Sunday, 18 March 2018

should he?...shouldn't he?...he did.

hard skin favourites by KAalist on deviant art.

"...An epiphany. Yes, that's what it epiphany. 
Time to be real. A little embarrassed but, deciding to take the bull by the horns he realised, that this sitting behind the computer and browsing porn, harder than ever to materialise an matter the hot body or licking and sucking and deep throating he witnessed....this two dimensional "fucky-fucky, sucky-sucky"...was beginning to lose its appeal and magic.
Home life was good...not sexless...but definitely, lacked the sensuous and sensual aspect he knew existed and longed for. 
A strange phenomena. 
Used to be the norm. 
Brushing up against each other...closeness...that knew to stir his desire and reach out for his partner.
What happened? Where did it go to? He couldn't blame his partner fully for, if asked to be sensuous and sensual, he wouldn't know where to start. In fact, it was more the fear that he would be rebutted or thought of as silly.
It was time to find it again and be confident about it. The only way he knew to do that, without impeding on or threatening his home life, was to seek advise and council.
So, it started of with chatting to pals about this lack of emotional satisfaction and thus bodily desires seriously lusty in thought yet, porn not managing to curb this hunger.
What should he do?  
He hadn't expected the response and was slightly shocked at the suggestion. Only slightly shocked ...the thought had crossed his mind. but the fear that it may be considered deviant and unacceptable, kept it dormant in the recesses of his consciousness.
It didn't take him long...soon he found the perfect artist that knew to make him dance to her lead, her persuasiveness, gently coaxing him to acknowledge his inner sensual masculinity and desires, spreading his whole being for her taking. There was nothing sexual in what she did yet, he felt she had eaten him, ridden him, devoured him, made him watch, taste, feel...sexed him...over and over and over...the glory of letting go and being man conquered by woman.
This realisation of personal satisfaction began to lift the veil and he found a new passion and desire for home and his partner. 
His caring of noticing the beauty of the woman he called his life-long companion made him long to kiss her... with meaning....and that first kiss they shared, standing in the kitchen and looking out at the city, was the start of a renewed sensuous sensuality she too had been missing.
She would never know the journey he had embarked on to find himself. 
There was no need to know. His erotic artistic indulgence would stay a secret but shared with others that may need a nudge in the right the direction of renewing the passion within oneself and thus in ones partner too..." RB. 

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