Monday, 19 March 2018

a constant whisper

as the sun begins to set, rays falling long and low...weak...
for the greyness of clouds thickening, making the horizon a murky dullness.
yet, light knows to find its way through curtains drawn.
casting a shadow of objects solid.
the mind , the same, a lover like a shadow...casting his presence in the deep subconscious.
intangible be his presence...more like an idea of one who knows to cast a spell
sultry, sexy, desirous...a lover,
beautiful in his manliness.
softly spoken for the image imagined a constant whisper,
an invitation to get lost in the possibility of, 'what if', he were to be real. 
to sleep on such a wondrous idea of one who would know
to kiss every inch of soft skin
hot...lips succulent and moist and parted...body wanton...mind surrendered.
aaah this lover....a perfect ray of seductive light that knows to warm a mind that yearns.


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