Thursday, 31 August 2017

RB video 3 - it be in the stockings and touch

 if in, one should peek,

curiosity an answer seek,

what be the next video shoot...

a sheer nylon indulgence absolute?

to get lost in the slide of the leg,

the sheerness, knowingly does head

up the length of the thigh does go,

perfectly the shape does show.

so stockings be the game

the mind with images tame

the next video has arrived

much pleasure in doing it derived.



it be with zest and zeal...yes!

 When sitting in company and hearing...i begin to ponder and say...

"At all times, never forgetting, who one may be, acknowledging ones core, no matter what others may think.
That ability to recognise what it is that makes ones heart beat, what knows to add verve to ones day.
Yet, at the same time, not making the mistake of dallying in mediocrity, losing oneself in procrastination and doubt.
Sometimes one may fool oneself as to what it is that gives meaning to ones space and well-being, all of a sudden stepping back and realising it for a hindrance, an uncertainty gnawing away at the fine fabric of ones peace and quiet.
It may have had its rightful place at one stage but, change...good change...change dynamic...can take us on another journey...and without realising it, one may be ones own worst enemy by fighting those changes.

 The ability to live in a moment real, no matter how unpleasant, and when required, be kindly accepting that change or adaption is needed.
Seasons know to make a tree, a flower...all living plants in Mother Nature...they know to die and they know to bloom...a cycle natural and eternal.
That plant knows its core, its characteristic never just knows to be ever beautiful and true to what it is...cycle after cycle.

So, to know to adapt and not lose oneself in what may be required, ever faithful to oneself, loving and caring...for can life not be beautiful and wonderful for every day it rises and every night it goes to sleep.

Zest and zeal...the words for today."


Tuesday, 29 August 2017

no longer the... 'what if' ...moment

He planted the idea in her head
the warm breeze called for nakedness instead
the shawl did find its way real low
and thus her breasts the shawl did show.
a welcome evening breeze, kissed her nakedness
her skin revelling in the evenings enveloping completeness
for it knew to raise a deep passion within
as he stood watching her, that passion with his akin.
he loved the way she invited him in
with every move of her hand she knew him to win
to reach out and take her by the hand
gently coax her into his frame, closer than close to stand.
he felt her womanly softness melt
the eventual happening, a fantasy that within him dwelt
and now he allowed himself the realisation
no longer living in the 'what if' of his imagination.


introspection...a journey positive

How often one could easily give up on ones dreams or ideals...brought on by pressure and concern of failure. Then the need for self analysis leading to new ideas, a new approach, always keeping in mind the need to be aware of the dynamics ruling the space one occupies. 

When the mind knows to doubt oneself... step in the voice of reason?...introspection?

What be a state of introspection? Be it that self analysis of ones present situation, governed by ones mental and emotional state? 

A period of limbo where much applied and tried is brought into question? 
Why the need of that introspection? 
Is it a change in ones mindset, being influenced by changes in ones environment and daily routine? 
Or, is it simply a realisation of the need to keep tabs on oneself, always reaching for a better space, a direction new and more rewarding?
Does it creep up on one without any notice, all of a sudden the quiet solitude of ones own thoughts required...or...the company of another, understanding and accepting of ones philosophical need to ask rhetorical questions that don't really require answers for one knows them oneself?

Would one classify introspection as something depressive, uncertain... or... rather, a positive move forward to a welcome change required.

Does introspection not happen at crossroads in ones life where,  one becomes aware of a nagging knowledge that things need to be addressed?

Introspection...brought on by relationships challenging, work demanding, youth passing, friendships questionable, choices confusing...the dynamics of an ever evolving daily 'living'..?...a normal set of happenings.

Knowing how to seek the right answers, questions blameless, no regret...introspection be not a negative happening but, rather, the courageous facing and need to make changes good and finding a new road forward.
it is a breather to regenerate ones mind and body and re-apply oneself in the most certain and positive of ways again and again.


Saturday, 26 August 2017

i cannot imagine that be a kink..?


if u should ask me what be my kink
the answer would come without a blink
it be the carefree indulgence in a man
his desire to surrender so that i can... that i can look into his eyes deep
no hiding no holding back in my head him keep that i can part my mouth and lick my lips
see his pupils dilate as his sanity dips that i can stand real close and envelope him in a hug deep
feel him melt and be mine his body to take and keep that i can whisper what be my intent
his sighs and erratic heart, to the suggestions his mind bent that i can take his hands and guide
to place on my stockinged legs to slide that i can before him play
the image of my stockings and heels an imprint forever stay that i can invite him to touch and feel
toward what next shall happen feel him keel

so that he now has courage to tell me his kink
no longer unsure or hesitant, to share it in a blink.

 my kink be quite normal the freedom of spirit to dare
ones sensual erotic side to share
the freedom of expression to give and take
the shackles of misunderstanding and fear to shake.
what if your body exposed, openly naked and yearning
throbbing yet at the same time shyly burning
for fear that a simple sensual desire
to ask for it, and express it, would be dire.
to know to let go and a moment live
to take without hesitation and at the same time give
is a kiss not that , as is a touch and a look
that many a kingdom has made and shook?

so allow me with my stockings my ribbons and more
to knock on the limitations of your inner core
allow me to lead and be your guide
no need in unfulfilled fantasies your desires further to hide.


is it yours to judge?

 ...when it has nothing to do with u and u happen to be looking in...
a judgement rather preserved in silence for one usually is never privy to all the facts in anothers life.

wishing all an awesome Saturday where thoughts and actions run joyously amok with friends and company accepting and knowing of who u are.

smile sweet, laugh deep, hug hard
and be merry! 


Friday, 25 August 2017

there u have it!...videos done!

 What a night!

The story is captured.

And thus...the countdown to the posting of my new video begins.

May i, once again
invite u to

" a part of my world."


RB's third video...the clue

Here we are. Working on follow-up be posted in a couple of days.
This time round an introduction of what may be on offer...clues in the poem.


 how wide be that berth?...that allowance for a tease
the countdown to another video, hoping to please...
stockings sheer, the nylon tight
on my legs  pure delight.
and as they snugly my thigh do cover
the presence of a dear lover
to further titillate the viewer soon
with a stripping tease and a massage boon.
to get lost in some more of what RB's delight may be
further into my world, u, to invite, to come and see
then one day perchance the pleasure mine
on u, dear reader, complete my 'dine'.
to indulge in a mind curious
the teasing videos be not spurious
but a story an imagination a reality
similar to what may be, your fantasy?


no chance of a Friday famine!

i do like what i see
an image i can relate to and completely,
be one with what before me displayed
in the shadow an invitation made.

i look at the shape and curves
kindly critical for that's what it deserves
a womanly form content the way it is
liking that a yearning desire  that shape be of his.

 dear shadow thank u for showing
in my imperfections knowing
my womanly form will always be
no matter what, fitting all his fantasies, perfectly.

and if i may admit
without a pompous crime commit
i do like the way my nipple does tease
in its erectness his sight does please.

oh dear shadow! i cannot imagine
no share with him, a sensual famine
for how could i myself cheat
and not surrender to him complete.

so let us an invitation extend
his thoughts with what i need blend
and send him a picture of this sight
for quicker than quick he will come and dabble in a rich delight! 


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

stockinged toes

 how u shall wallow in all things rich
of the heart, of the body a definite itch,
to let go and allow my presence to take,
a servant of sensuality and erotica of u, make.

a kink, a deviance, sweet be the surrender
in the most pleasurable way, a mind bender,
so when before u all feathered with lust,
draw me deep into who u are, a must.

sweet be the desire to let go and invite,
u want me to know what be your delight,
my toes stockinged do know to tease,
that erect manliness to know to please.

and when close to u i do stand,
and that manliness firmly, take in hand,
to place and slide between my stockinged thighs,
how delightful be your passionate sighs.

that texture, perfect, does know to arouse
pleasure immeasurable further endows.
your mind on the precipice of surrender complete,
but, holding back not wanting the moment to cheat.

hard be your shaft, the veins throbbing
time slipping, the intensity robbing
all your sanity, no desire to stop...
with every coaxing move of mine... deeper into what i want... drop.

freely and willingly

how freely and willingly to lay 

for were it not your eyes, the wish to tease
to stir your curiosity and it to please...?

the will to taunt your resilience
in your hesitancy an ambivalence
do step near and inhale all
for the opium addictive scent of indulgence be the call.

drift within and drop into the depths of lust
that need to let go, do trust
a unity of flesh yielding, thoughts devouring
u shall exist in the moment compounding.

how engaging, personally fulfilling the surrender
to hold back an unnecessary contender
so melt into what the eyes see
allow your sensual self to express itself and



Tuesday, 22 August 2017


 if upon the plinth u should lay
before you recline, and your full form display
first, allow me in your head
under your skin my nearness to bed.

it be not the massage as such to be delivered
but, much more to be realised and considered,
for the experience of surrender on the plinth
be the end result of the labyrinth.

 the labyrinth... what might that entail?
the courage to trust, oneself avail?
to my lead, my direction, my request to let go
down the path where my hands and body with your energy shall flow.

i shall find u, bind u, inside of me,
allow u to feel and my erotic sensuality see,
my space, my mind, i shall gift in our share
the union and naked truth in each other see, the dare.

your need to grasp close to climb into my head,
to pull your head back kiss those yielding lips of yours instead.
 your hands to travel and for the first time read
naked flesh soft and what be the need.

no hurry... no rush... no want of speed
but simply to the moment drowning concede,
our bodies shall talk in their entwined state of desire
the embers flared  the want of what can be, now be the fire

the plinth eventual, does your body receive
an experience wondered, now know to believe,
all that be required is for you to concede
and further allow me your being to feed.


the freedom of a blindfold

 would you be blind if your eyes i should take
all your other senses with a blindfold awake
the very core of your sensuality shake
in what i ask of u there would be no mistake.
i shall bend and challenge all u know of yourself
your desire whatever u have known to shelf
you shall plead and beg with every move of your form
no longer the desire to the old to conform.
for once u have dipped into fantasies deep
and realised in reality them u can keep
then that blindfold the freedom to express
from inhibitions and uncertainties digress.
a path new a journey discovered
from the depths of 'self-drowning' recovered
the urge
to splurge
to all that slept
dormant deep kept
and now to let go
again to show...
so let go, believe, be a part of a space serene
together of numb adherence u, we shall wean
and allow that manliness sure and erect
again with pride and surety resurrect.(...)


Monday, 21 August 2017

avoid betrayal

if the texture and the colour i could copy
would i try?
would i know to do justice to that which i see?
would i succeed to capture the essence of what touches my senses
or make a farce of such natural beauty?

i watched as exotic birdies did feed on its nectar
the colours the draw card the birdies detecter

could it not be said, the same detecter for me as a human?

the scent, the colour and even though the nectar i not seek
my attention caught, enthralled be i, my pleasure at the site did peak.

how sad if blind i should be at what so freely in nature displayed
my senses by my indulgence in the concrete grey jungle betrayed
not possible for the spirit does call and crave
at every opportunity unrestricted mother nature it save


a weekend with the Loeries.

 A great good morning to all...a weekend spent rejuvenating, as usual, with Mother Nature feeding my eyes...all my senses.
A reminder not forget to take note of what may be around me at all times, even when it not be a weekend, losing myself in the depth of the societal rat race to survive and come out tops...the need for economic freedom... thus the blessing of an indulgent weekend laze.

 And with the Loerie awards just past , that application to be acknowledged for ones creative streak, how wonderful to have enjoyed the Loerie in my garden.


Saturday, 19 August 2017

stars deep set...goodnight

the stars deep set
the night does let
the mind to wander
far out yonder
and along the way
as it does play
to come across you
a dream come true...
do sleep real deep
of me, thoughts keep 


a primage paid

 if on a bed high she should lay,
and herself completely display.
what would your first thought be,
if in the doorway u stood and her full form see?

would you approach, at first, her scent inhale,
the length of her with your gaze sail,
enjoy the offer of flesh exposed,
in that simple presentation an invitation proposed?

to stand at the base and freely consider,
in the move that followed no didder,
erotic commanding compelling the image,
a kiss gentle given a payment of primage?

for no wish to abuse or take fore granted what be on offer
a womanly form to be indulged, the proffer,
no resistance as the hands do travel...
from the soft pit of the arm begins, the unravel.

firm, slow and steady be the grip,
down the side of the body be the trip
the thumbs, their pressure, does know to raise
the small of the back to arch, the curve to praise.

the mouth so close the nipple to graze,
with the heat of your breathe as if it to braise,
your tongue continues its artful play,
on her pinned form to the bed, to prey.


the camera lens does capture

 No chance to escape the mind erotic
to feed the camera lens what lay pungently sweet and musky
in my imagination.

internet commands

 an indulgence in words, written by many over periods and periods of time, a share revealing , a share stirring the cockles of ones...