Saturday, 28 April 2018

he bashful...she suggestive

how glorious u are in your nakedness!
how appealing u be in your bashfulness!
a man deliciously exposed for my selfish indulgence!
with every click of the lens closer to convergence...
of thoughts similar for the request would follow
that i lay down so u, behind the camera lens can wallow,
in my naughty display of nakedness
 definitely missing any form of bashfulness!
for suggestive and inviting i shall lay
maybe even allow my hands to indulge in play...
the idea for u, to put the camera to rest
and put my suggestive inviting tease to test.
aaaah! don't get carried away!
don't allow your mind down corridors lusty to stray!
for, i shall stop u, and make u next to me lie ,
before anything naughty with me u try! (wink)


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