Sunday, 29 April 2018


How glorious morning knows to be. In everything that defines dawn my nakedness reaches out and swallows it with zest.
There be no hesitancy in accepting the rays of the sun, the coolness of a morning fresh, in the company of a soul so at rest and peace, united with what nature has to offer.
The surrender of ones being to creation long before our time. How in love one becomes with the naturalness of it all....the desire to not miss out on the dawns splendour...the waking of a day busy in its rise.
I could not imagine being without the unrestricted beauty of all that nature is. It knows to enhance my humanity in the most passionate, gentle and giving of ways, reminding me that am part of its creation.
And thus to be close, to touch, to look deep into anothers see and acknowledge the person they are, to bring out the best in them and they in u...when flesh naked knows to press gently into another in a hug ...there be no thought of anything else but to get lost in the sincerity of the moment of being given life.


Saturday, 28 April 2018

he bashful...she suggestive

how glorious u are in your nakedness!
how appealing u be in your bashfulness!
a man deliciously exposed for my selfish indulgence!
with every click of the lens closer to convergence...
of thoughts similar for the request would follow
that i lay down so u, behind the camera lens can wallow,
in my naughty display of nakedness
 definitely missing any form of bashfulness!
for suggestive and inviting i shall lay
maybe even allow my hands to indulge in play...
the idea for u, to put the camera to rest
and put my suggestive inviting tease to test.
aaaah! don't get carried away!
don't allow your mind down corridors lusty to stray!
for, i shall stop u, and make u next to me lie ,
before anything naughty with me u try! (wink)


a bit of silliness

 how much fun can be had
when similar we be clad
but funny it be
for, what do i see !?!
where flat fitting be  my stocking
a special kind of 'knotting'
be observed in your stocking...

how i do love to play!!


an unnatural claim

 a landscape rough
a natural sculpture of rock and be the ground with movement insect.
the lay of land across centuries of time eroded into that which i, now,
have the privilege of  enjoying.
and, as captivating be the lands so the skies clear blue, shine bright with the sun's rays...
a reminder of the life that feeding heat, knows to nurture.
no matter civilisation and societal claims of urban privileges
there be no greater privilege than the freedom of revelling in nature.
it lays no demands nor cares to take and make u prisoner of materialistic falsities.
it trusts in your judgement to be the best guardian of its existence.
how extra-ordinary a state of being that knows to place restrictions on urbanisation and its ever 
destroying tentacles reaching out into mother nature...
a different sort of sculpturing...the destruction of all that was given to us for free.
up above i sit on a high rise of rock outgrowth and hold faith 
that no slab of concrete constructed by man will ever crop its unnatural claim in this space.

RB. appealing u are

How fascinated u hold me in  who u are! Your respect of my femininity and care to enhance it with your attentive acknowledgement of my company...u make me sigh with all times making me feel courted. A breath of fresh air in the way u look at me...that lustful admiration of my curves, that naughty wanton grin, your touch needing no excuse or explanation as to its desirous travels of my buttocks. How different u are 'simplicity' appealing for there be no layers upon layers i need to sift through or insinuations or innuendos in your speech.
Your directness and sincerity in action is a breath of fresh air allowing me to rest in your company.
Your intent, desire, want and needs shown and displayed without pomp or explanation or excuse. Your comfort in accepting of self makes u sexy and appealing.
How naughty i am, for i know your weakness and choose to use it at my discretion to tease and excite u. How i want u breathless, asking....whispering, whimpering as i turn all my attention toward u...for....there is nothing more delicious than u...dear man...when surrendered and fully concentrated u are, on what i want. And in return i shall take u on a merry ride of discoveries of self where we shall meet and mutually dine on contentment, no longer deprived of self satisfaction.
Selfishly yet, giving, we shall know to meet and surpass each others expectations...dear man...yin and yang we are...together a circle we form... RB.

Friday, 27 April 2018

what be the ultimate goal

what if we should find ourselves, in a time and space where we can
be the enemy or the fan
and thus, a moment portray
the finest of details display
to either make
that which we observe.

like a camera lens to position it correct
to capture and portray the best effect
of  whatever the truth may be
 hiding the worst, not allowing another to see?

would it be true to say, there are moments when the truth be required
to get to the bottom of deceit and deception desired,
and adhering to political correctness of any sort
is disrespectful and an undermining of anothers intellectual capabilities and thought?

and then, there are times when a push in the right direction,
showing the positive rather than negative a definite prevention
of unnecessary harm and derailing
of future growth, thus concentrating on a past indiscretion abstaining.

the main question then be
as humans, do we possess the capabilities to see
without judgement or bias what may be good for all as whole
and thus unity, be the ultimate goal?



Thursday, 26 April 2018

delving into and reconnecting with his erotic sensuality

...something had gone dead in his mind. Not even porn knew to excite him and he found bodily pleasures quite mundane, the same old same old sexual indulgence, forgetful in some way. 
He sighed and wandered what it would take to get him back on the path of realising deep passions and lustful pangs that would make his body tremor and his mind befuddled from the sheer exhaustion of bodily release.

She had suggested a break away from his normal surroundings, somewhere where his mind may 'go to pasture'.  He chose the bush.
It became an unexpected adventure of rediscovery and redefining expectations. He found himself learning to be still in his head, learning to let go of what he thought should be and rather connecting with his body. 
She silenced him into surrendering to the lay without needing to reciprocate her sensual advances. Every touch of her lips was like a searing of skin, pleasurably painful, making him arch toward her mouth. 
Her hands wove a magic across his flesh, a fluttering eroticism in their times gripping him hard, making him wince from the intensity of her lustful advances. 
Her whispers were delicious and intoxicating in their suggestions and he found himself doing exactly as she willed him to do....moan and moan and moan....let his voice was the realisation of letting go of inhibition and most important of all, letting go of expectations...a topsy turvy of what he thought would have to happen to make him come alive again.
Her commanding, possessing, unashamed indulging and asking of him to give more of himself, he felt in every bit of her naked softness, in every nibble, every thrust hungering...she climbed, rode him, ate him whole...and yet, at no point in time had they indulged in sexual intimacies.
She had shown him how to hunger, how to want, how to tremble at what he knew was going to happen...rather than wish for something he himself didn't even know what it may be.
It was the beginning of delving into and reconnecting with his erotic sensuality.


my best friend...the camera

today the task in hand
in focus, my best friend
the camera and its lens
itself to many a possibility lends.
to leave it behind a rare occurrence
for, what i know i shall come across be in great abundance,
the unexpected and the expected
my camera lens has never rejected.
so, forward let's go
and see what today a camera shows
the photographer though different
under direction captured a journey RB arrant.

enjoy a flavour different.


pre-empted, the reward ahead

 when a morning awakening asks for nothing more
than the promise of what the day holds in store
for, pre-empted be the goodness ahead
the bright rays of the sun bid one to get out of bed.
the idea being to go with the flow
and see what the day has to show
to love no matter what on the horizon may be
good or bad is all, a worthy see.
to some life may not be fair
while others rise to heights with pomp and flare
no matter the path gifted to challenge it a worthy dare
any obstacles by the horns take and far into the future stare.
life is too precious to let it go by
rather every second to spread my wings and fly
no matter what, i know what i have got
and thus every second of the day, give it my best shot!

good morning!


Wednesday, 25 April 2018


 tonight before sleep takes over , gently tugging at my resistance
an image plays across my thoughts with erotic persistence
a moment naughty while another slept, with the cameras assistance
the naked beauty of a man captured from a distance.
what pleasure knows to feed my thoughts as the camera clicked
a few times naughtily my bottom lip i licked
in wild thoughts of what next my imagination became gripped
but tonight i shall be good, my naughtiness in the bud be nipped.

to bed i go to rest my head and fall into slumbering serenity.

Goodnight....but...wait! imagine it be u my camera pictures did take....such a thought, your restfulness to shake...and should u deep in the night wake...what would it be that keeps u wide awake?
....the focus of my camera...?...i bid u a good night.😈😈😈


the prerogative of a woman

 aaaah....the prerogative of a woman to indulge in a naked man,  liberated in thought where sensuality and passion are nothing more than a natural state of mind, no need of explanation or excuse.
where the sight of a man naked is pure erotic matter how much she may look, it is never enough and requires a leisurely inspection.
a naked man, relaxed and happy within himself, no need to prove or brag or profess his fascinating such a man. he that lays there and welcomes a gaze, that speaks with eyes deep and lusty, that speaks with the language of a lover hard and upright...a man that knows to whisper, inaudibly...'please take me'...yet, it sounds so clear to her ear.
such a man that whimpers at her look and knows the passion that drives her fantasy. knows that which stirs kinkiness seductive, erotica mutually desired and shared.
how gorgeous the sight of a naked breathless it knows to leave a woman liberated in thought...RB.

frolicking like a silly one

 why try keep up with the times and be dictated to by the formalities of a society confused anyway?
why worry what an onlooker may think, seeing me 'swimming' in the sand?
oh i know that the sight of me naked, frolicking like a silly one would touch and  'prick' your sensibilities...
what if u were to let your guard down and join me in this fine sand?
what if u dared to leave the heaviness of societal demand and allow nonsensical jovial relax to be the order of the play?
so there u have the middle of the the sand...wearing fishnet stockings, i lay naked and loved the feel of potentially being seen and thought of as a 'mad' woman!
it was fun! 
and thus the task at hand to take photos of a different sort was a huge success.


an imprint out of place was a moment in time...lost to rest of the world...every footprint short-lived, a breeze knowing to deform the print. And then something would come along and make a new inprint in the sand, unaware of having smudged the previous markings into oblivion.
Lost be proof of previous passers it animal, human or inanimate object....maybe a wheelburrow carting goodies down the road.
A whole story of events and happenings ...a deciphering of what may have past.
Now...with my bottom firmly planted in the soft sand...wearing fishnets...i wonder will anybody know to decipher that imprint...?... so out of the ordinary, so out of place. RB.

the absurdity

"... how inappropriate be your footwear!" said he, as he observed the shiny tips of an expensive boot.
"Did u bring them along as a serious pair of footwear ...?...u do know we are in the bush and quite far from any place that may know to appreciate that pair?
A pair of flats would have been the best choice and for my walking stick?...will help u contemplate the uneven sandy road ahead."
There it was, the absurdity of packing a pair of shoes that even city living demanded a certain skill to walk in for, the uneven sidewalks knew to chafe the heel and make them unwearable with one single wobble!

like an innocent

 like an innocent, in the sand to speckle my hand
 granules so fine, the whole landscape does define
the coolness on my skin, a trail of sand between my fingers thin
under my fingernails... the sand trails .
do i care the grit, that under my nail does sit?
seemingly unkept hands, further sand in my hair strands
the freedom of letting go, my demeanor does show
nothing better than to be an innocent and thus, joyous play implement.


Tuesday, 24 April 2018

flight of fertile thoughts

 as the sun began to set and the skies darkened with the fall of light
contemplative became the tone, what dreams would know ones sleep to delight?
would sleep be restful with Aphrodite's fertile blessing
a willing surrender to erotic dreamy shores  acquiescing?
would it a difference make should the Roman love goddess
with her hand my dreams stir...she who be called Venus?
what matter it, what her name may be
the flight of fertile thoughts in dreams set free
 by mythical powers legendary  and alluring
my desire to slip into seductive sleep procuring.


RB. look up at me!

darling sexy look up at me!
do look up and see....
do look up and see me stare!
do look up!...a naughty dare!
for, once our eyes do connect
to join me a must, my thoughts inspect,
no waste of time no promise empty
what be on offer, be aplenty.
i shall court u with erotic thought!
my whispers naughty wont fall short
of making u beg, and plead for more...!...
of needing to know what lies in store.
oh sexy romeo, dear darling one!
do step up  toward the fun
this stage of mine a perfect space
your participation with my seductiveness lace.
i'll weave and dance and ply from u
a gasp...!... a plea right on cue,
when kisses soft and body hot
will know to arouse the very spot
of a man in need a man on heat!
a man whose scent and skin tastes sweet...
my romeo... my gorgeous naughty one
time to indulge and enjoy the fun!


an enchantment of the most powerful sort

The imagination did run free.

... the time spent in a space quiet and reserved with distant sounds of nature brought out a freshness and zaniness, a simpleness in the naughtiness that looked to be set free.
He lay, peacefully sprawled on the deck bed. No inhibition in the display of his manliness, resting comfortably quiet between his legs.
She couldn't help but absorb his state of total surrender to the serenity of the setting. For a busy mind, it would seem nothing was going on but, for a mind tuned into the buzz, the heat, the subtle rustles, a quick movement of a dashing squirrel, the flight of a bird winging its way across the veld, it knew to appreciate the cycle of life in nature.
That appreciation stirred something within her, awakening the desire to absorb him even more than by means of an intent gaze.
Luke warm water droplets slid from her body as she stepped out of the splash pool...dripping puddles of water, proof of her steps taken in his direction. 
He became aware of her progress, loving the wet glisten of her naked skin...a firm body, a curvaceous body...all woman. He knew some play was to happen and loved the excitement that made his manhood twitch into life.
She stood on the side of him, an inviting impish grin on her face, her eyes soft yet burning with desire.
'May i...' she said, lifting her one leg and placing it on the other side of the deck bed.
She didn't care to hurry the process, giving him ample time to take in and absorb every part of her, all the softness...all the womaness.
And as she rested her foot on the ground, so she lowered herself to sit firming just below his solid hardness, her warm wetness kissing his tight balls...he gasped at the pleasure of the contact and at the  sight of how comfortable and right she looked, legs spread, the sun behind her outlining her hourglass curves . Looking him squarely in the eyes, she lowered her torso allowing her breasts to rest on his chest... she was damp and warm from her dip. 
Her gaze travelled to his lips and placing her hands on either side of his head, she lowered her mouth to his kissing him softly, so so soooo softly.
Her lips enchanted him with their magic,but another more powerful magic was woven by the subtle rhythmic movements of her loins on his tight balls.

Monday, 23 April 2018

an imagined silhouette

 as i lay and hand the perfect point did find,
a gentle brushing kiss of fingertip 
the path to further travel be defined.
across the room i imagined a silhouette,
a shadow cast by lamplight
a lover pictured, the brushing of my fingertip did beget.
and closing my eyes, my breath did know to catch
a fantasy most fantastic, the moment did snatch...
in slumberland to fall
content to heed sleeps call
for there, perchance, it be not my fingertip that kiss
every part of me , making dreamland a visit full of bliss.



watery wonders

...and as the body bobs up and down
equally buoyant  be thoughts of watery wonders
where a splash pool warmed by the suns rays...on awakening... be the first call of the day...
contemplating would it be possible to doze off...RB.

to reap the rewards of a rat race

 oh! to be spoilt by the 'unhurry', the leisurely mind 'dead' of thought
completely lost to the non-demand of ones surrounding.
captured by the solitude and comfort of ones self.
a euphoric dizziness of non action.
aaaah...the sounds of a breeze to rustle the spread of the vista before my long gaze.
how in love with the freedom to escape, with no diary to keep nor meeting to attend. 
what fantasies play and tease the serene mind...dare one wish a space like this...?
to call ones own?
why not...why not reap the rewards of the rat race and consider a fantasy into reality?

a hindrance to a mind peaceful

when the urban jungle is left behind
each sunrise, each sunset a selfish indulgence of pure lazy luxury.
to contemplate any responsibility a hindrance to a mind peaceful.
even the quiet of busy nature is restful.
where the call of birds and the disturbance of bushes as wildlife make their way to watering holes
be pure fodder to ears violated daily by the pollution of city noise.
when the skies loom huge with the vastness of the universe...
at first painted bright by a sun radiant and the rays begin to set long and the moon makes its climbing appearance...a darker sky pocked with thousand and thousand of twinkles 
makes one stare and stare into the depths of the heaven...searching...
trying to understand and grasp the eternity stretching and stretching.
the wonder of life once again, reaffirmed by that selfish indulgence to do nothing more
than be naked days and nights on end...trying to return to the basics of bliss
forgotten in the rat race of survival.


Friday, 20 April 2018

sensual rediscovery...but, had it ever been there?

nude art - Ghislain Posscat

 It wasn't as if he hadn't participated in many a naughty event. His curious youth  had led him to seek and taste the pleasures of  offers made by gorgeous young students, willing to share a romp in a tiny single bed in dormitories solely meant for the male gender.
Those girls had been desires fulfilled, the bane of his concentration in lectures too long...they had him and his fellow gents prancing around like roosters set free among the chicks. It was all in good cry of sexual abuse or inappropriate advances...the promiscuity of youth.
As time past his behaviour and his need began to take shape within the boundaries dictated and set by society, peers and family.
The path chosen was one of least resistance, reaping rewards of a wife 'perfect', his demanding children his pride and joy, his education affording him a comfortable corporate space, accumulating above average wealth.
And there he was...longing once again...for the promiscuity of youth. Something had gone amiss and it all started with a picture he came across in a magazine.
He sat and pondered if he had ever known to be in touch with his sensual side. Had it solely been about the sexual conquer rather than the discovery of something deeper and more meaningful? He tried to recall the beginning of the relationship that culminated into marriage...had he and his wife ever known to be enthralled and absorbed in each others needs on a sensual level?... had they ever spent time just feeling and touching and kissing and falling deeply in love with each others being rather than the physicality of of contact, aroused by naked flesh on flesh? 
It dawned on him that he could not remember any act of gentleness , loss in time... where the two of them simply stared in each others eyes and felt as if nothing else mattered or existed.
In his heart he knew, that was not the reason he had married her. Yes. he had loved her. But, loved her the way society had taught him love should be. He never thought to question that it could be different and built his world around stolen moments where the two of them indulged in each others company like good mates would. Sex was there. Laughs were there. A good life was he wondered at his complacency , not having wanted more or thought there could be more.
The truth of the matter was, that along the road he had questioned if there was more to love than the societal dictates of what it should be... maybe....naughtier?...sexier?...more indulgent?....fulfilling?...and then he would suppress those thoughts reminding himself that the grass could not be greener on the other side.
Why was it then, that out there another world existed, another reality, where many dared to address and acknowledge their sensuality? Why had he thought it taboo and not 'good enough' for his reality? A thing to be kept under wraps? He realised all these years he had confused sexuality with sensuality and wondered if it was too late for him and his wife to try and find that gentle indulgence of each others burning passion.
He wondered if she would know to bring out in him what he had discovered with another woman...he decided to try.


Thursday, 19 April 2018

RB's videos to date...erotic sensuous sensuality

To be sensuous, sensual is a passion on another level. It need not culminate in anything more than an appreciation of what may be on offer. 
But, to know to appreciate that which feeds the capture of a glance, that which makes fantasies burn and reason go amok...requires the recognition and acknowledgement of something so natural and sincere found within each one of us.
It is not crass nor impatient, it is neither rude nor disrespectful, it is not lewd nor can know to be lustful and wanton, an anomaly? Not at be alive need not be explained nor excused...rather...indulged and played with in the most sincerest and passionate of ways between consenting adults.

Enjoy .

Full length, high resolution videos available for download through eccomerce site.


internet commands

 an indulgence in words, written by many over periods and periods of time, a share revealing , a share stirring the cockles of ones...