Friday, 22 June 2018

a moment real

deep did the yearning for a gentle touch burn
deep did the heart desire and yearn.
slow did the passion begin to churn
painfully wanting of a lover, the turn.
expressively imaginative the mind becomes
the reality of logic it suppresses and numbs
belligerent and demanding the lustful ache drums
impatience and wantonness in the mind hums.
and then the eyes upon a lover fall
in their demeanour and face an inviting call
an embrace encompassing to bring down the wall
that yearning, burning, desirous churning all of a sudden so small. 
so lost in a moment so lost in the touch
so lost in all imagined, having become too much,
closer, nearer, the intimacy of the real to clutch
the embodiment of all desired in that moment, be such.
when imagination and reality know to marry and become one
surreal and fantastical be the sum
 with expectations unreal be done
and rather, to the reality surrender and, happily run.


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