Saturday, 18 August 2018

a crumpled sheets secret

who cares as father time tick tocks away and the sun had risen and now is on its journey west,
setting , far on the horizon.
my thoughts know not to be different from this morn
when, once more, lost be i in the dalliances of a bedroom love affair.
no care for the wrinkles in the sheet or the linen messed, witness of happenings
to inhale the lingering scent of musky headiness, a drug so addictive.
the silence so deafening for the erotic whispers, a lovers sigh now only to be heard in my imaginings.
the heart beats hard, the flesh still burns, the eyes do seek...
no need to make the bed
to sink into the messiness and lose myself once the secret those crumpled sheets do keep.


an unobservant glance the culprit?

 does it look different from this angle?...i mean...the view outside?
would i see something new, something missed
something whisked
off in a hurry with an unobservant glance
and then, per chance
because the angle be different
all of a sudden vociferant
that, which was all the time present
simply there...resplendent.

really?...i ask u...

be it trickery this flirtatious mind of mine?
would it not be cruel to coax u out of shallow slumbers...?...
with my naughtiness...?...
yet...forbidding u the picking of the fruits?
more cruel it would be to restrict myself
to nothing more than a flirt!
lascivious may my thoughts be
but, pure of intent...for pleasure of the most delicious sort
is all that is desired.
salacious some may say...this unrestricted interest in u...
knowing not to rest, ever brewing in the imagination.

why should i challenge this state of thought
that knows to accept the most sensuous part of my spirit...?
a gift bestowed by the generous Universal Powers.
aaah...come can u argue that part of u into bullied silence?
is it your fear of societal opinion
that quietens the most joyous part of self,
that part that knows to engage in sensuous union
with a lover most dear?
a cruel a state of being, the pretend that seductive sensuality
might be a sin, to be judged...
is it not a prudish, shallow, fearful mind that needs to be shown the way of
sincere indulgences sexy and seductive? 
for...whatever may dwell in that cove of tortuous deviant imaginings
does need release...
of fears and restrictions most unnecessary.

and thus...on all fours i shall crawl toward u
to kiss the very tippy part of your toe
before, i begin the travel of  your sexy form.
i shall indulge
i shall enjoy
u will know
of the most sincere sort.


Good morning Saturday

A Saturday it is....romantically cloudy...
The bed, a playground, not willingly deserted
and thus, to feast one's eyes through glass doors
at a morn flirting with my senses
beckoning my spirit, to dance with it...
under the heavy clouds.

I think I garb required for the privacy of my little Eden
be only espyed by birdies and other little creatures
Mother Nature has known to give me the pleasure of interacting with.

Good morning Saturday!


Friday, 17 August 2018

Languid and liberated

  • A demeanor languid, liberated.
    In nakedness illuminated.
    To catch your attention orchestrated
    With a blanket, modesty exaggerated.
    A glass of dry sherry appreciated,
    Thoughts for the evening consummated
  • Only by a lover to be sated.
    Further, soft lips hydrated
    With imagined kisses sedated.
    Imagination becoming insulated
    The removal of the blanket simulated...
    Flesh, by the touch of one's hand titillated...
    A soft moan lubricated...

  • A look may say...#2

    ...a look that simply says...

    'I still...want u'

    A look may say...#1

    1. ...a look that simply says...
    ' I want...u'

    Thursday, 16 August 2018

    not shy...rather conservative.

    (internet - French postcards from 1920)

    To set the listen and read....

    "...why so shy?" She asked, looking at him quizzically.
    "Not at all.." a slight pause, "...more conservative, i would say."
    "In that case, let us work on it..." she said, dropping her gaze. 
    It was as if in the hiding of her eyes the room filled with a sensuality...electrical...raw...her moves became very deliberate...slow...her hands reaching out toward him...fingers extended, hungrily, looking to eat his flesh...and when they did make contact...ever so slight...ever so light...he winced, as if in extreme pain...his scrotum contracted and his shaft hardened harder than it was already...a mast calling for her attention.
    He felt as if his whole frame was a solid plank of contorted muscles...his mind whizzing with the uncertainty as to what was expected of him.
    "Breath my sweet..." she whispered, " breath...let go...allow my energy to flow through my touch and ignite your sensual core...i can feel it...hiding..."...her voice trailed off.
    It sounded so absurd yet, he understood what she wanted and allowed his mind to drop...drop into an erotic comfort where he was the main subject of an experiment he had willingly given in to.
    He wanted her to coax him out of his shell...his wholeness yearned...begged to be be liberated from the high walls society had placed around him.
    He wanted her to show him true lay splayed...yes splayed for her to do as she eat him any way she pleased,  gorge herself with every part of his manliness....allow her imagination to take him beyond the realm of the expected...accepted... 
    At one point he became so aware of was all her doing, creating the confident comfort to be led by her suggestions...
    "Look at yourself...look how beautiful u are..." seeing the passionate appreciation of his surrender in her eyes.

    ...and yes, he felt beautifully alive...

    On his way home his thoughts were lost...engaged in nothingness...a sexy serenity had settled in his mind. The world had not changed but, it felt as if a new dimension had come into being and he was at the start of a new found contentment that would know to bring colour, back into his life.
    His tie was hanging loose, his jacket lay on the seat next to him...his car purred , a satisfied grunt of power as he put his foot on the tune with a man content, a man devoured...a man freed of the shackles of a mind conservative yet, still within the realm of the natural pleasures of erotic kinkiness. 


    A vision to keep

    I watched u in my sleep
    A vision most appealing, a vision most desirous to keep...

    Good morning.

    Wednesday, 15 August 2018

    That "50 shades of grey" book...

    It wasn't because of all the hoopla around the book, that had him going out to buy it, it was more the storyline that had perked his interest.
    He had always wondered what it would be like...the idea of slight torture in the throes of passion...that borderline pain enhancing the depths of lustful yearnings...that control, being forbidden delicious heavenly release...rather that tortuous tease, a near abuse and disrespect of ones wishes....a indulgence desired to be tested yet, feared and stayed clear of.
    And now, it seemed this book would bring it out in the public forum, giving this unspoken kinky indulgence a voice and platform to be discussed and possibilities of actually finding the courage to indulge in such.
    Needless to turned out to be nothing as he thought it would...he felt cheated. But it did egg him on to explore what could be.
    It wasn't that he was into that heavy stuff where safe words were required and the name of the game was more pain than pleasurable passion. He wanted to be under the control of a dominant woman who would know to take him to the edge yet, the sensual soft caresses, kisses, touch..the urgency of a woman wanting to f##k her lover...would still be predominant in her torture of him.
    He needed that feminine touch too....the tease.

    He knew where to find it.
    She had that air...control...contrasted by the soft feminine curves...eyes dusky and deep...a mouth plump, alive with soft moans...she whispered sweet sexual possibilities commanding him to beg her to show him what she meant....
    Every moan every groan ...every sigh....just as he thought she would allow him to give in ...allowing him the sweet surrender to explosive convulsions of throbbing horniness...she administered just enough pain to distract him from his need for release and ...then....once again...would caresses him gentle...having him yelp like a 'pup' of a man.
    He had found his shades of erotic pleasure...he had found his playground of kinky forbidden luscious fruits....he would ask her...beg her for more...and she...?....she would torture him with painful seductive playfulness.


    Monday, 13 August 2018


     how waters sweet...did know to wet the flesh
    to drown the fatigue and replenish the suppleness of skin thirsty.
    the tingle, the relax, a bathing unhurried...wallowing in the caress of waters...HOT.
    the indulgence of a wash , a feeling fresh
    splashing and a real girly
    and then to lay back and caress...that SPOT.

     now now...!...that SPOT...naughty aint that which be your pleasure to find 
    rather the temples to rub...slowly unwind
    and as to the play and search of that other 'spot'
    the joining me in my tub...let those imaginings your mind...besot.


    how far would it reach

     if eyes could see beyond the horizon
    my depth and width of perception 'wisen'
    how hungry and devouring of all things to see
    would the travel of my gaze be.
    but, most important of all, such an ability would allow
    the distance, between u and me, to plough
    and once my gaze, upon u would settle
    that fervent hunger away, it would nettle.
    i would coax your eyes to look toward me
    in the presence of my spirit your ability to see
    for your minds eye would know to find,
    my spirit residing in your core and thus, to bind...
    that which knows to throb and gnaw
    that which knows your numbness to thaw
    that which calls and beckons you to come
    that which makes u and
    so, dear lover, wherever u may be
    close your eyes, let your spirit free
    near i close i stand
    kiss my lips... do take my hand.


    Sunday, 12 August 2018

    Cup of coffee

    What if my lips on waking did taste that of yours ?
    Alas...this morn...
    A cup of coffee it be first....
    Now to hunt u quench my 'thirst'!



    ...dawn to give way to a crisp Sunday morn...

    Wednesday, 8 August 2018

    a dance in ones feet

     how can one not wake, with a step light
    a tingling ever present to go forth, a mind bright
    to catch the first rays of a dawn, a rising day
    to want to go forth...conquer...!...face all without delay!
    how can one not feel a dance in ones feet
    the mind fresh, a new start, to jive into the morn, upbeat 
    a lust vicious...!!!... for all that feeds the spirit nurturing
    no desire of anything challenging harbouring.

    how can one not invite another into such a space  wondrous
    where shares of mind and body can only be boundless
    the feelings imbued stupendous
    through touch passionate a sense of sincere intimate kindness.

    and thus, with open arms, feet merry, a smile real broad
    the deliciousness of the day promising to bring on board
    together to travel together to chant
    '...wash over me most beauteous of days ...grant me this want!"

    good morning!!!


    Tuesday, 7 August 2018

    stockings think i have a ladder in my stocking!..
    ...would love u to come check...

    the response # come kiss me sweet...

    My post was... 
    "...would u know to find me?
    if still i lay and, held my breath..

    good morning..."
    and this is the response i have received from one of u...dearest contributors...i love it!!!
    thank u!!

    I would always know to find you
    Under the sky, beneath the sea
    Atop a mountain, below a tree or
    Simply safe within your sanctuary

    You may lie still,
    As still as you please.
    You may hold your breath,
    As long as you please.

    It will not avail you
    I shall always trail you
    I will smell you out
    I will find you out

    Deep will I kiss you till you gasp for breath
    Lovingly will I caress you till you cannot lie still
    Then our bodies hard we will meld together 
    Our souls have in love been so joined for ever.

    come...kiss me sweet...

     would u know to find me?
    if still i lay and, held my breath...

    good morning.

    RB u know what it may be?

    Michael Lobel, Joseph Keppler - "Bosses of the Senate 1889"

    the crux of the matter
    the essence
    the core...the nucleus."

    When did the nucleus come into being...take shape and rule all that one may know?
    Presuming the nucleus was based on optimum results instilling a sense of well-being , a balanced state of existence.
    Was it due to trial and error?
    An innate understanding of good and bad?
    Was it, ONE existence, that then lay down the rules giving shape and form to a code of conduct...a nucleus for future growth...adherence at all times required for it to exist giving it credibility and value?
    Does this innate ability... instinct... know to recognise and acknowledge that nucleus, no need of another to point it out?
    If that is the case...why all these shades of grey...desire to move a way from the nucleus...that fundamental understanding of balance?
    Could it be, just like perfection, a state of balance, is a concept 'perfect'...for nothing knows to be perfect (or does it?) thus a dream still to be realised?
    A deep yearning leading to all those shades of grey...that desire to understand and grasp and live by the fundamental principles of ...who knows what...?

    The same as democracy...the fundamental of democracy...what an awesome reality...absolute perfect bullshit to pull the wool over the eyes of masses and make them march in tandem to a new world order where nothing fundamental exists but rather....confusion ruled by fear of being at the end of the short stick.


    Monday, 6 August 2018

    a hindrance undesired

     behind curtained windows to hide
    time patiently abide
    thoughts deep, lost... in what could be
    if somehow it were u and me
    ...sitting across from each other
    nothing else does exist, no bother...
    no...not to acknowledge father time
    nothing be more divine
    than to stare at u and eat u with my gaze
    ideas desirous ablaze
    to burn and singe my mind
    to sanity blind
    for who cares about father time
    when nothing else in my head knows to chime...
    damn that DING...!...DONG...!...
    that agony that  knows to prolong!
    it be your absence
    a hindrance
    to sleep
     peaceful and deep...


    aaaahhhh....time patiently to abide
    my tiredness...though...i cannot hide
    down the rabbit hole i shall jump
    hopefully, into my mad hatter bump!

    and thus...hop skippity skip to sleep
    the idea of a lover close to keep
    to slumber land i shall retire me there...that be my desire.



    a bit of 'sleaze'...does know to please

    "... i know exactly what u like.." said she
    looking at him naughtily.
    "...naughtiness an unhurried tease
    would know your eyes to please?
    so, sit back and let me show u a thing or two
    maybe something different
    for on an erotic roller coaster many a time my mind does know to go
    and then the whom all these naughty sensualities to show?
    would u dare to surrender and simply be
    in my company to indulge and thus to see...?...
    the travel of my hands your gaze shall lead
    the 'growth' of your lust i shall watch...that yearning need.
    that 'tip' of yours shall begin to glisten
    very alert be all your senses, intent to listen
    for, i know, all it would take
    to have u jump from your seat, a move in my direction make 
    is a come hither glance, half moons these eyes of mine, a seduction raw
    on all fours between my legs u would claw..."

    "oh! i like the tease
    without the sleaze!..." said she
    "but, sometimes the sleaze
    does know to please
    and thus tonight
    u to delight
    a bit of sleaze...
    a naughty tease
    will know to please explosive release..."


    a crumpled sheets secret

    who cares as father time tick tocks away and the sun had risen and now is on its journey west, setting , far on the horizon. my t...