Thursday, 22 March 2018

music forgotten

 "...wrestle with your darkness...angels call your name..." MADONNA

"...u can call me a sinner...u can call me a saint...
i'll be the garden u'll be the snake
all of my fruit is yours to take 
better the devil that u know 
your love for me will grow
because this is who i am 
like it or not..." 

music forgotten...the one and only... The Material Girl
tonight we party...
when good advise, mentors worth their weight in gold...lovers imagined...
make the road travelled that much more sweeter...
success knows not to simply fall in ones lap,
perseverance and hard work, even more so when doubt knocks real hard..thank u to all who stand beside me and understand my passion and desire...that yearning that burns hotter and hotter. 
Let us sing and dance! RB.

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