Saturday, 31 December 2016

her coy playfulness

To water a thought, a speckle in a mind enormous....imagination its life, its survival to worlds wondrous.
To water the feeling that goes with it, the pictures to bring from fantasy into reality...ponderous.

The reality sublime, intoxicating ever evolving and engaging
The fantasy a call deep within the hidden recesses of a mind, deranging.

A capitulating to that fantasy that gnaws and does not go away
Knowing how to find it without ones sanity going astray.

A womanly form so seductively alluring
nothing else exists but the thought of its procuring
and thus like a droplet of water on a plan does drip
slowly step by step, the plan, the creator does sip.

She, unaware of the thought sparked in his head
her coy playfulness and banter his thoughts to the plan had led
and now as the New Year round the corner did peak
on one knee his proposal to her, he would speak.

"Dear gorgeous mind you have bewitched
to you every thought every desire every need is stitched
will you my body devour and pleasure
for yours i am, my dear your leisure."

"Kind Sir." she said pulling him up to stand
"To go on your knee for such a request much too grand
but come, let us rather to my parlour go
and your surrender to my indulgence in you, betrow."


image of love...?

The sense of not fitting in is very universal. I want to tackle those sensibilities." - Jon favreau director.
Movie - "Jungle Book".

At birth, each human is gifted  with the ability to be stirred on various levels through influences stimulating any one of our senses....including our "sixth" sense.
We are also granted the freedom to choose....a universal principle in place before any man made laws or politicizing ever took place.
In the creation of mankind , the Power above created us in the image of love....different yet the same.
We we granted intelligence, the ability to experience and learn and adapt when necessary.

Created in the image of love?
The blinding imperfections, unfairness, cruelty and callous coldness , devious underhandedness....?
Created by?

Our ability to reason , has become our weapon of destruction. We use it to manipulate, war and stir negativities.
A cruel game is being played here. We are at the mercy of each other, teetering on hatred of each others differences. Giving power to atrocities committed in all forms.
We rant and rave and spit vile defamatory obnoxious vomit at each other.
Our skin colour, our gender, our religion a mistake to be judged by another imperfect human being.
Our birth a mistake.
We have made a mockery of life and arrogantly flaunt our stupidity in the face of all that is.

My stomach churns and my head pounds....this past year worse than the previous....we dare not, not hold out hope, for the forthcoming 2017. We cannot be that stupid after all?


mirror, mirror

I had to stop and smile in amusement.

The mirror.
An item that never featured high on my list of priorities. An item, used to create the illusion of depth and space and add beauty in my home.
Never aware of my image nor tempted to look at the passing reflection of me.
Always comfortable and relaxed in my imperfections.Neither addicted nor obsessed with my image.
And when stared into, at the appropriate moments, a means to ensure i was, hopefully, appealing enough for a date or  presentable in my professional liaisons.
Now and again glancing to confirm all in place....rather a "quick-over" than a deliberate study.

How things change. It was the umpteenth time i looked at myself....actually scrutinized myself.
Exhausted, and the lines showed it . The hair not as fresh and bouncy as that morning ....the shoulders slightly rounded from the days work.
The mirror the boss now. A cruel boss.
A necessity
a reminder to look, project an image and illusion others want to buy into.....
A space occupied where ones image projected is the first step to the buy-in.
The importance of consistency over and over...... looking ones best.

How easy to lose oneself.
Either becoming  a narcissist lost in the image of oneself
becoming ones worst critic seeing imperfections as a curse....a deep set insecurity and self- loathing setting in.

Whichever unhealthy imbalance could settle, influencing ones psyche and the way one interact with others.
A challenge worthy of find that balance and revel in just being....

"Mirror mirror on the wall
Whose the fairest of them all..."


Catch and release by Matt Simons

Catch and release


Matt Simons


"There is a place i go to
where noone knows me
it's not lonely

it's a necessary thing

it's a place i made up
find out what i'm made of ..............

everybody got their reason
everybody got their way
we're just catching and releasing
what builds up throughout the day........... "

A beautiful piece of music and lyrics. I am sure many of us can relate to and what a wonderful reminder that we are not in any way crazy when a long year past leaves us contemplating and wondering as to who we may be...


path travelled

Life is a journey and having tried to rush from our youth when teenagers, just as quick we wish we could have it back as the deep seat of time settles in our lives.
We try to evade the lessons of life, ducking and diving...but, somehow it always seems the path we may be on, inevitably, would have been the path one would have taken anyway....true or not?
And thus, the responsibility to choose wisely, not only for oneself, for in our choices, we do leave a ripple effect on those around us.


to wear gold
and leave the old
a step bold
into 2017 I'm sold.

the year past
left aghast
at the challenges passed
forward to go real fast.

2- two choices to make
0- no time to procrastinate
1- one chance myself to elevate
7- seven be the new number when signing the date.

no place to worry of what has been
much experienced and the eyes have seen
wiser for all that has been learnt
even the most loyal at times my heart have burnt.

the world a frenzy with ideas of destruction
hidden agendas to peace the obstruction
but let us aspire to ideas new
and to freedom and peace in our hearts be true.

so the goal has been set and the idea formed
with all that has past each one of us warned
take heed the goodness to shine in your life
put aside hypocrisy and less be the strife.


the morning call

one cant escape it....the morning call.😊

the bed beckons

....the bed beckons...the mind quiet

sleep near.


Friday, 30 December 2016

a bedtime 910

A bedtime story ...

She watched him from across the room. It had been an invite she would usually refuse but, the company of a crowd  seemed more appealing that evening.

If it hadn't been for her fascination with wanting to observe him more, she would have left within the half hour.

There was a familiarity in his stance. An aged elegance.

A quiet grace of a worldly man.

She was taller than him...even more so thanks to her heels. Yet. Regal he was in his posture.

A weathered face....having had his share of hard living.

His casual dress...white shirt, black pants...good belt....shiny black shoes, well worn....quality.....spoke of a casual style.

He didn't seek the company of others. They came to him.


Like a moth to the light.

He had a beauty on his arm.

An elegant fresh faced child-like nymph. She clung to him as if he were her crutch...her ticket to dreams not even dreamt of yet.

They looked beautiful together.

She in her innocent youthful beauty.

He in his aged suave wisdom.

She downed the last drop of her dry sherry, turning away from them, smiling to herself.

Maybe she should look for that boy who has been eyeing her earlier.

Could be a night of fun.

On the other hand.

Maybe not. Too much hard work.

She could do with some slow penetrating play

unhurried kisses

melting of bodies

beads of sweat from deliberate lovemaking

soft moans


wishing for closer than close........


Cruel she could be.

As she swung round... There he was....before her.

'Room 910' he said .

'Your eyes.....come indulge me' and he walked away.


mutual satisfaction

Why is it that one finds it more acceptable for a woman to be sensual rather than a man.
Constant writes and reads on a woman's G-spot.
How she needs to be played with, caressed, coaxed to a climax.
Gentleness of touch required.
The requirement to learn what it is that tickles her fancy.
A man required not to be a lover selfish....having to go down on a woman....stimulate her through play with her clitoris....make her pliable before anything else.

Having written the above, i do find myself slightly short of breath..... the possibility of being the recipient of an attentive lover......and the pleasure of my surrender to his ardent ways.

But.....i have found my pleasure lies in something more mutual.
A discovery of the males sensuality so seductively, mind- boggling....capturing. A new horizon of possibilities mutually enjoyed and discovered.
I am a visual creature....fed by that before me.

Thus my first priority would be to make my lover understand the importance of letting go. My need, not simply to touch a naked form but, rather, to allow me into his head-space.
And it all starts with the comfort of ones own nakedness in the presence another.
It takes a lot of courage to simply let go and be led in a way different.
In the beginning conversation scarce and rather the concentration of breathing in each others scent....the feel of skin on skin.....
Allowing the woman to be the ardent lover....the woman to search for that erogenous spot or spots....kisses light, nibbles firm, touch purposeful and knowing.....a state of mind where the wholeness of sensual sexuality all of a sudden is an understood concept...nothing to be shy about.

The form of a body the size of a penis a hindrance forgotten for in sensuality it goes deeper than that.....and thus when asked, to open ones eyes and confront the naked image of self....all erect and virile....the beauty of what feeds me in my purpose to share ultimate sensuality and erotica, is understood and accepted.

The journey taken in those few minutes together, all of a sudden has a purpose, and the purpose is.....

Mutual satisfaction at its ultimate.


importance of self

Humans and the importance of self. Why not.

The problem becomes when one stops listening to sound advise, taking on a demi-god attitude and shunning all and sundry in the wake of them offering their guidance.
To be a person of credibility does not mean one should lose ones humility. It doesn't mean a crown gets bestowed on ones head allowing rudeness, arrogance and aggressiveness.

A person of credibility, in the wake of their success....big or the same time grows in kindness and acceptance of others, reaching out in ways different, leaving a positive impression. Their maturity of emotion, understanding criticism for nothing more than a pointing out of potential shortfalls that should be addressed.
They are not ashamed at these shortfalls but, silently and diligently apply themselves to bettering that wrong....coming out stronger in the end.
A person of credibility is very slow to judge and careful when doing so...understanding the ripple effect of words spoken in haste and bias.

They take note of their surrounding, the people around them, learning and listening.
They know how to respect and know the worth of everything they come across...they never forget their origins and thus....never disrespect the roots of another.
They are neither brash or loud...yet heard when choosing to speak. Their whisper louder than a shout
Their silence golden and their words even more.
They simply look to make their lives better and in the process make the lives of others lighter too.

A person of substance....a credible person....a rare commodity amongst us humans.


silver lining

To welcome the New Year
with silver cheer
a happy demeanor
the rest of the year to steer
a consistent application of faith in all
never off that path to veer
and when challenges befuddle the thought
quick solutions and resolutions the mind to clear.

To fear not the unknown and what lies ahead
the past gone by and thus best put to bed
to apply what experience has taught instead
and the best result in the future to beget.

....every cloud must have a silver lining....why not?


oh...'butt'...for a perfect day

oh....'butt'....for a perfect day.😜

g-string...treasure enclosed

Sit patiently on the sofa do not move
Watch me peel off clothing the groove.

Each bend each slide
Each look each glide.

To taste to tease
To give to please.

Stand up for me i beg of you
Take off your shirt undo your belt
From a distance my eyes on you like glue.

To want to kiss
To touch true bliss.

I shall approach to seduce
Push u back in your chair
your mind to confuse.

A gaze true lust
To surrender a must.

And when all nearly exposed
In a little g-string
My treasure enclosed.


a comment in passing...

A comment in passing on the topic of marriage, children and divorce.

So often we spend time in the company of another...knowing we have missed them.
In the beginning smiles given without hesitancy, sharing of ideas, advise given and accepted without a second thought or analysis as to why. Support given...shared.
A comfort felt in each others closeness. An eagerness to share how deep ones feelings may fear of expressing the pangs of "infatuated love".
Reality is sidestepped, obligations laughed off yet met....time found for everything....even though, slightly rushed.
The busy-ness and "demand" of a new relationship, a love-affair all consuming.
Thriving in getting mutually "burnt" in each others want.

Day by day a new familiarity sets irritation, somehow time lacking to share or see or patiently listen to the other.
Advise given seems out of place and uncalled for, opinions given setting off an angry debate.
Feelings of like, to love, to be in love....progressively numbed, questioned.

What is it that cruelly eats away and eventually devours something beautiful in the beginning .

Is it  the novelty, the unknown...the more revealed, the more familiar....the greater the contempt, a blaze attitude setting in , numb boredom of the same old same old....the fear of age, the tiredness of responsibility....
This progressive erosion of bonds that it a unilateral happening or are both partners equal culprits....sweeping matters under the carpet over a period of time...


Could it the beginning....when "infatuated love" did not care to acknowledge those niggling idiosyncrasies that were the precursors to what may lie ahead....Good or bad.

A divorce should be carefully thought through before the towel thrown in.
But. Even worse is a household where there is no love, no bond, and children are present.
Two people living as strangers in one cannot tell me an environment such will make children stronger and wiser going fwd into adulthood. It will give them a 'fucked-up' concept of what relationships should be. Settling for everything that life is not about. (Please note: in no way am i condoning divorce... posing an observation)

Rather think before rushing to the alter... And even more so.....THINK....before having children.

That is the best solution.

Marriage is a special institution and should not be indulged in too lightly or treated with disrespect.


truth is a 'm*******cker'

Truth is a "m*******cker" and when she whips, it hurts .
Sometime the harsh reminder of reality is required to jolt some from a hazy slumber.

If were we all born the same, given the same chances in life, the same level of Happiness and Health and Wealth, no differentiation of any sort....i wander.....would we be called human?
Many are born and dealt a raw deal in VARIOUS ways....could that be what makes us human?
The worst raw deal dealt?
Being terminally ill and a loved one cannot change that, no matter what?
Being a child and raped and beaten?
The murder of an innocent individual?

If we could choose to better our lives and take example from those who care to help or share.....would we?
We could.

Why don't we....because when we fail and don't have the diligence, willpower and faith in ourself, it is much easier to lay the blame on whatever the "flavour of the month may be".
Instant gratification without any hard work.....definition......a  brat with major temper tantrum deficiencies.
I still stand firm....we are what we choose to be and how we see ourselves.

Our skin colour a problem?
........oh and before any small minded idiot starts questioning the order i mentioned the is alphabetical.


We might as well bring in religion, gender and sooooooo much more into the equation.


A progressive society is a dynamic society...
The birth of new problems.
The birth of new solutions.
Live and let live.
And be loved in return.

Stay bitter and wallow .....the Sun will still rise.... The World will continue turning....and the life u were graced with, the beauty of it, will pass u by.



...pasteboard mask.

"All visible objects, man, are but as pasteboard masks. But in each event -- in the living act, the undoubted deed -- there, some unknown but still reasoning thing puts forth the mouldings of its features from behind the unreasoning mask. -Herman Melville, novelist and poet (1 Aug 1819-1891)

The physical world is a pasteboard mask put up over the spiritual world, the world of meaning, and what tortures Ahab is that he cannot know what is in that world, because all his knowledge comes from this one. ".....from Moby Dick.

Are humans but pasteboards of a reality not, that we have managed to somehow  convince ourselves in?... or is it the fear of what we know to be real thus the pasteboard required...? RB.

let us not cease

A poem defining my thoughts on a year in retrospect

an image last
a Soul passed.

a parents pain
a terrorists gain.

an accusation thrown
a bomb blown.

a bullet aimed
humanity maimed

patience kind
a rare find.

to find Peace
let us not cease.




last say
word play.







shuttered images


winding down...eyes wide shut.

the soiree...

And here my post to leave you till the morn rises again.

Imagine an evening spent evening evening whispered about...never confirmed...a soiree with a difference...intoxicating.

"The soiree attended. Elegance present. A handful of beauties. 
Caramel to add much sweetness. 
Dark chocolate to enrich.

A sprinkling of icing sugar to finish the dessert.

Subtle of movement.....a flow rather than exaggeration. 
An arm round the waist. A whisper followed by a dipping of the head......a slight shift toward the dapper gentleman.

3 pieces of art.

Strangely alluring.

Illogically breathtaking.

Unmistakably captivating. more than that.

Music sombre yet lifting. Arousing a salivating need to set eyes on him. An arrangement made. An arrangement to be completed.

The removal of a dress silver.

Guests oblivious to the company of only one but, rather, lost and part of the whole of all orgy.....brewing......?

The study door ajar. 
The invite extended. 
The slip into the lamp lit darkness. 
The figure in the high chair.
 The eyes....watching. 
The crispness of white shirt. 
A heaviness of

sweet muskiness filling the air....the undertones of brown spiced incense from far across the waters of the Indian ocean.

Now, the music mesmerising. Hypnotising.
....the allure to let go...."


to philosophise is to speculate or theorise...?

If the definition to philosophise is to speculate or theorise, usually in a superficial and imprecise manner, and ethics being a branch of philosophy, what does it say about ethics?
So ethics deals with good and bad, right and wrong and moulds our personal world through the choices we make.
Are we less moral when dabbling in the grey areas  that clearly do not fit in the "right" box but, may not necessarily be bad?
And then choosing that which may be bad but, one can get away with ?
Do cultural and religious influences play a role in the choices we make?
Would we be more lost if we dabbled in all presented and tempting at any point in time, without a care or consideration of the repercussion or ripple effect of our choices made?

When one is aware that a choice made may have a negative effect on others and oneself,  then we tend to put contingency plans into place to minimise the risk of being found out.
A vicious circle.
A guilty conscience sometimes played out in a scenario where an innocent party is used as a scapegoat, a punching bag, the recipient of verbal abuse and false accusations.

Religion pits human against human. Politics plays its dirty agenda through mass propaganda.
Humans lap it up. Thirsty for something to believe in. Be led. Be told.
Aligning themselves to that which they deem fit.
The "Garden of Eden" had to fall.
Did it ever exist? Or is it the ultimate realisation that we humans crave for, yet will never reach? Craving and destroying all in ones way in search of it?
Are Saints a myth? Or born to be stoned by those suffering from a guilty conscience...

We just do not know how.


Thursday, 29 December 2016

a change in pace...reality check

To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.
Theodore Roosevelt

People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives.
Theodore Roosevelt

The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.
Theodore Roosevelt

The boy who is going to make a great man must not make up his mind merely to overcome a thousand obstacles, but to win in spite of a thousand repulses and defeats.
Theodore Roosevelt

Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind.
Theodore Roosevelt

The unforgivable crime is soft hitting. Do not hit at all if it can be avoided; but never hit softly.
Theodore Roosevelt

The first requisite of a good citizen in this republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his own weight.
Theodore Roosevelt

looking in

Looking in...

the hidden world of a voyeur

"My tongue the art of conversation knows mouth glib in spewing prose.

My stare is longing and yearning
Your look back at me endearing.

An intake of breathe more like a gasp
Your erection obvious my mind in a clasp.

The bathroom, i know, our host wont mind
Our lust for us to discover and find.

My dress hitched, my back against the wall
Your weight pressing, your hands begin to crawl.

A yielding a spreading of legs
To be explored my wetness begs.

And all the time the third participant was there
In the carnal wetness and dripping to revel and share.

And as you went down my nectar to eat
I looked directly into the camera, our host to know my heat.

The bathroom door opened, breasts exposed, my surrender deep
Our host joined in...a threesome...a fantasy forever to keep."

The hidden world of a voyeur.


man...the untouched canvas

Liberation from an ordinary experience.

Why is it that we shackle our thoughts with the mundane prescribed belief of the majority? Having questionable faith in ones hope of something different.
Is it not possible to challenge the prescribed and delve freely into that which gnaws and gnaws...the itch...the desire....just for one short lived moment.... selfishly give in to the unprescribed when it comes to ones carnal need?

Of course not at the cost of anothers well-being, but rather the achievement of trusting in another to show u how it could be.A man. So staunch and manly. So set in what he should be...thanks to centuries of prescribed beliefs and practises.
And we prescribe.
And with the passing of time the focus being on the woman's g-spot, how to play with her clit, the taste of her luscious womaness......

The new best seller.
The untouched canvas.
Unchartered waters of erogenous delights.
What a delight . Not in the expectation of what should be. But rather in the journey of realising ones sensuality .
More beautiful in his shyness of who he may be. Controlled. Expectant.

The gentleness in a mans eyes when pleasured.
Kind in his compliments.
The muscles relaxed and absorbing of a woman's touch.
Lips receiving of a kiss.
Urgency in the arch.

The most wonderful challenge to my mind.



And though the pleasure may be in the surrender of the lady to her "lover"....some ladies find the lead to that surrender an addictive aphrodisiac.

And thus:-

" She had asked him to trust her....let go. She had asked him to look into her eyes and read the sincerity of her request.

Her request....

'Allow me to be your only reality at this moment in time. Let me your mind and jar me with the intensity of your hunger to be gently caressed, passionately accepted, unquestionably acknowledged.

Hold me gently to u and be our balance as we stand closer than close to each other...for i am lost in the physical form of u and sinking deeper into the core of your throbbing lust.

Know your thoughts have become mine.

Know i live every second.....every millisecond that which the pores of your skin breath and want.....that gentle touch u crave ...that kiss that awakens the romantic in u....that pressing of my softness, an urgency growing for us to become one in thought and desire.

Your hardness shall be my indulgence. Your groans my salivating pang to taste u....'

And as he listened he lost his sanity to the velvet whisper of her voice.....gone."

My meanderings....they shall not be contained.....

And as each second passes , minute ticks, hour gongs, that much closer i get....the heart beats fast....and at times a faintness takes me over at the wondrous prospect of the world that is allowed to grow and develop in my writings.

Yes.....the road ahead tangible and more real than reality itself. It flows in my veins.....a publication in sight.


join me

to work in a space personal, relaxed and full of ideas fantastically sensual, erotic and mind-bending in the most positive of ways.
Join me in my writings .....RB.

Bollywood...epitome of loves sufferings

Who could be more romantic and telling, deeply painfully loving, heartbreaking and dramatic in clenching claws of unrequited love than in the music and scenes painted in Bollywood.

How can it not be an inspiration to the mind?

This one is for the romantics.....slightly sad but, hopefully stirring.....trying to write it in true Bollywood fashion

We all know about a love once deep and then lost.


" She sat. A haze of richly soft woven cloth. The colour more ruby than the blood of a royal. Gold threads just managing to hold the lightness of the weave together. The best India could offer. Skin translucent, as light and soft in texture as the cloth that covered the nakedness.

Hair, an abundance of burgundy spilling down a majestic neck...elegant...proud.

Her hand extended to the side of her. Treated with utmost care and gentleness with every precise feather stroke, droplet...the henna artist fixated compelled to welcomed exhaustion  creating a work of art on a unique canvass...her hand.

Her eyes were shut...not wanting to see for his presence burnt stronger than the need of sight.

He knelt before her in awe of a face serene. The lids hiding eyes of deep passion, the nose strong and defiant, the lips contours of love to be shared.

He reached out and cupped her neck...gently...feeling the flow of her life in the quickened pulsating of arteries in her neck...careful ....not to disturb the artist.

Her head a slight tilt backward exposing her jawline to  soft kisses and gentle bites from her earlobe to the centre of her jawline and then a tracing with his lips to softly touch hers and feel them part in a near inaudible gasp.

He left her fighting for breath, her quickened heartbeat disturbing the draping of the cloth from her bosom, slowly sliding away, exposing breasts, nipples erect from a lovers tease.

She dared not open her eyes. The image so seering, addictively inviting in the anticipation of what was to follow.

The henna artist diligent, lost in the world of a feminine hand coming to life in a piece of coloured creation.

And as he stepped behind her and swept the burgundy mass from her neck, her hand quivered, the artist gasped....a drop of henna fell away.....i single droplet apart from the others.... a single tear.

His kisses from the nape of her neck down the spine of her back....his breath a path up .....breathing life into the image of him......a warmth missed.....a tear rolled down her face....

"I will love u forever." she thought she heard him whisper.

"Ma'am. It is beautiful. It is complete." said the artist , backing away, silently out of the room.

She opened her eyes....the evening wind stirring the curtains, the night sky bright with stars.

Her hand a fresh artistic expression. Her heart a broken shatter for a lover lost....lost in the eternity of a life passed."


the birthday wish...the fait accompli.

An idea that played around when a gentleman friend revealed it was his Birthday and he let me into a little secret fantasy of his. And thus the following....

The Prelude:-

A birthday taking place tomorrow
a request made for the recipient to follow.
The indulgence always one no holding back
tomorrow a surprise and not the norm on track.
How can one not wish to please
such a wonderful gentleman more than just tease.
And listen carefully to the request made
to make sure it applied and perfectly played.
It lies in the eyes and what one first sees
that image in the mind for long to freeze.
And as the minutes shall begin to tick
to experience much to kiss not too quick.
The colour to be black plus an item sheer
and before the start the happy event first to cheer.
To himself he planned this birthday gift
for the holidays even more his spirits to lift.
And the plan from her maybe some black kohl on the eye
blonde hair lose and wild, so fly.
A sensual demeanor even more intense
to help his nerves quicker to dispense.
Oh what a day tomorrow promises to be
one cannot but capture some pictures for all to see.
And words of course shall be penned
for now, i hope, this poem your imagination on a trip did send.

The fait accompli:-

Today was a treat to be served on the sofa....a Birthday celebration.
Their kiss was deep. Her mouth soft, her lips succulent and sweet....his teeth sinking into her bottom lip but, careful not to hurt.
'Let us to the shower.' She said...walking ahead of him. High on her heels.
Legs stocking-ed.
A silver chain round her waist

...its pendulum swinging loosely down her leg.
Her breasts held together by a bra
forming two beautiful mounds of bosom,nipples in hiding.
'Undress.' It sounded like an order.
He liked that.
She sat on the toilet seat and watched him as he bathed and lathered himself, the shower door open. She didn't let him close it. She sat upright, legs spread, hands resting on her knees. Very much in control if him and her... and when he was finished she handed him a towel and told him she would be waiting next door.
Grey was the sofa, red were the scatter cushions and she was in black...
She made him sit in such a way that she could look at and enjoy his nakedness.
The strip began.
The slow remove.
The tease.
The play.
The invite into her world.
Not once had she touched him yet she stood over him,
whispering suggestively in his ear, bending ever low toward his penis, only to blow cool air on its hardness.
Her hands massaging his thighs as she lowered herself on her haunches, between his legs
...spreading them wider
....and then she leaned forward and bit his tummy
 ...just out of reach of his hardness and wished him...
"Happy Birthday to u....'
and on her knees she went
and her little bites travelled all the way up the middle of his torso
 toward his nipple hard and erect.
After a while the sofa disshevelled,
 the cushions truly scattered and he,
eyes closed,
 discovering how a lover erotic potentially could be.

What a great way to start the morning of his Birthday.


recognised for ones achievements

How often the need to be acknowledged and recognised for ones achievements.  How pretentious and silly to claim not to care. Promotions. Earnings increased. Growth.

Progression....a definite climb toward personal gratification...unless a position held

To be acknowledged for ones application, dedication and success at ones work is positive reinforcement that will bring out the best in the achiever...ever striving to do better.
As is constructive criticism. It may not sit easy to hear another bring out factors that do impede ones further growth.

But, achievers do not personalise constructive criticism and rather rationalise, what is said in good faith, keep their feet firmly on the ground, and aspire to do better.Knowing what needs to be heard is another trait achievers have fine tuned, taking note of empty words of criticism from others....just in case (damage control if necessary) ....but brushing the emptiness aside without giving it the power it does not deserve....refusing to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Sometime, even the best of the best, fall off the track and need to be reigned in. Nothing wrong with that except when one thinks too highly of oneself and sees oneself not worthy of guidance and criticism.
To climb high also means, should the fall is a long way down dig oneself out of debilitating situations takes emotional maturity and strength of character....sounds harsh yes but, the truth is, whiners do not get very far.

Sadly, in this world, a hardening of the outer shell is a necessary evil.Even more important is being real about oneself.
Pull up a chair. Sit in front of that mirror....and be honest. Not about the good points but, the less than good.....and in the process learn to NOT be self-deprecating but, rather, love what one may see and unashamedly admit, a change would be good, if necessary.

We forget, the way we see ourselves may not be how others see us and in return...they may not see that which we know of ourselves, for, erratically we forget to be "self" , ever adapting and changing falling into the cesspool of what society and others dictate.....showing us up for weak of character or desperate to adapt and be acknowledged.

To know oneself and stand with conviction and firm in the face of adversity and attacks from others will be acknowledged in the long run, even by ones deepest enemies.
To be liked is one thing. To earn the respect of another is much harder work and an honour and accolade of the highest degree.
Further it requires harder application , deeper understanding and greater maturing of self.....not caring too much to fall in with the crowd yet, also knowing how to not be an outcast.

And thus i should not forget to respect oneself, first,  even in those moments of foolish behaviour....everybody makes mistakes....nobody is perfect.

We are human after all.


if only they knew

It was a night of deep contemplation. The papers had been signed...the final goodbyes had been said. A numbness had set in. All of a sudden the deadening silence too quiet.

The freedom gained daunting...what to do with it.

A new beginning. A new set of rules. A new lifestyle.

Rising from the sofa, the choice of music exactly that which had grated the nerves of the other....the volume dial higher than it had been in years.

The feet resting on the coffee table....scatter cushions sat on and no harm done to them, contrary to belief.

A gust of wind raced through the care that the draft may result in a stiff neck.

The empty plate with the remnants of a pizza eaten on the be put into the sink....but not immediately.

Beginning to breath. Beginning to realise how the tiniest , the silliest if things had led to the demise of their 15 year relationship.

If only they had both known how to keep things in perspective.


They papers had been signed. The final goodbyes had been said....the kids would be home soon.

She missed the security provided when they were two.

They were back....the kids rushing in....happy.

Their love instant....she knew they had had a good day.

As he drove away, he missed the security provided when they were two....if only he had known to relate to her better.

He picked up the phone.....confirmed the 10am the next morning....she looked sexy....a new woman on the site. She reminded him of his ex.

After frenzied hugs and kisses, the kids had rushed off to get ready for school the following day. She answered the sms...

"Looking forward to loving you gentle. 10am confirmed".

If only they knew...

Note: some resort to that which may be taboo seeking the comfort of another human being while others resort to that which may be taboo as a matter of doesn't change the people they may be.


the shadow world

The Shadow World....

words mightier than the sword

Is the word mightier than the sword. Does mowing one down in a field of battle physical and fatal carry greater returns and rewards and long-term sustainable results and solutions? or does battle physical and fatal create deeper rifts, divides so vast that time itself finds difficult to mend.
Does a word understanding, a problem debated, a setting of the road forward, an alliance agreed upon and signed and honoured carry any meaning in an era defined by violent bomb blasts, shootings, governments initiating war under the guise of toppling dictators, carry any weight?
Are we so far gone that the value of ones word means nothing, that 'Honour thy neighbour' is a line one does not understand anymore, that 'Thou shall not kill' means what, that being human means living in a state of fear for even our governments care not to promote harmony among their citizens but are on a path destructive to the existence of humanity itself.
Even sadder is the behaviour we are all privy to on a daily basis....the gurgling anger, that impatient treating of another not the same as ourselves, the giving in to propaganda spewed by news channels...our resorting to bullying tactics merely for the sake of making anothers life vile we have become in our actions and thought. How sad we have become in our existence allowing our lives to be perforated by that which we know not to be good.....hesitant in showing mercy or understanding or support of another or situation that makes us feel uncomfortable.

And thus....have you smiled at a stranger today? Have you greeted another even if you may not know them? Have you stopped to help in a situation where you know your assistance can make a small difference....have you taken a breather and reminded yourself how precious you are, as is everybody else...and just said ....."Damn! i do love life itself!
Live. Be. And say ....Thank You.
I believe...the word is mightier than the sword and is our guarantee to a better is time we invest in speech wise, in communication open.


what is in a pose

 "What is in a pose." she asked of him
to get an unbiased answer  was quite slim
for all he could see was the outline of curves
a tingling sensation imparted on his nerves.

"Do you really want me to tell you the truth
don't be shocked at what i have to say maybe uncouth
but dear darling woman the shadows you cast
a hardness in me does raise fast.
I cannot see for the darkness does definition hide
but my imagination in detail does slide
and all i know that with a pose like yours
to crawl to you i would on all fours.
So, whats in a pose you ask of me
why don't u stand up and come feel and see
and in return i shall ask you the following...
your answer in my manhood, in its hardness wallowing?"


time is ticking

The time is ticking
our destiny we inking
forever itching
our existence we killing.

So let us be bidding
of new ways thinking
toward peace gearing
very willing.

And in the process giving 

in friendly thoughts wishing
a welcome in kissing
in happiness cheering.

To you i'll be sticking
together we'll be singing
of each bodies drinking
in peace and happiness tripping.

Let love be winging
hatred in the bud nipping
in its success grinning
revered in its winning.

Let the World be in Peace and Harmony.


morning glory

Morning Glory
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - Brunfelsia

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

a prelude to the strap-on

strapped on....securely...INTOXICATING.

may i cushion your heart

"May i cushion your heart, softly ,in the folds of mine

May i gaze upon it gently, when my heart hungers.

I shall let it beat joyous, happy, strong

Lighting a smile on your face.

I shall shy away coyly, when u begin to notice the adoration in my eyes

I shall kiss your lips, in return, for they melt the core of my soul.

And, when u begin to wonder, in puzzlement, if i am in love with u

I shall allow my heart to feel the coldness of stone and recoil from your questions.

You shall never be any wiser of my gentle heart

That beats  in the wake and hope of my knight in Shining armour."

Reading various postings, many a time, the potential of a love affair between two people , rings loud in my head.

Cynics will say a dabbling in " heartache".

I would say it is all about the choice of the people involved.

Be real about what is on offer and the person who may be offering it. Sidestep that which u know in your heart of hearts is a no-go zone.... applicable in all walks of life.

To love...why not!


is it taboo

a pain a jab in the eye did leave
to not be able to look, i did grieve
but then i reaffirmed a new elation
the mind to settle in an old application.

an advocate i am of applying all senses
dropping ones guard and all pretenses
and seeing with the inner eye
the intensity of passions deep does not belie.

all of a sudden the hands do see
a touch the skin awakens with glee
a shudder intense within ones core
to erotica deep to open the door.

should one shy away from what one knows to be there
to starve oneself and pretend, would that be fair
is it taboo to satisfy a need
thus run in the opposite direction with great speed?

to know to find that happy ground
a place to let go safe and sound
where societies norms and rules and regulations
are not sidelined because one dabbles in erotic relations.


middle-age .....abyss

An analysis of where he was at. The deeper he delved the more he realised how fulfilling his life had been. And although he sat at the precipice of uncertainty wandering what if....he knew that the 'what if' at the end of the day, would have had him asking the same questions.

He sighed. Why the dissatisfaction? Why the feeling as if he had missed out on something?

He concluded, it was sheer tiredness of a very full life.
Running to meet the responsibilities and obligations of being an adult. A successful adult at that. Realising the pace that had been set, was his own doing. There had been no intention of keeping up with the Jones's....he simply knew how to be successful.
He knew how to appeal to a woman attractive. She knew how to spend money....but, he had not complained. Thus the frustration of maxed credit cards was through no fault of hers.
He had wanted a family, thus children,  just as much as she had....they were a Blessing. They gave him purpose. His hard work, he realised, a legacy for his children...and even though the niggling worry they should not have it so easy....he knew they would grow his little wealth and make it their success.

A middle aged man...what more was there to do? He had done it all....all as he thought should be done. He had known love. Deep lust. Burning yearnings satiated. Games of naughty fantasies they had played...where did that all disappear to......did she feel the same as him? Did she crave to have him back as much as he craved to have her back


was it an impossibility.....too much water having passed under the bridge...?

He sighed....picked up the car keys....a silent walk to the garage...head hung low....all he wanted was someone to love him like he knew it could be.....even if he had to pay for it....for it seemed nothing was forthcoming at home.

His heart was numb.


yes you.

re-introduction of 'the strap -on' and 'the stripper'

Some time back i penned two scenarios, set in a sensual environment. Each had its own protagonists. Both scenarios an ongoing project, unfinished....looking for a new platform to be reborn.

The one was a scene played in an environment kinky and erotic....more for the open-minded individual

The other a person frustrated seeking solace for a moment, only to be caught in a web most unexpected, sensually drawing and addictive.

Each play out in a way erotic. The purpose being to stimulate the readers mind into a breathless deep fantasy of passion and what could be.

But it will take a mind receptive, a state accepting and non-judgemental to read and allow the words to settle in the recesses of the conscious and subconscious.

And thus i shall be bringing back to life

1. The strap-on.

2. The stripper.

looking forward to sharing and trust you will enjoy the read as much as i enjoy the writing.


dear female

...oh do talk to me and tell me the secret of your perfect foliage . Tell me the secret of your colour green. Would you disclose your natural state of beauty and how it is that you grow so wild ?
Can i too, be like you? Allow my roots to settle deep in soil rich brown in colour. Can i too, feed off  Earth?
"aaaah..." the plant whispered...
" Dear female. It is your watering of my ground and the nutrients u feed my soil and your exposure of me to the beautiful sun, that allows me to grow. And as my roots expand and i then crave for bigger grounds, your replanting of me will allow me to grow foliage larger, greener.
But. Like you who knows love and care and thus grows and spreads her wings wild in imaginations... and should it be taken away from you....?
i too, would die, like you, in a state of deprivation." 

To feed. To nurture....a Soul a Mind.
To surround oneself with those who make one feel as big as the Self one is.


let us dabble further

i shall pretend to not know you there
i shall pretend there is nobody occupying the chair
but a difficult task for the mind very aware
the scrutiny of my curve, that of your stare.

i shall arch so that you can see the dip in my back
i shall expose all for any inhibition i do lack
my skin luminous on a surface black
allowing your gaze on every part of me to snack.

the breath now short
in my throat caught
for i feel you near
my desire quite clear.

put your hands on my hips and caress me slow
treasure my surrender in the arch it will show
make sure the moment in translation not lost
for if more than sensuality then all will be lost.

let us dabble further in suggestions erotic
in each others needs to drown hypnotic
and in no hurry to end this suggestion play
to reach that apex we will both delay.


Comfy and sexy

Me and my "bridget jones" pair....