Wednesday, 25 April 2018

the prerogative of a woman

 aaaah....the prerogative of a woman to indulge in a naked man,  liberated in thought where sensuality and passion are nothing more than a natural state of mind, no need of explanation or excuse.
where the sight of a man naked is pure erotic matter how much she may look, it is never enough and requires a leisurely inspection.
a naked man, relaxed and happy within himself, no need to prove or brag or profess his fascinating such a man. he that lays there and welcomes a gaze, that speaks with eyes deep and lusty, that speaks with the language of a lover hard and upright...a man that knows to whisper, inaudibly...'please take me'...yet, it sounds so clear to her ear.
such a man that whimpers at her look and knows the passion that drives her fantasy. knows that which stirs kinkiness seductive, erotica mutually desired and shared.
how gorgeous the sight of a naked breathless it knows to leave a woman liberated in thought...RB.

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