Saturday, 28 April 2018 appealing u are

How fascinated u hold me in  who u are! Your respect of my femininity and care to enhance it with your attentive acknowledgement of my company...u make me sigh with all times making me feel courted. A breath of fresh air in the way u look at me...that lustful admiration of my curves, that naughty wanton grin, your touch needing no excuse or explanation as to its desirous travels of my buttocks. How different u are 'simplicity' appealing for there be no layers upon layers i need to sift through or insinuations or innuendos in your speech.
Your directness and sincerity in action is a breath of fresh air allowing me to rest in your company.
Your intent, desire, want and needs shown and displayed without pomp or explanation or excuse. Your comfort in accepting of self makes u sexy and appealing.
How naughty i am, for i know your weakness and choose to use it at my discretion to tease and excite u. How i want u breathless, asking....whispering, whimpering as i turn all my attention toward u...for....there is nothing more delicious than u...dear man...when surrendered and fully concentrated u are, on what i want. And in return i shall take u on a merry ride of discoveries of self where we shall meet and mutually dine on contentment, no longer deprived of self satisfaction.
Selfishly yet, giving, we shall know to meet and surpass each others expectations...dear man...yin and yang we are...together a circle we form... RB.

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