Sunday, 11 March 2018

you are...

i have watched u from afar, shared in your company and, loved every minute of it. 
u have this air about u, that makes me wonder what dwells within your head.
the magnificence of a person read, travelled, a keen learner of the ways of this world...
never arrogant or all knowing.
many a time my fascination of u knows to colour my reality so bright and vibrantly alive.
your humility, compassion for nature and its dwellers...reliant on humans not to destroy and obliterate their few humans understand to be humble in their being...
in your company my sensuality has known to pronounce itself even more.
that appreciation of of what be around me
...a slight movement of a bird or creature in nature
u awaken my femininity in your desire to have me near...when a whisper in your ear has u turning your lips toward breath life sensual...softly possessive, upon them.
to faint and lose consciousness and drop into who u karma to find your karma
a future path in this travel into another.
i desire to touch u, have u...make u...mine.


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