Monday, 13 August 2018


 how waters sweet...did know to wet the flesh
to drown the fatigue and replenish the suppleness of skin thirsty.
the tingle, the relax, a bathing unhurried...wallowing in the caress of waters...HOT.
the indulgence of a wash , a feeling fresh
splashing and a real girly
and then to lay back and caress...that SPOT.

 now now...!...that SPOT...naughty aint that which be your pleasure to find 
rather the temples to rub...slowly unwind
and as to the play and search of that other 'spot'
the joining me in my tub...let those imaginings your mind...besot.


how far would it reach

 if eyes could see beyond the horizon
my depth and width of perception 'wisen'
how hungry and devouring of all things to see
would the travel of my gaze be.
but, most important of all, such an ability would allow
the distance, between u and me, to plough
and once my gaze, upon u would settle
that fervent hunger away, it would nettle.
i would coax your eyes to look toward me
in the presence of my spirit your ability to see
for your minds eye would know to find,
my spirit residing in your core and thus, to bind...
that which knows to throb and gnaw
that which knows your numbness to thaw
that which calls and beckons you to come
that which makes u and
so, dear lover, wherever u may be
close your eyes, let your spirit free
near i close i stand
kiss my lips... do take my hand.


Sunday, 12 August 2018

Cup of coffee

What if my lips on waking did taste that of yours ?
Alas...this morn...
A cup of coffee it be first....
Now to hunt u quench my 'thirst'!



...dawn to give way to a crisp Sunday morn...

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

a dance in ones feet

 how can one not wake, with a step light
a tingling ever present to go forth, a mind bright
to catch the first rays of a dawn, a rising day
to want to go forth...conquer...!...face all without delay!
how can one not feel a dance in ones feet
the mind fresh, a new start, to jive into the morn, upbeat 
a lust vicious...!!!... for all that feeds the spirit nurturing
no desire of anything challenging harbouring.

how can one not invite another into such a space  wondrous
where shares of mind and body can only be boundless
the feelings imbued stupendous
through touch passionate a sense of sincere intimate kindness.

and thus, with open arms, feet merry, a smile real broad
the deliciousness of the day promising to bring on board
together to travel together to chant
'...wash over me most beauteous of days ...grant me this want!"

good morning!!!


Tuesday, 7 August 2018

stockings think i have a ladder in my stocking!..
...would love u to come check...

the response # come kiss me sweet...

My post was... 
"...would u know to find me?
if still i lay and, held my breath..

good morning..."
and this is the response i have received from one of u...dearest contributors...i love it!!!
thank u!!

I would always know to find you
Under the sky, beneath the sea
Atop a mountain, below a tree or
Simply safe within your sanctuary

You may lie still,
As still as you please.
You may hold your breath,
As long as you please.

It will not avail you
I shall always trail you
I will smell you out
I will find you out

Deep will I kiss you till you gasp for breath
Lovingly will I caress you till you cannot lie still
Then our bodies hard we will meld together 
Our souls have in love been so joined for ever.


 how waters sweet...did know to wet the flesh to drown the fatigue and replenish the suppleness of skin thirsty. the tingle, t...