Wednesday, 31 May 2017

why always be the same..?

'do sit down, and watch me play.' said the female to the man.
'it be a game of image seen, the vision your fantasies to fan.
now take note of how, an image naked does awake
the mind, alert, to sit upright every movement, in to take.
the pleasure be to watch myself, no hurry in what i do
your interests further capture and your curiosity woo.
when two of me before u be
now more for u to see,
don't waste your gaze, don't look away
to lock u in, to make u mine, just because i may.
and when my image i do kiss but, look direct in your eyes,
to know there be no mercy in what shall follow, be no surprise.
why bother to play and let u see, your sanity not capture
of all u have known and experienced sensual, my intent be to fracture.
something different something new the need to try and find
so sit back and let go, allow me your mind to bind
in thoughts searing and enveloping deep and erotic
the meeting of our lust the result biotic.
so fruitful be this experiment of u and i
let us each other in searching ways discover and try
i know my pleasure be that in my chair u be
when all be done and finished , your return that chair...i trust again to see.'


Dear reader...imagine with me...please?

 Dear reader

This piece is not for those who will understand it as a piece of porn writing. This piece, is for those who know what it means to enjoy a moment so intimate that words may not do it justice but, the need to capture it if possible.
An early early morning imagining of a narration played out in my head. An event so passionate. Do enjoy.

What would it feel like to be so close to another.
Could u imagine to feel the very life and essence of the existence of another, through their nearness. At first, nothing more than enjoying that closeness. A banter comfortable. To share in a hug naked. A playful caress. A movement subtle.. near undetected, pulling closer into each other .
Imagine two bodies laying on a bed...she on her tummy, he laying on her back. 

There be this welling of emotions engulfing .
Neither wishing to breath....hearts near stopping, and when that beat does happen, it sounds like a drum in ones head.
A tiny arching of her body from under him toward his weight on top of her.
A slow rise, an intense and deliberate aching.
All of a sudden a moistness.
A hardness deep.
 Not being deep enough. Slow. Not being slow enough. Nothing be enough.
Like a lioness and her king... majestic be their tenderness as they try to melt into each other, rubbing against each other. Near purring and breathing each other in. The position of two bodies changing... with every thrust.
The lustful ache heard through the begging for it to not stop.
A sob, a passionate sob... does escape her as she feels an uncontrolled intense wave grip her being and he cannot help but pull her harder into him, lifting her off the mattress.
The pace changes.
More deliberate.
Deeper, grind after grind after grind.
She cries. A tone begging, pleading... wanting. He loses himself in his will to want to give her more and at the same time possess her make her his on and on and on....the agony of lovers primal lustful...

To end this piece of emotion playing out in my head i be such intense lovemaking between two lovers lost and perfect and untainted...i prefer to burn and drown in thoughts so possessing ...


take heed...

Do take no heed of those whose dreams know not to be saucy
shackled be their waking hours
bullied into a confined space of no release from daily challenges.
they know to bark as they wake and bark hoarse as they go to sleep.
a kind word
an interest shown
alien to their daily routine.
they be so lost among the strife to keep up with wallets fat with credit.
that heart that beats within their chest....those tears that want to well and spill over.
dare not...for it be considered a weakness.
they forget, until they witness
a hug
a moment shared...
where two people know to share in a glance
know to share in a smile
know to be with each other in silence.
technology. a robotic state of mind...challenging us to be faster, smaller, precise, metallic, unsocial
but let go,
let go to a kiss,
let go to a moment tender, touching, weeping.
let go to YELLING at the top of your lungs!
let go to a lover, even for an instant.
and when the world rudely nudges itself back into your space with the reality of life itself
then smile broad, for u have dared and taken heed 

of simply being human.


Tuesday, 30 May 2017

his preference be a cleavage

some time back he had let her know
his preference be for her cleavage to show
and thus on that day for him to tease
in what she would show be her hope to please.
but, not too quick to give him the view
rather,  a clue as to what may follow, a sight new
and thus covered be that cleavage he liked
the clue given his interest spiked.
the fabric fine and lacy be
enough to cover yet much to see
the cut be such to sit real snug
those nipples hard that roundness hug.
strategically before her, she made him stand
to sit down on the sofa, within reach of his hand
and thus the reveal the jacket to move
knowing what be hiding, he would approve
the necklace lay and hung between
those breasts the cleavage to be seen
his hand did move to caress her skin
his patience began to wear real thin.
so kneel he did to be more close
his hands to cup a perfect dose
of breast real soft and nipples hard
that cleavage be a winning card.


to watch tv...a smile did form.

there it was the television did play
a scene played out, to hear what they say
a love affair, a triangle doomed
where broken hearts and much tears loomed.
interesting be to see reactions
and why there be between certain people attractions
what is it that the body makes tingle
wishing with the other to mingle.
 the mind be captured by who they are
the admiration at first, from afar
and then a step or two in their direction
in the hope of winning their affection.
and on the sideline be that unrequited one
feeling real forlorn and seriously dumb
that frustration welling a need to express
no longer the desire that anger to suppress.

 so off on a tangent furious and direct
the oration and flailing of hands the attacked to affect
stunned into silence for of that love unaware
not moving or speaking nor reacting, to dare.
and once that flood of a frustrated one
spilt and spewed and finally done
then the chance of the stunned other
to walk away, with no response to bother.

oh how the guilt then knows to gnaw
the realisation of what was done was wrong for sure
now how to set the record straight
before matters got worse and it be too late.
the saving grace be the comedy played out
sheepishly did the apology forward spout
and in the end a friendship to form
to accepting that idea their mind did warm.

 a movie it be but, so true to life
in matters of love some sort of strife
take heed to not over-react
for it may backfire, that be a fact.

 what self control many a time it takes
when a monster destructive within one wakes
try count to ten and walk away
let logic prevail and save the day.


Monday, 29 May 2017

be naughty with me

may i tempt u my way
may i tempt u to stay
would it be okay
if together in a different way we play.
i have this desire to show u much
for u to experience my touch
another way to let go
allow me to lead and u to show.
naughty i am and slightly shy
yet confident to please u i shall try
for in getting u to be less resistant
in your surrender nothing ambivalent
that exposure of self your mind to travel
slowly and surely your insecurity i shall unravel
for when u feel me under your skin
no further inhibition, your trust to win.
we shall find that unknown ground
such deep erotic thoughts be found
and all i do will be pleasure bound
both of us seated on that merry-go-round.
my passion be to see u drown
in matters sensual to bring u down
and when that lust your logic burn
then maybe....u to be your turn.


what is it that makes u doubt?...u yourself?

What is it that stimulates a person's mind and body in the most positive of ways. 
That knows to awaken thoughts fruitful, decisions firm and actions energetic and rearing for results.
What is it that drains one of hope and the need to apply oneself in ways rewarding and fulfilling and growing. 

How often does one get lost in uncertainty, indecisiveness, something holding one back, unable to pull oneself out of that rut that keeps one from taking that next step toward a form of personal growth, a progression toward a new goal.
Is it the environment one finds oneself in, that company kept, not comfortable in it, yet, accepting to be surrounded by such. 

That non belief in self that one is worthy of something better. 
A settling for second best for it is much easier to do that than imagine to fight the obstacles and uncertainties one would have to face. A fear of failure, a fear of the unknown.
If that be the case, then would it not be correct to imagine to surround oneself with those who know to remind one of all the good points one possesses, to remind one of that inner strength that we all possess. 
Would it not be fair and kind to treat oneself to a space in time with company, maybe daunting for they seem bigger than life itself, yet know to bring out the best in one. To treat oneself to those who are accepting of what they see before them, that understand how a human mind ticks and accepts a situation for what it is without being judgemental but, rather, constructive in their advise and guidance.
How often people find false friendships and align themselves to others knowing it holds nothing sustainable and good for the future. And even though that niggling truth does eat away at ones conscious, one tends to ignore it and then begins the slow downward spiral.
Not all that society preaches is right and not all that the majority accepts is right. 

What may be important is to know oneself. Why bother to lie to oneself? It doesn't change ones reality.
Having that courage to sit before a mirror and learn to love and hate and cry and laugh and...eventually....see oneself. See oneself for what one is...for once that has been realised, there be nothing or anybody that can make one feel less worthy than the perfect creature one is in ones own imperfections.
One tends to forget there is no such thing as perfection in the true sense. What many may be are those that know to progressively strive to be a better version of self as their days pan out before them. The desire to learn from ones mistakes and try very very hard not to repeat them.
To be perfect is to be the best imperfect one knows to be.....take a leap of may just be surprised at what you may find.


let us begin with a breath... deep.

a slow release of tiredness and fatigue that knew the body to grip
when thoughts and imagination and colours bright, did take a dip
all of a sudden, a weekend quiet a moment still
a requirement acknowledged, allowed ones body and mind to fill.
to sit and get lost in what the morning knew to bring
the only thing heard is how the birds began to sing
and wrapped in a jacket thick, the cold to keep away
finding that sunny spot, deciding there to stay.
and, in that glorious moment of no care in the world
all of a sudden  much brightness and freshness twirled
it started with the surrender to let go and just be
and all around me with new eyes to see.

we forget to be kind to our minds body and soul
always hard at work trying to reach that goal
no problem in being diligent and persistent and a fighter strong
but, sometimes we forget how our lives to prolong.
the weekend has past, and, a strength and vibrancy again
grateful  to know that balance to attain
and thus, know exactly what this coming week will hold
more plush, more velvety and sultry my thoughts and ideas to unfold.
so, stay with me through these coming days
and lend me your time and eyes to read what in my mind plays
and trust to capture your imagination and some light and naughtiness shed
and some of your fatigue and tiredness through my writings put to bed.


Saturday, 27 May 2017

erotic u have it?

So, if one should ask ...does one know to be erotic?
And the first thing one would whip out, is a porn movie or pictures explicit of full frontal nudity...the answer would be no.
Could one say that sensuality and erotica are subtle forms of seductive sexual play. That which knows to tease the eye, spur the imagination and awaken depths of longing and desire, a hankering for the suggestive display or play. That longing for a repeat of an experience that knows to linger and linger, for a time longer than a simple 'fuck'.
So, if in a situation where the partner be receptive to sexual advances yet, playful and teasing and maybe controlling of the situation, does it know to make one frustrated and angered and considered inappropriate, trying to hurry the moment on to full blown coitus...the importance being of personal relief and satisfaction.
Be there no appreciation or stimulus experienced and gained in the play , the attention and care given to mutually arouse and it through a visual tease, a touch suggestive, eyes telling, conversation arousing....scent?
Is it possible that there be a shortage of erotic maturity and the understanding thereof. Could it be that much of the unfulfilled feeling one eventually gets from sexual encounters is possibly from no personal investment in the moment but, rather a scenario of 'wham bam thank u ma'am' . 
And this be not only about a man playing with a woman...why can it not be a woman playing with a man....?...tying him down, blindfolding him, stopping him in his desire to fondle a breast exposed, a nipple hard.
Why is it that a man feels uncomfortable or, out of his depths if a woman takes lead and dares to seduce and invite thoughts sexual. There be no greater reward than two creatures who know to be sensual ,know to be erotic and drive each other insane with lustful hunger that is within reach...yet...out of reach.
To be erotic, to be sensual, what would that take?
Is it something only few possess or is it something we all have but, are scared to admit and surrender to, feeling it is too telling and too personal and exposure of self at the mercy of the other. Does it take a special person, a special moment to bring it out, or is it a mindset , a choice, a freedom of self to indulge without care or concern what anybody may think .
Like anything in life it possibly is something not many may be prone to nor will ever feel comfortable expressing or feeling. The question be...why?


Friday, 26 May 2017

to pen me a letter

 how did u know to capture my imagination so
with that narration to bewitch me, how did u know
u gave me a letter and simply wrote
an expression of how i lived in your thoughts, the note.
how did u know it would raise intrigue
any slight disinterest, fatigue
and that the words would make me question the flutter
the heart deceiving , the mind a clutter.
there be no logic to the passion that stirred
no reasonable explanation as to what occurred
except, that the sensual softness of your desires penned
any hesitation or thought to refrain, did unbend.
all of a sudden, the loins did ache
the mind a frenzy the decision did make
to sit down and pen a letter back
to let u know, we are on the same track.
what would that letter say
so much revealed an invitation to play
for what a waste it would be to not mutually share
to get lost in each other, in new fantasies snare.
so come my way, and don't delay
the promise be that out of your thoughts i walk and into your reality stay
for once we be near and each other inhale
who cares what be happening beyond, rather any logic with insane erotica derail.


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

a story new...part 1.

And here we have the beginning of a story where things take a turn unexpected. Where judging a book by its cover, may reveal a content most enjoy part 1.

 "She sat and waited for her order to be expedited. It was one of those DIY stores, where one could buy whatever ones heart may desire. She smiled to herself, looking around. It was a store where men felt at home and women felt capable and knowledgeable about maintenance and building repairs around the home...all of a sudden having a desire to do a course or two...maybe plumbing, maybe an electrical course. Those stores knew to have that kind of affect on one. Even she was contemplating something as silly as putting together a painting crew and creating a sideline business to earn a bit of extra monies.
And as the men stood around chatting, deep conversations as to the best approach or plan or item, her mind began to wonder.
How different each man looked. Many not her cup of tea but, they were somebodies cup of tea, and that somebody, would kill any other woman who dared to imagine to even make eyes at their man.
She was sitting on a pile of cement bags, just at the entrance of the depot, unaware of the appealing picture she painted. In her lost state of thought, her demeanour was a restful one, the face was soft, the eyes were dreamy, the body relaxed.
Her attire was an extension of that casual air. A pair of jeans and a plain tshirt. Hair quite messy and face clean of make-up. In fact, she hadn't even washed it that morning but, had immediately applied herself to finishing painting the wall in the hope of getting it done by morning, and then beginning the mural.
Unfortunately, she ran out of paint and thus the visit to the store.
Unaware of the glances she was getting and the attention she was drawing she sat lost in her imagination. The scene played itself out.
She wasn't a stranger to sharing company of gentlemen, a sensual creature who found pleasure in teasing and pleasing the opposite sex. There wasn't a he in her life and she didn't feel she needed one. Well. Not at fact, it had been a long time since she had desired the blessing of a fulfilling relationship.
So to allow her thoughts to wonder and ponder on how she would potentially indulge in one of the gentlemen in the store, was not a strange concept to her.
And thus, she picked her prey.
He was quite an ordinary looking guy. An older guy. Looked like a bookworm or manage or director of some sort. She liked that sort. She liked to imagine that they were so stuck into their work that they had no idea as to an erotic state of mind or a woman who was prepared to play sensual games where many things would go....sensual and seductively playful of course.
She liked the idea of introducing them to concepts new, introducing them to a new reality. Her pleasure lay in how they would get lost in her and in that surrender how they knew to draw her, into them.
This man looked lean.

Maybe a runner. 
Shoulders slightly hunched. 
Hair greying. 
Soft spoken. 
Eyes blue and droopy.
 She giggled. 
His face looked like a forlorn puppies face.
Not a tall guy.
She was sure she was taller than him.
There was a sex appeal about his quietness and she wondered how innocent he may be. He must have felt that somebody was looking at him for, all of a sudden he glanced her way. It was a casual glance. But, as he looked a way, he held her gaze just that little bit longer than necessary and she felt as if an electric bolt had ripped through her body.
In an instant her eyes became focused and her body tightened causing her to nearly slip off the cement bags. A strong hand reached out and caught her flailing hand as she tried to stop herself from falling....she grabbed it and steadied herself on her feet, looking up to thank her Samaritan.
A pleasant strong face smiled at her and queried if she was OK.
"Gorgeous girl. Misbehaving again?" said a soft voice from behind her.
It was her prey.
Confused. And not sure how to respond, 

she kept silent and simply smiled back at him.
The two men shared a light joked, laughed and her Samaritan left.
"Thank you." she said, instantly feeling silly for she realised he had done nothing to deserve that sentiment.
"How do i put this...." he said. She found it difficult to look into his eyes. Those soft puppy eyes were burrowing into her brain. Sultry pools of lust. " You were staring at me...would it be presumptuous to ask you out for a cup of coffee?"
"Coffee?" she said. Her lips burning to be kissed by him, her eyes telling even more than his.
"If i gave you my address, would you be trusting enough to come and visit me....i feel as if you are eating at my thoughts. You driving me insane and i don't care that i don't know you."
"What if i told you i would have approached u anyway and asked if i may visit...?"
"Then i shall see u tonight...say 8pm?"...and he gave her his business card.
She stood stunned as he walked away. Her prey had just turned the cards around and she had this funny feeling that in fact things were not the way they seemed and maybe this bookworm was going to be the exception to the rule."...........

(to be continued.)


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

To end the join me in a musing of mine.

and should u get to read this piece of my writing, try to play in the background and listen to Puccini's - ' o mio babbino caro'....for that be the inspiration.

"could u tell me how u would feel watching me get lost in a moment musically composed

would u marvel or feel slightly 'uneased' at the raw emotion before u exposed

when every note my body and mind bend
and a deep shiver through the whole of me send....

when those feelings raw and intense
spill over for to hold them back be too immense

then, the kiss i would steal, would your lips savour
on my lips the yearning to surrender, the flavour body a life of its own found in its pliable state
to yours mould and become one be its fate
...when hungry i give and take complete
no intent that passion throbbing, soon to deplete
for the notes do carry and under ours skins settle
for they know our imagination in painful desire nettle...
the demand be that we each other find
that searing nostalgia of true lovers united bind
and... with every stroke, deep, slow
that painful longing for it to never end, in the eyes does show."

one of my favourite performances of this piece.

have the intent to truly listen and hear

There are certain pieces of music that know to pull on ones heartstrings. Which strings may those be, one is unable to pinpoint or define...and the reason as to why they manage to do so....well again....
Could it be with every note composed, with every instrument conducted....that piece slowly seeps into the room , finding every nook and cranny, those dark corners never visited, where cobwebs have made it their home.
Could it be...
all of a sudden
the ears not only listen but, hear... hear with every pore of ones body, every nerve awakening , tingling
reaching out toward the notes.
Yet. Still not enough. The shear gentle weaving as a violin knows to make the heart and eyes want to weep...weep for what is being expressed. Finding a nostalgia of another yet, 'relate-able' and personal.
Wanting to be blanketed in nothing but, the sheer rise and fall as the conductor waves his baton inviting you into the world of a piece written ...written to capture your imagination through emotion.

And the piece i am referring to, in this case, is the theme song from Schindler's list go and enjoy on Youtube conducted by John Williams ( featuring Itzhak Perlman)

...have the intent to absorb the piece so deep within yourself that that, which is written, strikes you into complete and utter silence, losing the ability to breathe...until that violin stops...


Monday, 22 May 2017

anxious yet keen


they decided to play a game
of where it would lead to , their thoughts the same
but his request be to tease him slow
for the start to be quite mellow.
it be all about the nerves
though quickly dissipated looking at her curves
and the way she coaxed and invited
much quicker than he thought his body responded, excited.
the chair placed strategically him to face
those subtle moves, her suggestive smile did set the pace
the look in his eyes like a deer in the light
anxious, yet keen to let go, the hunger not fight.
he began to lose himself in her words whispered
in the distance he thought he heard a voice that whimpered
startled at the reality it be him, all of a sudden feeling unsure
for it be that first touch of her hands to spread his legs more.

 there she sat, slightly above him, on her chair
majestic and in control, to move he not dare
and then on her knees between his legs she slid
to loosen his pants she did him bid.
he fumbled, he shook, for the stiffness a problem posed
the suggestion more like an order on him imposed
his fantasy to please her to watch her gaze
losing himself in their depth, a sultry daze.
her face a story did know to tell
toward her arch, expose his swell
and all he wished for was to become her slave
for her to teach him what it meant erotically to misbehave.
they did, he learnt, he taught her too
for when it be erotic, nuances always new
the chair a perfect start to what did transpire
ignited it did, that erupting volcanic fire.


dirty talk?

To talk 'dirty' is one thing but, to talk 'dirty' and to be sensual at the same time is another....?

When the moment be steamy, partners lost in throes of lusty thoughts...all of a sudden, a few words, whispered, can make such a difference. Them being throaty and low in tone, suggestive, inviting, leading

...interrupted by the vocalisation of a moan long
...then shorter and shorter 
...the breathing raspy 
and then
... a loooooong moan let out...

What would those words be? Do the words make a difference? 
Is it the words and what follows or accompanies the dialogue....random?

Suggestive...."How i could swallow u whole

....ever so slow, ever so complete...
in no rush to end the feel of u...." 

I shall leave it to your imagination as to what the scene may be . But, if what should follow such a taunting tortuous suggestion is only the continuation of play and nothing more....imagine the look in ones lovers eyes...that open invitation to do exactly as matter what.....and yet....not following through...for then the words would be..." imagine the wetness the softness of my mouth within distance...."...

Instructive...."do look at look at how beautiful you are every vein gorgeous you are. 

You cannot not enjoy that which i see. 
Look at how hard my nipples are. 
Oh! Do imagine what pleasure stirs between my legs. 
Wrap your hands round your hardness and feel that which i have already felt...."

 and what follows is a look of total surrender and drowning of a lover who only cares to be in the moment....

Now words spoken, have their pauses, have their intonation, and have their sincerity in what is said. When lovers be true, when lovers be lost, when lovers surrendered in a moment in time care to experience each other...then the words come natural, the actions engulfing and all encompassing, the satisfaction total.



lace, lace and more lace....RB.

it makes sense.

A contribution  in  'YOU" Magazine that had me smiling , for it held much truth and explained why it is that maybe, just maybe, i am the way i am
...why life is nothing less than perfect and worthy to be lived with zeal and a
sincere desire to be cherished and valued
...even with all its heartbreaking and challenging moments .
....when people say, "Is the glass half empty or half full?"
they are missing the point.
Which is that the glass is refillable. 

welcome to the new week

a morning risen
a morning bright
on a blanket of erotica take flight
together these thoughts for u and i
together we come , together we fly.
now a new week it be
and lots to see
start with a mindset fresh and free
the peace of the weekend past, take on
hindrance any uncertainties be gone.
for today the crispness of ideas new
a realisation of them, be due
and thus i know, u and i shall meet
and with much seductive thoughts, each other greet.


what they day promised to hold

she looked over her shoulder
and hoped to see
standing behind her
would be he...
but, alas,
the morning still young
too early that image that clung
and thus gleefully the day she welcomed
and to patience succumbed.
for she knew today 
there would be play
no waste of time
surrender sublime.


Sunday, 21 May 2017

join me in another 'reality'? as the night knows to settle and comfortable become
to let go of daily happenings and of the conscious be done
for when the head knows to rest on a pillow soft
then so know the mind to become aloft.
i shall allow my thoughts to travel
and a new mystery unravel
it be another sensual desire i wish to share
with u, together in our dreams we might just dare.
so look out for me and let us unite in another reality
let that dreamland become our normality
thus every night when to bed we depart
without hesitation to that other world ourselves we impart..

sleep deep...dear reader.


what would the completed puzzle be?

should u be with me
would u every part of me study
would u take the time to look and absorb with your eyes first
...see the rise and fall, the voluptuous sensuality, the natural curve and loop
the roundness firm yet full
the imperfections... love and yearn for them for they make me unique and specific.
would your hands burn to lay themselves softly upon my form
their desire being to caress me soft
every time a new journey travelled
every time a new discovery made
that lingering need to make sure u do not miss any part of me that burns to be felt.
would your lips wish to slowly settle on my parted mouth
not wishing to disturb my breathing
but, rather...kiss me with the intent of feeling my breath pass your lips
and feeling intoxicated as my warmth settles in your lungs.
would u wish to feel your weight crush me gentle
in a way that it moulds itself to my length
and makes me arch to fit
like a puzzle piece would.
would u know to allow your eagerness to undress me
stay in check
and rather allow us both to drown in longing soft
slow....the magic of knowing to savour a moment
its reward being
....well...try it and find out what may follow

when the puzzle be complete.


what be those thoughts?

the will be one for peace and quiet
a Sunday dealt in the solitude of thought singular.
but, that did not last long
for slowly did thoughts creep in where,
you featured,
and began to vividly implant yourself in my imagination.
i lay back and let them wash over me,
creep under my skin and make me shiver from the intensity of
longing for your touch.
a throb began to ache between my legs
my breathing became shallow
and all i could do is roll my eyes backwards
in the hope of sinking deeper into the blackness of my head
where u seemed to be dwelling at that moment.
how painful the realisation
that there be no chance of having u near
and thus the surrender to my thoughts
allowing me to satiate that painful longing
dwelling on u.....
my imagined lover.


Saturday, 20 May 2017

Male writers - Part 2

And this be another piece of writing. When asked what inspired him to write such a piece...his answer was straightforward an sincere..."The woman i live with" which woman would not want to be 'her'...RB

"From Wilderness to urban jungle
A cyclical burden
A sensual encounter desired
Desire to slake
An eastern queen
An erotic nest
Revelling in nakedness
A reflected vision
A visual delight
A sensual touch
Resisting the rush
Breasts proud
Wet lips
Cock hard
To be touched, fondled
An escalating need
To do the deed
Wanting more than asked for
Exquisite release."

(written by) 

Male writers - Part1

Some time back i made reference to male writers and their ability to be raw in their expression.....a personal opinion...due to personal experience.
 I have had the pleasure of receiving some writings that have touched me considering my love of the sensual and being a creature that likes to surround herself with feelings passionate, engaging, revealing, absorbing, giving, taking......

This piece echos such deep longings and imagine myself to be on the receiving end of this beautiful...."love letter"....? ....for could one not call it such?

Please enjoy as much as i did....RB.

"Today was mercifully busy and hectic – so no opportunity for dwelling on your memory, your face, your love-making, your touch, your taste.
 But the dinner is done, the newspaper read, the bed stands empty, and all is now quiet – and so the demon of torment returns. I feel your tongue, I feel your lips – where are your teeth? Scratch me, please, bite me hard. I want and yet don’t want to orgasm – let it last until it cannot be held back -  a gasp, an urgency of action, deeply seeking completeness.  Then the  warm flow fills your cornucopia and mingles with your own streaming wetness – a nectar the gods themselves would envy.

 Alas – that cannot happen for a short while yet (did I say short? by what measure – infinity? a week will seem like that) but soon the reality will be realised and released. We will snack, we will drink, we will chat, we will explore together so that time has no relevance or meaning, only the feeling and sensation, the agony and the ecstacy.

 L’chaim – to life."

(written by)

Friday, 19 May 2017

would u know how to savour the offering?

 How fantasy knows to burden the body and mind
becoming hungrier with time. How fantasy knows to make one wish and desire
imagine the reality of such a powerful image alive in ones head.
to writhe with pleasure, deep in the recesses of the expectation
of what the company of the other would feel like.
to bow to moans and groans as the body curves itself to receive
the touch...that touch that is all absorbing
that breath that is so hot
a festering of gluttonous hunger
a need to be satiated
not caring to savour the sweetness and the sultry seductiveness
for all that is required is that selfish indulgence
permeating through every pore
every thought.
no care to meet the others needs half way
and no need...
for they be grunting and growling
meeting rhythm with rhythm
longing with deeper longing
till that moment when satiation be not enough and then the real play begins
for then to meet each other halfway
becomes a pleasure desired
and required.
the gluttonous hunger satiated
now to dine
and taste the sweet sweat of a moment
of pure lustful indulgence.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

what if i told u..?

if i could touch u, could u imagine what it would feel like? could u imagine it being so light that
u ask yourself if it even happened.
if i could touch u, would u know how warm my hands would be.... pulsating life, the urge to absorb u through my fingers
my palms
could u imagine hands travelling so slowly
so deliberately
....every inch of u.
if i told u that my touch would make u gasp
would u believe me?
what if i told u my touch would read every thought u may try to hide from me.
what if i told u my touch would know to translate those thoughts,
and what if i told u your eyes would be the windows of pleasures felt
proof of your drowning in a touch intoxicating.
imagine an erotic tortuous indulgence of hands that know to possess
hands that know to caress
hands that know to welcome
hands that know...


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

to bid goodnight

to toss and turn
for sleep to yearn
to sleep real tight
to bid good night

.....peaceful sleep and restful dreams.


when the most unexpected happens...and u love it.

he had not anticipated a meeting as such
in a span of a few minutes to experience so much
it was to be all about him, what a surprise
but felt a little inhibited for he thought she him analyse.
...when a man be taken out of his comfort zone
that desire to do things his way, postpone
for the playground be different this time round
and of him asked to let go, on a new adventure bound.
...first the way he be asked to expose himself
to think of nothing else but in the two of them his thoughts engulf
his body, his mind to be vulnerable and and completely open for the picking
knowing he be at her mercy a sensation exciting at the nape of his neck prickling.
...whatever the fancy, whatever the play
his mind decided, the intent to stay
for now that the walls had been broken down
no longer the need to hesitate or wear a frown. difficult to find a space safe and erotically accepting
of closed minds and fears to be arresting
and eventually to allow a sensual different
no longer to view such fantasies ambivalent.
...she lead she coaxed him she let him free
she showed him she rode his thoughts and let him see
how gorgeous and beautiful a space exotic
how sensually seductive to let go and know to be erotic.
...he marvelled and enjoyed the length and growth of his shaft
he knew to indulge in his excitement with ease he laughed
for she made him understand  what it meant to play
even though it be lusty and naughty, all uncertainty allay.
...the promise be the journey to continue
for too quickly it seemed this adventure flew
how spent he felt yet content and free
eventually realising sensual he was and knew to be.


footwear...a fetish it?

 a request i have heard many a time and got me to posting this piece...

for those who have a love for a fine pair of be be indulged in a way....different?

"Though the days be cooler and the sun not strong
and even though sandals to the Summer belong
when all of a sudden a pair be spotted
with the idea to wear them to become besotted.
...and it not be only because of their style
but due to many fantasies that in the mind one did file
imagining that elegant thin heel
on something much softer, yet erect, to feel.
...knowing to be careful for much damage could be done
knowing how to apply pressure and for the receiver to have erotic fun
now all of a sudden no question they be bought
the fulfilling of many a fantasy that be sort. shoes of any type can a mind capture
the exotic and erotic be seductive and enrapture
now for those that be slightly aghast
and who manage to read this post, to the sentence, last
don't be stunned by the naughtiness of a mind dabbling in fantastical imaginings
unless u have participated in such happenings
how would u know if your outlook contrite
be in any way fair and judgement right
so slowly allow that mind to rest
and possibly fantasise and imagine the idea to put to test
where a pair of elegant shoes do know your groin to tease
in so many surprising ways to please."


Tuesday, 16 May 2017

belonging to the 'non-belonging aspirants"..?

 adorned and displayed be a piece of jewellery
exquisite be the work of art
a price, hefty, sometimes paid
for its value never questioned, nor its worth.
but, what if those pieces so dearly coveted
admired beyond reason
know to make one inhumane
the trinket purchased, the name brand flashed.
and when one has no possibility of purchasing such an item
does one become less worthy
belonging to the non-belonging aspirants
adorning themselves with copycat products
flashing their falseness
and feeling just as grand.

now ask me....should i be gifted such an item pricey
such an item branded "now u have made it for u own a .....(the brand name)"
would i refuse it?
....should i shamefully hang my head
and admit
...with welcome arms i would accept it!
but does it make me less worthy that i know to be
the queen of my castle.
do these ribbons tighten into a noose
beginning to choke for i may own but, wish not, to adorn myself
with those shiny exquisite trinkets...?

no.....loosely the ribbons know to adorn
and caress my skin
for they teach me to not bond myself to my possessions
and that nobody may know if there
be or not
that coveted beauty, put away
....well whose business would it be anyway.
my assets be one of a kind
adorned with ribbons silky

my whole worth

and thus the freedom of thought
the freedom to know
that ones luck or not
may be
luck or not.....would those trinkets make a difference....not at all should be like that


we don't remember how to be worthy of admiration without our materialistic hoardings.


internet commands

 an indulgence in words, written by many over periods and periods of time, a share revealing , a share stirring the cockles of ones...