Thursday, 15 March 2018

a reader's contribution leads to repost of photo, plus more

"what lies beyond the crystal vase?

what pleasures does it hide?

move it left or move it right

but all still will be denied.

what lies beyond the crystal vase?

what treasure does it cache?

riches of the most beauteous kind

surpassing any that in Aladdin's cave be found

the hidden pleasures one knows to find

of ripened, moistened, softened lips,

guarding the succulence of the forbidden secret,

womanhood, with its intoxicating taste and scent

but to pierce the barrier will not be easy

nor to gain acceptance through entreaty

perhaps if I were to gently rub the vase,

the fabled genie will appear,

and simply grant my deepest wish,

for which there can never, ever be a peer."

...RB blog reader contribution...

Absolutely love it! Thank u! RB.

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