Monday, 31 December 2018

it is YOUR year

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 is this going to be your year?
why wouldn't it be...?

is it your year?
into the future to see....

no fear to step forward to run with the wind,
to laugh with gusto any challenge befriend.
trepidation at times can be wise, not a hindrance to growth,
on New Years eve more courageous the oath.
new paths in the future, diligently greater prosperity be sought,
at times to stay still, listen... good advice in that stillness, be caught.
company kept, those stars in the sky
that know to make one further up the ladder of success, to fly.
hearts more open, patience... empathy for those left behind,
for, sometimes, life knows not to be kind.
difference question, judgement reserve,
for, wise be those that know each others right to freedoms preserve.
though small one may be, a mere dot in all that is,
every action, every word spoken, a ripple effect on the universe a kiss.
thus, make sure that kiss be endearing and caring
in that soft peck a sincere sharing.
never forget u are one of a kind
at this time of year to look back and rewind,
with gentleness smile at all u have been
and know.....u are a star...brighter u will shine....the best has yet to come
be seen.

Blessed 2019.


life / success- internet

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

I loved them all


Now imagine, how empty ones life would be if all those special people that knew to walk through your life, u knew not to give love to. 
To sit back and audit ones life, the year that has past and sigh with know it was a good year...nostalgic the heart on many a memory...shy at stupid mistakes made...but...every time happy be the thought of having had the pleasure to indulge in little 'pockets' of love one allowed oneself to give to those that knew to put a smile on ones face, that knew to give a hug sincere and, share of self without reserve.
Sincerity. Comes without expectation or, too deep an analysis of situations and people...for to be too analytical may make a cynic of u, why indulge in such a  tiresome and boring idea...and being expectant that others, in return should be just as generous in their giving of self, a foolish concept...not everybody may be cut of the same cloth as self...having the unwavering belief and freedom and faith that a positive ripple effect will be left forever...eternal.
Love...a concept so misunderstood and to those who say there is no such thing...well...a sad state of affairs for i am sure somewhere, someone, along the line did care to handle your heart with kid gloves...maybe it may not have been what u wanted at the time...what do they say, the right place at the right time...but there was love, of whatever sort.
Stupid to some, strange to many...but my date...I've loved them all....who?...those that shared sincerely of self.


Wednesday, 19 December 2018

i do like u

i mused and mused over much...
was the hold on me as i leaned forward...
i continued to turn the pages...
of time captured...
people i would never know...
the way it was then...
to hug and, arm in arm walk...
would not be of harassment...
distrust and ill-intent...
on having a good time...
the desire to be just like that.

carefree, loving the freedom of tactile human beings for, there be nothing more powerful than a sincere hug , a smile broad, a kiss gentle....a squeeze that says

...i do like u!



 posterity of time
posterity of what was . 
A lineage...generation upon generation.
is that what life eternal means?
and thus

i shall honour u
i shall remember u
in all i do
in how i speak
my conduct would make u proud
it would make u smile.
u would laugh with merriment at my silliness
and, most probably shake your head at some choices i have made.
but...overall, i have never forgotten
to stand tall
stand proud
be me....
represent those before me
and those that will come after me,
with the care to put my best foot forward
no matter the circumstance
no matter the company
no matter the time or place.

Dear Family past
Dear Family future
with the Grace of the Universe and Almighty,
eternal... let us live.


Tuesday, 18 December 2018

a treasure chest

a treasure chest.
full of the best.
the hunt begins... a travel way way back
into the late 1800's to follow that track...
to the present day generation.
pictures taken, stories written, to further feed my imagination.
i know much i shall find and lose myself in all that shall be
and through all that was kept in the treasure chest see... 
the glory of bygone days, an era... a time forgotten... lost.
modernisation... at the mercy of technological growth the cost
of much i wish was still around,
of much i wish would abound.
a class an elegance a respectability
 in the stories the photos captured, a civility.
deep, in the treasure chest i shall lose me
to travel through records and items, an old world see,
time will stand still, and, allow for an unhurried discovery
of the richness of what was, a desirous recovery. 


Tuesday, 11 December 2018

a morn different...a dawn erotic

 why is it that some mornings make
the mind unravelled, the body to shake...?...
with anticipated naughtiness
the desire to indulge in promises of bedroom blissfulness.
what be different in the morn?
what be different in the rise of dawn?
could it be your anticipated knock on the door
making my heart erratic  a pleasurable tightness in my core?
that look u have, your eyes do dance
invite me in , a special trance
to hug u tight 
my head real light...!...
to kiss u soft
all thoughts aloft.
aaah...what an anticipated morn....
what a glorious dawn....
the share of a lover to give and take
each others world in many ways... remake.


come...wake with me

wake with me and let us slowly sleep leave
no rush to shake the previous eve
from memory... the mind through delightful pleasures still does sieve.

why were u only in my dream
even though very real, it did seem
this morning your absence ...what a waste
and thus my awakening...very chaste. 

never too late to come and share
never too late with touch to dare
never too late with a kiss, the care
the body does tingle, the passion does flare.

today has just begun
no reason to restrict the fun
of u and i in each others arms
let's drown and share in each others flirtatious charms.


Monday, 10 December 2018

a feathered rogue

(With thanks to RK perfectly u have captured visitations from my feathered friends and the hold it all has on me.)

 A time and place
To share her space.
To laugh and grin and let lightness in.
Where a beauty derived from nature thrives
And bonds herself to all that lies,
Whether deep in the shadow or warmed in the sun,
And which grows and prospers under her caring hand.

The shadow flits across the lawn
A chirp a tweet the bird arrives
Looking up and down and all around
It pecks the apple once or twice
A raucous cry - it flashes off
The victim of a feathered rogue that lands in triumph
Unfurls its crest and struts its stuff.

A step, a glance, a flash of blonde,
She holds it all enthralled, entranced
And watches as the players dance
The wind, the trees, the leafy branch,
Alive with multitudes of birds
That dart their ways with not care
Other than to make her day.


Thursday, 6 December 2018

a glimpse...exhilarating.

a rustle up high did make me look
a Hornbill on a branch, a seat took...
an unexpected pleasure, a sight unexpected 
thank goodness the movement from below detected.
what pleasure such a surprise knows to awaken
eyes keen..lips turned into a smile...a gasp escaped...all of me shaken
for, once or twice i think i glimpsed the Hornbill
and now, here it was...above me...i dare not move...must sit real still.
it was a flitting visit...on my tree
but, it left me exhilarated and full of glee
especially since my tree had be chosen
and thus, the rest of my day with its visit, enliven.


Saturday, 1 December 2018

he is his mothers' son

...sitting in the company of women, brilliant in their sincerity and ability to share emotions raw, where one can only but, walk away and feel enriched in the wisdom shared.

This poem was inspired by the love and concern of mothers for their sons who go out into a world where kid gloves will not be holds strong...that they will be more than simply fine and grow to be men of class and quality any mum would be proud of.


...he is his mothers' son...

allow him to be a boy.
allow him, sometime, with danger to toy.
allow him his feet to find,
allow him to the realities of life not to be blind.
don't try to feather his path with delicacies
stumping is growth and resourceful abilities,
to walk without fear, head held up high
to face any harshness dealt, not giving up, best to try...
to grow into self, never forgetting values instilled
reaching for the best in every action success, willed.
stumbling in the cockiness of sheer stubbornness
coming out the other end bruised yet, successful and with a humbleness.
an understanding will then know to dawn
a new found self shall be born,
where, lessons harsh learnt through experience indulged
a valuable schooling going forward in life divulged.
a boy will be a boy not knowing to tread light...
on a mothers heart a tortuous plight
but, never, in all his bullish pushing forward
will he forget to say...mum i love u...and continue onward.
so with a sigh, i say, dear mother be brave,
do not yourself in unnecessary fears enslave,
trust in your abilities and all the time u have invested
he is his mothers' his actions attested.


i looked out...

i looked out and thought i spotted something in the distance
your nearness, a pliable absence
a sigh so audibly loud in the quietness
leaving an uncomfortable grip in the chest, a tightness.
yet, the physical torture of your absence knows not to supersede
the anticipation of what today holds... knows to exceed
any stillness that a night of solitude did know to leave
rather, a tingle of a new adventure give.

out, out there....i can feel it, i can see it, smell the scent of sweet liberties
of mind and body , delicious probabilities...
a surrender of the most sincerest sort
entwined in limb and thought.
no absence , a presence not required
for, in my imagination, the essence of image never retired,
a lover , the muse of  perfect fantasies 
the main character of all sensually seductive possibilities.

from the hazy holds of sleepiness to travel free,
focused, my eyes begin to clearly see,
the space in my head, my space no matter where...
to surrender to unlimited fantastical realities does dare.
there be no boundaries to what can be,
there be no boundaries  to u and me,
we live in all i know to be real
eyes open or or not...u, i feel.


why limit the beauty of subconsciousness or consciousness
knowing not in existent thought to be monogamous,
to lend myself to views of society, a willing paralysis...?...
to surrender myself ...fuck no...such societal indignities...!!...
where hypocrisies of so called perfect relationships destroy
wearing away the very fibre of self, the ploy...
why should i myself with such lies annoy
why pretend to be of action coy?
forward i lean with zeal and zest
the idea of how i shall u devour does behest
a sincerity, a honesty of what i feel
no matter the chagrin that society my way will deal.
the heart beats strong the body light
a peaceful serenity knows to delight 
the core of my reality in sleep or wake
in truth of partake.



Thursday, 29 November 2018

to eat a ...fig...or...banana

So...on a regular basis...i like to get lost between the covers of a book. The passion, at times, being to read something light of note yet, full of entertaining facts .
This morning, like many mornings, i felt for non fiction that required nothing more than to simply read and absorb...the brain not wishing to exert itself in having to concentrate too hard.

And thus to reach out to...a book that is not meant to be read at once...but rather a dabble on an infrequent basis.


"Rapid Fire - Remarkable Miscellany" by John Maytham

 "Can a vegan eat a fig"

Hmm, lots of nuances in the answer! It depends - on the fig and the vegan. Some figs, like the Smyrna, are pollinated in such a way that the female wasp dies inside the fig..............................(and it continues).............................Bananas, on the other hand, are a different story................(and it continues)....did someone mention slippery slopes?.....

 ....and there i leave it up to u. Go find the book and enjoy!

To eat figs and bananas...a heavenly treat for some...for others...a definite no-no!

Which one are u...a nice firm banana...?.....should one indulge...?....or a ripe deliciously dripping ripe be indulged in...?...RB.

Monday, 26 November 2018

it may not be your level of comfort...but try

i know it may not be your level of comfort...
feeling exposed...maybe a little silly
why not be fanciful and dip into the pleasure 
of allowing that ability to daydream to come alive.
imagine the laughs u will come across,
tripping over naughtiness that will know to make u blush.
imagine delving into a world where love and lust and wantonness and seduction and honesty and caring and empathy are all rolled into one.
why would it be lascivious to desire to gaze upon each others nakedness?
why would it be shameful to lay exposed to each others touch?
why would one cringe at suggestive sexual advances
if we care to take each other in each others confidence
revealing the very innermost we may be uncertain of
and fearful of being judged for such?

i say...dear one...come lay next me
one step higher than i
and let us run amok in imaginings,
sharing thoughts provocative for our nakedness will know
to make us giggle, ever so delightfully
slightly coy and shy...till we realise
it ain't bad at all to
simply lie
and daydream
in the freedom of our nakedness.


martyr of passionate imaginings

he knows to come alive, wherever i may be,
created with words on my tablet, for me to see,
not only an image imprinted on my mind,
but, another essence of him, in written words to find.

he lives larger than large in that part of my head
that knows not to go to bed,
for, even, when the head on the pillow does lay...
with my subconsciousness he knows to play.

this lover, this man, this being ever present
to me in my thoughts sent,
your purpose... be to torture me...?... with desires deep
forever me, your prisoner keep?
for will there be a day
out of my head and words, u shall realise, and come to stay?
or, are u simply something there
always present yet...nowhere.

a desire deep, a want a need
a Fata Morgana... just a seed?
to wish u real 
from dreams to steal
or...rather in my head to stay
and thus...ever there...night and day...

i prefer that sweet torture of imaginings
that unrealistic yearning brings,
the pangs of heart the throb of loin
deep sighs and moans  those longings join.
in this case a martyr to unrequited passions i want to be
martyrdom my imagination knows to free!
to bring out the best a wonderful quest
through words and thoughts a magical state of sultry sensuality, impressed.


what could i have been thinking..?

 What could i have been thinking...?...nothing out of the extra-ordinary...nothing unfamiliar...except to lay in the coolness of a drizzle that had just past.

A wondrous letting go...the mind a lull in the hush of a garden wet, before the birds would find their twitter and begin to splash in the water bath not too far from my view.

And then would begin the fantastical thoughts, some would say silly... imagination magical...wishing to grow a pair of wings and be able to stretch them HUGE AND WIDE for they would be majestic in their beauty and spread.
I would arch my bosom skyward and turn my face to the peaking sun and flap and flap heavenward...i would be a sight to behold for every part of me would surrender itself , in its naked innocence, to be one with celestial beings one reads of in myths and legends.

I would not wish to be important in my existence but, rather, be the giver of pleasures deliciously gentle, passionately awakening, gloriously rewarding.

I would fill my gaze with the beautiful Earth below me and zip and dip and soar and glide the heavens wide.

And, when the time would come to settle back on Terra Firma, it would not be too far away from where u may be...for u are that shining gorgeousness that knows to capture my thoughts... even more magical .... and make me want to melt into your closeness on Mother Earth...folding my wings to rest...for now.


I embrace totality

There was that moment, when a pause was required...a pause to absorb, take in...acknowledge...the coming of the morn. Opening the shutters and allowing the stream of warm light to find its way into the bathroom. It was not only the dawn of the new day, nor simply the kiss of warmth but, too, the scent of Mother Nature kissed by the dew of the evening past.
The headiness of green, blooms variant filling the nostrils...a peace, a serenity anomaly for, it began to stir deep passions and yearnings...a building of an eager throb deep in the loins...between the thighs .
It knew to perk the breasts and make one sigh. It knew to soften the gaze and part the mouth...exhaling a sigh of pure exhilaration for , what more could one ask than to wake to an adventure new, the day would hold.
That knowing, that passions would make the heart erratic, make the smile coy yet, inviting and flirtatious, the body yielding to touch firm and embracing.....
It only takes the will and desire to want to stop...breath...and wonderful it be so alive and eager to take on whatever the day may bring....for it knows not to be cruel and stingy in its share of all it will hold...blessed, careful and caring to embrace all that will be mine on this fine Monday. 

Good morning day!


Friday, 23 November 2018

 what a thought

come sit for me...
come sit for me on the edge of the bath
and watch...

it ain't a simple shower clean
every move every lathering caress shall mean
a flirtatious invite
a sultry erotic rite
the hands to cup fruitful mounds...
in promises sensual abounds
the curve the petal like femininity
luscious erotic promises aplenty...

come sit for me
no rush there be for me to finish
a long time...
i want u to watch...



Monday, 19 November 2018

an early morning call

 ....when nature calls and there is no escaping it....
caught in the moment...half asleep...😜😜😜

internet commands

 an indulgence in words, written by many over periods and periods of time, a share revealing , a share stirring the cockles of ones...