Monday, 5 March 2018

the effect of the full moon?

 on all fours she went, as she saw him standing near,
the scent of his manliness did her resolve sear,
a predator of the most delicious sort
was it the fullness of the moon that her sanity did distort?
a guttural growl beneath her breath could be heard,
 seeing her so intent hunting him, his vision blurred...
and, before he could focus and realise her descent,
she had him pinned , his hardness in rock hard assent. 

the moon above them a perfect full disc
against the wall she had him, his reality away did whisk.
his breath staggered, his world upside down
no fear of the event, in her possession to drown.
for the intensity of every bite, of the feel of her hands
had his imagination travelling, through lustful lands...
where this beautiful creature this predator delicious,
when the full moon did rise, in action a feline auspicious.


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