Thursday, 14 June 2018

enchanted be the night

imagine a chant, a serenity in the repetitiveness
transcending boundaries of the here and now.
 travel of mind into space...enormous...where the self 
willingly embraces its innermost,
courting and coaxing and acknowledging the intimacy that lives within.
imagine floating with liberties of expression...erotic...sensual.
the kiss of ones own gaze.
a caress that knows to make love to ones own nakedness.
imagine knowing to appreciate the sight of self.
imagine knowing to invite another in... to see the same cast that chant upon them, like a spell...the allure of mysteries
that lie within ones self.
and as the dark sets deeper for the sun travels further and further away
and the moon cares not to peep from behind the clouds...
so the chant of musical notes wafting through the room
begin to make the eyelids heavy and the call be for sleep....
if we could lay together and enchanted be with each other.



a tip of the hat

 ...a hat tipped in greeting....

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

woman...master unnatural...?

what is it that dictates that a woman cannot take the lead...cannot pave the way?
what is it that holds strength in the thought that men are the more dominant, unnatural and intimidating be a woman who knows to take the reigns?
why can a woman not lay claim to being an ardent lover, a dominant  lover, devouring in her passion and intent to leave her other, spent yet, wanton and crazy for more?

in a glance a flirt obvious and invitation to surrender, in her soft kiss the ask for a yielding lover , a lover begging of discoveries different.

what would be wrong for a man to lay back and ask his woman to take him, travel every part of him...coax him into a state of frenzied hardness...tease him with her suggestive whispers...make him repeat her name over and over as she lifts him with every caress with every grasp, hands asking...strong she stands above him...demanding he look at her and sense that she be the master of the and again...RB.

a direct RB share - #3...seductive be the ambience

why not dance the night away
indoors stay.
what if a show for u prepared
the moves, the beat to be shared.
so and take heed
follow my lead
for once we get started
the energies of dance imparted
u shall watch and i shall dance
seductive be the ambience.


Monday, 11 June 2018

how do u see me?

what if i could see myself the way u see me?
would it be the same way i know to be?
if i could ask u to tell my tale
in which direction would it sail...? 



 ...a ray of light
oh! so bright...

drop your shackles

at that moment far away the thought
by the camera caught,
asked to imagine what it would be like....?....


if together we would be
my mind to travel and see....?

know there be a true adventure
where only the very sensuous would know to venture
so....would u care to travel
and together many an old path unravel
for sure to find we will
to not stop until..
 next time that far away look captured in my eyes
makes u drop your daily shackles and your being with possibilities, flies.


Sunday, 10 June 2018

now that i have your attention. music knows to give a piece written a different mood and feel...enjoy.
( at 32.30mins begins the read)

Now....that i have your attention...and...a book has been chosen,
come...sit with me
oh please!... let me read to u!
Would u not care to be as naked as me...? feel free...? physicality...? simply be?
come...allow me to enchant your ears with a story read.
each word i shall read with the sole purpose to hold u enslaved with every turn of the page...
and should i perchance lift my head to gaze upon u...maybe....your eyes....
shall be feasting on my comfortable repose...suggestive that u should sit closer...?...
maybe take the book from me...?...
your turn to read...?...allow me to be enchanted in return?...for the words written seem to spell an enslavement of reader and understanding to feed off of each other, 
taking turns to tell the tale of minds

i know i shall envelope u in the story read.
i know...u shall to read to me...take me in.
i know we shall write our own tale...a tale of lovers 



 beyond the here and now.


which to pick

 as the night begins to settle, in all the corners of my space
which book should i choose, the read words my thoughts to lace?
in anticipation of a quiet eve
the wish be new stories for the upcoming week to weave...
and thus any book would do
for there be a huge pile unread, a purchase new.
and in the solitude of self , yet, partnered with the mind of many a writer
to pick up the first book, penned be a passionate share...the inviter,
a love story , a discovery of an erotic spirit
an unexpected journey travelled new wisdom to inherit.
and as my read 'climb' between the covers of the book
to swim between the words written deeper to look
for what most definitely will be found
is another persons imagination, to it, my mind body and subconscious surrendered and bound.


Africa meets psytrance psychedelic music

 I cannot stop watching...i am in awe...complete awe...surreal. How music knows to give a narrative new and different to the original intent. A post on youtube that made me search  the Zaouli African Dance and understand its intent. When Africa meets 'psychedelic trance'. Phenomenal control. F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.

And should the piece above be too short, a longer version can be enjoyed the trance way

and then to understand the original narrative of a custom and tradition

My Saturday evening spent on further searches of varied music, fascinating clips....and....finding those perfect beats that at times will make the heart race be it erratic, faster than fast, hard....sllloooooowwwww...and then rhythm to a lovers passion.

Wishing fall into sleep deep and wake with the peaceful serene morning rays of Sunday.

Good night.


Friday, 8 June 2018

a direct RB share - #2 ...touch...

how the hands know to elevate the mind
...a seductive sensuous touch...
 in their wanton need to tease...awaken...desires
...wishes to brew between thighs welcoming...a lover amiss...
a lover...imagined.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

why no poppers was required...

...a psychedelic discovery of self...without indulging in synthetic drug enhancers...

(Begin your read at 2.25minutes into the music

" need no drug of any sort," she said. "What u need is a willing mind."

He had heard about poppers and other mood enhancers when indulging in matters sensual / sexual / erotic. 
He had wondered if that would make the empty feeling go away and awaken deeper different levels of engagement, stimulating wavelengths that were running flat, the frequency so low, going undetected.
Pictures of women, across the lingerie, dressed, naked, pornographic... left him feeling dead flat ...empty. 
He did appreciate the beauty found in each image but, there was no real connect.
He wanted to feel alive again. 

An alive where a subtle sexy would know to give rise to a throb in his spirit. So many times taking himself in hand, the relief needed , that desire to let go and get lost in deep passions, where his body would know to sweat...good...his mind dance to a lovers sway of the hips... mouth pouting...tongue licking the corners of ruby red lips.

Here he was...commanded....ordered...very different for him...the all engaging hug....bringing him in..."Relax....promise to eat u later...sweet one...." she said, her tone of voice low.
His heart began to pound, at a pace abnormally slow yet hard... HARD in his chest, in his his head.
Within seconds he found himself undressing, looking straight into her eyes...deep pools of psychedelic lust....and in the background.....?.....she said it was called..."tree of life"....he never thought much of sound such...always found it nothing else but noise...and here...and now...his spirit began to embrace the beat...a sort of life vibrant began to happen within him.

He realised she wasn't standing still while scanning the length of his physique...there was a faint sway to her stillness.
The shower was on...waiting for him...'Go,' she said 'GO...let me watch u..."... and all the time, without being aware, he willingly surrendered and entrusted himself to her presence, suggestions and commands.
While showering...there she stood...on the outside of the direct water spray but, close enough for him to see sprays of water landing on her semi-clad frame...never breaking her gaze with his, his peripheral vision taking in the most inviting soft sexy slow deliberate moves of her body....a hand travelling down her navel...beneath the lacy tiny panties....his penis....hard....long...throbbing...

His hands began to mimic hers...searching for his hard shaft...he became entranced, with himself and her...he felt one with her...his body began to sway, in time with hers.
She stepped toward him, and....he...?...toward care of the water spraying everywhere...their lips within inches of each other...their breath warm ...gaze within the others gaze....he no longer existed outside of himself and that moment he existed in the beat of a sensuous vibrant life he felt within her...

There was nothing mute...dead...flatlined...about him...there and then....psychedelic was his surrender...



A direct RB share - something a little different

And glimpse into how i spent my evening writing.

Much of my evening, many a night,  is spent in front of my computer, working on capturing conversations, experiences, emotions, ideas, music and much more that know to be the inspiration to 'my world'...a world where rules of syntax many a time are ignored, a flight of fancy erotic and seductively sensual, a heart heavy having heard or witnessed another's burden or loss, a knowledge gained, a witnessing of personal realisation through understanding of self, a hope of glory bright and beauteous, a glimpse of love unconditional and real, a life cherished and lived to the full....

Last night...well...deep house was the choice of music setting the mood. The piece of writing...?....a man's experience where he realises, he needs no mood enhancers to...?....

Will follow today.


Saturday, 2 June 2018

the concubine's court

.. it all came alive with every drum beat...she let her mind imagine..

the plucking of a qanun.. captured in a trance , mesmerised by notes from the deep Arabic deserts.
Sheer silken cloth draping soft curves ...a beauty of the sheik's harem...the sweetest concubine who knew to weave a magic recorded in books lost to the public eye...for, the words written were in the heart and spirit of women who knew to capture the imagination of a lover. 
Their bodies speaking words enchanting ...hypnotising even a sheik with a heart of stone, transported into a dimension where wave upon wave of euphoria would know to wash away the barren and bare 'mundaneness' of touch without emotional richness.
These women sought for their secret knowledge of pleasing and pleasuring more than flesh and bone, sought for their ability to open doors where self realisation of the highest order knew to mean a discovery sensuous and sensual, erotic.
Where mind and body knew to marry in endless ways. 
Where touch invited the heart to beat harder, eyes to swim in the gaze of a lover. And when a sigh knew to escape from the lips of a sheik, it be the release of energies captured and imprisoned in strangled uncertainties and forgetfulness. 
Forgetfulness of what he may be and ...was. 
She would know take him on a magic carpet ride where the heavens were within reach...fed by conversation diverse, informed and...when silence knew to reign, it left a serenity in the heart and mind. 
A whisper would know to waken or quieten his wandering spirit and reign it in with the promise of travels wondrous for the mind of such a spirit would be nurtured with the prolific richness of an imagination that dared to wander beyond the boundaries placed by judiciary and government.
She would dance her way into his imagination, igniting the flame of life to burn stronger with the will to conquer and lay before her feet riches of a Babylon era, kisses soft, adoring her with his heart and loving her with his mind.
The sweetness of a woman untethered and confident, the beauty of her feminine graceful graciousness, the knowledge of instilling love and kindness in the most intimate of ways.

Be this not the way of all women...and not just that of a concubine of the sheik's harem...?


Friday, 1 June 2018


 lest someone peeks in and gets tempted...


a perfect guide

together we shall run into the valleys of seduction.

bathe ourselves with erotic innuendos
of mythical nymphs...sensuous curves

the virility of a lover, sweeping femininity into his grip,
seducing flesh and mind luscious.

into the forests where forbidden fruits hang low for the picking...dripping with sweetness.

let us drift into the faith of passion raw....sincere.
let us surrender to blessed heavenly shares and guiltless be....
 where lovers know to not corrupt or judge a mind alive and giving.

let us know to penetrate that stubborn fear of the unknown,
darkness shining bright for the discovery of rewards
healing and healthy shall be found in a lovers touch.

we shall lead each other on a path unknown yet, petalled with the fragrance
of sensuous erotic intimacies...a guide of what shall be
a perfect union of minds hungry and knowing of their find.

come....let us run...!...Fast...!...nimble feet to find the path perfect 

of true lovers.


accept my invitation...

oh! let us be Bohemian in all we do today!
A day perfect to run rampant in thought, joyous surrender to a day sexy and sensual.

Let us be unconventional, no restrictive boundaries ...
immerse ourselves in idiosyncratic and artistic music...
company and all things unconventionally gorgeous!

Wishing all the most wondrous start to the weekend !

and to help u along on that train of thought...find a space quiet and seduce your ears


Thursday, 31 May 2018

how do u read?

do read the words and read them true,
give them the meaning that is due,
don't try and change what be written,
by personal interpretation, suiting, being smitten.

by making another's writing, yours,  personal and different,
the text of the author becomes ambivalent,
and lost be the true meaning of word, the trend,
thus, missing the beauty and honesty penned.

if lustful and wanton and desirous the text,
being prudish and judgemental putting ones thoughts to test,
missing the truth of feelings quite natural
shying away and pointing fingers habitual.

then, comes the part confessions expressed,
deceptions , lies and truths addressed,
the courage to look in the mirror and see
words read, the reason their impact , what could it be?

if joyous and happy and light be the tone,
no matter ones life or space, no desire to moan,
why then find the words heavy and monotonous,
irritating , a reminder that one has forgotten what it means to be an optimist?

if sad the sharing in heartbreak, the read,
every word in sorrow does bleed,
to grunt and scoff, at the words to sneer
finding such an exposure stupid and queer?

the penned word ,most powerful and telling it be,
allowing others to face fears ,new truths to see,
an open mind a spirit does mature,
a  sense of balance and understanding will know to procure .


chains of habit..a rut excusable?

 "The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken."
Samuel Johnson

When the fear of failure, trepidation in moving toward change starts to thaw ones conviction, purpose and reserves of energy, belief and faith , then sets in habit...behavioural patterns repetitive , safe, in an environment familiar and comfortable. 
The idea of the unknown too challenging to consider. 
A laziness to apply oneself , self contentment and satisfaction taking second seat, preferring a 'rut' known. 
When monotonous mediocrity of ones life all of a sudden becomes too challenging , a realisation that ones life is being wasted away yet, the pull of the known seems safer than the unknown that call of promised fruitful new beginnings, like anything in life, requiring that new found energy to apply oneself paving a new pathway, reaching for a rediscovery of the 'self' ...then begins the struggle of standing at crossroads...choices to be made, considered...applied.

An analysis of what is required to start on a journey new. A demand for commitment, conviction and purpose, faith in the new found call...all of a sudden grasping the enormity of the task at hand. 

And once again, to slump back into 'habit' promising oneself baby steps toward change, excuses acceptable as to why things may not be as bad as one imagines.. 'the right time and place'....

Courage. Is it about courage? Is it about truth? Is it about acceptance? Or, is it that as humans, we complicate our lives with the choices we make and then don't know how to extricate ourselves out of the 'shit' we have created? Then again, are we simply too lazy to reach for possibilities new, ignoring the flame that burns in each one of us, egging us forward on a journey rewarding no matter how big or small. 


A rut invented and propagated by most humans and excused by the fear we feel when asked to step forward courageously and map a path new. 

Excusable? RB.

Monday, 28 May 2018

by my window walk

 what if, perchance, u should by my window walk
would u stop and engage in light banter, light talk?
would it be ok that off-guard i be caught
would our conversation with pulsating energy be fraught?
disrobed i would be
for, unexpected u see
would your stopping to chat
and all that...
i might giggle and act all coy
yet my nakedness not hide, allow it with your sanity to toy
and, when your gaze no longer u divert
then my hold on our conversation i shall assert.
first, a hint i shall drop
how good of u, it was to stop
what a wonderful chat so far it has been
to invite u inside, for rude i would hate to seem.
the door i would open and stand behind
a tease for much u would have already seen, imprinted on your mind ,
the rest that u missed to be revealed as it shuts
to embrace u passionately, a kiss that all formalities ignores and cuts.
a lighter conversation would continue there-after
much sexiness and intimate indulgence filled with naughty laughter
a new path of conversation we would further forge
and without many fineties on each others company gorge.


an awakening

 the sweet taste of expectation, an awakening cupped 
for the throb of wanton lust aches hard and needy.
a breath held as the mind 'woozes' from lack of oxygen yet,
in its lightheaded flight knows the truth of pleasures erotic.
there be no other desire than to feel the pulsating pang of wishes intimate,
the desire of a tender touch...a touch that knows to find
and caress...
it kisses with fingertips searching, gently locating and targeting...
a whimper does escape as a gush of bliss softens any resistance.
a blend of reserved passion,
when crests high no longer can be climbed
and demand...!... release.

a nectar dripping with honeyed sweetness of satiation...RB.



it was time

 To stand in the shadows and look in. Watching the reaction. Watching the obvious nervousness in the fumble of his hands. She was quite determined to enjoy herself, that desire to observe before there would be any sort of interaction between them.
She asked him to look her way, knowing the light would cast a perfect shadow of the outline of her nakedness. 
Nothing more was required. 
It was enough, suggestive, alluring, expressive and a lot left to his imagination.
Her like of soft light had him shrouded in a hazy hue from the lamp on the side table. Everything around them was rich and vibrant... warm colour. The ambiance perfect, allowing oneself to believe nothing else existed except that moment in time.
She had said he had to leave it all behind, if he wished to experience a healing seduction of an erratic, challenged and busy mind. 
She said it would be all about touch, taste...smell...the focus would be to know to relax within ones self and welcome  the pleasure that would not only be erotically sensual but, a perfect release of built up tensions plaguing every part of his body and mind.
And, when totally naked, she stepped toward him, bidding him to close his eyes and placed a blindfold...'This is to make you allow me to guide u without the possibility of looking. This is to give me your trust,no matter your uncertainty.'
His eyesight taken away gave it a dimension different, more intense, seeking all his senses to come into play and guide him as he stood at the mercy of her direction. 
He was struggling to remember where he had been standing and from which side she had approached him, feeling a little unnerved.
'Don't worry,' she said. 
A whisper from behind him, feeling her hands travelling the length of his back, coming to rest on his hips, and then the gentle press of her length against him.
' I am here.'
That small action not only exploded in his head a feeling so erotic but, had him realise everything beyond the doors of her little space, at that moment, was another reality he had come to run away from.
He let go and focused on the welling of intense pleasure in the pit of his tummy and deep within his groin and penis.

It was time to surrender.


Saturday, 26 May 2018

if i could...i would
(another piece to listen to and read thoughts on wing...inspired by the notes...)

if i could i would...
if i could.
i would make u mine
i would steal your every thought and envelope them in thoughts of mine
you would ride on the crests of eternal possibilities
u would know to see all that is
through eyes
optimistic with passion for all
things sensual and alive.

if i could.
if i could i would introduce u to a world hidden,
a gift to those who know to capture it in the most silent of moments
to recognise it on the face of a loved one
to smell its bewitching scent 
hallucinations of another truth
a truth born to life when a mother gives birth.

if i could.
if i could i would kiss u till u stop breathing
my breath i would give u to live eternal
a life rich making love...allowing mind, body and soul
to marry in a union complete.

if i could.
if i could i would not only teach u to hear a laugh
i would teach u to live the laugh
a joyous sound when love knows to conquer all uncertainties as our bodies melt into one.

if i could
if i could i would make u mine.


believe...let go

(the piece of music that played as my mind found refuge in its beauty...and...thus...the piece below) play it while u will give u a glimpse into my imagination...with sound.

 she had set his mind free, 

taking it down a path of slow discovery, 

the courage to believe and entrust himself to her coaxing.

asking him to undress in front of her, allow her to watch and step in to assist with discarding his garments that seemed to be a safe haven from her eyes. 

feeling his hesitancy she drew him in... close... and whispered... how wonderfully appealing he his desire to let go took her breath away, making the pulsating need to show him who he was, throb more urgent.

and once totally naked, 

in his glory she pushed him down on the bed

...running her hands up his legs...crawling between their spread...and then, bent her head and began to run her parted mouth , from his left foot up his leg...the sensation of her warm breath burnt and singed his core where he felt so ravenously hungry , that need to admit and embrace the depth of all things burning sensual and erotic within him.

the softness of her mouth as it found its way in the crease of his leg and buttock, 

the gentle bite into his flesh, 

a flick of a tongue across his scrotum

...his hard shaft firm in her hands...

she lifted her head....



a serenity of passion and sexiness...he felt himself throb and throb and throb...expanding in her grip

...her touch welcomed him into her spirit, that of a woman who knew her man, 

 as she looked deep into his eyes

...he drowned...

he welcomed her into his soul...RB.

naked hips

 the silence found in thoughts travelling,
a distance. A serenity in self a moment luscious 
rewarding in what was to follow.
the approach of a place his closeness brushing round buttocks...near.
hands travelling...placed on naked hips... a whisper of breath...warm...
to kiss the nape of a
to bite ...softly ...the curve of an exposed shoulder....
to stand cup...breasts soft,
nipples tweak ever so ...gently.
an arm...circling a waist...pushing harder...closer...into curves... response.
to breath
once a lusty muskiness of sensual wishes.


enchanted be the night

imagine a chant, a serenity in the repetitiveness transcending boundaries of the here and now.  travel of mind into space...enormous...