Thursday, 30 March 2017

in their passing still larger than life itself

what is it about certain people that even in their passing, they are bigger than life itself.
These people who possess qualities all humans should strive to imbue.... integrity, honour, unwavering faith in their beliefs, the desire to spread a fairness among all, a humility so deep and soft, an understanding for matters and situations challenging...even for those rebellious in mind and thought that do not understand themselves, lost in a cause detrimental to the fundamental well-being and survival of all things orderly, progressive and good.
These people have a respect for themselves and others, always careful, even in their admonishment....a reprimand, a nudge, a request to do what is right. They are not forceful of nature, peaceful in their strength, dynamic in their resilience and awed for their courage to be the first to step forward in the face of adversity, knowing when to call out a lie .
Their well-being, lies in the well-being of others. Their comfort be in the freedom and fairness bestowed on humanity. They care not for accolades and surround themselves with like-minded people who understand their calling in life.
A calling to put others before themselves. These are leaders that will never become Presidents haughty or mighty, will not be orators of propaganda. They are the ones that fight a battle different. They fight a battle with their consistent, diligent, systematic approach, never faltering, never questioning.
They feel the heartbeat of many and go out of their way to ensure that heartbeat is a healthy one and will live a long life.

I watched a funeral held in South Africa yesterday...and learnt...of the passing of a Gallant Hero...i knew so little about. Today i began to educate myself on who this Hero was and know, in doing so, my persona and soul shall be enriched. 
God rest his Soul for Eternity.


why not...uninhibited silliness

it be a weekend of uninhibited silliness as i had said
to push all kinds of boundaries my mind dared
and in each picture the camera did capture
a silly story, a giggle gurgled ,a laughter did rapture.

this picture the epitome of silliness
in my amazonian stature much playfulness
the minute i straddled that fallen tree
i knew exactly what the story would be.


it be about a maiden, naked in the woods
no care in the world that she display her goods.

a towel to sit on and protect her soft juicy woman-ness
one might never know if it need be used in some sensual playfulness.

and then the tree she spied and thought it  be a steed
no other choice but to straddle it between naked thighs indeed.

she sat on it as if to charge full speed ahead
pretending there be a knight in the distance snared.

her bravery fired at how she would save him
unafraid to be valiant putting herself on a limb.

the reason be the reward that would come after
the possibilities of the use of that towel vaster.

a knight, a naked maiden, a disaster side-stepped
in that heated moment of female gallantry lust upon them crept
and before all danger had been pondered
the towel spread, the maiden layed by the knight to be conquered.


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

out of place

i looked at the cactus, so out of place it seemed arrogant of me.

my seat upon the rock be a temporary one
....the alien,
me, most definitely be.


unexpected weekend leisure

 "who be lurking in the woods?" curiosity in his voice
his attention caught by a snapping twig, a tiny little noise.

he knew she was around for he had seen her arrive
he wondered how to bump into her, a lustful connive.

what he didn't know, was that him, she had espied
had seen him walking from his car, as she had arrived.
she read in him his visit to the sanctuary be one for rest
and maybe good company to share, that theory she would put to test.

but, he had already taken the initiative and on her pathway pretended to be lost
and knew at one point, their steps would be crossed.

what he didn't realise was the state of her nakedness
and that it would be an end to his pretended aimlessness.

"Oh my! profuse apologies for me being so bare!
i should have taken greater care!
i didn't realise i had a neighbour so near
and to even bump into, there was no fear!"

"Dear Lady. What an unexpected pleasure
this moment, i promise, forever i will treasure.
and now, in this informal unexpected meet
may i step closer and u more formally greet?"

"U do realise i might like u lots?" shyly she wriggled
"So if it be a hug i might hold on." she giggled.

"On that i bank." with each step closer, his gaze her did measure
"for u be the most unexpected and welcome weekend leisure."


Tuesday, 28 March 2017


how heavy be that rock
its burden only its weight
did it mould.
to sit and know the frailty of 
how easy it can be crushed
how flippantly and callously
we play
with our existence
while that rock
will stay
still carrying the burden of its weight
it shall outlive
the stupidity

my mind with stupidity molest...

i know i am religious
i know i am spiritual
i know the vastness of my brain, its potential.

i know i am educated
i think i am wise
but curiosity of things unknown my brain still plies.

i have no shame in who i am
but know i can better and apply myself
in further richness of wisdom and knowledge delve.

i sat and looked around
so much grandeur did abound
a tingle my form did possess
a shudder then my bones compress
and there and then i do confess
a feeling of slight distress
my thoughts a little regress
sad with trivialities i obsess
my freedom with urban shackles repress
my peace of mind with stupidity molest
and though my subconscious does protest
how do i manage to suppress
instead of in my serenity invest???

thus my head i did bow
my thoughts to pasture i did allow
and asked the wisdom of the grandeur around me
to remind me when back in the shackles of mind to still be free.


a blankness settled...a vista vast

 high did sit the splash pool
the wind blowing quite cool
the water clear the call to dip
the cover only slightly to flip.

the tepid warmth of waters welcoming
the jets gentle weary bones attacking
the mind non-existent a blankness settled
the bodies weight in the seat nestled.

 the vista stretching for miles ahead
the skies eternal it be said
the splash pool teetering on a rocks edge
away from the sheer drop backing from the ledge.

no emergency no call a crisis to end
the peace the quiet a busy mind to mend
why is it that time seemed to last forever
could it be that we chase it, to rest never?

a floating state of affairs the body felt
no wish arms or legs to control but rather melt
the right surrounding a new mindset did awaken
no more guilt, what a blessing the holiday taken.


Monday, 27 March 2017

coveting anothers materialism

that first night when the sun did set
a nostalgia in me beget
how beautiful the world does know to be
in all its glory, on display for us to see.

we forget to revel in the rays of a setting sun
to appreciate the moon as the skies it begins to run
so involved in the entrapping of all things unnatural
getting lost in the rat race our funeral.

superficial in our admiration of belongings
coveting anothers materialism eaten with longings
for the girl hair false nails plastic boobs ballooned
boys a trophy girlfriend fast cars gold watch credit cards, festooned. 

 yet every morning and every night the sun and moon
not once at the call of false materialism to swoon
a steady pace from day one they have followed
in their beautiful originality poets minds be mellowed.

up to the sky i turn my face
the sun gone now the moons rays it did lace
and then a primal calling within me wakes
the clothes come off, to the core it me shakes.

the weekend of much chained thought i myself discarded
my mind with trivialities unnecessary was bombarded
and all of a sudden a light heart a light step did me possess
the rest of the weekend spent in childlike naughtiness i must confess.


the waterhole

now imagine to walk on a path dry
a mouth becoming parched
a need to quench a thirst

 up up ahead
having spotted the bucks trail of hooves
a mirage of slight water be spotted

 thus the trail of hooves
my gps became
and closer to the waterhole did i approach

but crouching down to sip of the waters
a sudden rustle in the bushes
did my attention capture

thus hesitantly
one my knees to go
keeping a watchful eye toward the bush

assured to be alone
did i go down to quench my thirst.

and for a second or two i felt as if i were a deer myself.


birds of a feather...flock together

in the tree behind
three birds of some kind
they watched me inquisitively
the bobbing of their heads analytically.
i had no fine feathers to show
except in my nakedness glow
and tried to match up to their prettiness
and in simply being me, to their loveliness.
i then heard them chirping merrily
as if each one saying something contrary
the discussion being why she be so bare
should we our feathers share.
i thought i picked up on the conversation
and thus twirled round in elation
alas my sudden movement did frighten them away
i just wanted to ask for a pair of wings my flightlessness to allay.


civilisation and urbanisation

And for a second i felt as if i was sitting on top of the world.
I lost myself in the vastness that lay beyond the reach of my gaze
The height of the heavens reminding me how deep the Universe must be.
I felt as if i was Zeus, sitting upon my throne, in silence, absorbing and watching.
Below me in the denseness of tight bush, a crackling of ground walked on as the wild foraged for food.
The silence intense, so gentle on the ears compared to the noise pollution of urban living.
For a second i believed , i would be able to call upon all the universal forces to congregate.
It seemed as if my surroundings knew how in awe i was of what was being presented to me.
And slowly it possessed me physically with the first heavy raindrops that splashed on my naked skin.
There was no fear that the lightning would strike me.
There was no fear of the rumblings of thunder.
It just seemed all right and i could not imagine i was being threatened by forces beyond the control of humans
However the beauty of living was created, whatever my reality on Mother Earth may be, i am grateful that it is there for me to revel in.
How sad the day when urbanisation and so called civilisation may find its tarred and concrete way to this little heaven i discovered this weekend.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

tact...good or bad?

"Tact is the subterfuge the lax avail themselves of to avoid doing their duty."

From: The Vessel of Wrath
By: Somerset Maugham
how i love this...RB.

fatigue cured by Mother Nature

when hands are tired
fingers bent like the roots of a very old wise tree in a lush wood.
the body yearning to lay down
without worrying about the tick-tock, tick-tock on the clock.
a mind drained having listened and given unconditionally.
the satisfaction being
all was done successfully.
no matter the person whose company was shared
their smile
their relief
their deeper hug
....a contented sigh.
what bigger payment can one get
for every second worked
every part given of self
does not only carry monetary rewards
something more deeper
more real
more valuable than any monies can pay.
a contented individual
who will look to come back
and share in an environment


And a laugh for today before i head off into Mother Nature
and feed off her goodness for the weekend...


Thursday, 23 March 2017

executive fitness product...

...and there i was , in a position, able to ask my guest what his profession may be.
Do bear with me, for some of u may have heard this one...for me it was a first
it made my day.

His reply to my question:-

"So what is it that u do?"

and very seriously he responded:

"I avoid obligation.
Go off at the mouth.
Jump to conclusions.
try push my luck.
I am on an executive fitness programme."

Thank u for making my day.


what is wrong with us - dead be governments corrupt

when an older person to a younger one looks

when one thinks that much knowledge does come from books

when falsehood written be realities crooks

and thus understanding of society ones brain unhooks.

when much said be at stake

for if one the facts should slightly shake

any person with a bit of intelligence will make

when a government be corrupt and fake.

when the innocent and the vulnerable

in a situation surrounded intolerable

while officials and president sit comfortable

raped be innocence, unacceptable.

when those in power full of excuses

their behaviour the epitome of abuses

discontent and unlawfulness it produces

the meaning of democracy and human rights it reduces.

should i have respect for a president

and the cabinet his sheep, evident

until their corruption they document

for the suffering of their citizens repent

to an audit of their spending consent

help further lies circumvent



maybe then

when the economy begins to grow

when the man on the street for their toils has something to show

and a mother and child public transport can take

without fear at the mercy of the driver to shake



maybe then

confidence be restored in who sits at the helm

atrocities of crime will not the innocent overwhelm

the power will rest in the law abiding citizen

and a new era, death to the corrupt



abrasive and abusive

....will be written.


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

caught red handed

It was a sad state of affairs. He knew he loved her. Yet. He didn't know how to show her. Every time he came close to her, her body language said it all. The tightening of her body. The slight turning away. The irritated sigh. A gruff remark on him sitting too close. He would lose it then. All going cold within him. Anger welling up.
He couldn't understand what it was that made her constantly shun him. Eventually he gave up. They settled in a state of silent disillusion. She seemed to be content at having gotten it right, pushing him into a corner, subdued. Evenings, each sitting and staring at the television, seeing yet not seeing.
She seemed to cope better than him. Accepting the fate of their relationship, near platonic. a respectful silence between lovers forgotten.
He, on the other hand, began to look for answers to deal with the emptiness he felt deep inside his gut. He wanted more. He wished it would be she that would awaken that deadness he felt . But, he knew that it was too late...even if she tried...his mind and body would not know to connect.
She had managed to kill the interest in him.
Slowly he began to plod outside his dead world. At first the steps were hesitant. Uncertain. Then an excitement began to quicken his search for something new. Pictures sensual. Pictures erotic.
He became braver. Beginning to wonder what it would be like to be with another woman. He started noticing the ladies round the office. Amazed at how beautiful they were and not having noticed before. He began to daydream what it would be like to flirt, yes, flirt a little with the lass across the passageway. What held him back was his loyalty to the woman who had been by his side for 30 odd years.
Day by day things began to look up. And then it happened. The lass came to speak to him. He knew within seconds that his lustful thoughts were obvious to her. He just didn't know how to hide them.
She asked him if he would join her for a smoke outside. They would go down the stairs instead of using the elevator. She in front of him. He one step behind her.
All of a sudden she stopped, turned round and asked him to fuck her . She told him she had no panties on and needed his hands to cup and caress her softness. His erection was immediate. He stepped to her level and pinned her to the wall. She spread her legs willingly and all he wanted to do was thrust so deep within her. Fuck her hard and deep.
He did. He didn't care who may come down the same flight of stairs. Sanity did not prevail. and as he thrust deeper and harder , grinding her into the wall, he thought he saw someone at the bottom of the stairs. and as he turned all he would remember for the rest of his days was the shocked look in his missus's eyes...that day she had decided it was time to make it up to him for making his life so miserable of late...she had realised the sad state of affairs was due to her having potentially pushed him a little too far....she had simply been tired of being a mother a wife a nurturer, always there for everybody...all she had wanted was some selfish time of solitude to herself and she hoped he would understand.
now she knew he hadn't...


more true than Shakespeares lovers

She had no qualms to tell him the truth
for to be dishonest she found uncouth
the wisdom lay in years of experience
every meet with him, for her great significance.
He knew to eat at her curiosity
leading her, guiding her with much generosity
and thus began the reveal of her innermost
not realising how deep in her, he became engrossed.
The two began to get slightly lost
in each other, separation painful, the cost
a yearning a throbbing a desire to be
close, entangled, lustfully setting each other free.
A finding of something unique yet strange and unfamiliar
not wishing to be like most, insular
a craving a begging to give and have more
no hesitation oneself to bring to the fore.
Lovers written about yet infrequently seen
mainly in Shakespearean plays one can glean
how wonderful that these two time did transcend
better than Shakespeare's writings, their lust more perfect a blend.



i shall possess u
i shall have u
i shall make u mine

and greedily i shall u confine.

to keep u close to my bosom
and let no-one near
for who u are, to me so dear.

a person real
a soul sincere
a human deep
i want to keep.

i cannot imagine not knowing u
for people like u, there are so few.

your kindness and patience
does give me hope
i watch as you share it
and help others cope.
and in my corner i find myself melting
the realness of who u are, hypocrisy smelting.

i shall take example from what i observe
i know richer for it i shall be
for in all your goodness u deserve
everything that u stand for into the world set free.


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

to see for the 'non-blind' to hear for the 'un-deaf'

on a stool on a floor higher than ground floor
did she sit, poised....staring out at a display, Autumn.

and as she gazed out daring to absorb
she wondered at the formula for appreciation, the quantum.

what was it that made most people blind
unaware of so much that throbbed with life itself.

resignation to a blind stare a lost shuffle
in the hurry home or work excuse oneself.

and thus she absorbed for all those that may not see
she strained her ears to hear for the un-deaf
still... still... she sat for fear that the intensity of the moment may flee
for before every sound heard there seemed to be a clef.

slowly, a play before her revealed
it be life itself to many concealed
and the notes of sounds of life alive
her blood gushed her heart beat, for all of it to absorb, did strive.


the value of being human

What is it about some people that just know how to make one feel great about oneself. Even when one selfishly goes off on a monologue of nothingness, pure blaaa-blity-blaaa.
There they are patiently listening...maybe even not but, still, having the decency to stick it out until one has unwound to such an extent that has left the listener drained and frazzled.
Those people that are always around the corner, no matter the physical distance and are the first to come to mind when one feels challenged or slightly lost as to what may be the next best step in ones life.
They never complain...yes, do roll their eyes at times, sigh in total surrender to ones stubbornness of not hearing, shuffle in their hold ones gaze, watch intently as one goes through various emotions...and at no point in time make one feel stupid for being so melodramatic.
I have learnt, i have been blessed, I have observed...and as each year has past me by...realised how little i had known the year before. I have learnt what emotional maturity is ...have been blessed with the wise - young and old - each offering something unique, a lesson valuable.
How content the Soul feels when fed with company serene, peaceful, knowing that loud is not necessary all the time. How rewarding when one hears the words spoken by another, telling one, one ain't any different from them or anybody else....that life may be cruel, may be unfair, may be a shit-hole at times, but it is ones own life, an asset worthy of all that one can be, give, dedicate, nurture, nourish, and care for.
And should one not know to pick people kind and understanding , definitely not stupid or unworldly, to surround oneself with
tend to be swayed by instant gratification, short-term rewards, praise false, flattery unnecessary...yet knowing within ones soul of souls how empty it leaves one, over and over...then best one look into the mirror and for once...just for once...ask oneself why is it that one seeks such potholes in ones life...what is it that makes one feel less worthy of another sort....a sort maybe not the most popular, maybe not always agreeable, honest to a it their ability to not sing praise false but, rather, know to bring the best out of one
one knows ones own self worth.

To learn to accept and know oneself before anybody else can...otherwise one shall wallow and rot in self-pity and be at the mercy of self abuse and that of others.


Monday, 20 March 2017

'bottoms' up...

and even though he professed

but later confessed

that it be a ploy for her to bend

thus refusing a hand to lend.

that derriere he just had to see

smiling to himself with glee

he hoped she would turn some more

a better sight for him to score.

she smiled and looked into his eyes

winked and slightly turned, to his surprise

and thus a gasp, a heartbeat missed

for what he saw, lustfully, his mind was kissed.


dreams and aspirations

How complimented i felt on receiving this message this morning.
How appropriate i find it to share.
For who does not have dreams and aspirations.
Who remembers to believe and make them come true.
Have FAITH and TRUST and CONFIDENCE in self.


Sunday, 19 March 2017

do u agree?

“I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned.”

– Richard Feynman


So, should i argue with you, that Christianity is the ultimate religion. Should i try convince you that Allah Is the actual Almighty. Buddha is the purest? 
Should i feel threatened by the name of your Creator.
 Should i dare to judge your way of praising, the name of the One we don't know, yet, no matter what, know there is something bigger than us.
Is his name Jehovah?  Shiva, Vishnu...Krishna?
Is it simply ones consciousness  , nothing more. Atheists, Agnostics....
Scientologists...the New World Order.

What makes us choose that which we choose? 
What makes us praise, pray the way we do?
 Do we have the right to kill another in the name of our religion. Have radicals managed to sway the lost, the confused, into believing that taking ones life and that of another safeguards a passage into another life victorious.

Which Almighty, which Creator, would condone the taking of ones own life and even worse the life of another?

Our arrogance to imagine our ability to translate the word of a Book Holy, events recorded, writings penned for future keepsake. 
Or can one say...our arrogance to translate with the intent of wielding power over others , frightening masses into submission, putting human against human.

So no matter the concept of God
why are humans unable to live in peace with each other.

We give names to things, compartmentalise things, events and people according to what society, majority says...a good orator, an excellent propagandist will sway one to destroy oneself.

How do we know. Yes. How does one know what is for what

And spirituality bigger and stronger than faith....holding value beyond a Book Holy, a word given in Prayer, a sacrifice made.

I cannot imagine one person on Mother earth who can convince me they know better than the next person with respect to religion and spirituality.

I shall hold out for that day when maybe, just maybe, i shall receive my answer as to why religion is one of the biggest causes of wars atrocious, hatred deep.


how easy we to remember

Sunday be a day of rest. When loved ones get together to "re-acquaint"
for the week past, did dish its challenges out,most probably not for the heart faint.

Sunday be a day to remember. To share in patience, understanding, time, love...unconditionally of self
for how easy we forget to be human and humane toward others and even toward ourself.

Sunday  be a day to know to breath. To inhale...and...exhale no matter the dice for the week cast
for knowing to cry, hear, hope, smile, let go, pray, share and give... for what has happened should stay in the past.

And should one take fore granted a glorious day
as such...Sunday.

Then best one remember there are others that know not where their next morsel of bread may come
when in trouble not having anyone in their corner toward to run
when loneliness creeps into their heart and gnaws
any hope of kindness and support their cruel reality flaws.

We all have our challenges and uncertainties
toward self pity and selfishness propensities
many wallowing in 'drama queen' tendencies
self preservation at all cost our emergencies.

And in the 're-find' of my family on this day
all our gripes and grumbles we know to put away
the smiles the laughs the hugs the jokes do sway
toward the promise of the most blessed of day.

To all.....May your Sunday
know to play
joyous and blessed be its way
on your lips a smile to stay
abundant may it be today.


Saturday, 18 March 2017

my voice...

"don't be scared of your voice, let us listen and take it from there"
to listen to the professional his wisdom to share
some time back an acquaintance suggested
an idea novel to work on it and get it perfected.

"very few people their voice do like
sit closer and speak with confidence into the mike
we'll tweak the pitch, we'll slow it down
no need for such concern, no need to frown."

and thus a few hours in a studio spent
the best guidance to me was lent
and all of a sudden a moment of clarity i did reach
in the many takes of mistakes, me, he did teach.

the first of many reads, i know
with time my narration will begin to flow
and that voice that so alien to me did sound
mine it be, to understand it...i will come around.


to gain credibility and keep your interest

to understand the challenge of success

to fail a duress

confident and hardworking best one be

cockiness and ego most definitely flee

to know to open oneself to an environment vast

to prepare the bait and out to cast

to be keen to be humble in ones education

for later in time will come the evaluation.

to never forget that others are watching

and even though to ones own drum marching

best to walk with the mighty and wise

for with them beside one bigger the prize

why should i pretend to know it all

to be arrogant a most definite fall

so far the road has been slow but sure

and in me gaining my credibility your curiosity hope to lure.


unique, rare and priceless.

an item antique
an item sort
an item expensive
an item unique.

Quality does come with a price
even more so
when rare.
In demand to know it
to feel it
to experience it
with ones conscious share


step by step the journey progresses

 the journey had begun
although a matter serious it could be done with fun
a first time visit in a studio professional
through an invite extended the adventure accessible.

so to look around at an environment new
the pleasure of such a space experienced by few
how thankful i shall for ever be
at such a wonderful opportunity given to me.

this is but the start of much to come
lots completed but much more to be done
thank goodness for a team real strong
their direction, advise and suggestions live long.

oh yes i do know where i want to go
and definitely know what i wish to show
but only when the time be right
then all to expose will be my delight.

please do not leave me on this journey of mine
let us together on its progress dine
for once that apex be reached and complete
your support with the greatest respect i can only treat.


Thursday, 16 March 2017

what she made him feel

the edge
the ledge
a climb up the precipice
to succeed be the emphasis
at a game of seduction
of emotions an abduction.

the surrender
a mind bender
for no inhibition or worry or care
to expose himself and welcome her to  share
for it be known her ability to let herself go
and in her surrender, himself also to show.

the body the mind an intriguing adventure
novel every time
how watchful be her hands her eyes her skin
helping him new heights of passion to climb.
the heat the sear
of her whisper in his ear
his arch his willingness
the novel ableness
his growl, the moan
a deep guttural grown.

oh what she be doing to him...he did not know
all he cared was to go with the flow
the precipice
the emphasis
the need
the greed
to pull her in
and feel her skin
her weight
his lungs deflate
he needed
he pleaded
eventually conceded...

she took him
she shook his logic
what he felt was simply physiologic
near mythologic.


help me prove this wrong

Would love u to help me prove it wrong....

This message forwarded to me .

"Welcome to the 21st century

our phone - wireless
cooking - fireless
cars - keyless
food  - fatless
tyres  - tubeless
tools  - cordless
dress  - sleeveless
youth   - jobless
leaders  - shameless
relationships  - meaningless
attitude  - careless
wives  - fearless
babies   - ftaherless
feelings   - heartless
education  - valueless
children   - mannerless
government  - useless
MASSES   - HELPLESS" ....Anon.

And even though i am an optimist with unwavering faith....i do feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand, the unease felt at the potential truth of what the 21st century may just be...can it get worse?...if we allow it...yes.


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

if i should ask travel with me

So one gets an idea on what one would like to do.

For example...publish a book.

In today's day and age there are many ways one can do that, from self publishing to the more formal way of having a publisher do it for one. The point it merely about having a book published, claiming to be an author, or is there more to it.
It is the same as being an actor. Being an extra or someones double...can one claim to be an actor per se.

For me, having already had ,many articles published...very clinical and financial...a few short stories here and day when my book is published, its format that of a coffee table book before we dabble in the serious art of stories long and intriguing...the lead up to the book is to be as grand as the publication itself.
For what am i to do with a book that has no market, me an unknown entity, it costing an arm and a leg to get it into the reading world...and then what?
Like anything else one wishes to apply oneself to, best one does it with the understanding of what one is letting oneself into, and the first thing i was told was that i mustn't imagine i will become wealthy from my book or books.
Well, yes, writing is my passion and have been doing so since i know of chance this passion of mine will not reap the rewards i envisage it could.
Thus to bring out a book...its content complete...apart from the professional pictures that need to be the simplest thing i have had to do to date...the hard work has begun, realising the truth in the matter that one book and any following,may not reap what i am looking for.

Who am i? another person who sits down and writes...nothing more special than the next writer. So why would anybody want to buy or even consider picking up a book of mine....

Well. By the time my book does get published...i do hope to have caught your attention with much that will happen before we get there.

My voice clips.

My introductory video.

My 'tete-a-tete' of many  / avant-garde get together of the most interesting people one could ever imagine having in one room together.

A photo shoot exotically alluring of women and cars classical...for their is nothing more classical than a woman.

More videos.... I need the credibility..... i need to prove to all that i am worthy of your attention and interest to read and indulge in what i wish to present in words and pictures .

I need to share me and my world with you and show you how enigmatically beautiful it is no matter what....the hues of my mind, the songs that resonate when an interest captures my attention, the beauty of life itself for it beats with a warmth sensual , inviting.

I wish to invite you to join me on my journey...and trust to impart much of value and interest, thought provoking as we travel together.


what is it that defines us

 Are we defined by our skin colour. Are we defined by our gender. Does our education define the whole of us. Our possessions and space that a true reflection of who we may be?
The way one speaks, behaves, who one associates oneself with. 
Would one be any different if one had to walk in another's shoes.
And as time ticks by, and life dynamic happens.. finding oneself in another time, another space...when looking back, was that the space one had hoped to occupy.
Had life been kind, ones efforts rewarded, acknowledged.
Did it happen as one wished or did circumstance uncontrollable take reign leading one on another path less defined, less revered, less desirable.
 And should one have occupied a space such, was it due to circumstance or ones own doing.  But, once that journey had been reached, what then. Then, again...what is it that drives one to a road better travelled...or not.
A desire to be defined as one wishes...rather than giving up.
Be it colour. Be it creed. be it gender. Who one is and how one is defined really lies in the hands of one matter the circumstance, no matter the space, no matter the challenge.
To be.
To be the best one can....for riches of all sort and accolades deserving will come hand in hand when ones intent and desire is honourable, has integrity and cares to leave a positive ripple effect on others and the environment one occupies.

But then the question begs....a society unfair where prejudices of all sorts rear their ugly head. Does one then stand a fair chance of being that which one wishes to be, hoping to be defined in a way different.
To be born.
To be born to ones own choice in the matter....for as an innocent infant....that fate was sealed...the fate of being born to a space, a become yours and to be defined further....


Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir

Join me tonight in music iconic...

mood swaying.




Led Zeppelin

Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face
And stars fill my dream
I'm a traveler of both time and space
To be where I have been
To sit with elders of the gentle race
This world has seldom seen
They talk of days for which they sit and wait
All will be revealed

Talk in song from tongues of lilting grace
Sounds caress my ear
And not a word I heard could I relate
The story was quite clear

Oh, baby, I been blind
Oh, yeah, mama, there ain't no denyin'
Oh, ooh yes, I been blind
Mama, mama, ain't no denyin', no denyin'

All I see turns to brown
As the sun burns the ground
And my eyes fill with sand
As I scan this wasted land
Try to find, try to find the way I feel

Oh, pilot of the storm who leaves no trace
Like sorts inside a dream
Leave the path that led me to that place
Yellow desert stream
Like Shangri-la beneath the summer moon
I will return again
As the dust that floats finds you
We're moving through Kashmir

Oh, father of the four winds fill my sails
Cross the sea of years
With no provision but an open face
Along the straits of fear
Oh, when I want, when I'm on my way, yeah
And my feet wear my fickle way to stay

Ooh, yeah yeah, oh, yeah yeah,
But I'm down oh, yeah yeah, oh, yeah
Yeah, but I'm down, so down
Ooh, my baby, oh, my baby
Let me take you there
Come on, oh let me take you there
Let me take you there

Written by James Patrick (jimmy) Page, John Bonham, Robert Plant, Robert Anthony Plant • Copyright © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

critics not worthy

 And this inspired by a conversation had with a soul questioning of self, due to those who think themselves worthy of being critical of another, yet, falling very short of perfection themselves.
And why would a person stand in criticism of another that has the courage to state the blatant truth...only because they most probably have identified themselves as the problem.

To have courage takes courage...and where to find that courage?

"to lay myself
for your scrutiny

would there be a mutiny

of my carefree nature
to just let go.

some have called me stupid
for being so

in the hope that my spirit would be broken

and yet,
to succeed, at that mammoth task.

how vile and small be the mind
of those labelled the lost kind
for the light to them will still seem dark
paranoid pessimism be their mark.

to be an optimist in life
at times considered a strife
how often to have ones faith challenged
in the wake of happenings unbalanced.

to know to never let go
no matter the challenge, the best of oneself show
does it really matter
what others may natter
for is it not about self worth
giving the critics a wide berth
and thus with mirth
the critics shortcomings unearth."


my party....not for the fainthearted

if to my party u were to come
a place a space to be shared by some
my mind be a menagerie of the different
and thus picky as to the company, quite ambivalent.

for few know how to be erotically free
rather the sensuality than the sexuality see
it be all in the play and the touch and the look
by the anticipation of what could be, ones sanity shook. 

 for the heart to be erratic before one even touches
and once that hedonistic pleasure your mind clutches
then what is to follow is a total drowning
in kisses and lustful nuances the pleasure compounding.

to know to stand so close to one another
to inhale the scent of the other, ones desire lather
to allow a painful throb to pound in ones groin
yet not participating in the unity of two bodies to join.

the tease the pleasure in the torture of skin naked so close
how much more can ones sanity take before the overdose
and then to inhale with mind body and soul
and swallow with every thrust, every contraction every writhing...the other, whole. not for the fainthearted
once attended a crazy insane sensual freedom imparted
the craving for another such night
a begging of the body to dabble in deeper delight.


a message worthy of noting

"you think you have seen her naked because she took her clothes off?

tell me about her dreams.

tell me what breaks her heart.

what is she passionate about, and what makes her cry?

tell me about her childhood.

better yet, tell me one story about her that you're not in.

you've seen her skin and you've touched her body.

but you still know as much about her as a book you once found,

but never got around to opening"

- Dominic Matthew Jackson

what do u see in my eyes..?

Should u in my eyes look, is my Soul revealed
no reason to think as to why it, i should shield
for why would i shy for u to see
the very essence of what makes me.

There is no time for games and intrigue
for such a waste of time it does fatigue
in an honest share and trust in the intent
in your company to revel and be content.

But, mind u, no fool be those of clear heart
of their time to share and freely part
it simply lies in the interest to be
of contrite stupidity free.

For every second in each others company shared
an affect on each other it be said
rather i imprint on u the goodness of honour
than be a loser, a user and a goner.

Feel free to look into my eyes
and see how relaxed and serene time flies
for in the erotic, exotic and sensual we shall delve
and to waste time on anything else we shall shelve.


to be naughty...a good naughty

how titillating when something spotted

from the mind cannot be blotted

to bring the image that much closer

to appreciate on the other side of the fence, the poser.

so aware of my binoculars be he

that much more to expose for me to see

how naughty yet inviting be the sight

no need to hide my desire to look or be polite.

all of a sudden notice he does too

a binoculars to his eyes hold and me to woe

and now i know my breasts exposed

me too, like a poser can be supposed.

a smile does his gorgeous mouth alight

me , a little shy, yet the smile bright

but most inviting be his whisper read

to come repose with him on his bed.

how hearty was my laugh and loud

with a calling of his finger his whisper avowed

in the negative i shook my head

and whispered, rather, to join me in my bed.


Monday, 13 March 2017

imprint on a sheet

when an imprint on the sheets

be of a body restful and receiving

one wonders what thoughts such an image

imprinted on a mind of ideas conceiving.

barren and bare be the room

the light does not the shape conceal

yes bare be the body but barren not the mind

for careful scrutiny does seduction reveal.




should i lay all unexpected yet expecting

in the curve of my body my intent connecting

in your mind a seed successfully planted

not wishing to take sensuality for granted...

would u not like to unsettle my peace

for no complaint from my side should it cease

for my thoughts be seductive in imagination

and wouldn't mind in reality a continuation.


internet commands

 an indulgence in words, written by many over periods and periods of time, a share revealing , a share stirring the cockles of ones...