Wednesday, 13 March 2019

a love letter

(constant contact -  internet)

a love letter from one lover to another
(inspired by watching a couple i have known for a long time who still share that magic as if they had only met yesterday) 
i watch u hunger and thirst, not for the sexual intimacies that we may share
more...for that soft look in my eye...
that lingering touch when my hand rests on your arm.
i sense your need that i too,
will gaze upon u,
with adoration in my eyes, much bigger than the word love could ever define.
u wish not for my words
my closeness and that comfort in the surrender of my form
as it melds and melts itself into your shape .
your arms around me speak volumes, sincere in their enveloping 
of me...whole.
the release of breath as u hold on and hug and hug and...hug me.
and all i know to do
disappear in u.
i too, hunger and know that hunger...that thirst
for when i look at u....u are the mirror image of all i feel.

Prose accompanying the image above
Solomon's Song of Songs. " Oh, kiss me, touch me with your lips; your love tastes better than any wine. You smell better that any perfume; even the sound of your name smells sweet-- no wonder they all love you!.....For your love is better than wine, your anointing oils are fragrant, your name is perfume poured out; therefore the maidens love you. Draw me after you, let us make haste. The king has brought me into his chambers. We will exult and rejoice in you; we will extol your love more than wine; rightly do they love you..... Do you have a shady place where you rest in the heat of day? I want you; I don't want to spend all day wandering around among your friends, wearing all these clothes in the heat of day....Arise and come, my pretty darling, come away with me!......Winds of the south and winds of the north, wake up and blow now: breathe through my garden, drive him mad with my fragrance, draw him into my garden; let his tongue stop its talking, let him taste my choice fruits..... Oh, you daughters of Jerusalem, I swear to you-- if you find my lover tell him-- Tell him what? Tell him I am dizzy in love. ......I came to my lover hungering, as he came to me.........." Song of Songs, 1:1-3, 7, 2:13b, 4:16, 5:8, 6:3
The Inclusive Bible, the First Egalitarian Translation 


Tuesday, 12 March 2019

of few words...yet a lover most expressive

(John Milton - internet)

 ....she was one of few words...preferring the pent up energy, that searing passion in the room to speak for her. at no point losing contact with her mans gaze.
she hated games but, this was a game of a different sort...a telling intimacy, a share raw, a lovers story with the intro...the beginning...the middle...and..........the.....end.
she would lose herself to her thoughts, never the same but...the constant being that she loved the delicate line between simply fucking and 'lovemaking' .
mind u....she loved the 'fuck' too....she preferred the play though...the 'lovemaking'....could one say the romance before the 'fuck'?
it wasn't about the wasn't a game of power...she was the lead...she wanted to show her true she wasn't a nymphomaniac...simply a lover of , a disciple to, the seeking of all ways to indulge in sultry sensuality.
her body was give when she pleased...and....she pleased every time...all the time to give it to him


once he had given of himself.


Monday, 11 March 2019

let us flirt

 May i greet u with a smile
may i flirt in my naughty style
will u know to smile back at me
to step across my threshold with my flirt agree?


a weekend morning call

 why care about the hair, the look, the style,
a weekend unrushed in its laziness fertile,
to forget all else... once in a while,
to invest in self and nobody else real worthwhile.

the taste buds wanting something different to eat,
and thus, into the kitchen to get busy with the treat,
eggs, flour, milk, oil and and...all together to beat,
pancakes! shall be, the beginning of a Sunday morning, deliciously sweet!

 the aroma of the pancakes the spirit did lift,
through the kitchen made its way, real swift,
and, standing over that stove, my mind began to drift,
one more treat i decided myself to gift.

pancakes on a plate, sweet goodies in little dishes on the side,
down the passageway toward my bedroom to stride,
a dishevelled bed a welcoming site, as i place the tray on the bedside,
naked to strip and between the cool sheets to glide.

every window every sliding door allowing the breeze and morning to enter,
to all my Sunday morning desires did tender,
and thus, a peace most luxurious in its presence did render,
a total surrender to the mornings splendour.


Thursday, 7 March 2019

through an image seen...begotten.

 here i sit and, look your way,
wondering if, on your side of the screen my words will know to play
and tease and titillate
any misconception that u and i may not be on the same plane
for, i shall not feign
that my interest be not to lead u astray
and with this look of mine, your wholeness belay.
my look invites u to stare real hard
imprinted be my image to make u  drop your guard
and, when eyes shut in your bed u lie
this image of mine will peaceful sleep defy.
u shall toss and turn...!...
your dreams will burn...!...
with fiery passions of lovers carnal
needs and desires lustfully partial....
a sweat shall break upon your form,
your limbs will thrash as if fighting a storm!
a whimper will escape as will a sigh
a pleading mumble a desperate cry....
your mind shall race to catch that dream
beneath your eyelids a passionate scene,
your heart erratic your breath real short
so real it seems, in the clutches of dreamland u be caught.
and when wasted... and tired... and no longer strong,
your mind sinks into fatigued oblivion headlong...
then my image will once again float to the top
to kiss your mind soflty, gently and all restlessness stop.
deep shall u sleep, a slumber healing
to wake with an unknown longing a pondering feeling,
someone left behind in a dream forgotten
someone  through an image seen,  begotten.

Good night.



"...a friend with benefits..."

He liked to play. He liked the game rather than the sex...he knew the sex was always there...the ending was the ending....but, how to get there. made the sex even more it was a lie to say he didn't enjoy that carnal indulgence. 
There was no time for a relationship. There was not time to invest in another. It did make him feel lonely at times and thus deciding to try this modern phenomena called..."a friend with benefits"...
To find the girl that would know what it attachment, no questions demands.
Of course it would work both ways...but, he took it upon himself to want to treat the girl he chose with spoils and care....not wanting her to feel resentful or could do that to any type of relationship.
She would have to be that sort that understood his desire to spoil her was nothing more than an act of a true gentleman appreciating good company.

She did come along. a nice way...forward thinking yet possessing old values that he liked...carefree enough to understand what he needed but, not an exhibitionist or pushover....modern yet old fashioned in her behaviour...and had no hangups that modern society seemed to bring out in most women these days.
They had found each other at a party hosted by a friend of a friend of a friend. Both making a choice to rather be bored somewhere else  than at home.
It was destined....
She instinctively knew his needs...and that evening, on arriving at her became a tease most erotic...kissing him softly...nibbling on his lower lip while asking him what he would like to drink....asking him to take her heels off...exposing the top of her lace stocking and a slight view of sheer panties as she lifted her leg to make it easier on him as he went down on his haunches....and as he went to pick  her heels up, she stopped him and bent down doing it herself...leaning in and kissing him deep and complete.
He felt his head spin...lost in the moment.
And as the evening continued she introduced him to new ways of image that would stay with him....she standing and pouring a nothing more than her brassiere, pantiless and a pair of new heels that had appeared from somewhere at some point in the evening. She looked casually delicious and flirty playing 'barman'... 
That was the start of a most rewarding relationship without any demand for attachment...and the start of complications most unexpected.
It became clear that she understood the concept of "...friends with benefits..." better than he did.
He found himself wishing to call her...and  he did...and when her phone just rang and rang and there was no call back...he became resentful and angry.
When she responded with short curt messages stating she was not able to see him cause she was out with her friends, it frustrated him that she preferred her friends to him, considering, they didn't see each other too often.

And then it dawned on him....there was no such thing as.."friends with benefits..." shocked him that he of all people wished that things were different between them....he wanted more.


good morning Saturday

   ...Good morning Saturday morn...