Saturday, 28 April 2018

an unnatural claim

 a landscape rough
a natural sculpture of rock and be the ground with movement insect.
the lay of land across centuries of time eroded into that which i, now,
have the privilege of  enjoying.
and, as captivating be the lands so the skies clear blue, shine bright with the sun's rays...
a reminder of the life that feeding heat, knows to nurture.
no matter civilisation and societal claims of urban privileges
there be no greater privilege than the freedom of revelling in nature.
it lays no demands nor cares to take and make u prisoner of materialistic falsities.
it trusts in your judgement to be the best guardian of its existence.
how extra-ordinary a state of being that knows to place restrictions on urbanisation and its ever 
destroying tentacles reaching out into mother nature...
a different sort of sculpturing...the destruction of all that was given to us for free.
up above i sit on a high rise of rock outgrowth and hold faith 
that no slab of concrete constructed by man will ever crop its unnatural claim in this space.


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