Monday, 31 July 2017

an evening rest earned

The day has drawn to a close
the mind begins of much to dispose
off to bed
to head
a tranquillity does settle
as into a duvet soft and pillows fluffy my form shall nestle.
good night...RB.

how the answer was attained

...and with trepidation and a slightly bewildered look in your eyes,
you ask...
"why is it that my loins throb so painfully... yearning.
in the pit of my tummy an unexplained churning.
my heart beats erratically in my chest. burning.
out of my depth... what is it that my mind be concerning."
no words of mine could explain nor show,
what needs to follow.
for that adrenalin rush, that release of self
that surrender and all inhibition shelf,
be the unexpected peak u feel?
layers... and layers... of inhibited self deceit, away to peel,
below to lie your fantasy revealed
not knowing how to handle it for it no longer concealed.
and here be i. to take it in hand
in its glorious flight of release to stand,
pulsating... alive
watching me watching you from my caresses much pleasure derive.
rhythmically. precisely to eat u up
with every stroke of my hand, my devouring palms on your skin to sup.
new territory on your flesh to trace.
in surprise u gasp for every bodily space
my kisses my nuzzling my every thought
knows to welcome your physical form... in lust to contort.
oh..... beautiful man! do u see now?
words would have fallen short
no words would have stood in support,
of my feasting and extermination
of anything that held you back in your elation.
of allowing me to show you what a sensual beautiful creature you are
something i have always known and no longer do marvel from afar.
i step back and take a bow...
for seeing you so spent and eyes erotically satisfied
content i walk away...knowing u have your answer to that hungry throb, no longer belied.


Saturday, 29 July 2017

RB video 2 - up close and personal

(high resolution video available for download off my ecommerce site)

when sensual be a state of mind
when the invite be in the touch
...of self...
knowing and aware of who one may be
let us travel together...again...
" a part of my world."

One can only but laugh...GRIN!

A Saturday  morning chuckle...
received on these people who know to make us laugh.

"I attended a crusade and someone touched my shoulder and said "YOU WILL WALK!".
I didn't bother because I knew I was not lame. After the crusade, I touched my pocket and couldn't find my wallet which contained my transport fare''''!!! Behold, I WALKED!!

called..."The Storm"...

( imagining for the weekend...

as mentioned in my previous post...a share erotic.

'The Storm

She steps into the room

A smile, an embrace

A slow start, a gentle start,

Kissing lightly on the lips

Touching, teasing, feeling.

She unbuttons his shirt

Easing it from his torso

Tasting his skin, biting his nipples

As his trousers slide down,

She runs her nails along his length

Scratching gently as he had shown her before

As he had always wanted

She moves with him toward the bed

And as she takes off her robe

He runs his hands over her breasts and nipples

Squeezing them, tugging gently

Making her gasp as the sensation courses through her

As they go down onto the bed

His mouth moves downward over her belly

With his tongue, he probes her wetness

With his mouth, he covers all of her

He tastes her essence as she pushes herself against him

His hardness seeks out her wet softness

She cries out to be filled

Their senses fully aroused

Demanding of each other

Their intensity allows no more gentleness

Thrusting and groaning he impales her c...,

His cock rampant, her c... welcoming

Twisting and writhing

They engulf each other in any way possible

Like leaves blown in a storm

First this way, then that

She rides his cock as though it was a flagstaff

Feeling its length reaching into her

Ebbing and flowing

And as his cum passes into her

She builds to her ultimate point

Like a flag unfurling

Proudly, whipping in the wind,

Free, unconstrained, uninhibited

Their souls both naked to each other

Their bodies blended into one
The storm has run its course – till next time…(anon)"


Good morning Saturday!...ambience and mood

(photo - Neil.B.)

And what a great Saturday morning it is!

The computer leprechauns have been hard at work and managed to stall many a post on my blog intended . Thank goodness, their playfulness has run its course and my desktop up and functioning, the laptop put to rest...

As promised, although late, the second video is to be posted shortly.

But, before we get there, a piece of writing, hot and steamy, deserves a space on my blog.

Good morning to all! Good morning Saturday! Let us enjoy the true sensuality of who we may be!


(photo - Neil.B.)


Thursday, 27 July 2017

RB's second video introduction

to know to touch
that mound so much
the need to feel
ones desire not conceal.

the same as he
to touch and see
the pleasure of what can be.
The second video of a personal indulgence defining the liking and enjoyment of self
a blissful loss in touch and sight.
To be uploaded by tomorrow eve.

restrictions discarded

the need to discard that which restricts
that which with naked expression conflicts
when the day be done and alone in a moment
to discard thought or clothing restricting, be the enjoyment.
the light be dimmed the ambiance romantic,
all of a sudden sultry thoughts, imagination chromatic
the creeping in of need titanic
knowing to wash over one, desire volcanic.
a sigh deep, luscious be the act of undress
a knowing smile on ones lips does confess,
that no longer the company of self be required,
another to invite by seductive thoughts egged and fired.
so, the lights set even dimmer
revealing of her nakedness only a glimmer
and, as he through the door walks a slight shimmer
of her freshly lathered and oiled nakedness, be a winner.
the evening not ended but, only begun
deep into the twilight hours much passionate fun,
what started off as a moment solitary
turned into an erotic share, the evening no longer ordinary .


renaissance era - how i wish


And there I was ...again... continuing with my quest to further define my space in a manner telling of me. The need to express the very far left and the very far right pendulum swings that are obvious in my conduct of daily life.

Of course, there is a happy medium when it comes to the ‘trivialities’ of keeping in line with what life demands…ensuring one is not irresponsible or a menace and deterrence to the good of what society may have to offer.

But that inner self that knows itself so well, ringing strong and true, needs its space and freedom of expression. It knows not to hold back in its private space, serene in its growth , telling of its selfishness.

A good selfishness which we all should possess. It simply means the acknowledgement, acceptance and affirmation of who one may be. It also means not only focusing on the good characteristics one possesses but, knowing to deal with and face those irritating gremlins in our character, we all possess.

How lost we get in the demands of life, as I refer to ‘trivialities’..why call them so? Well…when that part of life knows to steal ones identity, ones time, value of being... then begins the slow degeneration into a state of confused unhappiness. Responsibility outweighing inner peace, inner recognition.

Of course it is a triviality for are there not more important things ones should take cognisance of ensuring a mindset rewarding , without sidestepping responsibilities?

Having been accused of being arty-farty, airy-fairy, philosophically nonsensical, unrealistically strong in faith and belief in purpose good, stubbornly spiritualistic and individualistic, blatantly and brutally truthful of which I most probably am, without turning my back on being a team player, I can only but smile and know these extreme tendencies of mine have me in a space more serene, realistic and frustratingly annoying to others, for they cannot grasp what drives me on an unapologetic journey forward.

So here I am…again…with all the hard work and frustrations and challenges faced to launch my e-commerce site, getting lost in the milieu of a ‘triviality’…deciding to take a step back and begin work on an expression of self contemplated some time back but, put on the back burner .

I have always been inspired and fascinated by those that have known to leave a mark of who they were or are, for the rest of mankind to enjoy or fear . Historical records and recollections of characters 'malignant' …reminding me how vicious and destroying mankind can be …while the beautiful historical moments captured in art, writing, music and other ways drives me to surround myself with that which brings out the best in me.

The Italian renaissance and Leonardo da Vinci - how I wish I had been present to experience the creation of much of his art…how I wish I could have been a student of his.

So…now happens my 'renaissance'... my ceiling my expression of colour and idea…for me to enjoy and for others sharing my space to see a little more of who I may be.

My workspace evloving….my countdown continuing…The RB Brand more and more defined...hopefully richer, deeper and sincerely telling in its integrity of being true to oneself and in ones share with you, Dear Reader.

And a question I pose...What be your renaissance moment where the self finds freedom to fly and express itself in a moment revealing and telling for others to share and see?


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Male writers - part 4

A continuation of writings , contributions from a males perspective.
You have got to love this one lucky be she...and he.

Slowly the morning seeps into their consciousness
The room is dimly, softly lit through the curtains
Warm, soft, cuddled, the two lovers lie together
Their hands softly, gently touching each other
Drifting in and out – dreaming/awake/asleep
He turns into her body, caressing her hair, her back, her buttocks
Her nipples grow hard, her breathing more audible
His hand moves more urgently, purposefully
Slipping down between her legs, finding her lips, wet, yielding
His fingers tug at her, tease her, slip into her
A moaning arching in response, seeking more
His hardness presses against her but is withheld
For today a different way holds sway
His hand, pressing further into her, filling her all,
Feeling the softness move within her, alive, aroused,
Gripping, flexing, pulsating, giving, more and more
Time seems to stand still, but she falls further into the vortex
Wanting more, urging more, until she can endure no more
The touch, the taste, the scent, the feel, the everything
That makes them as one, past, present and future
No matter what.

to bite the hand

the art bug has bitten the hand...but, only temporarily...
wonder where else that pen will find its mark
and trace a pattern while indulging in a naked tease...RB.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

a prelude to RB's second video

A prelude
a poem
an introduction to the second RB Video.
...a titillation...
"to set out to capture what may it be
that knew to stir within RB
that curious dabbling in all things sensual
the erotic and more...complete and perpetual.
RB's interest be to travel adventures new
a man's body every part of him, revealing an erotic clue
of how else to pleasure and please
his mind and body over and over to tease.
but, before such a journey be embarked
within oneself RB finds pleasure and much seductiveness sparked
how would she know his body to travel
if her own she knew not to bring to peaks of insane need, all logic unravel.
to knock on the door of his uncertainty
to be invited in his thoughts, eventually
there be no stopping that new road taken and tried
discovering the freedom of blissful surrender, no longer belied.
it takes more than flesh naked, an indulgence sexual between two
but, rather a touch gentle, a look alluring, an invitation flirtatious the cue
for why not play a game of courting and foreplay like true lovers should
RB's intent, the message be, why not, with one's lover of course, one could."

today's crystal ball

Hold that crystal ball up for me
and let me see
for in the screen I see an image of self looking back
and to talk to me, that image oration does lack.
what see u in that crystal ball?
the sharing of affections deep, be the call?
oooh...too long the solitude of mind and thought,
now wishing erotically and seductively to be caught.
see u a lover on the horizon approach?
aaah...yes it is !...let me him my way coach!
with a flirtatious tease of what may be on offer
daring him to expose what may lie in my personal coffer.
a smile now, does know to light my face
having spotted him in the distance now to quicken the ,
for why waste time on finety and triviality
when both of us yearn to simply indulge in the moments actuality.
what be that actuality?
would it push the boundaries of morality,
or, would it simply know to surrender to sensuality
to know a lover to please and invite ain't no abnormality.

a startling Tuesday awake

How deep the temptation to revel in thoughts brewing...
Brewing be thoughts tempting the flesh to tingle and yearn...
Yearning and tingling be the agony of need...
Needing and wanting be the skin and lips...
Lips parting in anticipation of a kiss...
Kissing every part of flesh exposed...
Exposed be the desire to be indulged and caressed...
Caressed be the mind by thoughts of another near...
Near be he that knows to take completely...
Completely to surrender and will oneself into his imagination...
To sit on his lap and gently kiss him...
Him to make moan and feel the heat...
Heat of loins succulently throbbing and wanting.

Wanting to give and take all
All of his sanity to devoured
Devoured be i….again and again….
To start a cycle of bodies hungering, the passion an eternal

Sunday, 23 July 2017

a Sunday abduction

The intrusion…an abduction
The Sunday afternoon peace intimidated into thoughts near addictive.
The soft skin of a willing lover, the warmth of surrender, a lust raw.
Yet, so cruelly passionately soft, caressing, alluring, in its innocent presentation of need.
How dare she intrude...
Her thighs straddling his legs.  
Her sweet nectar deep within her womanness.
Soft…a pantiline clinging to that mound…hovering above his hardness.
The Sunday sun, all of a sudden too hot.
The afternoon too quiet...
No longer the appeal in the solitary peace felt a few minutes ago.
A welling of frustrated anger at himself for daring to be dragged into thoughts erotic.
His fists clenching against his desire to indulge deeper.
A sudden urge to jump up and growl ...
 eyes sharp... focused.
He would have .
Sunday would end the way it should ….being a part of her world.

Friday, 21 July 2017

he courts she flirts

How wonderful to be a woman and courted

Titillating treats from far lands imported

Gestures gentle and caring and passionate
A face with deep interest and longing animate.
To be that woman, the subject of his desired interest
No other at that moment his attention contest
My….how naughty and flirtatious a woman can be
Alluringly seductive her shyness to see.
And as much as his attention toward her endowed
Her subtle naughtiness , her girlie-ness asking to be devoured
A giggle a laugh a glance sideways , eyes half moons
In them he sees welcoming pools of indulgence , his sanity swoons.
An unfair advantage between the two lovers
For her womanly ways his manly weaknesses uncovers
And before he knows , off his feet he be swept
Engulfed invited accepted…taken…deep in her heart to be kept.


it is a perfect reminder...tongue in cheek

I am a huge advocator of patience and understanding...and then there are moments I think certain limits have been reached...and things cannot be helped...u know what I mean?


damn...I ain't a sucker for punishment...I wonder...should I? is good to be reminded one is the answer to many a road forward in ones life.

Happy Friday...Happy beginnings to the weekend!!!


Thursday, 20 July 2017

what company would u seek?

Would one waste ones time away wishing upon the company of kings and queens
Those high rollers, paparazzi at hand, filming their shenanigans and high profile scenes
Find one definition by that sort of company kept
Would it not define a part of one’s character inept?

Each to their own of who they may be
The depth of personal value quite obvious to see
So what drives one to find refuge and meaning in another’s fame
No meaning to one’s own worth in one’s own achievement seeing no acclaim?

And then when serene for to know oneself well
The company kept simply perfect all expectations excel
No king or queen or high roller a match
For the present company ones attention completely does snatch.
Aaah…to share in those moments a connect with another
No explanations, pretences , aspirations false a bother
The simplicity of excellence the quiet reserve of success, does  shine
For that sort of company needs no advertising for it, to define.

simple...don't overthink it

Now don’t be shy don’t be coy
There is no chance me, u would annoy
But, rather come spend a moment near
For your company I know I would revere.
How often uncertainty knows to stop a thought
How often in over-analysis to be caught
When all it takes is an inviting smile
To company shared and the hours ‘away to while’.
So close your eyes and let it be
Imagine the serenity of passion , your mind to see
For both of us know what it takes to please
The meaning of a sensuality tease.
A postscript for this piece:
How often one over analyses a moment intimate.  Sometimes to the point, that anything good, can be destroyed. How often uncertainty knows to steal a moment away, never to be experienced, for to indulge seems to be too daunting. Would it not be fair to allow oneself the probability of being right in ones desire to share a moment of passion, without reserve or concern …when lovers know to unite in mind…RB.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Landed...First Promotional RB Video

My First Promotional Video of what the RB Brand be all about.

(Please note: high resolution video with vocal poetic piece will be available for download on the RB e-commerce site.) 

Do travel with me and let us begin our journey, together,into my World...

This video was filmed with the following piece of writing in mind...a piece written some time back. can i gift u...
a gift u shall not forget too easily.

I shall make u my Mark Anthony and i be your blonde Cleopatra.

I shall a bath prepare, waters milky smooth, the sheen of the finest natural oils the surface infuse, the headiness of the scents, lavender, jasmine...ginger for the sensual senses. 

 ... my skin i shall bathe in rose water...dribble the waters on the hardness of my nipples...
like crystals they shall fall, clinging ...before they drip drip off.

Candles shall be our light...and in their subtlety, every inch of your skin i shall wash...every inch of your manliness i shall caress...u will surrender your mind to music soft, to the silence of passion throbbing within the core of your being.

U will surrender to my softness, my hunger, my need to feed off u


as the waters hot your skin do swallow ,

so shall i swallow the whole of u

....deep deep deep....

within me.

That shall be my gift to u.


a conversation strike

the interest be to share a comment
in the same place to attend an event
music be the passion shared
a  mix of works on stage declared.

how could one not a conversation strike
when there be so much to talk about and like...RB.

internet commands

 an indulgence in words, written by many over periods and periods of time, a share revealing , a share stirring the cockles of ones...