Friday, 18 January 2019

internet commands

 an indulgence in words, written by many over periods and periods of time,
a share revealing , a share stirring the cockles of ones heart, be no crime,
the masters of dramas... tragedies... comedies... life on a stage,
knowing not to lose its charm its ,intrigue with the passing of time and age.
a desire churning 
an intense deep yearning
in the nether lands of my mind does burn,
a hunger nibbling
success from the corners of my mind dribbling
how i cannot wait this eagerness into a tangible success turn.
the smell of words on paper between the cover of books knows not,
to lose its heady invite a fan for life begot,
a fan a disciple of paper and pen be i,
the old ways carry their charm and thus myself i cannot deny.
transcript-ed be that scribble that hurried write,
an idea imagined that through my mind took flight,
away tap the fingers on a keyboard technology now demands
for, to capture a far reaching audience quick! quick! the Internet commands.


Tuesday, 8 January 2019

foot play

Etsy - internet
 if i wore a special shoe
a kinda sexy sock too,
between your spread legs the heel to place
 your balls to feel the socks' lace.
with care I'd tread the heel real close
precise the step no lethal dose,
one shoe one sock for the game
your hardness with my naked foot to tame.
the toes to grip
to tickle that tip,
the heel to tread
that shiny head,
the arch shall know
up and down to go...
and ...once u can no more
then push it back toward the floor...
against my shoe that lethal heel
its menacing desire u shall feel,
for, to tread upon your hardness
so cocky in its excited boldness,
just enough pain to make u moan
just enough pressure to make u groan.
what an idea what a thought,
a game of a different sort,
so hurry forth come let me stand
between your splayed legs... oh! so grand!


"...go away and imagine me..' she said

black and white sensual bondage picture - internet

 There it was. She couldn't help herself. Every time he spoke to her, something happened. She could sense his need, his desire to be set free. A man that had fantasised about so many possible sexual encounters. A man who had dabbled in paying for sexual favours. A man that had known to browse porn sites...a man who was married and would stay married no matter the lull in his relationship and infrequent sexual indulgences with his wife.
It was her carefree attitude toward anything erotic, anything sensual, never concentrating on the sexual part , never cheapening their sexual encounters into guilt trips making them indulgences taboo. She welcomed his uncertainties and fear of falling short of the expectation and, turned it into a most real and sincere intimate discovery of kinky erotica.
She knew to invite him into her space...a space defined by images and ideas playing through her head. This time round she felt like allowing him to watch. Mind u ...not anything more than her simply writhing and moaning and caressing her flesh...a sort of seductive trance....motion intimately telling of the pleasure felt in the fingertips...the pleasure delivered by her own touch.
Her hands wouldn't travel any higher than the curve deep deep between her spread thighs...her thumbs slightly nudging the softness of her womaness....hidden from his view ...veiled by a small piece of was a mind game...a game meant to arouse...meant to make the mind blow...meant to tease...leave images and sounds and scents to be remembered when she wasn't around. 
Her exposed breasts would know to burn their image in his mind...the natural soft swoop tightening under her touch so that her nipples would become sweet cherries so ripe for the time maybe...this time round he would have to sit back and just watch her tweak them gently...deliberately...a soft moan now and again would know to escape...

She couldn't help herself....she loved the look in his eyes as he watched. She loved knowing that he would go away and have to take himself in hand and caress that hardness that would yearn for an explosive release.


Monday, 7 January 2019

let us have a conversation

 let us have a conversation about what is to come,
i am sure u know, that not all things will be fun
there will be experiences that weigh heavy on one
that will make the clouds loom darker and hide away the sun.
so easy to pretend and, be a romantic,
nothing wrong with that but, add in the pragmatic...
is there such a thing as a pragmatic romantic?
why not?...a lethal combination...enigmatic?
positive of thought every action must show,
no matter the challenge to not go with the flow,
mediocrity ain't gonna reflect that inner glow
u know u ain't made, the line of uncertainty to toe.
every year a new bud a blossom in the making,
as time passes a flower revealing,
the hard work, the toil, the belief no longer possibilities concealing,
the dreams slowly but, surely a reality pleasing.
they say there is a time and place for what shall be,
to lay the foundation and in the future to see,
persistence and faith , the understanding to ....damn!!!....keep going,
for soon, ones cup shall be overflowing.
so...don't forget to be a pragmatic romantic,
why not in everything u do in thought be exotic,
colour your world beautiful with ideals u know can be,
fly higher than ever before , success be yours , have faith and soar free!!

2019 has just begun...but, not to is simply a continuation of all the sweat and tears of 2018...a foundation laid...don't let it go to waste...make it count!


Saturday, 5 January 2019

my teddy

 my teddy and i, best friends we are.

...what a fine cloudy Saturday morn it is!

HELLO 2019...don't rush to pass us by
so far, each day, has been real fly...
so give me the pleasure
allow me the leisure
to huddle

with my teddy so fine.


Tuesday, 1 January 2019

hey! hey!...come join me!

 hey ! hey ! out there...a New Year it is!!
what gorgeous morning bliss!!
a morning wet the clouds real rich
a drizzle heavy did me bewitch.
 in that instant, u came to mind,
a conversation did me remind,
to not waste an opportunity so wet
and thus outside, myself to get!
 out there i went to feel the wetness
an instant response a biting freshness,
 a fluttering in my solar plexus
that left me deliciously breathless!

i frolicked and giggled and wondered who,
might have found my nakedness outside, taboo,
but, hey who cares for nipples and bums
with the freshness of the rain became best chums!

 like a naughty silly, i got all wet!
my disposition for the rest of the day was set,
the first day of the new year requires unreserved fun
and thus to thinking, what next to be done.
it didn't take deep thought or planning,
simply to run with how i felt , emotions advancing,
this year it gonna be a memorable one
hard work interspersed with lots of fun.
the conclusion, today all fun it shall be,
gifted with good people i look fwd to see,
those that know how blessed they are
and thus with them...i shall travel far.


Monday, 31 December 2018

it is YOUR year

life / success - internet

 is this going to be your year?
why wouldn't it be...?

is it your year?
into the future to see....

no fear to step forward to run with the wind,
to laugh with gusto any challenge befriend.
trepidation at times can be wise, not a hindrance to growth,
on New Years eve more courageous the oath.
new paths in the future, diligently greater prosperity be sought,
at times to stay still, listen... good advice in that stillness, be caught.
company kept, those stars in the sky
that know to make one further up the ladder of success, to fly.
hearts more open, patience... empathy for those left behind,
for, sometimes, life knows not to be kind.
difference question, judgement reserve,
for, wise be those that know each others right to freedoms preserve.
though small one may be, a mere dot in all that is,
every action, every word spoken, a ripple effect on the universe a kiss.
thus, make sure that kiss be endearing and caring
in that soft peck a sincere sharing.
never forget u are one of a kind
at this time of year to look back and rewind,
with gentleness smile at all u have been
and know.....u are a star...brighter u will shine....the best has yet to come
be seen.

Blessed 2019.


life / success- internet

internet commands

 an indulgence in words, written by many over periods and periods of time, a share revealing , a share stirring the cockles of ones...