Friday, 1 June 2018

a perfect guide

together we shall run into the valleys of seduction.

bathe ourselves with erotic innuendos
of mythical nymphs...sensuous curves

the virility of a lover, sweeping femininity into his grip,
seducing flesh and mind luscious.

into the forests where forbidden fruits hang low for the picking...dripping with sweetness.

let us drift into the faith of passion raw....sincere.
let us surrender to blessed heavenly shares and guiltless be....
 where lovers know to not corrupt or judge a mind alive and giving.

let us know to penetrate that stubborn fear of the unknown,
darkness shining bright for the discovery of rewards
healing and healthy shall be found in a lovers touch.

we shall lead each other on a path unknown yet, petalled with the fragrance
of sensuous erotic intimacies...a guide of what shall be
a perfect union of minds hungry and knowing of their find.

come....let us run...!...Fast...!...nimble feet to find the path perfect 

of true lovers.


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