Tuesday, 24 April 2018

romeo...do look up at me!

darling sexy romeo...do look up at me!
do look up and see....
do look up and see me stare!
do look up!...a naughty dare!
for, once our eyes do connect
to join me a must, my thoughts inspect,
no waste of time no promise empty
what be on offer, be aplenty.
i shall court u with erotic thought!
my whispers naughty wont fall short
of making u beg, and plead for more...!...
of needing to know what lies in store.
oh sexy romeo, dear darling one!
do step up  toward the fun
this stage of mine a perfect space
your participation with my seductiveness lace.
i'll weave and dance and ply from u
a gasp...!... a plea right on cue,
when kisses soft and body hot
will know to arouse the very spot
of a man in need a man on heat!
a man whose scent and skin tastes sweet...
my romeo... my gorgeous naughty one
time to indulge and enjoy the fun!


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