Thursday, 12 April 2018

a peek did reveal, a fantasy took life

 a peek into a closet very 'he'
quite interesting to see
the layout the neatness the orderliness
a definite presentation of 'his' lordliness.
the interest then to choose an item
to wear and my senses heighten
for knowing it, to be 'his' garment
to tease my flesh, a seductive allurement...
as the day still needs to happen
my erotic imagination with thoughts naughty, i shall fatten
a certain direction they will know to take
for, the find i have chosen will know to shake...
stir and define, my senses tease
what play to conjure, 'him' later please
i know...a tiny excuse of 'cloth' my womanliness to just just hide
the garment my bosom to kiss, my nipples in its motion ride
in a chair i will make him sit
straddle him and ride him ....ride and ride...his manly 'mast' to rise bit by bit...
up and down we shall both go
at first... a deliberate slow...
off with the the floor it goes! 
the nakedness of the ridden and the rider, perfectly matched...the motion shows. 
what a 'fattening' thought
and idea most definitely caught
now the day must hurry
in the meantime, in this lustful fantasy my thoughts i shall bury!


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