Tuesday, 31 October 2017



do look upon my leisure
my comfortable repose,
no desire to contemplate what next
but, rather...anything goes.
if anything be the call
then to let go at any cost,
for all it takes is to snuggle in
and in the softness of my nakedness get lost.
i shall melt and press deep into u
wanting to become one,
and as the hours while away
together we'll watch the setting sun.
the darkness shall swallow the both of us
as the night its cloak rolls out
unaware we shall be
lost in each others closeness...no doubt.


come tickle my toes

the duvet inviting in its rich fluffiness
my nakedness
in pure bliss.
and yet... my toes seek 
to peek
your favour find
for they know your attention my mind
will blind
and laughter sweet and gurgly shall spill
the room fill!
for every kiss,
touch of yours
will open doors
erotic of thought

in what u be doing to my toes...
oh do come and spoil my feet...!
with a treat

the silver lining

let me raise a glass,
to much good that knows to pass,
patience be a virtue,
much wisdom and knowledge through time accrue.

to watch and listen and learn
even when impatience does burn,
when others be worthy critics of burning desires...
igniting a new passion and understanding, the road further fires.

when truths painful need to be faced
narrow- mindedness be erased,
then, all of a sudden, prosperous be the mind...
a solution rewarding be the find.

to embrace that not all be meant for one,
what needs to happen shall be done,
and thus, this glass, high i raise
to what the future holds, no further delays.

it be a mystery a discovery new!
the hope of big rewards be the due!
to let go of much cherished but... not meant to be
eventually a smile...for the silver lining in the far distance... i see.


Monday, 30 October 2017

Saturday, 28 October 2017

only one purpose

 did my ears deceive me
be it a rustle in the leaves?
my Romeo near?
knowing the burn in my loins?
knowing my desire that eats away at my sanity?
my anticipation 
of warm lips tasting the beat of my pulse in my neck?
the gentleness of kisses drawing me into 
velvety depths of lust and ticklings between my thighs?

my nipples hardening,
no fear of exposure to be gently
pinched between a lovers fingers.

i shall ask u
to not hurry your travel of my flesh.
i shall moan as u kiss my mouth
i shall look deep within your eyes
seek your spirit.
and when i find it...i shall envelope it
in all that i am.
there will be no other care
to be yours.

Friday, 27 October 2017

the cellist's magic

the cellist spun his magic
weaving his notes and cords
possessive of every emotion
a heart captured
an anguished grip

to fall in love
a melancholy joyous
sweeping touching

a crescendo
a rise
a finale
the heart

how i do want to get lost in him...for his notes are him.


to travel where the heart dare

let me never forget

 when in the distance, the call
to walk.
to stand beneath the breathtaking bloom.
a desire to capture
that which the Universe has claim to.
Claim to creation beyond
the grasp of me...a mere mortal.
for, i too am a creation
of a universal beauty...
 that hunger to absorb...with...
no wish to exit this deep lust for life.
to call upon all my senses
and dive
...my lungs to fill...
all beauty created 
be there for me and u
to absorb.

 no forgiveness to be offered
should i walk around blind
deep within the smallness of my 
'iotic' existence.

...why should there be forgiveness 
when vast and free and 
ever present
be life?

when nature soothes my weary thoughts
feeding my tired eyes 
in her display
season after season.
for she knows to console me.

"...breath..." She says
"...see me...
take me within your soul
and rest ...let your burdens down,
just for a while,
...at least.
let me fill your spirit with
what i am.
i am Mother Nature and yours 
to enjoy.
In return all i ask
is your
recognition and respect.

cherish that which i have to offer
so that your children's children
and their children onwards
will know me.
look upon my beauty and know the value of me
protect me against those that choose to walk blind
giving rise to concrete skyscrapers...
those high rise structures... breeding contempt.
the rise
coveting fellow humans
who see no further than the length of their noses
and selfishly hoard materialism
until that day
when enough will never be enough...
then, i shall no longer be around 
worn down...




don't walk blind.
go to bed with me
wake with me...
for i ask nothing more
than your acknowledgement and enjoyment of me."

and thus i say
 make my eyes ever seeing
my senses ever aware
my senses bursting to know what be mine to enjoy
all it costs me
is to ensure
i am the best keeper and protector of 
Mother Nature.


Thursday, 26 October 2017

the value...he would work hard to make it right

(source - internet)

When a relationships worth is of such value that no matter the pain and rejection, to work at making it right again... outweighs anything else....

"...but, if you know then why do you stay?"

"...maybe...because..." he hesitated, sadness permeating from every pore of his body, his eyes far...unseeing..."...maybe..." a longer pause.

His pain was so tangible, she could feel it and her heart began to feel the grip of his anguish.

He sobbed, and eventually the words came out.

Raspy, painful.

"...i am scared to rock the boat"...."....i am scared of losing her..."

Immediately he felt guilty, he felt as if he had betrayed the lie he had been keeping under wraps for so long, that he had voiced his biggest fear, wandering if the universe was going to be so cruel and hear him and thus bring about that, which he dare not even imagine happen.

It dawned on him that he had defined his existence by their union, no matter how good or bad it may have been, it gave him meaning, it gave him purpose, it was proof of all the years lived and, of what he had achieved.

To let it go would mean he had amounted to nothing. 
Funny how he couldn't separate himself from her. She had been an integral part of creating the life he knew. She had given birth to his children, brought them up into the jewels they were. Their home had known uplifting times and those that he cared not to remember but, overall, worth every second lived.

And when the signs were there that something was just not right, he dug his head deeper into the sand and, believed, it was nothing more than a necessary glitch of a relationship of many many years.

As she withdrew further into her shell, he found solace in the internet and lovelies who sold intimacies of the kindest sorts where bodily favours were shared readily yet, the mind fell deeper and deeper into a crevice of severe wrenching loneliness that eventually became a numb way of living.

What he hadn't realised, is, that he had added gas to the smoke and instead of blowing with all his might to make sure the smoke dissipated, it became a spark and then a raging fire....

Yes. They were happy. They were mates, companions, enjoying family and friends. Revelling in the success of their children. Their business thrived, they worked perfectly in tandem. A comfort rarely seen between people who had shared a union of 35 years...even though the intimacy was not there.

All of a sudden flash backs of incidences began to make sense and he realised she had been cheating on him for many many years.
She had taken on lovers and had filled that gap where he was not able to.  
How could he have missed it...???

 How could he have not known.

And that morning, sitting all exposed, wishing so deeply to feel loved and wanted... 

for the first time in his life, he acknowledged....he had known but, never wanted to admit to it...

He realised, he would rather stay with the pain and work through it, than imagine losing his wife. 

She was his true love after all and worthy of his loyalty. He would fight for what they had had and make it right again.

It had been good and it could be good again. They had taken a vow...they were bonded for life. 

He sighed deeply...and wished.


Wednesday, 25 October 2017

the best version u have ever been

how easy it is to smile!
the contemplation of having the pleasure of u for a while...
when company so endearingly sensual knows
to let go and in every action shows
that i am welcomed to share
push the boundaries and dare
take control and lead
gladly accept the seed
planted erotic and lustful
of what i shall make u feel... trustful. 

knowing u shall let me in
hear me when i say your inhibition bin.
the care to want to travel
no fear of an unravel
for your sensuality burns deep
the need to keep
the belief alive
and strive
to be the real u...
that hides and peeps now and again through.

to fly high and plunge!... daring into erotic depths
all your senses perplex,
for the first time the freedom found
the mind no longer bound
to confused boundaries with no meaning
but, rather, leaning
toward self realisation
an eventual evaluation
that being true to ones self
need not mean morality to shelf.

so... i shall smile with u
for now u know to be true
to who u are
by far
the best version u have ever been.


allow me to...

 a perfect silhouette u were
to see anything else a blur
for there u lay for me to look
your perfect nakedness my sanity shook.
a man desirous of much intimacy
what lay in our thoughts, a unanimity
for wanting, both of us be
where an erotic touch may lead, wishing to see.
so forward to bend and slowly begin
an adventure to find what lies within
the hungry pang the beat of a man
my wish be , your ardour to fan.
and as the heat began to rise
in what i did, there was no compromise
but to devour every part of who u may be
and as u arched higher...i did take u...and set u free.
so fly high again and moan for me dear one
no holding back let your fantasy take a grip of u and with it, do run
allow me to crawl once again under your flesh
and with every move of mine your needs further refresh.


Tuesday, 24 October 2017


why deny the truth

how wonderful would it be
for u, to come over, and see
my thoughts be pensive and deep
erotic, deliciously sweet they seep.
too long the idea has played
too long this indulgence delayed
no need to further procrastinate
no need of what may be, debate.
when the need to share...give and take
every molecule in ones body does shake
then to drop ones guard and rather be
letting go of inhibition and wishing to see.
i know i shall not hold back
nor care to keep track
for an erotic seduction has no care to be suppressed
but, rather, on another persons mind wishes to be impressed.
for when letting go and flying high
why the truth of the moment deny
why suppress an erotic fantasy
rather put yourself up for candidacy.
u...i shall pick and draw u in
u... i shall wish your desire to win
and when u drop deep into the allure of seduction
then u shall understand what has happened...your minds abduction. 
i shall feast on every part of who u are
i shall take u with me in my imagination far
u will want and ask for more
and i shall indulge in your request...and devour u... to your core.


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

till the morrow

tonight my thoughts i shall set free
in their flight bring u to me
allow the haze of drowziness
to lead u into sleepiness
and once u're there  upon a cloud
with my nearness u i shroud
...good night.

let us kiss and let go

let me drink of your mouth...
nectar's sweet, kisses deep.

let me taste your need of lustful dalliances
kept secret lest others don't understand.

dare to swallow my search
as my lips press upon yours...
becoming more needy
as u respond and begin to suck my lower lip ever so gentle...
be u in your possession of my mouth.

let us taste of each other
that gnawing hunger...a kiss telling
that deep desire  to be kissed.
for in a  kiss soft
the passion shall build
the embers shall be stirred and on and on....my mouth shall be yours,
as yours,
 ...will be mine.


candour of an ardent lover

why would one want to cheat ones senses
and deprive ones self
of sensuality raw
surrender complete?

to inhale and breath in the scent of a man,
his masculinity an aphrodisiac so pure.
to awaken that given to one at birth.
knowing to enjoy the purity of give and take
between a woman and man.

the respect shown in a feathery kiss,
a passionate meeting of lips upon flesh.
a touch so gently yet, searing and singing ones nakedness,
for it tells of burning yearnings
of needs aroused by the tease... display and invite
of... a woman .

why would one not accept the ardour of a lover



lost in his candour and fearless show of his desire to be taken.

a lover so yielding... unafraid to be eaten
by the touch of a woman.

how insanely beautiful
be the surrender of a man!!!

his masculinity in tact
vulnerable when in the gentle passionate seductive care
of a woman



he came alive

delights delicious 
drippingly ambitious
the night did rock
just like Woodstock.
they ate and fed
not much was said
upon the bed
her fortune read.
he came alive
the need to drive
forward extend
in her to blend.
she made him take
his senses wake
never to forget
what that night...did beget.
the sun did rise
deep incise
their pleasure spent
a memory dent.
forever to stay
on sanity play
a lusty treat
them both did eat.


Monday, 16 October 2017

from behind the 'shades'

how can i let u know that u intrigue me?

best u stay in the dark
best i admire and watch u from behind my shades
best i hide my thoughts.

...u see...

how easy it is
to catch my attention when so deliciously unaware u remain
giving of yourself in the way u speak
lay down for me to discover...

...pure treasure you are.

so unaware of your beautiful sensuality
your erotic depths where dwell untouched wells of pure passion.
i shall feast on every part of u from behind my shades and keep it a secret.

why make this need to watch u tangible with the disclose in words?

hidden shall be my gaze...telling shall be my touch.

come...COME!...come appease my need to see more of u!...come and be a part of my world.


internet commands

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