Saturday, 18 August 2018

a crumpled sheets secret

who cares as father time tick tocks away and the sun had risen and now is on its journey west,
setting , far on the horizon.
my thoughts know not to be different from this morn
when, once more, lost be i in the dalliances of a bedroom love affair.
no care for the wrinkles in the sheet or the linen messed, witness of happenings
to inhale the lingering scent of musky headiness, a drug so addictive.
the silence so deafening for the erotic whispers, a lovers sigh now only to be heard in my imaginings.
the heart beats hard, the flesh still burns, the eyes do seek...
no need to make the bed
to sink into the messiness and lose myself once the secret those crumpled sheets do keep.


an unobservant glance the culprit?

 does it look different from this angle?...i mean...the view outside?
would i see something new, something missed
something whisked
off in a hurry with an unobservant glance
and then, per chance
because the angle be different
all of a sudden vociferant
that, which was all the time present
simply there...resplendent.

really?...i ask u...

be it trickery this flirtatious mind of mine?
would it not be cruel to coax u out of shallow slumbers...?...
with my naughtiness...?...
yet...forbidding u the picking of the fruits?
more cruel it would be to restrict myself
to nothing more than a flirt!
lascivious may my thoughts be
but, pure of intent...for pleasure of the most delicious sort
is all that is desired.
salacious some may say...this unrestricted interest in u...
knowing not to rest, ever brewing in the imagination.

why should i challenge this state of thought
that knows to accept the most sensuous part of my spirit...?
a gift bestowed by the generous Universal Powers.
aaah...come can u argue that part of u into bullied silence?
is it your fear of societal opinion
that quietens the most joyous part of self,
that part that knows to engage in sensuous union
with a lover most dear?
a cruel a state of being, the pretend that seductive sensuality
might be a sin, to be judged...
is it not a prudish, shallow, fearful mind that needs to be shown the way of
sincere indulgences sexy and seductive? 
for...whatever may dwell in that cove of tortuous deviant imaginings
does need release...
of fears and restrictions most unnecessary.

and thus...on all fours i shall crawl toward u
to kiss the very tippy part of your toe
before, i begin the travel of  your sexy form.
i shall indulge
i shall enjoy
u will know
of the most sincere sort.


Good morning Saturday

A Saturday it is....romantically cloudy...
The bed, a playground, not willingly deserted
and thus, to feast one's eyes through glass doors
at a morn flirting with my senses
beckoning my spirit, to dance with it...
under the heavy clouds.

I think I garb required for the privacy of my little Eden
be only espyed by birdies and other little creatures
Mother Nature has known to give me the pleasure of interacting with.

Good morning Saturday!


Friday, 17 August 2018

Languid and liberated

  • A demeanor languid, liberated.
    In nakedness illuminated.
    To catch your attention orchestrated
    With a blanket, modesty exaggerated.
    A glass of dry sherry appreciated,
    Thoughts for the evening consummated
  • Only by a lover to be sated.
    Further, soft lips hydrated
    With imagined kisses sedated.
    Imagination becoming insulated
    The removal of the blanket simulated...
    Flesh, by the touch of one's hand titillated...
    A soft moan lubricated...

  • A look may say...#2

    ...a look that simply says...

    'I still...want u'

    A look may say...#1

    1. ...a look that simply says...
    ' I want...u'

    a crumpled sheets secret

    who cares as father time tick tocks away and the sun had risen and now is on its journey west, setting , far on the horizon. my t...