being an ardent lover, a dominant  lover, devouring in her passion and intent to leave her other, spent yet, wanton and crazy for more?

in a glance a flirt obvious and invitation to surrender, in her soft kiss the ask for a yielding lover , a lover begging of discoveries different.

what would be wrong for a man to lay back and ask his woman to take him, travel every part of him...coax him into a state of frenzied hardness...tease him with her suggestive whispers...make him repeat her name over and over as she lifts him with every caress with every grasp, hands asking...strong she stands above him...demanding he look at her and sense that she be the master of the and again...RB.

a direct RB share - #3...seductive be the ambience

why not dance the night away
indoors stay.
what if a show for u prepared
the moves, the beat to be shared.
so and take heed
follow my lead
for once we get started
the energies of dance imparted
u shall watch and i shall dance
seductive be the ambience.


Monday, 11 June 2018

how do u see me?

what if i could see myself the way u see me?
would it be the same way i know to be?
if i could ask u to tell my tale
in which direction would it sail...? 



 ...a ray of light
oh! so bright...

drop your shackles

at that moment far away the thought
by the camera caught,
asked to imagine what it would be like....?....


if together we would be
my mind to travel and see....?

know there be a true adventure
where only the very sensuous would know to venture
so....would u care to travel
and together many an old path unravel
for sure to find we will
to not stop until..
 next time that far away look captured in my eyes
makes u drop your daily shackles and your being with possibilities, flies.


enchanted be the night

imagine a chant, a serenity in the repetitiveness transcending boundaries of the here and now.  travel of mind into space...enormous...