Thursday, 29 March 2018

body map

Watching her, he wondered if there was such a thing as a body map. And if there was, and the lines already drawn by the little number she was wearing, then, he wouldn't even bother  changing the longitudes and latitudes already mapped.
If anything, he would trace them with his index finger...deliberately...slowly.
Certain areas requiring a lingering...where the mounds and valleys would know to be distracting...and of course, require a detour and search for what may be the cause of distraction.
He imagined the sweet discoveries of such a travel, losing himself in the richness of what would be on offer. 
The thought of running his hands across the sheerness of the body suite, feeling the heat of volcanic passions brewing , waiting to be teased into fear of being seared by such a flow. 
What a map...what a travel...erotic, rich in discovery, indulgent and very memorable. RB.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

nothing hide...till the morrow

 ....and as to sleep u reach,
a thought to tease your dreams.....

...let me ride
let me glide
let me slide
nothing hide...

...let me greet
let me eat
take my seat
your body heat...till the morrow. RB.

close your eyes...

 what if u were, to close your eyes?
would u see me as i see u?

thoughts combined

 i need to tie your thoughts to mine.

Monday, 26 March 2018

soul mate?...conscious eternal?


inspired by a conversation

...what was it that i saw in u...the first time u stepped across my threshold?
what was it that had me captivated, without knowing i was?
was it that nervous tension of a man not certain why he may have knocked on my door?
was it that hesitant smile as i stepped into your space to embrace u?
it may have been all of those
but...i know for certain
...that u entrusted me with the intimacy of your person...
that u let yourself go and allowed your thoughts to fly with mine.
...that u cared to understand my fantastical mind and soar with it...
u spread yourself before me and gazed deep within my gaze
and welcomed me into the realness of u...never flinching nor pulling back
as i explored deeper and deeper into your psyche .
i got lost in u, as u exposed yourself more and more...u captured the most
passionate, most enduring, emotions that know to live in my being.
we began to travel together, rising on the crest of bodily unity
each willing the other to give more...surrender more.
ours was not a physical unity ...
it was a marriage of consciousness that had been there for time eternal.
it was a flight of fancy of lovers destined to meet over and over matter how many lifetimes.


to all men who may have forgotten

fine art- male portrait. listen carefully and, hear what i say
and once u have heard then let us play...
i wish nothing more than to please your need 
a germination of that erotic seed.
together we shall find that which gnaws  aplenty
that which festers and leaves u empty...
that which burns 
and churns and churns,
that which throbs... and yearns and yearns.
naked before me u shall stand
in your revealing hardness, a man real grand.
and all i shall do is stand real close
whisper, the most intimate suggestive prose.
a tinge, a twitch, in your hardness to witness
the prose a promise of possessive bliss,
where all that asked is to expose yourself
a surrender complete, pure sensexual wealth.
for the first time, in a long time, your voice to hear
your groans your moans your begging your ears to sear!
with desire bottled and forgotten so long
now... knowing no boundaries, in their demand so certain and strong!!!
shackled no longer that want of release
bursting and free, praying, the indulgence to not cease
to be taken to be lead ,
to be ridden 
like a Thoroughbred,
to near lose consciousness for reality be too intrusive
this fantastical indulgence for so long elusive.
a man released a man acknowledged
whose sensuality with time was pillaged,
with life demanding and challenges expensive
putting him on his back foot, about his sexuality defensive.

now...doubt no longer and let it be
allow your fantasy for me to see,
this journey to travel, yourself to find
to what is natural no longer blind.
and as the release the surface does reach
the need to convulse and convulse to explode all uncertainty breach,
loud be your primal call as you begin to spray
your manliness , no longer inhibited, in full display.
exhausted, content at what i shall see,
your shuddering nakedness of frustration free,
every part of u glowing and beautiful...
the realisation of what be inside u, most wonderful and powerful.


the unexpected uplanned trip

Boris Vallejo

A Monday morning story...

The unexpected unplanned trip. A journey that would  present a myriad of choices, a myriad of questions needing answers...

It had started as a languid, leisurely long weekend...different from usual. The quiet solitude of a busy mind. A trip down to the coast, the desire to hear the crashing of the south coast waves.
His family away, and, he too, needing to dissociate himself from the known comforts of his home, taking that spur of the moment flight.
Nobody would miss him, they wouldn't even care to ask where he was. Taking fore granted he would be wherever he would be...if that made any sense.
In some way he loved the freedom. The perks of a busy professional life. 
Perks? The flying? Hardly ever home?
It was time to slow down. He felt he was missing out on his life. The weekend was all about to work toward it and make it happen.

Sitting on the beach, clammy from the coastal air, the freshness of the morning hitting his nostrils hard, he felt as if he was in his twenties again, without a care in the world, nothing else existing but him and that moment...the sun hitting bright...the reflection on the ever moving mass of water a sheen brilliant. He couldn't remember the last time he had taken care to actually appreciate nature.
In the distance sea line, he noticed a dark spot beginning to make its way out of the sheer brilliant sheen of the waters...difficult to discern exactly what it was.
if anybody, before that moment had asked him, did he believe the existence of magical creatures in the sea...he would have viewed them as slightly off their rocker. 
There it was...putting into question his non belief of anything magical. 
The silhouette of a female...
A silhouette  joyous and  free, each breaking wave washing her closer and closer to shore. He was fascinated by her non resistance of being forced all over the place by the strength of the braking waves....and yet it seemed, that is how it was supposed to go with the motion instead of fighting it. 
She started to take definite shape, looming real and bigger than life, walking toward him.
He had shielded his eyes against the glare of the sun, wishing to see more of her outline against the backdrop of the sea. The outline became all hips and the womanly roundness of a bossom unrestricted by a brassiere...the skimpiness of her bathing suite enhancing her femininity for it wished not to be restricted. She plonked herself on her knees, right in front of him...all wet and soaked and all he could think about was the taste of saltiness on her gleaming flesh.

"You alone?" she asked. " I am."
He didn't know what to say, still lost in the moment of staring at her and eating up every inch of he wet frame...her legs parted, revealing the perfect gap between her strong thighs.
"You wanna swim?"
And, without waiting for a response, she grabbed his hand and started pulling him up. He didn't find her actions strange nor intrusive, wishing not to resist pushed himself up, throwing off his tshirt and chasing after her. 
He threw himself into the sea, the fresh coldness a shock. Her laughter coaxed him, invited him, deeper. 
Was it the movement of the sea or did she plan it but, there she was, all of a sudden, wrapped around him. 
He could feel the beauty of her femininity pressed against him...wave after wave rocking them together, mesmerising him, pushing them out to shore. With each incoming wave, saltiness of the seawater invading his nostrils....he didn't care that he was beginning to choke. He was transfixed by all of her. 
She kissed him.
The sweetness of her mouth, the softness of her lips, it jolted his whole frame...what was this? What was happening...and even though wrong, he didn't care to fight it....(to be continued) RB.

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Saturday, 24 March 2018

morning playtime

 it was was was his was tease time
at times contritious
a bit trepaditious
very ambitious


every desire
every thought
every movement...judicious
lustily lubricious

it was tease was dance was reveal was definitely...playtime.


Thursday, 22 March 2018

music forgotten

 "...wrestle with your darkness...angels call your name..." MADONNA

"...u can call me a sinner...u can call me a saint...
i'll be the garden u'll be the snake
all of my fruit is yours to take 
better the devil that u know 
your love for me will grow
because this is who i am 
like it or not..." 

music forgotten...the one and only... The Material Girl
tonight we party...
when good advise, mentors worth their weight in gold...lovers imagined...
make the road travelled that much more sweeter...
success knows not to simply fall in ones lap,
perseverance and hard work, even more so when doubt knocks real hard..thank u to all who stand beside me and understand my passion and desire...that yearning that burns hotter and hotter. 
Let us sing and dance! RB.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

tonights treat evening treat...
a mouth watering bite.  RB

...petit four...

 ... petit four, or five 😈😈😈...RB.

it was all in the turn of her calf

 The Bronte, the Austen the Eliot collections...he could never understand them.
Classics of fantastical minds. 
And then the The Mills and Boons scattered all over the place...he marvelled at the millions of dollars that must be made on these...what would one call it...paperback silliness. 
To him, it was the same old same old romantic nonsense  and, he wondered who the  readers would be. 
Desperately lost romantics?  Bored pesky widows...women only? Or, did men indulge too?

Stumbling over one of those books, left laying on the floor in the reading room, nearly landing on all fours, the irritation was surpassed by the curiosity to eventually peek between the covers and see what the fascination may be.
The first few minutes were more a scan of the words written, and then, he found himself placing his frame firmly into the comfort of his reading chair as Emily Bronte began to capture his attention ...leading with every word written, weaving the magic of Wuthering Heights . 
He became fascinated with Heathcliff and his torture...the sensuality, the sensuous desire of a woman, the debilitating responsibility he had placed on himself.
All of a sudden, he decided, the book required a reading from page one...his heart pounding, amazed at the desire to read more. 
He looked around and with a hungry grab , picked up a Mills and Boons...the cover of a buxom vixen, cleavage spilling, coyly revealing a turn of her shapely calf. 
He opened the detested paperback, searched hungrily for words that would feed his desire to know how words of luscious velvety seduction would be captured by pen and paper.
He found it...
The pirate, lifting the heavy skirts of a maiden, to reveal milky soft firm thighs....he could could not contain the hardness that began to push against his levi's.

And there she stood, at the door, smiling, watching him...beginning to unbutton her loose shift that was a sheer tease of a frame naked, willing and yearning....she would show him her curves...the turn of her shapely calf ...she would lead him down the many corridors of eroticism that inspired her writing and reads...he would understand her fascination of writers that knew to brew a magic most intimate between writer and was time to make him a believer of the strength of pen and paper of her collection that he thought was a waste of reading time....escapism delicious, a delicious balance for the harsh reality of a society forced, confused and influential in the bedroom, making it callously cold and unfeeling....RB.

Monday, 19 March 2018

a constant whisper

as the sun begins to set, rays falling long and low...weak...
for the greyness of clouds thickening, making the horizon a murky dullness.
yet, light knows to find its way through curtains drawn.
casting a shadow of objects solid.
the mind , the same, a lover like a shadow...casting his presence in the deep subconscious.
intangible be his presence...more like an idea of one who knows to cast a spell
sultry, sexy, desirous...a lover,
beautiful in his manliness.
softly spoken for the image imagined a constant whisper,
an invitation to get lost in the possibility of, 'what if', he were to be real. 
to sleep on such a wondrous idea of one who would know
to kiss every inch of soft skin
hot...lips succulent and moist and parted...body wanton...mind surrendered.
aaah this lover....a perfect ray of seductive light that knows to warm a mind that yearns.


is it too late for women?

And this landed in my whatsapp tray from a very dear friend.

I have always said, that those ladies who fight to be on par...for all the wrong reasons...with their male will come back and bite u in that pretty ass of yours

My words said over and over...if my man cannot look after me like i am the last drop of water on this beautiful mother earth, then he does not deserve me...and i do not need him.

To be an equal with your counterpart means not to be in competition.

Sadly men have become clever...?...lazy...?...thanks to egos...?...misplaced by women.


position 3...

 position 3... how the feet knew to slide
on the tiles...legs spread...real wide
oops!...there it went
the image at its target sent
hell bent
to play with his sanity meant.

he loved the spread
now thoughts on a fantasy...intent
he wondered what she would say
if he asked to extend the play
a step toward another angle to stray
and his fascination to view from behind...the torture of the tease allay.


Sunday, 18 March 2018

position 2...

 position 2...a stretch of the leg
his attention did beg.
what caught his eye, her toe its own shadow did tease
so delicately from below, the moment did seize
to copy the stretch of a naked limb
with seductive allure to brim
and make him wander what position 3 
...could be. RB.

position 1...

 position 1...not much in the pose but to sit on the corner of the seat
he wanted to see how many different positons she would invent and his vision greet
a game they decided to play today
a silliness, the hours to while away...
what was to follow he could hardly wait
in her naked reveal, he had taken the bait
the smile on her face he did not see
and what silliness might prevail in position 2 and 3.... RB.

should he?...shouldn't he?...he did.

hard skin favourites by KAalist on deviant art.

"...An epiphany. Yes, that's what it epiphany. 
Time to be real. A little embarrassed but, deciding to take the bull by the horns he realised, that this sitting behind the computer and browsing porn, harder than ever to materialise an matter the hot body or licking and sucking and deep throating he witnessed....this two dimensional "fucky-fucky, sucky-sucky"...was beginning to lose its appeal and magic.
Home life was good...not sexless...but definitely, lacked the sensuous and sensual aspect he knew existed and longed for. 
A strange phenomena. 
Used to be the norm. 
Brushing up against each other...closeness...that knew to stir his desire and reach out for his partner.
What happened? Where did it go to? He couldn't blame his partner fully for, if asked to be sensuous and sensual, he wouldn't know where to start. In fact, it was more the fear that he would be rebutted or thought of as silly.
It was time to find it again and be confident about it. The only way he knew to do that, without impeding on or threatening his home life, was to seek advise and council.
So, it started of with chatting to pals about this lack of emotional satisfaction and thus bodily desires seriously lusty in thought yet, porn not managing to curb this hunger.
What should he do?  
He hadn't expected the response and was slightly shocked at the suggestion. Only slightly shocked ...the thought had crossed his mind. but the fear that it may be considered deviant and unacceptable, kept it dormant in the recesses of his consciousness.
It didn't take him long...soon he found the perfect artist that knew to make him dance to her lead, her persuasiveness, gently coaxing him to acknowledge his inner sensual masculinity and desires, spreading his whole being for her taking. There was nothing sexual in what she did yet, he felt she had eaten him, ridden him, devoured him, made him watch, taste, feel...sexed him...over and over and over...the glory of letting go and being man conquered by woman.
This realisation of personal satisfaction began to lift the veil and he found a new passion and desire for home and his partner. 
His caring of noticing the beauty of the woman he called his life-long companion made him long to kiss her... with meaning....and that first kiss they shared, standing in the kitchen and looking out at the city, was the start of a renewed sensuous sensuality she too had been missing.
She would never know the journey he had embarked on to find himself. 
There was no need to know. His erotic artistic indulgence would stay a secret but shared with others that may need a nudge in the right the direction of renewing the passion within oneself and thus in ones partner too..." RB. 

a Sunday peek...

a sheer lace knows not to hide from sight
that, which might...
coyly hide yet, naughtily peek
your attention seek
of a lover ardent

Thursday, 15 March 2018

a reader's contribution leads to repost of photo, plus more

"what lies beyond the crystal vase?

what pleasures does it hide?

move it left or move it right

but all still will be denied.

what lies beyond the crystal vase?

what treasure does it cache?

riches of the most beauteous kind

surpassing any that in Aladdin's cave be found

the hidden pleasures one knows to find

of ripened, moistened, softened lips,

guarding the succulence of the forbidden secret,

womanhood, with its intoxicating taste and scent

but to pierce the barrier will not be easy

nor to gain acceptance through entreaty

perhaps if I were to gently rub the vase,

the fabled genie will appear,

and simply grant my deepest wish,

for which there can never, ever be a peer."

...RB blog reader contribution...

Absolutely love it! Thank u! RB.

a special reminder

"We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special."
"One, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Two, never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it. Three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is there and don't throw it away."
"At school, I was never more than about halfway up the class. It was a very bright class. My classwork was very untidy, and my handwriting was the despair of my teachers. But my classmates gave me the nickname Einstein, so presumably they saw signs of something better. When I was twelve, one of my friends bet another friend a bag of sweets that I would never come to anything. I don't know if this bet was ever settled, and if so, which way it was decided."
" It is no good getting furious if you get stuck. What I do is keep thinking about the problem but work on something else. Sometimes it is years before I see the way forward. In the case of information loss and black holes, it was 29 years."
 Stephen Hawking.

There is no limitation to the Spirit, the Soul. It experiences it on Earth in its physical definition...a temporary visit on an adventure eternal.
To know to reach for the stars and redefine boundaries 'born' with on this planet, realising the potential of being 'alive', no matter the circumstance...Stephen Hawking an eternal reminder that my mind is more than my physical form.
 ...when one is 'born' to this life with a conscious bigger than most will ever fathom or grasp...for me, that is and was, Stephen hawking.


Comfy and sexy

Me and my "bridget jones" pair....