Saturday, 14 September 2019

My sheik

I didn't want to rush, I wanted u to exhale
I didn't want your fantasy to derail
A cloth of red to cover my fair hair
And the rest of me in nakedness to share.
My sheik u shall be for as long as the night
Allows us in each others company  to delight
I shall dance and feed u with pleasures sweet
My body and mind with rich voluptuous thoughts, u,  shall greet.
The heady scent of erotic promise will hang heavy between u and I
Surrender to deep kama sutra of body, spirit and mind, we shall not deny
For, everything about us will be the desire to please each other
The give and take, between u and I, the most intimate kind of fodder.
Oh my king u are! lover most dear
U make me sexy, deliciously  wanton, so womanly sincere
How can I not dance for u and steal your heart and colour your mind erotic
For, everything about u and I, is just simply  hypnotic.



Thursday, 12 September 2019

Your personal harem

Can I be your harem of desires and emotions...?
Unwavered devotions...
Can I be your fantasy, your many dreams...?
The ray of your sunbeams...


Sunday, 18 August 2019

Hold me close and dear

Never  to reveal too much for, what would the draw card be,
If, today, tomorrow and every other day, all of me I let u know and see.
But, never to hold back and let u know in my thoughts u know to live,
And to my mornings afternoon and nights, a naughty delicious meaning give.
Enough I shall share to have u wonder what more could there be,
And thus, to return over and over in the hope, more of me to see,
Playfully naked my thoughts to share, my desire to have u close,
And, imprint on your mind the shape of my form, how inviting my repose.
And, even though much shall be kept secret and veiled, no need for u to know it all,
Never shall I hesitate to seek your company, never shall I stall,
To hug u close and kiss u soft and whisper how
You're missed,
And every time u go away , to have u back real soon again, it shall be wished.
So, tonight as the stars twinkle above u and I,
Close your eyes and maybe my form u might espy ,
Naked u know I am, even though little might be clear,
And that image u might envisage, till we meet again, hold it close and dear.


Thursday, 15 August 2019


He stood in the shadows and, let her think
That, her, he had forgotten in a blink,
Quite wary of not being forward and demanding
Unnecessary attention commanding.
And thus , to play it cool and unattached
A reserved disinterest his silence matched
Yet, from the darkness with zeal he did peak
So wishing him, she did miss and his company seek.
Time did prove how silly the ploy
How dangerous with one's emotions to toy,
Her need to be loved and cared for and cherished
Another gave and thus, her memory of the two of them... perished.
The darkness grew deeper, the shadows longer
The feelings of wanting her ravenously stronger
What possessed him to play and make her think
That he had forgotten her, in a blink. 


Rose colour tinted lenses

If my glasses I should remove
Would I lose my groove ...?...
Begin to see the world with different eyes
...The lie that through rose tinted glasses buys...?
A hope for some kind of realness to set ?
A tone to prosper forth, get?
The need to not lay back defeated and pained?
A truth to what needs to be addressed be gained....?
Once all garb has been removed
No matter the skin colour, to pinch the flesh be proved
Beside one's gender, colour, age or creed
We be human and that desire for our humanity to be freed...
From bias, hatred and preconceived misconceptions,
Small minded and puppet controlled perceptions,
How is it that such hatred for each other we love to thrive in
And wish upon another failure that not a sin...?...
Hypocrites we be, professionally trained to lie and believe
Through society the burden to weave
The guilt that knows to gnaw for the truth we all know
Dare not acknowledge for , a traitor be labelled and thus go with the flow...
With the most criminal , the politician glib in the tongue
Like a horse , with lies hung
Egging disdain and hatred toward each other
Dissent and chaos to further....
I shall keep my rose tinted glasses off
And not into their conspiracy coff
Where human on human be punted
While they snigger behind closed doors at the innocent being hunted.


Saturday, 10 August 2019


On a pedestal he put her, quite lonely and... alone
He, full of compliments was prone
To shower her with words syrupy and soft
Her head in the clouds, her thoughts aloft.
Her womanly wiles knew him to please,
From the reality of their life, away to tease,
Lost in the softness of what they knew to share
Challenging the cold truth, they did dare.
He plied and played with her sanity,
Quite aware of what was to come, the inevitable calamity ,
For theirs was an indulgence, a societal taboo
A dangerous love, one they should not pursue.
But, in her touch he found that care,
He so, with another, wished to share,
The devotion in those bright eyes he saw,
When away from her, at his heart did claw.
Over and over he let her down,
He could feel her pain, he could see the frown,
The tears he knew she would hide from him,
He knew, to hold onto her , was a cardinal sin.
But, how to let go when she breathed life into who he was,
The gait in his step the smile in his voice, she was the cause,
Dare he hold on and hope she understood
That for ever eternal, to love her....he would.


Comfy and sexy

Me and my "bridget jones" pair....