Monday, 26 March 2018

to all men who may have forgotten

fine art- male portrait. listen carefully and, hear what i say
and once u have heard then let us play...
i wish nothing more than to please your need 
a germination of that erotic seed.
together we shall find that which gnaws  aplenty
that which festers and leaves u empty...
that which burns 
and churns and churns,
that which throbs... and yearns and yearns.
naked before me u shall stand
in your revealing hardness, a man real grand.
and all i shall do is stand real close
whisper, the most intimate suggestive prose.
a tinge, a twitch, in your hardness to witness
the prose a promise of possessive bliss,
where all that asked is to expose yourself
a surrender complete, pure sensexual wealth.
for the first time, in a long time, your voice to hear
your groans your moans your begging your ears to sear!
with desire bottled and forgotten so long
now... knowing no boundaries, in their demand so certain and strong!!!
shackled no longer that want of release
bursting and free, praying, the indulgence to not cease
to be taken to be lead ,
to be ridden 
like a Thoroughbred,
to near lose consciousness for reality be too intrusive
this fantastical indulgence for so long elusive.
a man released a man acknowledged
whose sensuality with time was pillaged,
with life demanding and challenges expensive
putting him on his back foot, about his sexuality defensive.

now...doubt no longer and let it be
allow your fantasy for me to see,
this journey to travel, yourself to find
to what is natural no longer blind.
and as the release the surface does reach
the need to convulse and convulse to explode all uncertainty breach,
loud be your primal call as you begin to spray
your manliness , no longer inhibited, in full display.
exhausted, content at what i shall see,
your shuddering nakedness of frustration free,
every part of u glowing and beautiful...
the realisation of what be inside u, most wonderful and powerful.


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