Friday, 2 March 2018

tonights choice

no matter how many pages between the covers
by simply opening the book, so much knowledge hovers
a choice tonight be of the spiritual sort
the orthodox philosophies my attention caught.
religion and faith have their own special place
rather the awakening of the spirit, tonight be the chase
a depth of self a need for some philosophy
and thus this book chosen, a spiritual sort of anthology.
the desire to feed the mind as much as the body
and thus all read to try and imbody
deeper pools of passion, the love of sensuality of all things present
to nurture and grow in ones life, an advent.
thus to sleep to go with the knowledge of what wisdom may be
book upon book, never enough for the minds eye to see
a tired sigh before the head on the pillow does rest
wherever u may be ...join me in my sleep...for what i have read, the wish, on u, to be impressed. 



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