Saturday, 30 June 2018

once more

the night stirs in its darkness...
memories of a lovers touch.
leisurely the entwined limbs.
delicate and sensual each kiss placed...
a path traced where eyes had travelled before.
thoughts of mad frenzied...crazy...surrendered thrusts of passion....
moans desperate, aching.....a  clutching embrace.
wanting more....needing more.
the completeness be two bodies 
knowing each other so intimately.
a distant look...a memory to sleep with...imagined?
how sweet the pull to lay down and rest ones head
into heavenly slumber to fall
in anticipation of finding him
...once more...



delicately, gently to tease and twist
an instant reaction, the fingers insist
an unexpected flick down and up
and then the softness in the palm to cup.



 ...shadow me light...

Friday, 29 June 2018

naughtier than ...naughty

if naughty had a new definition
then today...Friday's ambition
be to tease and tempt every possibility
and make it a probability.

 if in thought we could meet
erotic...slow...sensual...would be the greet
potent , opium my womanly taunts
the temptation to find me, so long haunts.

let me swim through your mind
and as u drop into the nether with thoughts of me, the whole of u bind,
my sensual nurturing, your hungering erotic
...for both of us, hypnotic...


Thursday, 28 June 2018

to wake ones spirit

how perfectly petalled,
be a rose.
a fragrance distinct...imbuing thoughts sensual.
its efficacy possessing the ability to make one dream
of how to enjoy and indulge in what it is.
to simply place at a distance and stare at it?
to prettify ones surrounding with its shape?
to dip ones head and inhale its finger its petals...?
a rose it knows to wake ones spirit.


Wednesday, 27 June 2018

deliberate and wilful be she

(Naked intensity - Saul Leiter's painted nudes)

 deliberate, wilful, wickedly delicious!
in all possibilities definitely auspicious.
 a tease a share non-contritious...
a fair warning to those trepiditious.

be it too ambitious?
standing head strong, seditious?
non-complying and propitious?
that, presented to her lover...lubricious?

oh why not make his head spin...!
for every thought he harboured akin!
the ache the throb a tiring din!!
why hold back for his desires to her offerings... a twin.

unblushing, loose did every thought begin to seep
his head a whirlwind the climb steep
no patience!... ardent!... urgent the need to reap
into the depths of her erotic imaginings to creep.

to lie and bathe in thoughts honeyed with luscious lust,
the cause of the arch , the thick and hard thrust!!
now... abandoned debauched the seduction a must
libidinous her lover, in his intent robust.


forward woman...a bad thing?

...he had always wondered about forward women, being warned that they were promiscuous and, in their mischievousness could not be trusted with ones bed one...well, it would be like laying with a pack of wolves...having to be prepared to be devoured beyond saving, becoming a slave to their lustful wanton ways.
But, what was a forward woman really? 
A woman comfortable in herself, confident in conversation and company, daring to share a view and opinion, wearing her garments to suite the perfect lines of a body created by the universal gods, invitingly temperamental giving one a glimpse of passions burning deep in a gaze direct, knowing to be alluring in her silence?
Was a forward woman one who did not look to be excused nor understood for being assertive in all areas considered taboo by society? 
Was a forward woman one who knew to make her man grovel and beg and plead and take and give behind closed doors when the sheets of the bed lay crumpled on the mattress?
Was a forward woman one who knew her worth, never overplaying or underplaying it, gracious and accepting of all that defined her?
Was a forward woman one who knew how to wrap her lover round her little finger and then at times knowing to be the subservient one, making her lover the king and master of his ways and requests...understanding the need to strike a balance between him and her...never the need to compete for attention or recognition...that knowing, that mystery, she so unashamedly took ownership of in simply being... a forward woman?
He looked around the room and wondered how many of the wives were forward women and how many had the confidence in being defined as such.
And there she stood 
...most definitely forward...
forward was her silence...
forward was her knee length dress...
forward were those sheer stockings...
forward was the gaze...
forward was the glimpse of a smile...
forward was her walking out the conference room...
forward was the hotel door standing ajar...
forward was her standing in the middle of the room....forward was her soft kiss...
forward was her moan...

forward was her whisper.

'i have missed u.' all she had said.

The following day, all he could remember was how forward she had been in allowing him to kiss every part of her body and invite him in with her moans.

He loved forward women...he loved this woman.


Monday, 25 June 2018

don't resist...let go...try 

once again a read very different if read while the music is playing. I have chosen trance, energetic, vibrant...inviting...

now come join me in my fantastical erotic sensual and alluring world where telling touch knows to feed and nurture mind and body ...leaving it satiated and satisfied.

Please start a slow read from 23mins into the link supplied.

 and though, psychedelic may not be your style
i shall tempt and tease u for a while
for, music, no matter the genre
in its notes and cords possibly a double entendre.
if u know to listen with an open ear,
of intrusion and hardness of notes, there be no fear,
and to help u drop... and drop... into the sound,
with my nakedly clad form i shall hold u bound.
every move suggestive, calculating and seductive
closer and closer toward u...a need compulsive,
your hands to your shaft will know to travel...
for hard and urgent the urge in the trans to dabble.
i shall swerve and lean toward u bend
in the suggestive sway of my curves on an animating journey send,
and.... when before u so close i stand,
out i shall reach and, take your hand.
between the warmth of my thighs, i shall it guide,
there will be no holding back, no desire in the growl to hide,
how i shall take u on a special carpet ride,
together we shall climb and fall and climb again...the tide.
let me bite u..!...
eat u...!...
have u whole!!!
allow me to dip between your thighs for the throb, i know,  has taken its toll...
and no further purpose but, to surrender, be the goal
submissive be the allure ,for the first time knowing to let go...complete...your new role.



drop....with no fear...

close your eyes and feel me near

allow me your thoughts on an adventure new to steer.

let me GRIND!!!...let me HOLD!!!...
those thoughts of yours that have become so bold.
do stand up and join my grind.....!....
for certainly we will know to find
a beat and sway united as one
that will only know to be done
when sweat wet shall our brow make shine
and in letting go u have become mine
then once more to slow down and breath
for the trance will not know to make us rest or, to leave!!!!
again....toward each other sway.....
part two will become the play.


look my way

 ...look my way...RB.

on the sofa we would lay

 on the sofa we would be...

would u know to lie next to me...
would u be aware how engaged my whole state of being would be?
that, nothing else would know to penetrate my thought,
that, all existent would be...u and i...complete.

would u feel the magic of the moment..?... where, yours i am
...solely yours...
your touch  knowing to imprint an eternal mark of care,
and away i would sail on surrendered shores...
every fibre of my being
willing and seeing
of what u present
a delicious advent
in the simplicity
of sincerity
generous and giving
the other... willing...
to step forth
courageous, loved...acknowledged in all they are.

would u know to kiss me deep, encouraging my walls to fall
catching me gentle in your strength should u hear my uncertain call?

always ready to take
away to shake
any doubt
together we would know
on the sofa to lay
each other show..

a trusting surrender

a sweetness of faith

in a lovers touch.


knock knock...let me in

 outside i see the most glorious of days
where light so bright my mood sways,
to knock knock... knock on your door, a definite
waiting patiently for u to answer, rather obstinate.
for what i shall real decadent,
 today be i of erotic and inviting temperament,
to show u how each fantasy we shall implement
lost in each other immanent...
lustfully... deliciously each action and thought... relevant.


knock, knock, knock...! open quick and let me in...!...
allow me with my suggestion your world to spin
with my touch my lips my gaze your skin
to weave  a seductive spell and chase away your chagrin. 

i shall!...rather devour your hesitancy
make u question your complacency
and once u understand what deep within u dwells
forth it will burst, with liberated zest your inner need swells.

it shall know to sway and dance and indulge
it will know in all sensuous goodness deep to plunge
and at no point will there be the need to question
but, rather to know to keep the euphoria, the suggestion.

and now that the door is open and i have entered,
and the delicious kinky naughtiness of my thoughts has been presented,
and u have recognised them and, each one accepted,
a new journey...a new adventure...i know...shall be invented.


Friday, 22 June 2018

a moment real

deep did the yearning for a gentle touch burn
deep did the heart desire and yearn.
slow did the passion begin to churn
painfully wanting of a lover, the turn.
expressively imaginative the mind becomes
the reality of logic it suppresses and numbs
belligerent and demanding the lustful ache drums
impatience and wantonness in the mind hums.
and then the eyes upon a lover fall
in their demeanour and face an inviting call
an embrace encompassing to bring down the wall
that yearning, burning, desirous churning all of a sudden so small. 
so lost in a moment so lost in the touch
so lost in all imagined, having become too much,
closer, nearer, the intimacy of the real to clutch
the embodiment of all desired in that moment, be such.
when imagination and reality know to marry and become one
surreal and fantastical be the sum
 with expectations unreal be done
and rather, to the reality surrender and, happily run.


Thursday, 21 June 2018



how fixated i am with who u happen to be.

your uncertainty of self, appealing in its naked reveal...your desire bigger
than the reality of the moment.

the challenge of balancing the here with the hope of what could be. 

you reach out like a baby...with eyes forlorn for what they see is not yours to keep
yet...the heart beats hard, desirous to go out and search...
find...and hope...hope for a pocket in time
where all could be possible.

why fixated...?...
for i shall show u that all is possible
though it may not be yours to keep day in and day out...
u will know it.

why fixated...?...
for now, knowing your state of wandering in a desert of presumed unfulfillment
i shall guide u back to all u have forgotten 
...not lost....
slumbering peacefully in hesitant forgetfulness.

u shall swim and dive, with no hindrance or reserve into my
thoughts where moments magical, erotic ...real...
will make u yelp like an innocent and growl like a man hungry...
hungry to re-acquaint yourself with your innermost sensuous sensuality.
erotic will know once more to burn,
find its place back in the very fibre of your being.
and when that road has been travelled
aside i shall step and 
fixated no longer be. wish will have been fulfilled...


Thursday, 14 June 2018

enchanted be the night

imagine a chant, a serenity in the repetitiveness
transcending boundaries of the here and now.
 travel of mind into space...enormous...where the self 
willingly embraces its innermost,
courting and coaxing and acknowledging the intimacy that lives within.
imagine floating with liberties of expression...erotic...sensual.
the kiss of ones own gaze.
a caress that knows to make love to ones own nakedness.
imagine knowing to appreciate the sight of self.
imagine knowing to invite another in... to see the same cast that chant upon them, like a spell...the allure of mysteries
that lie within ones self.
and as the dark sets deeper for the sun travels further and further away
and the moon cares not to peep from behind the clouds...
so the chant of musical notes wafting through the room
begin to make the eyelids heavy and the call be for sleep....
if we could lay together and enchanted be with each other.



a tip of the hat

 ...a hat tipped in greeting....

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

woman...master unnatural...?

what is it that dictates that a woman cannot take the lead...cannot pave the way?
what is it that holds strength in the thought that men are the more dominant, unnatural and intimidating be a woman who knows to take the reigns?
why can a woman not lay claim to being an ardent lover, a dominant  lover, devouring in her passion and intent to leave her other, spent yet, wanton and crazy for more?

in a glance a flirt obvious and invitation to surrender, in her soft kiss the ask for a yielding lover , a lover begging of discoveries different.

what would be wrong for a man to lay back and ask his woman to take him, travel every part of him...coax him into a state of frenzied hardness...tease him with her suggestive whispers...make him repeat her name over and over as she lifts him with every caress with every grasp, hands asking...strong she stands above him...demanding he look at her and sense that she be the master of the and again...RB.

a direct RB share - #3...seductive be the ambience

why not dance the night away
indoors stay.
what if a show for u prepared
the moves, the beat to be shared.
so and take heed
follow my lead
for once we get started
the energies of dance imparted
u shall watch and i shall dance
seductive be the ambience.


Monday, 11 June 2018

how do u see me?

what if i could see myself the way u see me?
would it be the same way i know to be?
if i could ask u to tell my tale
in which direction would it sail...? 



 ...a ray of light
oh! so bright...

drop your shackles

at that moment far away the thought
by the camera caught,
asked to imagine what it would be like....?....


if together we would be
my mind to travel and see....?

know there be a true adventure
where only the very sensuous would know to venture
so....would u care to travel
and together many an old path unravel
for sure to find we will
to not stop until..
 next time that far away look captured in my eyes
makes u drop your daily shackles and your being with possibilities, flies.


Sunday, 10 June 2018

now that i have your attention. music knows to give a piece written a different mood and feel...enjoy.
( at 32.30mins begins the read)

Now....that i have your attention...and...a book has been chosen,
come...sit with me
oh please!... let me read to u!
Would u not care to be as naked as me...? feel free...? physicality...? simply be?
come...allow me to enchant your ears with a story read.
each word i shall read with the sole purpose to hold u enslaved with every turn of the page...
and should i perchance lift my head to gaze upon u...maybe....your eyes....
shall be feasting on my comfortable repose...suggestive that u should sit closer...?...
maybe take the book from me...?...
your turn to read...?...allow me to be enchanted in return?...for the words written seem to spell an enslavement of reader and understanding to feed off of each other, 
taking turns to tell the tale of minds

i know i shall envelope u in the story read.
i know...u shall to read to me...take me in.
i know we shall write our own tale...a tale of lovers 



 beyond the here and now.


which to pick

 as the night begins to settle, in all the corners of my space
which book should i choose, the read words my thoughts to lace?
in anticipation of a quiet eve
the wish be new stories for the upcoming week to weave...
and thus any book would do
for there be a huge pile unread, a purchase new.
and in the solitude of self , yet, partnered with the mind of many a writer
to pick up the first book, penned be a passionate share...the inviter,
a love story , a discovery of an erotic spirit
an unexpected journey travelled new wisdom to inherit.
and as my read 'climb' between the covers of the book
to swim between the words written deeper to look
for what most definitely will be found
is another persons imagination, to it, my mind body and subconscious surrendered and bound.


Africa meets psytrance psychedelic music

 I cannot stop watching...i am in awe...complete awe...surreal. How music knows to give a narrative new and different to the original intent. A post on youtube that made me search  the Zaouli African Dance and understand its intent. When Africa meets 'psychedelic trance'. Phenomenal control. F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.

And should the piece above be too short, a longer version can be enjoyed the trance way

and then to understand the original narrative of a custom and tradition

My Saturday evening spent on further searches of varied music, fascinating clips....and....finding those perfect beats that at times will make the heart race be it erratic, faster than fast, hard....sllloooooowwwww...and then rhythm to a lovers passion.

Wishing fall into sleep deep and wake with the peaceful serene morning rays of Sunday.

Good night.


Friday, 8 June 2018

a direct RB share - #2 ...touch...

how the hands know to elevate the mind
...a seductive sensuous touch...
 in their wanton need to tease...awaken...desires
...wishes to brew between thighs welcoming...a lover amiss...
a lover...imagined.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

why no poppers was required...

...a psychedelic discovery of self...without indulging in synthetic drug enhancers...

(Begin your read at 2.25minutes into the music

" need no drug of any sort," she said. "What u need is a willing mind."

He had heard about poppers and other mood enhancers when indulging in matters sensual / sexual / erotic. 
He had wondered if that would make the empty feeling go away and awaken deeper different levels of engagement, stimulating wavelengths that were running flat, the frequency so low, going undetected.
Pictures of women, across the lingerie, dressed, naked, pornographic... left him feeling dead flat ...empty. 
He did appreciate the beauty found in each image but, there was no real connect.
He wanted to feel alive again. 

An alive where a subtle sexy would know to give rise to a throb in his spirit. So many times taking himself in hand, the relief needed , that desire to let go and get lost in deep passions, where his body would know to sweat...good...his mind dance to a lovers sway of the hips... mouth pouting...tongue licking the corners of ruby red lips.

Here he was...commanded....ordered...very different for him...the all engaging hug....bringing him in..."Relax....promise to eat u later...sweet one...." she said, her tone of voice low.
His heart began to pound, at a pace abnormally slow yet hard... HARD in his chest, in his his head.
Within seconds he found himself undressing, looking straight into her eyes...deep pools of psychedelic lust....and in the background.....?.....she said it was called..."tree of life"....he never thought much of sound such...always found it nothing else but noise...and here...and now...his spirit began to embrace the beat...a sort of life vibrant began to happen within him.

He realised she wasn't standing still while scanning the length of his physique...there was a faint sway to her stillness.
The shower was on...waiting for him...'Go,' she said 'GO...let me watch u..."... and all the time, without being aware, he willingly surrendered and entrusted himself to her presence, suggestions and commands.
While showering...there she stood...on the outside of the direct water spray but, close enough for him to see sprays of water landing on her semi-clad frame...never breaking her gaze with his, his peripheral vision taking in the most inviting soft sexy slow deliberate moves of her body....a hand travelling down her navel...beneath the lacy tiny panties....his penis....hard....long...throbbing...

His hands began to mimic hers...searching for his hard shaft...he became entranced, with himself and her...he felt one with her...his body began to sway, in time with hers.
She stepped toward him, and....he...?...toward care of the water spraying everywhere...their lips within inches of each other...their breath warm ...gaze within the others gaze....he no longer existed outside of himself and that moment he existed in the beat of a sensuous vibrant life he felt within her...

There was nothing mute...dead...flatlined...about him...there and then....psychedelic was his surrender...



internet commands

 an indulgence in words, written by many over periods and periods of time, a share revealing , a share stirring the cockles of ones...