Wednesday, 11 April 2018

coming out the closet...

Why is it that many choose to view a space, an instant, even hearsay... as a given without taking the time or interest to find out more?

What is it that obscures truths and facts and, the choice being one to believe whatever may be out there...floating like a piece of 'shit' on top of water...sinking the credibility of the actual?

What if...hypothetically ...a person or space considered as a threat or taboo may be nothing more than a specialised solution to an intimate problem in ones life.
Specialised solution?...someone who may be a threat...?...a space taboo...?

There is so much in this wondrous world that runs deeper than meets the eye. The unknown factor may know to arouse puzzlement, curiosity and in some cases fear. 
When fear becomes the overriding emotion then begins the witch-hunt, the need to brand, name and shame, even if uncalled for.
I have the good fortune of sharing and hearing opinions that would know to raise an eyebrow or two, a space occupied that is so telling and intimate and revealing of humans and the individual sharing.
To sit in judgement of all that i have been privy to, would be a cardinal sin and, a betrayal of the trust, confidence and share placed in my space.

Even though my background exposed me to much and my education is such to give me deep insight into the human psyche, i have learnt that which i thought i knew and understood , and that which i was hesitant about and kept at arms length, was due to social influences and popular belief bandied among the majority....credibility given by the masses. 
So much has been reviewed and re-evaluated and looked at from another angle. A new space created in time, affording me the opportunity of learning and sharing and unravelling the mystery and misunderstanding that sensuousness, sensuality and erotica know to carry.

Like anything in life, there is a place and time for everything. 
What goes for one does not mean it goes for another but, to label differences of opinion and cycles of change, for ever and ever amen, as unacceptable and a threat to society creates greater havoc and, i believe, leads to further 'deviant' 'behaviour.

Knowing to address and understand that which society may consider as a threat, may lead to a solution rather than further segregation. 

Acknowledging and addressing the individual or space pertained as a threat, may reveal much that was hidden and erase the fear factor leading to education of self and those around one.

It takes great maturity of character to know to listen and hear and address anything of the intimate sort that touches ones sensibilities without personalising it, keeping the sensibilities in tact and, at the same time broadening ones understanding and application there-of in ones  personal life and space....enriching it beyond expectation.


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