Tuesday, 24 April 2018

an enchantment of the most powerful sort

The imagination did run free.

... the time spent in a space quiet and reserved with distant sounds of nature brought out a freshness and zaniness, a simpleness in the naughtiness that looked to be set free.
He lay, peacefully sprawled on the deck bed. No inhibition in the display of his manliness, resting comfortably quiet between his legs.
She couldn't help but absorb his state of total surrender to the serenity of the setting. For a busy mind, it would seem nothing was going on but, for a mind tuned into the buzz, the heat, the subtle rustles, a quick movement of a dashing squirrel, the flight of a bird winging its way across the veld, it knew to appreciate the cycle of life in nature.
That appreciation stirred something within her, awakening the desire to absorb him even more than by means of an intent gaze.
Luke warm water droplets slid from her body as she stepped out of the splash pool...dripping puddles of water, proof of her steps taken in his direction. 
He became aware of her progress, loving the wet glisten of her naked skin...a firm body, a curvaceous body...all woman. He knew some play was to happen and loved the excitement that made his manhood twitch into life.
She stood on the side of him, an inviting impish grin on her face, her eyes soft yet burning with desire.
'May i...' she said, lifting her one leg and placing it on the other side of the deck bed.
She didn't care to hurry the process, giving him ample time to take in and absorb every part of her, all the softness...all the womaness.
And as she rested her foot on the ground, so she lowered herself to sit firming just below his solid hardness, her warm wetness kissing his tight balls...he gasped at the pleasure of the contact and at the  sight of how comfortable and right she looked, legs spread, the sun behind her outlining her hourglass curves . Looking him squarely in the eyes, she lowered her torso allowing her breasts to rest on his chest... she was damp and warm from her dip. 
Her gaze travelled to his lips and placing her hands on either side of his head, she lowered her mouth to his kissing him softly, so so soooo softly.
Her lips enchanted him with their magic,but another more powerful magic was woven by the subtle rhythmic movements of her loins on his tight balls.

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