Tuesday, 30 January 2018

to embrace ones libido

...having come across an interesting post on twitter:-

"I embrace my male libido and learned these 5 truths about life" by Justin Brown

...it knew to touch on much of my beliefs relating to health and wellness when it comes to ones sensuality AND sexuality.
I believe, at present,  there is a threat, that will spill the 'apple-cart'.
A dangerous harping and misidentification that can destroy much goodness when it comes to a healthy virile relationship between men and women.
The need to understand, the difference between abuse and sexual conduct acceptable,  mutual understanding of each others needs and bodies and the foreplay to satisfying a natural state of being each one of us were born with.
Will men have the courage to initiate foreplay anymore...will woman see it as too forward and shout sexual abuse...where oh where are the boundaries to be found and understood...? ...common sense should dictate...but, is my common sense the same as yours?...u tell me.

and thus....

Do u know to enjoy the dominance of a game...the surrender of play. Would u know to reveal and revel in what may be asked of u?
Would u dare to let go of all your inhibitions and boundaries for they no longer make sense...for... once i tell u what it is that lives deep within u and is no fantasy...?
...would u dare...?
Would u dare... for me to embrace u in my arms and pull u close into the softness of my breasts, yet, nipples erect and welcoming...telling of the sexiness that lies ahead...ahead be a journey, an adventure of your mind...a 'jumanji' of happenings...and every time u may take the wrong turn, your mind tugging at your uncertainty... your shyness... your fear of inadequacy, i will be there to lead u back and coax u into the naturalness of acknowledging and embracing your sensuality.
When naked and too exposed u feel, before the mirror will be an image of a powerful aphrodisiac, that of u and i... in our natural state... comfortably accepting of the physical form...understanding that the physical form need not be a limitation of what dwells... very much alive in that intangible self ...u hide deep within.
Do not be scared or shy to let me see what it is that gnaws, a natural need, sexy, erotic,....so 'stimulatingly' sensual that i know, it will know, to reveal my seductiveness and kinky naughtiness.
Let us find each other and know it is not!... and cannot!... be taboo to enjoy and be respectful of each others virility and needs....RB.

Monday, 29 January 2018

if i were a man...a curious state of affairs

"in acknowledgement of pleasuring a man."

what a curious state of affairs it would be, if i were a man. How often engaged, be my thoughts, in the desire to wish to know, where be those erogenous points.
Those points, when titillated and teased, know to make a man squirm with desire. 
When the eyes are dazed and deep for they know not to focus on any reality of this world.
When telling be their gaze, pleading be the look...

The g-spot for a woman
...and for a man...?
be it the delicate play on the scrotum?
 a gentle cupping...the running of nails...a squeeze threateningly delicious...!?!
and then the perineum
...a slow massage, circular, faster!... harder!
....pressing deeeeeeper...
pressure, travelling toward the delicate sensitive softness where be the prostate
...firmly running my thumbs on the inside of the buttocks...
so so...ever soooo close to the anus. 
and to play with the anus...
for, i have heard about the immense pleasure derived from knowing how to gently search and find and locate the prostate internally
...tickling it, massaging it...

How i have watched and absorbed and envied the witness of such pleasure administered to a man...what a curious state of affairs it would be if i were a man...what a pleasure to be at the mercy of one who would know to lead me down the path of pleasures similarly indulged in finding a woman's g-spot.


the power of scent

....as unique as ones fingerprints may be, so be our scent...to know not to mask it but, rather, enhance it, is a gift of a special sort.

"...what is it about your scent that stayed with me from the first time i stood so near to u? What is it that has kept my imagination alive and images so clear and tangible even though i don't know when was the last time i shared in your company?
Why is it that i know u by your scent and when i happen to come across a whiff of something similar, my heart knows to skip a beat and my eyes open like a startled deer, searching the crowd for a glimpse of u?
When eyes closed and recall of a moment so heated with erotic kinky expression springs to mind, there it is again, that distinct fragrance of a man so sensually alluring so welcoming of my attention.
Is it possible that the deafening ringing of desire is more intense due to that unique scent...a scent that fires the libido , unbeknownst to my consciousness?
That primal play, an instinctive understanding of a connect , the precursor of something that neither of us will be able to ignore or walk away from.  
It knows to hold us willing prisoners of desires so lustfully hot and hungry ...hungry to be close, to inhale of each other... each others breath the others oxygen....
And when sweat knows to drip and make us slip and slide and 'wetly' cling to each other, no intrusion be that of your scent or mine.
aaaaah....how deep my breath be at this very present moment...i do feel u near....i know u are near...do show yourself....RB.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

as parched as the arid grounds

the evening rains the precursor to what was to follow.
at first,
that slight....faint...light kiss of a drizzle that dampened the skin.
a soothing kiss, to dribble the heat of the day away.
bursts of wind bringing in heavier clouds,
weighty with buckets of water.
the heavens a welcoming grey shadowing the moon out of view
...a welcomed sight for, the sun had been harsh in its daily stay.
a necessary balance....that of heat and water.
how parched the lands would be should the sun strike day and night
how arid and barren...baked...thirsty...crumpled...
sterile and ...colourless...something that knows to be so giving and feeding and nurturing.
that fine balance in nature.

and thus 
just as the body and mind begins to yearn beyond...beyond,
feeling parched and forgotten
the wish the ache... the remembering...
the knowledge, the knowing of an attentive hand
a spirit sexy and sensual
erotically captivating....
generously giving...wishing.

the drizzle turned to a downpour,
and the wish went out to the heavens...
and the gown fell to the ground...
an aching body and spirit surrendering to the wet skies
and a lover yearned...imagined...felt the call
as her wish ripped through his thoughts
and, he knew...her mind and body were parched.



Tuesday, 23 January 2018

a process of healing

I sat and listened to the heated conversation at the table next to me.
It was not with immediate effect, that i had taken upon myself to have a look at what the couple looked like, and thus, just listened. 
No guilt at hearing them, for, if they had cared enough, they would have shared their grievances in a less public place.
What was hurled between the two, is what made me take an interest to look at the owners and in return, recipients of the barrage of verbal diarrhoea  that spewed.
It was a shock. 
One would have imagined distorted angry faces, maybe witness of some sort of abuse of hard living...financial challenges obvious...hard living can make one bitter and when the economy leads to sleepless worrisome nights then 'love and understanding and patience' knows to fly out the window, a dabbling in an interest in things that may give instant gratification and mask the hardships, a relief and escape...just for a little while.
That was not the case.
She, a striking woman, very easy on the eye, not in the conventional sense...very woman. He, a worthy match to her stature, the stars had aligned successfully when the two of them had met. 
A superficial observation, a presentation before the eye. 
And were it not for the eavesdropping of my curious ears , i would have day dreamt about the possibility of a successful union of two people that were meant to be together. 

In all the time they were arguing, both of them tried their very best to project the demeanour of a couple at rest with each other... a convincing act except for those that were within hearing of the growl and anger and disgust and disappointment  in both their voices....the living of a lie.
It was obvious that the two had, at one point in time , been more than simply okay with each other. 
Somewhere along the line, the greed of expectation and the egocentric belief that one is more important in ones desires and needs, overtook any remnants of what it was that had brought the two together. 
of course, one can and should expect, dynamic positive change and growth in a successful relationship. 
But, where do the boundaries of the reality of things lie?

As an outsider, listening in, and basing my thoughts on a 'snapshot' of a relationship presented to me, i had a feeling of deja vu that i had seen this before...in most couples, irrespective of stature and standing in life. The bicker may be about a matter different but, the principle of the argument was the same.
An unhappy unfulfilled state of affairs, the belief that, one is either being taken foregranted, feeling lost and abused or, that nothing is good enough...ever. 
My thought and puzzlement rested on the question...is that the natural progression of relationships,  a state of dissatisfaction where one or both parties feel a state of loss and limbo?
The yearning and hankering for a personal awakening. 
Is it not the natural passage of life and getting older? A state of tiredness of 'living' that eventually is acknowledged and the realisation that it be time to let go again, and revert back to what one thinks one can be?

Whatever it may be, most couples are privy to  some dissatisfaction in a long term relationship. Maybe that is part and parcel of life being dynamic and ever evolving and ever changing.
But, when respect for another, that feeling of care, a loyal sincerity and desire to work at matters challenging between two people is lost, to be replaced with a vicious need to hurt and purposefully disappoint ones partner is prevalent, then best one says ones good byes very quickly and walks away. ....no matter the pain, no matter the challenge of the unknown....and in the case of the couple at the table next to me...i do hope they walked away from each other and gave each other a chance of healing and reconnecting with what really made them happy...the finding and understanding of self....because...sometimes...it is exactly that... the need to reconnect with ones self.

Nothing more.


the unimportance of the practicality of my bows

if i should ask u to undo my bows...so little practical purpose do they serve where they sit.
other than, to attract your eye and grab your attention. 
to play with your mind.
the request would be for no hurry...
a sloooowwww....
gradual...VERY intentional purpose...be the pull on the ribbons.

one runs down the centre of my back...hovering above my spine....
eventually to gently kiss and rest in the small of my back.
one bow sits in the back of my neck...and as the mind travels, it give rise to goosebumps...
how difficult it is, not to imagine, the gentleness of your hand 
as it , sweeps aside, my hair...to expose...
my neck...to kiss...to bite ever so softly....no hurry.

to follow the ribbons fall and attend to the bow that sits above my rounded buttocks,
there be no hurry for that.
for your hands 
will be distracted
wanting to caress and cup the roundness that sits on either side of the bow.
your hands will know to travel
....forward...within reach of the warmth of my womaness...the softness
teasing as u revel in the invite of my inner thighs.
no need to trespass...so fast...but rather toy with the bow
...for...once that bow should be undone...then there be very little left
for me to use my ribbons
tie u down...
demanding! your surrender
and be accepting of your pleading sighs and moans to make u 



imperial be the thought

i sat on the edge and wondered... should i fall?

should i heed the call?

what a simple surrender
the image of him, does know to render...

a desire to lay him down,
on his head place a crown.

imperial... be this man that knows to shake
deep within me desires erotic and luscious knows to wake!
his gaze... rewarding, as it rests 
upon  my naked breasts.
telling, be that look that demands a reaction uncontrolled,
what option could there be??... but, to let him possess my gaze
and hold me in his look....a lustful haze...

between my burning thighs
the rawness of the need to surrender defies
to hide how deep and wanton
a pure glutton
i be ...
in need of what can be
for true lovers know not boundaries when it comes to the truth of a moment shared.


Monday, 22 January 2018

would it matter

if before u, i should stand
to a canvass, put my hand
would it matter what i paint...?

Thursday, 18 January 2018

cool waters

 as the sun set, mercifully, the heat slowly began to dissipate into the eve
not much changed when it came to the garb...
for little was worn , the desire to let every pore breathe.
and thus a bath, swallowing cool waters invitingly wait
would u not like to come and join me...?...  my near nakedness the bait.
for once together in the bath we be
luxuriously we shall wallow
the cool waters our bodies shall swallow
and thus of the heat...we shall be set free.


Wednesday, 17 January 2018

deceptive, untruthful and calculatingly deceiving

Once again, situation leaning toward finding the smallness of 'peoples' minds,  the conditioned state of the conscious and subconscious, the capture of individuality ...leaning toward sneering with contempt.
A pervasive tragic state of affairs, when, the trend dictates to jump on the bandwagon of disorder, even if it happens to not be ones personal dogma, and thus, crash and burn to the detriment of a society as a whole.
A trend finding its way, globally, eroding logic and shouting down truths.
A brewing frustration waiting to explode, and convulse, and spew into a bucket of vomit that makes no sense.
One has to ask, what pleasure can be found in the minds of those that take it upon themselves to destroy infra-structures that are there for the good of a growing society
...especially when the society is a young one and has just begun to stand firmly on its feet, like a toddler... excited at its first step, confident in its ability to walk firmer and further ahead, with each wobble...undeterred.
An  observation of fact....speak the language of the masses by addressing their fear and hatred and one shall have favour with them and thus control. 
And should your agenda be one to reap chaos and further that fear and hatred, instead of taking cognisance of it, and addressing it in a manner respectful, never undermining or playing it down but knowing to further a cause worthy of that young society, that wishes to grow, and be prosperous... and hurry into a sprint to the finishing line where, no matter the 'wobble', it will know to deal with it... without dire repercussions or destroying of what should be nurtured, grown and harnessed and garnished into productivity sustainable and long term.
Harping on the past and giving it sustenance undeserved, yet, at the same time professing to want to move forward, is a dangerous  game to play...deceptive, untruthful and calculatingly deceiving.

Is there a universal truth that holds power and rule among all humans?


let us pinpoint our differences and see how far we can take it and create chaos and disorder and profess to be keepers of peace working toward a greater good and unity. 


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

a small sparkle...a fire hot

 a little sparkle...a little brighter the shine
to catch your eye and make u mine...
and should u look my way...the sparkle a dazzle intriguing
most definitely, attention seeking...
then don't be shy, and come and ask
please...your curiosity do not mask
for, what a waste of time it would be
to not indulge in each others closeness, and see,
a small sparkle does know to ignite a fire warming
answering that desire calling
and when deep, lost in the sparkle of each others heat
what greater pleasure could there be...what greater feat.


Monday, 15 January 2018

a conciousness more real

Many a time the mind knows , to extricate itself, from outside influences , and re-acquaint with ones inner being, with all it has come into contact with, and that has known to leave an impression big or small.
The ability to look within, not in a manner tyring or self deprecating...rather in a manner teaching and sourcing wisdom gained.  
The reshaping of values due to understanding that living is dynamic and ever changing...a shift toward growth, an evolving of spirit and mind. 
And in that evolving of self, knowing to face truths about ones personal shortfalls. A liberation, a battle won, a step closer to understanding why others may not be on the same page as one.
Individuality is not a sin, and, sadly, for those strong of mind, can be a burdensome cross to bear, for the 'sheep' of society know not , nor wish to, free themselves of boundaries and borders placed to keep the masses in control.... dead...set...in ways to keep the fear at bay. 
To change means to step out of ones comfort zone, to step out of a 'habit' draining and unforgivably destroying of the very joy of life and living it.
At the same time the importance to remember that there are boundaries to all things....that fine line between personal prosperity and further annihilation of self, to admit and take ownership of ...who one is... can be... and... wishes to be. 
The ability to visualise oneself in a space present and real and understand what next. 
And whatever that 'what next' may be...to take it on and make it work toward a positive state of well-being.

The mind is a wonderful thing...it lies deep within all...and knows truths others will never be privy to...except oneself....there is nowhere to hide from it...a consciousness more real than the body it occupies. RB.

to know to let go

quiet, serene...precise
be the idea ...a plan intriguing
taking shape...revealing.
of how to slowly creep up
deep within
begin to sup...
and gnaw at your thoughts,
all of a sudden, out of sorts.
for images of  what i could do to u
to come be mine an urgency!...due!
your heart eratic
ecstatic....all it takes is to close your eyes
imagination, all reality defies
once again u find 
a surrender of a very personal kind
to dip deep and get lost
drown and drown
no matter the cost.......!
how every part of u, i shall inhale and taste
no time waste
as u lay before me...to sacrifice, no limits no desire to hold back but, to set free... 

i will accept
adept...at leading and coaxing u further in
for there be no sin
to acknowledge that part of u that cries 
as it lies
and begs to be found
once again to reach
and breach
a state lost and yearning...burning....

close your eyes and know.


let go.


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

a criminality...?

How often does one hear ...'humans are born innately good'... really? 
Then why the constant struggle to be good? 
The constant struggle to stay on the right side of 'right'....or...is it just a few bad apples that keep the masses on the right track...proof of what may be if the wrong choices are made.
Should one not ask...what is right and what is wrong?...does it apply universally ...or... could it be this beautiful earth was populated with all sorts, as an experiment, to see, what would happen if freedom of thought and choice and the like existed..
An inkling suspicion does nibble at the corners of my mind ...the preference is for the 'bad'...even in  small doses...what have u done today that ain't good in another persons eyes....?

My poem inspired by the struggle between good and bad and what reigns globally ... a terrifying reality.

what is it that makes me comply,
those with negative action and thought defy.

what is it that knows to light,
criminality, deceit vehemently ...fight!

why does my heart know to beat so strong,
bask in the glory of goodness, its rewards prolong.
is it fear,
that makes me adhere...
of questionable situations stay clear.......

oh!... let me drop this cloak of prissy hypocrisy!
for the reign of democracy
be a true pornocracy!
prostituted be each thought
by the best bidder caught...
no longer the dire repercussions fought
for the ego recognition has sort
and thus, no matter good or bad, the mind be taught
to choose selfishly...with guilt... each action fraught.

how tiresome this struggle in my veins does flow
no care to be bogged with what society does show
for fucked up and excused be every indiscretion
bullied and confused humanity in... suspension....


i choose to be.

free....surrendered...to universal balance.


Tuesday, 9 January 2018

an eventual actuality

if u should spy in on me ....the seat i keep reserved.
for one day u just might
be my unexpected delight...

what conversations we would hold!
for some the topics, just too bold,
for no worries to dabble and discuss
the erotic and sensual, be a major plus.
and then, when the laughs and banter do subside,
i look forward to your hands that glide,
the length of my thighs, the nape of my neck to possess
to coax my head toward u, my lips shall confess...
too long it has been, in my imagination u dwell
i know u even though u not real...so well
and one day...should my dream slide into reality
the seat will be yours to occupy...eventually... an actuality. 


Monday, 8 January 2018

zoom! ...the colour red

all of a sudden i had this idea about the colour red
for danger it stands, to stop...but what if, instead,
it be meant...to...zoom!... zoom!... ahead!
for i have noticed...when the colour red comes out of hiding
then there be no abstaining , long time deciding,
to indecisiveness there be no abiding
for red heels thin and high
red stockings make one comply
previous thoughts of what should be, defy...
the mind to naughtiness apply...!
says the colour red
come shake my thoughts and let it be said
that all of u i possessed and climbed into your head
...your wantonness...


Thursday, 4 January 2018

a tale unreal

there be a tale i wish to tell
of an indulgence that will forever dwell
deep in the most sensuous part of me
an escapade that new heights of erotica did free.
it started with an imaginary thought
into reality its way it fought
for all of a sudden he did appear
to jolt my brain, my logic sear.
my body did quiver, my breasts did yearn
that first meeting an unexpected turn
deliciously lustfully uninhibited the meet
no holding back , a mind-boggling feat.
and as unexpectantly he had appeared
so quickly he disappeared, as i had feared
and now in puzzlement this tale makes me ponder
was it real at all...i wonder.



...dinner is served...

shadows of a setting sun

"...in the shadows of a setting sun.
the last rays to kiss my naked flesh.
should u be near, your kisses, i know, much warmer than those rays
upon my breasts, would fall.
how i would savour every fall of your lips , their soft passion
would leave a burning desire, much...much after the sun has set.
and in their burning wake i shall draw u closer
...to cool the heat your kisses knew to raise.
for no other solution be there to satiate my desire...of u.'

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

unexpected and rewarding returns

...there he was, he had taken the step and called her. It had taken some time, actually, a whole year...no more procrastination and feeling hesitant. What could happen...nothing really. 
He smiled to himself, how people knew to make their lives difficult , never knowing to live in the now...either living in, and, rehashing the past or, fearing the future that hadn't even happened. 
That was his new years resolution...
to live in the now. 
Easier said than done. Mostly because, that which he wished he could show and share with the world, he knew, would be scoffed at or judged, as it did not fit within the parameters or expectations of society. 
There seemed to be no end to the unrealistic expectations he had created for himself...based on what?
It dawned on him that he needed to 'declutter' the confusion in his head. So much of it was nonsense anyway...so much energy spent on nothing more that stressful "what ifs". 
And in that time spent with her, he took away the understanding that he needed to breath...yes breath...look around...and let go. 
Let go to living. Let go to instinctive joy and relish in ones selfish need to share...to share with a loved one...to run naked and love the freedom and most telling state of self and be unapologetic in ones giving of emotional contact.
What another may think...did it really matter? 
He realised, that those who cared to know him, would see the good in his care-free well-being and, to run alongside, would only guarantee a satiated content state of being.
He walked away from an indulgence where the returns were most unexpected and most rewarding...RB.

she is ...quantum physics

 when being kept on ones toes
interest knows
to stir and make wonder
and further ponder
if in her to indulge
what would she divulge.

for deep and mysterious, unknown...and...at times confusing
a fiery moment not diffusing
rather, she knows sleeping embers to stir
emotions real hot ,desires throbbing to spur.

she knows to keep the mind thinking
fantasies willing
to titillate and tease
and with calculated precision please...
and at times withdraw
her manicured finger pointing at the door
a ferocious lover displeased
of all sanity having her lover... de-fleeced .

and then, like angel with open arms
to welcome him back with her wily charms
for,  something new has cropped up in her beautiful head
her despotic mind to rest, a sigh...peace...to choose instead.

she knows to be as grounded and nurturing as mother earth
to the most wondrous give birth,
she knows to be the force of the strongest gale
across ferocious and challenging moments to sail,
she knows to be a raging volcanic fire
to ignite hope and spur success when the need be dire,
she knows to be the fiercest of oceans
cooling, supporting, assisting in the ebbing of challenging emotions.

and thus all the boxes she ticks
that possibly define...quantum physics.


Tuesday, 2 January 2018

does one dare to be honest?

Does one dare to sit down with oneself and face the music? 
Does one dare to ask uncomfortable questions and have the integrity to be brutally honest with oneself? 
Would there be a purpose to such a head on collision with self?
I sometimes wonder, if honesty is the best policy for to be honest would mean, many a time, to not be in favour with the rest of the world.
Why is it that mankind cannot survive with brutal honesty? 
Why is it that mankind has found this acceptable thing called 'white lies'...the purpose being to not hurt another...?...and possibly oneself?
Have we deviated off the path of truth to such an extent, that, we no longer have the courage to face the music and deal with the shitty bits in our lives? 
Is it, that we have fallen so far down the rabbits hole, that we no longer know what the truth looks like?....confusing our delusional self created truth for the real deal? 
Have we befuddled the balance of all things that we know not to get back to that point of being sincere and taking ownership of the crap one creates in ones own life?
Or...could it be that that is the only way mankind knows to survive...for if every wrong had to be faced and every incorrectness had to be admitted to....what would be the result? Would there be a continuation of good things or would they be jeopardised and destroyed by a falter , a stumble in a moment of weakness not to be repeated again?....for...does man know to exist without faltering and stumbling?
To know when to be honest? To know when to face the music? 
I believe that many a circumstance can be avoided if mankind had the integrity and sincerity of being honest with oneself . It is easy to excuse ones own wrongdoing and blame it on anything else but oneself. 
Even if the world were at fault, then being intelligent of mind...are humans not?... and strong of willpower ....for humans can be?...one should then be able to, face and admit, and take the bull by the horns, and with the best of intent and desire, be honest about the wrongdoing, and rectify it , leaving ripple effects that leave no  scars.
Is that possible?...for there will always be somebody who will be in the firing line...and thus the birth of white lies and excusing ones behaviour and evading brutal honesty?
Could a brutally honest person be said to be without tact or feeling?....and...could a person resorting to evading the truth be called a liar?....
all depends how one sees oneself....
does one dare to sit down with oneself and face the music...
does one dare to ask uncomfortable questions... RB. 


why would i cheat myself?

...when imagination is simply lustful...

how can i help myself...how would it be possible to even try...

why would i even want to...?

what purpose would it serve to not think of 

how your hands would know to reach out...
how those eyes of yours would swallow me in their gaze...
oh!... the pulsating heat of your being as u stand near

......my desire to burn in your closeness.......

why would i cheat my thoughts of rewards imagined in your company
your taking of my yearnings and turning them into 
and sighs
and sobs...

of pleasure.

aaaaaaaaaa....how i exhale and draw deep breath

 and imagine 

it be u i inhale 
swallow deep within me.


why suppress that which is natural

...let us start with something new...
that which causes a buzz and a stir deep within.
...that which cares not to hide but, desires to fly free and seek paths 
dreamt of
fantasised about
 what if it not be the way one imagines? 
what if it proves to be true,
a taboo as society seems to think?

....aaaah! who cares!

instinct has always served trustworthy
to be sensual
...admittedly sensual
...acceptingly sensual
is not taboo.

let us tickle 2018
with thoughts positive, 
thoughts healthy to ones sensual well-being and learn
to love oneself ,
the form that one is,
the sexy sensuousness that knows to dwell in one
and share it with another like minded .

there be no need to suppress the naturalness of being.


the voluptuous beauty of seductive erotic sensuality...
let it reign free.


internet commands

 an indulgence in words, written by many over periods and periods of time, a share revealing , a share stirring the cockles of ones...