Tuesday, 31 January 2017

farewell to logic and reason...

a woman's breasts no matter the shape
when a man eyes on them set his mouth agape
those mounds and the cherry on top
be nipples so ready in ones mouth to pop.

she be endowed in the beauty of them
one of her many attributes a true gem
the definition of a woman real
her femininity in them to feel.

the breasts of a woman how beautiful a thing
the fascination of them to insanity men bring
to flaunt them like only a woman can
a cleavage revealed a mans ardour to fan.

and thus a lover won in a mere presentation
of her cleavage the evaluation
to logic and reason he farewell bade
the presentation of her breasts his decision made.


catch those panties

u caught me in the act of donning on my pantie
and even once they on, my clothing be quite scanty
my total nakedness to expose at present anti
for later i promise to give u aplenty.

what does aplenty mean u ask
well now..let me put u to the task
me thinks my pantie ain't going on
what a waste it would be them to don.

but rather come near and let me feel u close
myself introduce and u not overdose
on what was hidden from your sight
while i held my legs together tight.

here...catch those panties small of mine
no need for them at this time
but u ...yes, step even closer now
to let u play i shall allow.


arrogant in ones stupidity

My palate of life a rich one. Rich in the knowledge of knowing exactly what it is i want and care to surround myself with. 
Rich in the 'fineties' of that which surrounds me....an abundance of all things natural. An abundance of goodness and wisdom.....and abundance of sincerity and integrity....an abundance of the fact that I AM.
With all of what i am, i challenge those that are better off than i, and ask...
...why do you moan so?
...why do u believe life has dealt u a raw deal?
...why is it that u shackle yourself with self-pity? is it easier that way....not taking ownership of your failures?... in that way u cannot be held liable for a life mundane a life heartless and grey....lost in a bubble of envy and jealousy of those that know to take life by the horns and live?

I have read and been told about times where life was about  living... prose written, movies taken, images portrayed, social lifestyle....the main theme one of joyous faces, carefree living...a wild cleanliness of surroundings....nature abundant in its freedom to spread across Earth....and even in that mess of rules and regulations not yet formalised...it seemed right to be wrong...still finding ones way around as to what may be acceptable.
In that search to 'fix', what was deemed to be wrong....we have managed to make even more 'wrong'.

And we call ourselves an intelligent species...my my....how arrogant we are in our stupidity.


and he was worried about erectile disfuction..?

There wasn't much to be considered.

He had overheard the whole conversation...a few weeks back.

Things at home challenging.

Back from the holidays.


It had been restful.

The embers of love, of lust, of passion, sadly were not rekindled.

A night or two, if he could remember correctly, where his manly needs were attended to. She seemed to be out of it. a duty performed. Didn't make him feel any better.

He couldn't wait to get back from the holidays.

He had so wanted to experience high levels of passion again. Just to be reminded he was capable of such feelings.

And thus seeking the hands of the woman he had heard mentioned. Seeking the thrill of what he had overheard.

He gathered, there was no concern of a sexual nature. He was prepared to take the risk and should things get out of hand, he would just leave.

And thus the travel into a world unknown...a world selfish in the need of personal satisfaction...where he was instructed to relax, relax in his nakedness.

A novel idea considering it felt wrong to be doing what he was doing.

But, once she convinced him to close his eyes...he lay peaceful on the plinth....breathing though...erratic.

It began.

That initial firm touch of hands that instinctively knew...the coaxing, the lure of a touch so perfect...tentative in its desire to bring out his innermost yearning...surfacing as her hands travelled within distance of his hardness...yet, at the same time the need to relax in a massage near perfect in its therapeutic healing of muscles he didn't know were tired.

And between wanting to let go to a massage healing and that of a massage sensual...he found himself again.

Awakened was his passion...awoken was his manhood




How good it felt to know he could.

...and he was worried about erectile disfunction.....?


a morning lover

 "Morning....the Sun seemed hesitant. Shielded by a cloud....peaking.

The night ended in gentle lovemaking of words supportive, sexy, caressing. A wish expressed to touch her, feel her, spoil her.

A request made to kiss her skin alive.

The morning now dawned..

He was kneeling before her, his hands on her hips.

His lips on her tummy...feeling the flow of her blood pulsating as he bit gently....tasting.

Her hands on his shoulders, a leaning into his biting....

His hand travelling down her thigh, inward, spreading her legs .....raising the left leg to rest on his shoulder....and cupping the succulent wet softness he had craved...sinking his teeth into her pubic bone.

A gentle rubbing



A hunger building



A surrender new



And as he buried his face into her thrusting groin, her head thrown back a gasp escaped her and in that moment of escapism she allowed herself to be lost in a world of lovers discovered....even if for an hour.

The morning still long.....the day off to a promising start.

The Sun had taken its glorious place in the heavens high.

He had laid her down to deeply, slowly penetrate and possess."



" Let me be your Concubine...in thought.

Your Concubine of kisses soft.

Your Concubine of delirious escape.

Oh what tortuous pleasures i would spoil u with.

How i would lap away those challenges with every flick of my tongue.

How i would envelope u with the length of my legs

My hands would nestle your head.

My eyes would be pools of serene lust....your escape from a harshness sometime unbearable and heavy.

My warmth would warm the flow of your blood.

And with every rise and fall of my breasts, each breath would match yours.

Into each other
.....nearly becoming one.

Let me comfort and shield u in a momentary selfish escape....your escape."


Monday, 30 January 2017

my sofa red

 why would i even try to explain away my need to have you on my sofa red?
that desire deep, that need to keep
you in my mind
and with me to sleep.

my blood lustfully flows a deep ruby red richness of passions hot.
i could not imagine myself to cheat
of u near
and of your flesh to eat.

there you be so glorious in your manliness all cocky and hard.
and i seductively in my softness u to coax
no logic needed
your tongue my nipple strokes.

that sofa red, a colour passionate a lovers call to indulge.
do strip me of my clothing black
i shall stand
and wait for u to snack.


a lost society

For me, taking a sabbatical, doesn't have any time frame. 
But, rather , a stepping away from the norm, even for an hour,  and taking a breather. 
It means a rest of mind and a regenerating of self. Nothing too specific should challenge ones thought. All of a sudden the space becomes romantic, a getaway, a dream of how it could be if one didn't have responsibilities or worries. 
A crazy idea takes seat...what if one were to run away....like elope....elope from the realities of life.
We forget that we can. We forget that there is time for everything in our lives...and i mean everything.
That crazy excuse that work doesn't allow one much else. Work has taken total priority over living. Of course one has to earn a living. of course one would be nowhere without a penny or two in ones pocket.
But to work oneself into a stupor...where family no longer features, except, maybe, on holidays, and even then they are a  bother because they pricey... rowdy... demanding
...friends, because they don't understand ones life and how stressed one is, become burdensome with their telephone calls or invites to outings or visits
...personal indulgences like a hobby one puts aside claiming to be too tired .
We fool ourselves, convince ourselves that work is the answer to all our challenges. 

Could it be that we hiding from living?
Could it be that we don't know how to live anymore?
Could it be the money has become our god....ones life defined at how deep ones pocket is. As to the people in our lives or the value of living...who cares...as long as one can drive the smartest car and carry the newest mobile or gadget in ones pocket...now that be called living in this new era.

We are a lost society.


procrastination not be the crime

when the heart be heavy and the mind tired

by an occurrence abnormal all senses fired

one stumbles and worries what be the end

to the Universe a prayer positive thoughts to send.

how fragile we are in our humanity

to forget to live full an insanity

to brush aside those near and dear

for tomorrow be another day no fear.

and what if the day next all of a sudden not be

that loved one not around again to see

then the wish to rewind father time

and this time round procrastination not be the crime.

a blow a reminder to love real deep

excuses as to why not real cheap

nothing dearer than a parent old

having nurtured me to stand strong and bold.

aaah....a parent can only try their best

which child a parent does not test

i cannot imagine a better pair

than with my mother and father my love to share.

so blessed be all parents on Mother Earth

and wisdom be bestowed on their children at birth

to remember a parent to care and love

for one day they will be looking at us from above.


Saturday, 28 January 2017

till the morrow

I bid thee goodnight
in peace to sleep tight
let your mind wander free
the beauty of dreamland see.
Per chance should we meet
what a wonderful treat
and before the dream may be over
who knows...i may become your lover.

till the morrow...RB.

their hands burnt

He held her hands in his.

A pulsating energy

A burn.

She was staring at his face

eyes wide

watching...hoping to see .

His eyes downcast...too aware that she would know if he looked up.

The pull was too strong.

He leaned in.

She closed her eyes.

Their lips met.

Their hands burnt.

The kiss....RB

the ultimate display

"i see u like your trophies
nicely lined on the mantelpiece
which one would be your ultimate
your all time favourite..?"

"when i see u there
to them u, i compare
each one a feat achieved
great pleasure in them received.

i never thought a trophy new
especially one of a feminine hue
a challenge a conquest
to succeed the test
no rest
the best...

not on the mantelpiece...

but, close to me in my arms to rest
now that be the ultimate...the very best."


power Divine

when a mind creative its outlet finds
would it not be wrong of me to
not get lost
marvel at

the handiwork of an artist fine.

and in that instant
it dawned on me
the best creation
be me
in my humanity

the handiwork of a power Divine.


how much time do we have left

How quickly life does rush us by. When young and carefree advise from an elder , not to grow up too quickly, rather an intrusion in ones youth, than good advise.
And as the years do pass us by, we begin to think of moments passed, events occurred, people met and lost, dreams not brought to fruition...all the while hoping to not fall deep in the pit of self pity.
Life is not an easy task and for those who try to fool themselves that one can go through life without being scarred...a rude awakening, all of a sudden blemishes everything one might have believed and held true and dear.

Being privy to a conversation, where a dear soul questioned their state of happiness ...unaware that the feelings felt were quite normal, and that they were not alone in what they were experiencing, made me wonder how many of us walk around, feeling like an island, isolated in ones concern about the well-being of self.
Not having the courage or even knowing how to vocalise what one feels. Or the fear of sounding weak and stupid, and thus continuing on a path of solitary torture, instilled upon oneself, for no other reason, lest society treats one like a leper and belittles one even further.

And as the world has become more modern, faster, colder, more ruthless and demanding...so we have become less human in our existence...hiding uncertainties, fears, naivety, needs personal, anything associated with emotion....our core still burning red and alive ....our shell resilient...robotic.
No longer do tears flow free, no longer is kindness given readily, no longer do men and women know to sit in a moment silent....peaceful in each other...simply.... being a woman... and... being a man...each different...each needed for the continuation of humanity.

Now the test tube...a kiss? no time for that.
A hug....cannot...for it is intrusive of personal space and too telling of how one may feel.

It is time humans revert back to simply being human....living....investing in themselves and their loved ones.

Do u think Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Theresa May, Xi Jinping and other leaders will find time to sit down and talk about the global health and wellness of being....simply being and co-existing....of course not....economics prevails over humanity.

And thus it be our duty, as humans, to live the best we can ....kind in the treatment of ourselves, and in turn, kind in our treatment of others.


...one night indulgence.

 ...the window open. A breeze carrying the curtain back and forth. Revealing the city lights.

The night sweaty



He had been on his knees kissing her stomach hands on her buttocks tongue travelling downward toward the start of a cleanly shaven softness...

He had been seated, her back to him, seating herself

implanting herself...

She had been on her knees caressing admiring stroking a tightness a hardness he needed released...

She had been his shackles holding his hands above his head as he lay on the bed sprawled, she a sliding soft blanket all over nakedness....

They had moaned




They had been silent in the deep throes of passion shared, absorbing each others essense

They had writhed arched hugged wanting to be closer....

...They had fallen asleep the sweet scent of satisfaction heavy

the bed

the chair

the room proof of a cyclonic lovemaking.

She stirred before him. He had left a gift on the counter abundant, generous beyond.

She left quietly.

He knew she would be gone before he woke. She was worth every second he had spent with her.....what a pity.

While she slept he had watched her.


He liked her.

As she left....pity.

She liked him.

the results of....a one night indulgence.


womanly cup to sip

my skin does to your touch react
the care in you does impact
your soft and gentle meandering
on my nakedness a wandering.

but my mind in that moment a disconnect
for world news on it an affect
so have the patience to find my mind
i promise passions of a serious kind.


best this moment i don't waste
and indulge in u to taste.

so here goes dear lover of mine
the mind and body now entwine
to thoughts of u and me confine
the feel of u erotically sublime.

and thus my body does unravel
to allow your tongue further to travel
and with my hands your head i dip
from my womanly cup to sip.


...are we doomed?

when a television screen an image shows
everything i stand for against it goes
first the shock reverberates
and then other emotions it agitates.

in shame i think 

is that how an intelligent species behaves
consistently at civilisation with atrocities shaves
let us kill that bitch of a human, who cares why
hang that bastard for being different, just because its fly.

how proudly we bare arms
in the name of another's qualms
standing steadfast behind our nationalism
the news the maiming of another society, sensationalism.
a child buried under the rubble a mother cries
the actions of world powers all logic belies
so to end one war another is needed
and thus the guarantee of world peace deleted.

how fucked up we are as a global society
in all we do the death of charity and piety
do we know who we are anymore
for the annihilation of ourselves is the only thing sure.

.....are we doomed...?


Friday, 27 January 2017

the stripper and her fan - part 5

the story continues....

the stripper and her fan ...part 5


Near midnight. Exhausted. Yet he couldn't sleep.

Damn work had kept him running around. First a day trip across boarder into Africa and then the next off to the coast.

And all he had wanted to do was rush over to the club.

He closed his eyes. Torture. A pain in his groin.

He had tried to wank himself off ...images of her wetness running through his mind.

It didn't help. His cock excited. Hard. Mere spasms of wanting to cum.



...for whatever reason his cock would go limp. Even the frenzied hand action became tiring and boring.

He needed those gyrating hips of hers, her soft wetness....that pussy....pressed against his flesh.

And it wasn't only that.

The mystery of her...the intrigue.....carefree. She had awoken something in him.

Tomorrow night ....just a few hours away.

The last image that lingered before sleep set in....

Their last meeting, as she pissed off from his car, he had caught a glimpse of her swollen femininity....as she had climbed off him.

The thought .....he dosed off.


the grace to be humble

 to have the grace to be humble
and not worry about ones ego taking a tumble
when one has overstepped the line
in silence ones arrogance to confine
the ability to stand firm though
and to the rest of the world show
being humble does not mean weak
but rather of maturity and wisdom it does speak.

the world has become loud, crass and vile
on each other atrocities does pile
the 'me' featuring asthmatically
forcing itself in all situations unethically
the vulgarity of self, defined in possessions
hungering festering narcissistic monetary obsessions
be there anything humane in our behaviour
by those boorish bullies it be considered a personal failure.

so...how do u yourself define
do you consider your character and personality prime
would u know when to step back and when to feature
in a situation bad try be the teacher.


would u for cover run
because the bullies have stolen the sun
and taken centre stage
all to engage
in atrocious oration
obvious be their vocation
good to destroy
propaganda their ploy
in silence to shut
the throat to gut
of anything worthy

...to have the grace to be humble
and not worry about ones ego taking a tumble...


to love another...simple?

how simple it really is...to let another know how u may feel about them. To let them know your heart pines and skips a beat at the thought of them. How thoughts deep, memory of time spent...short or long...means the world to u.
how simple it really is...to welcome another in ones need of them. To let them read your thoughts in your eyes, your touch ....in the way u melt into their closeness.
How rewarding that surrender, in the trust and belief, that the other was waiting with baited breath, to hear and know u crazy for them,
passionately in need of their company...
to smile
to be joyous
to imagine falling in love with....

how simple it really is ....to love another.

not overthinking love...or how to fall in love.



he wanted EVERYTHING from her

To see her again was required.

A day passed.

He sat at his desk....mind gone.

He could sense her close.

Her breath travelling the length of his torso....from his mouth, where a promise of a kiss left his lips trembling...a soft firm bite into his chin....her tongue tracing the path from his adams-apple down down......stopping just short of his rock hard penis.

She was kneeling between his legs....he sprawled on a bed soft, legs wide.

He had not watched the journey of her delicious tongue to his torso but, now, found himself not daring to close his eyes for fear of missing out what came next.

He felt transfixed by her gaze.  Her look burrowing into his sense of logic.

He wanted everything from her. EVERYTHING.....whatever that meant.

An amused smile....a delicious smile touched her lips.

Her teeth taking possession of her bottom lip.

Her gaze burning.....searing from lust.

He wanted to raise himself on his hands, get closer to her....he wanted to thrust his cock upwards, beg her to touch him, suck him, bite him....anything.

She just stared



and dragged him deeper and deeper into her eyes......and then

she moved

raised herself tall on her knees.

"I am going to have u....all of u. How would u like me to begin?" she asked....already beginning her leopard crawl over him....growling softly.....

Oh mother of mercy!

Jolting himself back to reality, wiping away a fine line of sweat from above his upper lip.

Damn that woman....making his way to the gents, hands strategically placed in his pockets.



 Last night began the runway walk

the twirl

into today...


History....Women...Theresa May

And thus the question looms in every body's head
To address Donald Trump and misunderstandings put to bed.

His approach aggressive, bombastic, direct, blatant
Like shrapnel his tweets world leaders leaving stunned and hesitant.

Now who has the courage to step first in his lair
No-one else, but a woman, Theresa...May, she dare.

Once again history does show what a woman may be
In her resilience to confusion no hesitancy.

Valiant be she even should she fail
Potentially looking like a fool doesn't make her bail.

To sort a problem that could be devastating for most
In her potential success she hopes to toast.

For she knows her strength lies in her level headed-ness
And for the good of all she will fight like a tigress.

No matter the outcome, from me, personally
My support for your efforts u have completely.

Though i believe he will credit you
And listen to your points of view
Don't allow his arrogance to bowl u over
Rather he, due to your steadfastness, run for cover.

May wisdom and strength and understanding prevail
Two world leaders, one woman one man adversity to curtail.

A historic moment in the making
To a workable solution the world could be waking.


Thursday, 26 January 2017

whisper softly in my ear

will u dance with me into the night
will u hold me close, real tight
will u whisper softly in my ear
that i to u am real dear
and as my mind begins to drift
thoughts restful to settle swift
and thus i leave you behind
in dreamland hope to further find.



no longer meek.

when he a longing did instill
the image of him her mind did fill
to long for his return
between her legs a longing burn.
he woke in her a a naughty streak
a woman now no longer meek
and in her sighs and deep groans
in unison would be his moans.
the wall she hugged an image left
to arouse her with his hands deft
the dress remained on her frame
as he played out his seductive game
but his hands under the material
to cup the softness of her ethereal
and herself she did mould
into his length herself did fold.

a talisman

a pendant

on a leather strap black
to hang
in the middle smack

of a woman's bossom.

a talisman

of the woman wearing it
to define
where she does fit

in societies milieu.



he wanted to photograph

The idea of being the photographer, the one behind the lens, an appealing thought.
 He wished to have a model who would not find him creepy or threatening. 
One who would understand his wish to live a moment, where the feminine curves of a woman come to life in a very different way. 
He wished to capture a moment ...a moment for posterity...not another's experience but, his own.
And even though he was not professional, how vividly he imagined, how it would be done.
So, when she agreed and said she understood and accepted...all of a sudden he felt silly and didn't care to do it anymore.
But, she coaxed him behind the lens and explained that all he should do is, look and see. 
See, when it felt right...when a mood presented itself, then 
click away.

....and what he got and liked was the curve of her bottom...nothing more was needed at his first attempt.

After all it was the curve , the roundness of that shape that had attracted him to her in the first place.


who is me

a wonderful discovery of who is me
having the courage to look and see
why would i fear the result be shown
when to the truth i have always been prone.

i like what i see and who i am
quite ordinary and slightly glam
most definitely many faults obvious
defined by traits Scorpius...

a lover i know to be
everything i do and say with dignity
others to mistreat would be a profanity
rather with sympathy
in another giddily
them make happy visibly
their sensuality vividly






Another beautiful piece of writing from a person very dear to me....enjoy.


From somewhere distant - the muffled chirps of slowly waking birds

The darkness slowly retreating as the lightness regains the day

A slow awakening

A slow stretching

Climbing up to consciousness

I can feel her as she lies there alongside me, snugly

Comfortable, alluring

Still cocooned in sleep

Breathing gently, rhythmically

Her skin warm, scented, smooth

Waiting to be stroked

The faint light reveals her slightly parted lips

Her hand against her cheek

The outline of her breast visible against the sheet

Peeking through her hair, the curve of an ear

I wrap my arms around her

She snuggles closer

Both content, we breathe in unison


Slipping into sleepiness


If only time could stand still


...'come' again

put me and my sensuality to test.

u may be slightly taken aback

for to waste my time and yours

when our minds are aligned and on track

why not my jacket remove

for us sooner to get in the groove

let me show u what it means to be kinky but a lady of note

and touch on your fantasies that float your boat.

no need to be naked right now

for my stockinged and heeled legs
be the reason your mind reels and begs
for me to straddle u in your seat
with my passionate kiss the urgency delete.

as your tongue i savour with all of me
my imagination in that moment amok and free
tonight when u leave a part of u will remain
the desire to 'come' again... u will not restrain.


good people...?

How often we find that good people are so deep, deeep in disguise that we miss them. They come in all shapes, sizes and form....colour, creed or gender no specification, except, ever present in their integrity and honourable conduct.

And should their behaviour and comments be taken as one critical of others, this would only be because those on the receiving end, realise in themselves, their capability of being a better person, and thus feeling guilty of recognising oneself short of something better, which may be inherant in ones character.

I am of the opinion, if a good person goes undetected or is used as a punching bag  then one needs to  question the character of those that are unable to identify a person good. Those that thrive on being stupid , a bully...even worse,is a social site bully where their identity is hidden. 
Cowards of the worst kind. and even worse are those weak of character that jump onto the bandwagon and target a subject or person, for no other reason but, simply to be vocal and abusive.

Social media should be an excellent platform for many reasons. From promoting and growing ones earning capacity, to gaining knowledge, to support, to creating new friendships in far away places....to use it in any way possible promoting the best in one and others.
Yet, as social media grows and new platforms get introduced , the abuse continues to grow at a rapid pace instead of it being slowed down by the potential good in its use. 

Question, i ask, again and again....is the good in all of us, is a good person, is integrity and honour something to be embarrassed about, something to be shunned?
Does fame or fortune spoil us? does being derogatory make us more favourable in the eyes of the masses? Do wars and conflicts be the food of this new world? How can a Samaritan good, make any impact on the tumultuous shit we find ourselves in when kindness and good advise is shunned and laughed at. 

I truly hope that this abusive society will not frighten the good Samaritans into hiding, that they no longer care to disclose themselves when a situation calls. For then, we are ...fucked.


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

your awakening

I find it quite interesting how i am perceived due to my writings. 
There is a lot of truth in what i write for it comes from my head, my imagination. Thus, in some way, it does define me. 
But, is it not possible that my imagination be such of a world different to the reality of mine?  
Is it not maybe misread and misunderstood depending on who may be reading?

I ask and welcome you into a world fantastical...to walk in without inhibition or concern as to what shall be read. 
It is a world erotic, a world sensual and very comfortable in its seductive allure.It allows one to be naked of thought, surrendering ones mind to the words read.
It allows you to connect with me. ... my world in my head. 
My muses are  my moments, my experience. My inspirations... they be people, words, the smallest of insignificant of things can sometimes a mind fuel.
And when one is keen and eager to live in the moment, then the most magical of things happens. 
Alive comes a sensuality, a yearning, a need to acknowledge oneself, to realise that it ain't dirty or wrong to feel like one does, for most humans feel the same...we just do not know to express it in a space acceptable with a person acceptable. 
We forget we were created in the image of love or rather should we say in the act of lovemaking...that first look, that touch, that scent, that kiss, that person....a subconscious picture taken, a feeling felt when a slight brush against a lover near, happens.

Oh how we have lost ourselves in the grey concrete of a world cold, callous in killing off anything that requires us to feel, an emotional connect. 

And thus i ask....walk into my world....walk into my beautiful world...where you and your lover will be the epitome of everything that makes me breathless and alive with burning words of passion
....oh to capture a moment of lustful love between 2 lovers sincere.

Therefore, do not my writings misunderstand as trivialities of a quick sexual fix but, rather allow them to be your awakening to deeper dabblings of a sensual and erotic nature.


stockings or pantihose

She decided to arrive early. Affording her the ability to watch him as he approached the table she sat at.

A bit nervous at accepting the invite but, sometime, the curiosity could not be curbed.

Understated in her dress code. Yet alluring enough to cause heads to turn and men to wonder.

She smiled to herself and wondered if she was recognisable from her pictures off the red site.

A strategic seat, not too obvious, giving sight to the entrance.

He had given the clue as to how she could recognise him. A quick scan on entering confirmed he had not arrived as yet.

She was pleased with herself.

He sat at the coffee shop across from their place of meet. Much before her entrance.

There was no chance he would have missed her.

The strength of her calves, the length of her legs....stockings? He wondered.

An alluring quiet arrogance, a peaceful confidence in her stride.

An oblivious awareness of her surroundings.

She was tall...even taller on the heels. She sat down, head at a coy tilt as she acknowledged and thanked the waitress.

He had noticed her quick scan. He smiled ruefully. She had to do better than that.

There was a pull.

This woman made him nervous. Excited. Wanting. Curious.

He needed to know more.

And as he paid his bill, she noticed him and a tingle stirred between her legs.

He was what she knew he would be. Self assured. Man. Far from perfect. Just like her.

He was sexy in himself.

"Care if i join you? " he asked, looking her straight in the eye and inviting her into his yearning.

"Please." she said, her eyes soft. Her lips delicious.

He bent down and kiss her softly and whispered

"Stockings or pantyhose...?"

" You tell me." she said, taking his hand and placing it between her legs within reach of her wet warmness.




A chosen road travelled where challenges faced make one deviate off the path travelled.

A perchance happening. A meeting unplanned.

Imprinted on ones mind forever. A ripple so intense to change choices made.

What is a coincidence.

Is it a coincidence to come across a crime and be able to stop or slow it down yet put ones own life in danger.

Is it a coincidence to witness a person in peril and be able help but, to the peril of ones own life.

Is it a coincidence to witness a situation so dire and not part of ones everyday but at the price of ones own sanity.

Is it coincidence to be hurled on a path less travelled.....and yet.....perchance.....it may just not be a coincidence.

Whatever our choices, in that instant, will stay imprinted on the vastness of existence. Not only affecting us but, others too.

Coincidence is not coincidence...it is a further defining of how much is potentially out of our control.


When the chance presents itself and you find yourself, coincidentally,  in a place you can help, without any devastating repercussions to yourself or others.....

May you be blessed 100 fold and rewarded richly for being the Good Samaritan that ended the misery of another


a head on collision with the truth...

 a head on collision with the truth.

How easy it is to know and recognise the truth for what it is. Distinguishable from all the other daily crap that may surround one.
The truth can be challenging, frightening destroying .
On the other hand, it can be rewarding, uplifting, progressive.
And should one find that the truth is not the latter, then one tends to ignore it, pretends it ain't so, even gets angry at those trying to bring it to the fore, sugar coating the bad.....refusing to realise there will be a place and time when it will pop up and bite one in the bum.
How easy it is to deal with matters favourable, compliments pleasing.
How easy it is to deal with that which one likes...that is not tedious, heavy and mundane
...who doesn't care to be comfortable in ones workspace, ones social circle...ones life in general. Who doesn't care to better oneself and aspire to achievement and success.
 ... along the way faults will be made, one will be caught out for shortcomings, shortcuts, white lies.
Does one then dig ones hole deeper, refusing to acknowledge and confront the problem...pretending there ain't a problem...the 'truth' of the matter being that it does not lie with oneself but rather is an external issue others must deal with.
...does one approach the 'ugly' truth carefully and shyly, for it never is a pleasant matter when the truth shows one up for less than perfect or correct.
Damage control...be it on a personal, social or professional level is the key to salvaging any situation gone wrong, where the truth needs to be handled the best way possible and for one to move forward not losing vision or pace.
...in fact building up stronger credibility and reliability and initiating a base of support from others... for dealing with a truth unfavourable shows a character worthy and speaks volumes to ones surroundings .
And should one take a route wrong , ignoring a truth that may be uncomfortable and ugly....one is guaranteed a head on collision...the fatality of ones credibility and the loss of a sustainable growth going forward.

One must never forget, the wool can be pulled over some peoples eyes, but the majority ain't as stupid as one would wish them to be or think they are.


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

the stripper and her fan - part 4

the story continues...

 the stripper and her fan....part 4

The night before she had waltzed away.

Leaving him gasping. So bloody hard.

And without any shame, he had wanked himself off right there in the parking lot. He didn't care who may have seen him. Sat in his car, feeling seriously stupid and drove off.

It did not deter him from returning.

Saturday eve.

He sat at the bar waiting.


Two hours...couldn't be. Her night off?


He got up to go...swivelling around....and there she stood smiling at him....near toppling on top of her.

"I was wondering when u would turn round. Been watching u." she said, turning away and walking toward the exit.

She was even more beautiful...relaxed.....t-shirt and simple knee length skirt. No make-up.



What was she up to now.

She stood at his car....waiting for him to unlock....and with that she climbed into the passenger seat.

Robotically, he followed and climbed in on the drivers side...and before he could put the key into the ignition, he felt her slide over...

"Kiss me." she demanded.

Concerned, he looked around. Nobody.

And with amazing agility, the agility of a pole dancer, her skirt hitched all the way up to her crotch, she was straddling him in his seat, knees on either side of his buttocks....fuck. He needed to push the seat back.

"U want me?"

"Take me...."

And as he pushed her skirt higher over her hips, he realised nothing stood between her soft flesh and his touch.

Tonight was going to be the ride of his life.

Tonight she was going to exhaust him. Swallow all of him ....her way.

She did.

Leaving him wanting more....wet....cum all over his torso from grinding her softness gently on his tight balls whilst massaging his cock with her hands.

He had wanted her to fuck him but, she had him pinned down so that he couldn't move...the eruption was so intense all over her hands....the spasms still surging through his body...

and she?

Opened the car door....

stepped outside...

modestly re-arranged herself...

wiped her mouth dry form their wet passionate kisses....

smiled and said

"See u tomorrow sexy."


pissed off.

Bloody hell....he needed to remember to put tissues in the car....he thought panting


(to be continued.... )


an invite naughty

 When a walk in the parking lot becomes interesting....


 When a peek from around a corner becomes an invite naughty....RB.


my face

my face does a story tell
of each situation too well.

should u me with kindness gift
the corners of my mouth in a smile will lift.

be it a moment me to berate
my mouth tight my eyes in an angry state.

and if me u do surprise
the shock on my face i wont disguise.

so if a story u want told
what the emotion the grip the hold
when u stand real close real near
my response speedy jacked to top gear.

i shall be like in a trance
drown, surrender into u advance
a trip personal shall be travelled
and my face...?...in euphoria bedazzled.


hypocrisy and pretense

This piece inspired by a conversation had with another who, like me, could not understand why it may be taboo to be comfortable in ones sensuality and sexuality, Why the hypocrisy, the pretense...





if i were a lover such, would u consider me crude.

your porn queen




my sexuality simply too flagrant?

eat me

bite me

kiss me


or is such a request considered unladylike, real cheap.

take me

wake me

shake me


but at all time up be your guard.

a lover hypothetical

a man hypocritical

why would my sensuality

my sexuality

me define

marked be i no longer fine.

mmmm...behind closed doors

courageous , you say I'm yours

but if called to admit

that u too, find yourself in this space to fit

your carnal needs deeper than mine

needing TLC deep and sublime

then why the pretense

that makes no sense

to cheat yourself of something so natural

why not allow it to be real and actual.


his virtual lover

'Would u care to be kinky with me?'
'So how would that play out...' she asked
'Simple.' he said....his voice quiet , on the other end of the phone.
'This is not a request to dabble in person my dear. my fantasy being to speak to u while u in your space and i in mine. '
' ...aaah. Something like virtual naughtiness?....how naughty do u want me to be?'
' I shall leave that up to u .'he said.
' Turn on your computer and dial into my account...'

He did.

There she sat...there he sat. 
Her purpose very different from his.
His to watch . 
Hers to arouse.
And even though the session virtual...she had him hard hard, she had him madly desirous, she had him wishing....she was near.
His hands firm round his hardness...she was good. Very good.....his virtual lover.


...a foregone conclusion

So i ask u to be my company today
i ask u to not hurry back to the office and rather stay
i ask you if in u i may indulge
u ask me for more details to divulge.
I choose to undress and in my nakedness
to u i divulge my erotic sensual awareness
and with that i see your resolve faltering
your responsibilities now getting a battering.
For the call of a carnal morning spent
your mind and body now prefer to be lent
and thus u stand up your belt to loosen
in your mind an infusion
a transfusion
of touch
a contribution
no illusion
a foregone conclusion

...of what u shall do to me.


losing ones cool ain't cool...?

Losing ones cool ain't cool. Even if the situation be such calling for bombs to explode and and and.....a level headed logical response...after counting to 10....should always the best option be, reaping rewards and dialect further in the distant future.

It leaves doors open to continue finding a road forward, a solution beneficial to all parties involved.

Would those seeking a diplomatic approach, be more mature of character than those bulldozing all and sundry in ones way, when conflict arises? 

Having a loud and vocal voice, calling a spade a spade, makes one a  problem maker rather than problem solver? 

Does pussy footing and potentially sweeping matters under the carpet, lead to a society more amicable and peaceful, all striving to be the better person, cognisant of ones mistakes and thus subtly addressing and changing them, leaving in the wake of such correction, a more peaceful society aspiring to a state of amalgamated understanding of each others differences?
Or, rather... would it be correct to say that each situation is unique and one should know when to be a diplomat and when to have the courage to stand strong and resiliently defiant in the face of people and situations that deserve a direct hit at the core of a threatening stupidity to the intelligence of humanity and all things good.
Having the patience to nudge people and situations toward a harmonious outcome, when feelings unsettled may be bubbling, should be the best approach. 

But, what happen,s when the parties involved, are so pig-headed and defiant to any logic or arbitration thus pushing all the wrong buttons leading to an outburst loud, a physical manifestation such a slap in the face, a fight abusive.
Even the most diplomatic of people do have their limits, maturity of character not featuring, and they too know how to lose their cool and call out an idiot, a degenerate, whose sole purpose is to remain defiantly stupid in the face of reason and logic.
So the conclusion may be .....it may not be cool to lose ones cool.

But... sometime it may be necessary.


Monday, 23 January 2017

deep sleep

deep sleep
does call the weary mind.
to let go
to drown in darkness and rest find.


worrisome situation...?

if i had to look u in the eye and ask u how u feel
would u have the courage to say it as it is and be real?

no matter what at your mind may be nibbling
a worrisome situation on your thoughts a rippling?

i promise u my mind at times heavy too
and it takes quite a bit from myself not to be blue
and what an easy feat that becomes
when i see others worse than i in the doldrums.

it is ok to be human and at times confused
ones mind with daily challenges abused
there is no escape from the hardships of life
through many of our successes cutting like a knife.

but, lo and behold, how courageous we be
strong and steadfast we know to stand in adversity
for to be alive and joyous in ones creation
even the most difficult of times be the start to a new elation.

so, look me in the eye and take strength from me
a new hope and solution  in their depths u will see
i feel u and know u dear befuddled one
tomorrow a morn bright and an answer will come.


Comfy and sexy

Me and my "bridget jones" pair....