Friday, 13 April 2018

come hither...come near

 ...and as the day did know to progress
the choice of indulgences be to destress
for Friday does know to make the mind playful
in the naughtiness of choices, a smile delightful.
to further tease the setting day
into the evening with naughty play
no care or concern how 'hot' one may get
the fridge does know the temperature to reset. 
steamy, delicious 
in a certain way contritious
the desire to eradicate the hesitancy of those trepaditious
so let us sweat and slip and slide
lessen that distance between us...that divide.
a nibble a taste ....a sweet delight
my teeth in your neck a demanding bite
come hither, come near my gorgeous man
come hither with your closeness my ardour fan.


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