Sunday, 29 April 2018


How glorious morning knows to be. In everything that defines dawn my nakedness reaches out and swallows it with zest.
There be no hesitancy in accepting the rays of the sun, the coolness of a morning fresh, in the company of a soul so at rest and peace, united with what nature has to offer.
The surrender of ones being to creation long before our time. How in love one becomes with the naturalness of it all....the desire to not miss out on the dawns splendour...the waking of a day busy in its rise.
I could not imagine being without the unrestricted beauty of all that nature is. It knows to enhance my humanity in the most passionate, gentle and giving of ways, reminding me that am part of its creation.
And thus to be close, to touch, to look deep into anothers see and acknowledge the person they are, to bring out the best in them and they in u...when flesh naked knows to press gently into another in a hug ...there be no thought of anything else but to get lost in the sincerity of the moment of being given life.


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