Saturday, 30 December 2017

Thursday, 28 December 2017

if i was asked...

if i was asked, what through my thoughts runs at present
nothing new about the thought, the erotic event,
for simply put, on such a fine day
no other thoughts know to stay


do walk down that path toward me
do look at what my body may be saying, and see,
that all thoughts be about naughty and nice
so let us throw that erotic dice!
and see what may come matter the number thrown
for each try...a winning hand shall be shown,
u and i paired over and over...
no desire my want of u to keep under cover.

let us then let lose and each others thoughts read,
for, i am sure, in yours a similar need...
no explanation required  as to why we should meet
and with deep kisses each other greet.

so the path be clear , gates open wide
sensual and seductive, to seduce u...i wish not to hide
it be the end of the year soon
so let us with lusty naughtiness into the new year swoon!



i wondered how to say it...

i wondered how to say it, would u understand
words know how to fall short...and on the wrong emotions land.
a long good year it has been,
much ups and downs, i have seen...
but, foremost, all the time that knows to surface clear,
is that u!... i got to know, and my heart, will always, hold, dear.
our lives are given to each one of us at birth
guaranteed hardships, better to face with mirth...
 when our paths know to cross with those with hearts of gold,
then the mind, body and soul fondly to the essence, of that angel hold.
and even, though optimism forever shines supreme
it be not a weakness, to welcome another positive individuals stream...
for kindness and care and consideration know
to bring out the best in one, and brighten ones personal glow.
so to u, who knew to see the best in me,
no matter my arrogance, insecurities, concerns and ideals, displayed for... u did see 
that through my stubbornness i fell in love with what u stood for
which, was, your belief in me, and acknowledging and respecting core.
so .... a glass of immeasurable thanks i raise to u!...
from day one...u allowed me to grow ...for u knew,
no matter how confident and strong i knew to fly
just as often insecurities would pull me down from that high.
and, in return i hope,
that your time spent with me, with your challenges, did help u cope,
so thank u!... once again... for who you are
close your eyes...and feel me near...the sincerest of all i am...sent to u...from afar.



Sunday, 24 December 2017

Sunday morn

and being that time of year where reflections deep take place
and remind us how special each day is...
for those who may forget....a poem for this fine Sunday morn!
Glorious blessings to all!
I and my Soul are alone to-day,
    All in the shining weather;
We were sick of the world, and we put it away,
    So we could rejoice together.

Our host, the Sun, in the blue, blue sky,
    Is mixing a rare, sweet wine,
In the burnished gold of his cup on high,
    For me, and this Soul of mine.

We find it a safe and a royal drink,
    And a cure for every pain;
It helps us to love, and helps us to think,
    And strengthens body and brain.

And sitting here, with my Soul alone,
    Where the yellow sun-rays fall,
Of all the friends I have ever known
    I find it the best of all.

We rarely meet when the World is near,
    For the World hath a pleasing art,
And brings me so much that is bright and dear
    That my Soul it keepeth apart.

But when I grow weary of mirth and glee,
    Of glitter, and glow, and splendour,
Like a tried old friend it comes to me
    With a smile that is sad and tender.

And we walk together as two friends may,
    And laugh, and drink God's wine.
Oh, a royal comrade any day,
    I find this Soul of mine. 

Poetical works of Ella Wheeler Wilcox. by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Edinburgh : W. P. Nimmo, Hay, & Mitchell, 1917.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

to be born graced with blessings

every year end, the journey travelled be so different, yet, the same.
nuances of past experiences, each time the desire to learn something new, the desire to ensure the path travelled be more worthy than last years path. 
never a doubt as to the goal, for it always shines brightly ahead...the optimism of a a future positve
rewarding in the new challenges it holds and knows to give.
life knows its course for there is always a beginning and an end...what we do with a start and where we wish to take it, is ours to choose.
so, to the light to look ...welcome it with a zest for the new year be within arms reach and to speed into it with a zeal that can only know to be the goal.

 and some of the lessons learnt along the way...again...nuances of what i have always known
but, nice to remind does no harm.

"...i have learnt, that to be independent, able and capable
does not mean i am all knowing
and gives me no right to be arrogant.
i have learnt that people of character
know to be graceful and gracious in their daily living.
i have learnt that money does not define a person
and can be gone in one swoop....but, the person remains.

i have learnt that life is no different today to that of a hundred years ago
for mankind knows not to shed his essence.
i have learnt to be in lust does not mean love
and to be in love
is the best gift ever. 
i have learnt that time does not stop for anybody and that those dear to my heart, day in and day out,
cherish me for who i am.
i have learnt that having patience and tolerance and listening,
even to the 'younglings' and elders can only enrich me.
i have learnt to hold my tongue, even when another may be wrong.
i have learnt that compassion and empathy know to drive me
and give me strength
and that the rainbow is always there with its pot of gold.
i have learnt over and over and over again...there is nothing better than life...
i have learnt
i am a blessed individual.
and thus

i thank

whoever it may have been that created me and gave me life.
...Thank u Lord for my birth.

it doesn't matter

 ...when it doesn't matter what may take a peek..

Friday, 22 December 2017

a MERE citizen of a land

"...let us sit
on the pile of shit
that politicians have piled and piled in their time of lead.
 for, in our electing them and, in our tacit silence, we have blessed them with that right.
let us be overwhelmed by the stench of 
no shame of presidents elected.
let us coil and cower in our self-degradation for we do not see ourselves worthy of better...
let us allow drunkards and those that lie and thieve
to steal from us while they
laugh at our smallness and unimportance
for...what are we
the citizen of a land...
a mere vote to get criminals into power.

we should hang our heads in shame...
for when courage should have been ours to oust out the despicable 
that hold the office of president and cabinet
we turned our attention on each other...
the citizen of the country
 fought among each other
how clever they be
those in the office of the president.
i take my hat off to u for always knowing to keep the citizen
and feeling guilty 
lest they veer off your path of corruption and deceit
you are a master of everything i hope i shall never know to be.
you are despicable..."

the thing about empathy...

Some time back, i had this wonderful conversation, that may have bored most to tears. But, then again, for those who like to be introspective and learning of self, may have enjoyed to pipe in and give their view.

My companion voiced, that he did not think of himself, as a caring person for, he had no desire nor time to dwell on the sufferings of others, that his heart did not pain hearing of a loss or tragedy...there was very little that would move him ...and he found that he felt 'conditioned' to feel sadness rather than be empathetic and understanding of what another may be going through.
It made me think of myself, for he was of the opinion i was a better person than he, as i displayed those characteristics he thought he lacked.
How wrong he was.
Being the analytical person i am, i can sincerely say, it was a long time since i had shared in the company of another person who was more real, more honest, more sharing and giving than he.
For me, it boils down to being frugal about ones emotions, the honesty of the share, understanding the need and what one can do to help and be of help in whatever fashion possible.

The world has been made small by the Internet and various other sources of information share, bombarding us on a daily basis with atrocities and tragedies happening throughout the world, that an overload of information happens and thus a natural shut down of some sort... the mind and body protecting itself against this constant daily  attack.
 All of a sudden, the empathy that one may have felt for a vaster group of people,has been narrowed down to those closest and dearest, for, one cannot believe or see or trust that ones help or feelings shared, anywhere else, will be noted or appreciated or used in the correct way.
The reasoning being to be as honest and effective in ones share of emotion and help, feeling less effective on a broader platform?

The world of people seems to be at sorts with each other...over everything...political correctness confusing natural boundaries and the rule of nature. No matter what one may say or do...there is no satisfaction or understanding or reasoning to it....some idiot will find wrong in it...and thus...the frugality of ones emotion and help? be a Mother Theresa takes a very special person, born every few hundred years,...that desire to give of self to such an extent that the self only finds satisfaction in total surrender to the people of this world.

In the smaller instance... it is all about the sincerity of the share for me and not the desire of the giver to be acknowledged and praised for what they have done...they care not for the accolade, they care that the receiver is in a better place...they care not to ask in return.

As to the rest of the world and its many philanthropists...not all of us were born to be part of that circle of people...but, charity does begin at home and does know to spill over into the vastness and rest of world...and possibly, that is how one can be part of that philanthropic group.

And thus, i can understand why he thinks he is emotionless and robotic....i know at times i too feel that way...and wonder what is wrong with me. And then i remember the many times, this companion of mine, who thinks he is 'feelingless', has comforted me in my hardships...reminding me, that i too may have had a positive effect on another in my small share.

To know to share without analysing it too much but, allowing the sincerity of that share to speak volumes...the receiver will recognise it for what it is...a gift from the bottom of your 'self'.


Thursday, 21 December 2017

pressed against the wall

 he wondered...if a note he should write...and slip it under her would say...

'dearest u...
 i would love to see the complete naked u, as the last rays of the sun disappear. i would like to have the pleasure of your body pressed against that wall of yours, allowing me to gaze upon it with thoughts deeply stirring. my loins would want to burst with desires to pleasure my sight, my touch, my hearing...for when close to u i would stand, no hurry would there be, in my need to be in contact with u.
i would savour the hungry depths in your eyes...your difficulty in breathing...your parted mouth.
my kisses would come slow, they would come gentle, they would come telling of how much i need to sink into u....u the heat of my erotic desire...u who stirs depths within me i know not how to define...all i know is that i do not care to understand what it is u do to me, but wish u to know, u can have me.
oh do take me! ... eat me with your  seductive sensuality. 
i need u to taste every part of me as i shall of u. 

let me please...oh please let me...see u pressed against your wall...

...dearest me."


Wednesday, 20 December 2017

the wars of the heart and mind...history to repeat itself?

 ...over that wall, i wish to see.
on this wall i two minds ...should i give in to what the heart wants...?
then, logic steps in and demands no surrender.
is the heart the cruel traitor, tempting the mind to get lost in longings
imaginings of what could be...?
is logic my
always calculated ....strategic in the risks that need not be taken...
for then the heart a stronger case can plead
and, demand that logic consider the giving in to immediate gratification.
balanced be not logic alone, or, heart alone
for either a strong case can plead. unison...well,
a battle fought...a war most likely neither a winner of,
but...content to compromise until such time
a new interest that knows to titillate the sense,
possesses both heart and mind
and..thus...once more...history to repeat itself?


to be a bad sleuth

saw this... loved it...rueful was my smile

...for those deluded by the lies of another...
" does take courage to face that which u know
why care to not show
that your intelligence they undermine
total disrespect near abuse of your well-being...they tread that fine line...
do u not care for your worth ..?
their lies, a tight girth
that holds u captive in false hope
to a non-existent lifeline grope...
for to admit to their lies
means so much of what was, dies...
and u be left empty, and  forlorn,
to shreds every part of u torn?

what is it that allows us such an indiscretion?
be it with the other an obsession?
the fear that they may leave
their lies a magic, on ones sanity weave.

so does take courage for some
with the lies of another to be done,
so further to look for the truth
to prefer to fail...and be a bad sleuth..."


to dare to imagine...time would stop

a perfectly folded note
with care each word he wrote
bygone times... or ... was it just a mere fantasy
that with his wits played craftily ?

the festive season, blessed with the year past
each memory of a bygone time...fantasy...? last
for the heart be full and the body satiated
with pleasures desired, so long awaited.

and thus to pen, no matter it be real or not
in posterity, not to be forgot
for time does know to do its thing
and memories along with it do wing...
no desire in that cauldron of forgetfulness to fling
so much imagined...?...shared ... that joy did bring.

she found his note and pondered,
was it a reality or his imagination, she wondered,
for something deep within her pulled
such beauty penned...had imagination him fooled?
did it matter if it be real or not
even if imagination, reading it, she became a part
of a time that engulfed each second shared
of lovers who dared

to imagine
... time ...
would stand still for them.


Monday, 18 December 2017

a box...of...??...sincere care.

how lucky can one be
looking at the arrival of more gifts...i can see
that caring stars shine down on me
when at this Christmas box... i look with glee .

the feather of a vulturine guinea fowl, a reminder, a smile does raise...
walks in nature, the spending of days.

sucker punch....the heroine...her world desirous of idealistic worldly values 
no fear to face the place for '...shall you's ..." what can i say
 than lose myself in what does play...far away...
where a cellist knew my mind to capture 
of many a theatre visit...the last chapter.

'The Lilliput Annual" a 1941 publication
much tears did raise, a reminder of many a special occasion
where the company so dear and giving
my fantastical imaginings to enliven with a patience, always willing .

and then...the gift that took my breath away
unexpected such a treasure on my heart strings did play...
a tiny collection of little reads
that planted many ideas many seeds....

to say thank falls very short
for every gift...i know...took much thought
and thus i know  much love and care
in this box of gifts...u wished to share.

...for u... quoted from one of the little books...
"The Lover's Garland."


True love's the gift that God has given
To man alone beneath the heaven.
It is not fantasy's hot fire,
Whose wishes, soon as granted, fly;
It liveth not in fierce desire,
With dead desire it doth not die:
It is the secret sympathy,
the silver link, the silken tie,
which heart to heart, and mind to mind,
In body and in soul can bind

Sir Walter Scott.



Sunday, 17 December 2017

a 'strip' of a different sort

 long after the sun had set
eventually home to get...

 a day rewarding and full
to rest the feet, at the shoes to tug and pull...

the hair to let lose and relax
the clips no longer restricting, their grip to lax...

 and now the clothes to remove
falling into the groove...

 of once again to be scantily clad
for to be naked be real rad...

 now this be a perfect state
the thirst can no longer wait...

a perfect day of very little done
 except in good company, shared much fun...

and thus
a shower in order to wash away
the tiredness of today
to bed real soon to get
the alarm clock for early morning set.

...good night... 



today...go with the flow

to contemplate the day ahead...

short and sweet to the point
no matter ain't going to disappoint.
a quick absorbing of the sun
with chores, early in the morning to be done.
as little to wear 
near naked, myself i dare
light of cloth be my attire
and thus, an onlookers imagination, fire.
no hurry indoors to stay today
the car be revved to drive away
nature does beckon, off i go
where the day may take me?...i shall simply...go with the flow.


early Sunday call

...when the brightness of a Sunday sun cannot be ignored.
when the welcoming warmth be a call to enjoy its rays
...a cup of coffee...?
...rather an iced coffee will do this morning.

happy Sunday and blessed be it too...RB.

Friday, 15 December 2017

the evolution of sense...

and who are u that professes to know what sense is? 
when u hide behind a curtained lie, adhering to what the masses religiously chant is sense.
do u even know that there be  broadness to the term sense?
defined by individual travels through experiences ?
knowledge gained and amassed through the courage to go forth on an adventure
of which many may state makes no sense. 
what is it that makes u adhere to the flatulent noise of those that fear
the possibility that another reality may lie beyond the smallness of their world?...
their fear holding them robotic in thought and action
lest they look too colourful and different for those around them.
would the world shatter into a million pieces if u dared to imagine 
that a different sense may exist...where ones senses come alive...through the consistent feeding
of nuances unknown, yet fantasised about and longed for...?
why not dip your toe into my sense...and feel the tinge of excitement 
as it begins to climb up your foot, making your toes excitement growing...

all of a sudden...

the possibility that u have been asleep for too long and your senses 
have been boxed into a dark cardboard square trying to make others happy
in their delusion of what sense is all about.
oh do join me in a travel of sense and let us titillate yours senses
to the point that there be no turning back
for now...u sensually colourful , rich and rewarding 
the exploration of sense can be. fantastical and vibrant the reality of living is....


...a point to ponder

 ...a point to ponder....
will man ever know to get it there such a thing as right? RB.

internet commands

 an indulgence in words, written by many over periods and periods of time, a share revealing , a share stirring the cockles of ones...