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hey little blue friend, we met some time ago in a mall i bought u when i went to a comedy show, the night was easy, so full of laughs and fun, and at the end of it all, a good romp in the bed with a lover, the eve was explosively done.
so...everytime i look at u, on my bed u sit from that day i made u mine, bringing to mind a lover who shared and indulged in intimacies real fine, so missed and many a moment thought of no matter the time of day looking forward to his return and wanting him longer to stay.
i suppose, distance does know to make the heart beat with greater fondness and imaginings of how we shall just let go to each other, limitless, kisses and hugs and entwining of limbs endless of what shall be between the two of us, truly selfless.
dear little blue friend, my elephant that keeps me company when alone in bed i lie precious and cute u  may be but, your company my longing cannot defy, for, too long it has been where my flesh by a hand passionately gentle has been stroked, and the most in…

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