Thursday, 30 November 2017

slumbering thoughts

 blissful thoughts of a night so long ago
lovers hands that knew to caress and show
feelings tender, endearing and encompassing
to wake her slumbering seductiveness, possessing.
pure of any diversion be her desire
with his touch the wish be, to acquire
a woman who would surrender complete and show him how
to let go of everything else and be in the 'now'.
inhibitions being dusted aside
any unnecessary formalities deride
a night where passion burnt and swallowed them both
the setting of the last star, the rising of the dawn, they did loathe.
and gently untangling,unwillingly they did
farewell for the moment each other bid
for the call to meet and and a new chapter start
no longer than a day, to be apart .
the waves of passion swept and carried
two minds desirous to please each other married
in yearnings centuries old
that knew every time they met, to unfold.
crest after crest a new high met
deeper the roots to be satiated set
eventually to walk away and breath
a wondrous liaison shared , best in fantasy land to leave.


twitter post that caught my imagination

 the image above posted on twitter by L'uomo degli abissi

caught my attention and thus....


"...should i try and capture the whole sea in a fishbowl...?...ballooned dreams keep tight in my imagination...?...when the Universe be so vast...?...why?... myself i shall expose and sit on the precipice of adventures new..."RB

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

favourite story

would u be my favourite story tonight
and allow me to turn your pages?
allow me to read every word in your sentence
turning my imagination and bringing about changes?
an erotic story i know u are
waiting to be read,
please allow me to be the one
your story, to take to my bed.
i shall read u from cover to cover
absorb your whole story complete
begging me to let go
and  to surrender entreat.
how lusciously and willingly
into your story i shall fall
no restraint or shyness
but, rather to answer your call.
lost i shall be in the weaving of your tale
high i shall ride, on seductiveness sail
so feed me and be my favourite story tonight
for all i desire, as to bed i go
is for u, only u, to be my dreamy delight.


the bloom of a plump bud

  i shall search u out
your lusciousness delicately feather with my touch
nurture u with my attention
and water and feed u with my care.
how strong and sure u shall grow
willing to be proof of my the healthiness of your beauty.
i shall inhale the scent of your plump bud
and watch, in anticipation of its bloom.
u will flower...spreading your petals proudly
wanting me to get lost in the core of a bud ripe for the picking.
what pleasure u know to give me 
what satisfaction derived in giving u what u need.



good morning smurfette... early morning tendering of buds ...

good morning Smurfette! 😄😄😄😄

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

the duality of supporting what society considers taboo

Bare with me...a write inspired by much discussion taken place around sensuality and partnerships.

 Finding oneself in a space sensual, where emotions run high and the intimate self is laid bare, in more ways than one, it takes a huge amount of courage and understanding and acceptance of self to let go and take a leap of faith , believing that something good can be gained from such an exploit.

Before i continue, i would like to stress that, i, in no way, condone or promote any form of promiscuity but, matters sexual and sensual know to lead to unnecessary misunderstanding and breakdown in relations that could have been sorted if acknowledged and addressed....and thus my meandering post.

Recently, having had a conversation / debate with a gentleman, and then, being contacted by a stressed lady with respect to what she thinks is happening in her home, the duality of addressing sensuality and saying it is ok, i know will raise a few hairs on the backs of some people. But, possessing the maturity of emotion and logic, (quite an anomaly for logic tends to be without emotion) is needed in matters when it comes to intimate relations...and in most cases an outsider is able to do that rather than the parties involved in the crisis.

There we were indulging in each others good company when conversation took on a serious note. 
It revolved around sensuality and the need to acknowledge and understand the sensual and sexual needs of partners.
Due to the conversation being held with a gentleman, his comment was interesting as to the benefits of 'training' a new bride in the arts of intimate relations between husband and wife. A sort of 'school' where she would be taught how to please her man .
Of course...i had to ask him...that in return she would be pleased by her teacher?...for in order to reach that ultimate satisfaction and sweet spot, where both lovers are satiated and satisfied and understand each other..... it is a two way stream, is it not?.....and thus becoming a 'tarnished' new bride to be...?...acceptable?
My other question was based on how a potential bride is viewed and what is it that men, (many may not admit to it) look for in their potential wives and mothers-to-be of their children. 
Derogatory words i shall use but, i am sure it is not a 'slutty' type of girl that admits to having enjoyed sucking cock and sleeping with a number of men and knowing to swing from chandeliers and taking it from behind doggy style screaming 'Ride me baby! Fuck me harder!"
This kind of girl is the epitome of a porn fantasy many men would love to indulge in but, prefer to keep it a fantasy and not bring it home.
And before anybody thinks i am judging such behaviour and classifying it as unacceptable...if that is what u do with your partner / lover / husband...mutually agreed upon and enjoyed in private...well, heck why not!!

it is not to say that wives and those that are mothers do not know to be 'slutty' and drive their other half up the wall, with their seductive sensuality but, somewhere along the line she may have lost herself in the role of being everything else than that which she could be, feeling less attractive and belief of what a decent good wife is all about, all of a sudden takes on a different look. 
There may be that belief that being 'slutty' is religiously unacceptable, will make her other half think less of her and thus viewing herself above such 'unacceptable' and 'lowly' behaviour.

I find it strange and don't understand nor accept that something as beautiful as lovemaking and the possible discovery of each others bodies, in various ways, is viewed as sinful and lowly and that the Almighty would frown upon it and curse those that indulge. 
But, i do understand that as humans, preconceived ideas and societies viewpoints, that anyway are so fucked and confused and change from day in and out, tend to carry sway and know to influence, even the strongest of mind and belief, leading to unhappy situations in the home and behaviour questionable and hurtful.

And now to the call from a lady who was clearly stressed and concerned about what she thought were the dabbling of her husband in lurid lustful desires.
Again, i am not saying there are not those that do not indulge in the unacceptable, but knowing the environment on offer for such an indulgence, it is sad that the first thought of her partner would be that he is weak of character and easily turned to lustful wanton escapades.

There is no one answer as to why the need to consider and  indulge in matters intimate, out of ones home, for each home has its own dynamics and issues .

Is it weakness of character? Is it lack of intimacy? Is it a comfortable routine confusing it for satisfaction and happiness?  A drifting apart yet accepting of each other? 
The answer lies in being truthful with oneself and including the other half...wife or to one state of dissatisfaction. 

I know, easier said than done.

I am a great promoter and advocate sensuality , erotica and all those wonderful human intimacies The Almighty has blessed us with. 
For those who find it difficult to understand my unapologetic acknowledgement, maybe it be time to re-assess your understanding of what it means to be human, and learn to start living.....unapologetic and without judgement...with your partner of choice.

and in closing...contradictory it may be viewed as....

The question being....when we are with someone...are we looking for a 'sole' mate or a 'soul' both cases...are the possibilities for those idealistic of thought and wanting to look at the world through rose tinted glasses?
Am i saying it cant happen? 
Not at all.
The right place at the right time is what it takes. 
And for those who live happily in an unknown naive state of mind...why not...what counts is that it is your reality and of nobody else. 
Many a time certain things are best left knows to reap its rewards later in ones life.
The choice is yours...what u seek u will find....and once u find it...if it makes u unhappy, ask yourself why and don't project blame onto the world, but take the bull by the horns and sort it out...if u happy...blessed be your state of mind!!! 

Now ride the crest of erotic sensuality and smile at the image of your satisfied being. There will be those who love u dearly and will smile with u and ride the same crest.


...forever thought...

Sunday, 26 November 2017

to share a humble meal

ravenous be more like it, than hungry.
humble meals be it?
would u sit down with me and eat?
across me take a seat?

but, before we do so
the less we wear
more telling the share
delectable each bite
our nakedness a delight
what more could we ask
than to feast and in each other bask.


why be coy :)

oh please don't be coy
do come and be my pleasurable toy
allow me to whisper a treat
to win u over in a heartbeat.
for naughty do i feel
with a kiss your mouth seal
and sway u in erotic thought
together in an intimate moment, the two of us caught .
oh yes! i know u know the deal
so come over and let us 'seal'...
that glint in your eye does make me smile
and definitely knows to 'up' my sensuality dial.


bath-time captured early morning Sunday bath...
am captured and fascinated 




The beauty of nature does know to stir the Spirit .
A glorious Sunday to all.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

My Saturday awakening

...In the wake of another global tragedy...

when the value of another's life means nothing more 
than making a political statement,
when the maiming and killing of another human
simply be an expression of a political preference,
when tit-for-tat has no sense
but to destroy any potential thin thread of hope and reconciliation,
when the desire to find common ground
be bombed to hell by radical forces.

...sheep and believers of the nonsensical...

who cannot think for themselves but, take on another's command
to destroy the very fibre of humanity

cowardise on the rise,

that of those who carry guns and hide behind 
an affiliation to groups set on promoting hatred.

how weak of mind and character be u who think
that the 'Almighty'
 whatever be the 'Name'
shall accept u in a life here-after.

sickness of mind and character be the very definition and fibre 
of those who dare to imagine the taking of anothers life
shall grant them a worthy life eternal.

how anger knows to stir vengence.
how hatred knows to smoulder.
how u tempt me to curse u and wish upon u 
the most unimaginable pains and losses.

is it worth it?

for u know not even your own life's worth.
u are but a vile example,
 a degradation to the meaning of humanity...

u terrorist

u fucker....who takes lives of the innocents
u are not worthy of my hatred or vengeance...u are 


a shall not taint my existence with thoughts of u.

...even the 'Almighty'
whatever be the 'Name'
has forgotten u. 


Dear Lord.
spare my thoughts and cleanse me of what i feel beginning to gnaw at the edges of reason and logic...
my understanding of worldly matters and the unfairness that reigns strong
under the guise
of elected political regimes 
confuse me even more.
let me not waver in my faith in the good of
and let me regain my faith in the wealth of goodness
that knows to reside in humans.

how fucked up we are
stupid humans.

...please help us see again...


Friday, 24 November 2017

haunting be that which, cannot be

...she could not help but, be lost in the serenity and haunting thought of what it would be like to have him once again, walking through her door . His was a mannerism undemanding yet all-encompassing. The instant he entered her space she could feel his need and desire of was so drawing, desiring of her to drown into him. And she did.  A hug, although not clinging, possessed enough pressure in the arms, telling of their need to hold on a few seconds longer, inhaling each others passion.

She loved the gentleness of his surrender, his certainty in revealing that he needed to devour her, those little moans as he pressed himself against her.  And every time they met, the intensity of each others needs barred any slow continued sex-sensual progression that always knew to end up in an animalistic feasting of each others bodies.
Animalistic in the best of ways for, it would start, with the rekindling and familiarising of each others mind and body and sensual spirit. 
His travelling breathe in the small of her neck, the inhaling and kissing of her breasts and slight nibble of her hard nipples...his hands possessive on her hips...thumbs gently pressing into the softness beside her hips. 
She did not care to hide the effect he had on her but, joined him in the pleasurable search of his most erogenous bodily spots...always discovering something new in each other. 

The world knew to come to a standstill for that period of a selfish lovers conquer, tasting each others sweat, coital wetness, an intoxicating scent of two bodies so in sync, each in control of the others mind, allowing no other realities to intrude.
And when their gaze would meet...the depth of loss and surrender to lustful sincerity, would make them grind harder and harder into each matter what...each wanting more from the other.

It never seemed to be never was enough. 

How haunting be the desire of a lover imagined...


thoughts uncaged

...thoughts uncaged...

Thursday, 23 November 2017

he needed to find had begun

He had wondered if he was capable of erotic moments. Actually, wondered if he even knew what it may entail. 
His breathing knew to become erratic at images capturing a sense of something deeper than sensuality between a woman and man. 
He found himself, many a time, fascinated and lost in the portrayal of what looked like, a complete engrossing of lovers...committed to nothing else but, the sheer abandon to bodily and personal pleasure.
Porn no longer held his capture. It felt too available. Of course there were those nights when the wet swollen 'womaness' of a porn star did it for him...watching her arching and writhing, meeting the ardent hardness of a man or two.
But, he began to search for something else...that tease...that taunt...that lust to touch gently, be touched in return...the feel of a woman desiring of him...of his attention.
In return he wanted to discover within him, that which he knew resided somewhere deep deep, and kept on nagging to be acknowledged and recognised.

So, when she took control and with gentle firmness persuaded him to let her do things to him he had never thought of before, he didn't cheat himself with holding back but, let her redefine the very fibre of his sensual being.
Her strength was that of a caring lover, a knowing lover...coaxing, plying...tasting...nibbling...sharing her need to hear his moan and not only feel and see his pleasure.   
She made him ask her to do things to him....his deliciously she indulged in them....
And, every time he wished to lift himself and attempt to reach her, she would push him back and promise him a taste of her when the time was right.

It seemed forever and yet too short, her devouring of him...and in the drive home, he found it difficult to recall all that had a trance state and the desire even deeper to know more as to what she defined as erotic.
Was this it? Was this the journey he had hoped to embark on? 

It didn't matter. 
For the first time in a long time, his body felt alive and a deeper desire  now tingled in his groin and the yearning burnt hot ...the discovery had begun.


Wednesday, 22 November 2017

to dare to be hers

he sat and watched her, a nervousness did shake his frame
not used to being the' hunted' in any sort of game
yet excitement and desire for the new,
in those black ribbons of hers the clue.
she knew to bring out the adventurous in him
she knew his confidence and trust to win
the minute her eyes his gaze did hold
all reserve and restraint did know to fold.
electrical be their nearness, a trance-like state
wishing her to proceed, he could not wait
he whimpered as he felt her tongue
trace the outline of his lips, a deliciousness sprung.
the throb in his groin began to hurt
'hurry now!" he demanded, sounding curt
'bloody hell...tie me down now!!!'
he began to beg, a deep frown did show on his brow.
above him she stood no hurry to obey,
her pleasure be in the torturous  delay,
for, once he be tied and restrained for her pleasure,
there be no turning back , to devour him, she her leisure.


u to reach...

Dear Darling...

dear gorgeous man
 a little poem for u, your thoughts to fan.

all of a sudden an image did crop
my mind did reel my heart did stop
an imagining that u be close
your layback sexiness my thoughts did dose.
that shyness, that coyness, that naughtiness
the way u look at me, simply bliss
and knowing every part of me u wish
every curve of my body, your favourite dish.
the tingle that sets the throb that aches
a sensual sexiness new erotica wakes
and thus i wish this poem, u to reach
and the distance between us quickly breach .


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

hurry and...join me

 as i lay my head to rest
in thoughts of u deliciously nest
a cup of hot chocolate to sweeten my taste
every passionate thought of u, be 'chaste'.
what could be better than to fade away
to join u in anther world, no delay
for there, it be, all about u and me
to melt in each other, passionate lovers be.
so...close your eyes and hurry my way
the sooner u join me the longer the stay
and before the dawn does show it face
a hundred times over, our hearts will race.


Sunday, 19 November 2017

ridiculously joyous :)


and with that...

a blessed  carefree
"ridiculously" joyous

Sunday to all...RB.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

sleep begins to call

the night peacefully does fall,
to repose in serenity the call.
to don a garment sheer of weight
as is ones step light of gait.
no heaviness of thought, to take to sleep
for tiredness, 'usurps' the muscles deep.
rather, to 'faint' in peaceful rest,
of slumberland to be a guest.
tonight, no need of dreams to see,
the eyes to sleep of images free,
now, sleep louder does begin to call
and thus...goodnight...i bid to all.


a like-minded convergence

i wonder...if by any chance, 


if i allowed my dream to fly
across the vastness of a clear sky
that by some chance,


that dream of mine your mind would catch
and your attention completely snatch,
with the depths of a passion that within do churn
the longing unbearable my heart does burn...!

an imagined tryst between true lovers
the affect of such the truth uncovers...
delirious, and captured, in what could be
the longing, the need of such to be free.

and... if by chance,


that dream does catch your mind,
do sit back and nestle in the haziness and find,
my kisses, my warmth, the pulse of my desire
the core of your manliness to fire.
and then imagine to lay me down,
to allow yourself in my surrender to drown,
it be not a coital indulgence
but, rather , of sensual like-mindedness, a convergence.


Saturday glorious

when glory of a morning beautiful can only be absorbed by total nakedness.



Friday, 17 November 2017


Why would one consider seductive erotic sensuality as salacious? For if that were the case, then, alarm bells should ring and questions should be asked.
If sensuality should make one feel uncomfortable, making one question ones morality then the need be for re-examination of ones personal understanding of what sensuality is. 
Does sensuality not know to bring people closer, make one feel special...wanted, desired in a way that confirms the intellectual understanding and wisdom of what makes one feel truly wanted and needed?  
For, sensuality is a sincere form of expressing ones desire of another . Even before physical contact may take place , a telling smile shared, a gentle look in the eye, a feathery touch...a whisper endearing, knows to make the heart flutter, the senses tingle and the desire to give of self and share with the other. All of these are sensual acts, caring to stir the embers of passion
So, before one goes down the road of sexuality, there be a need to understand and accept that, sensuality is a state of self, a state of being. 
It is not crass nor salacious but, rather, a compliment shared with another. 
An expression complete, an expression inviting.
it knows to open doors rewarding. It knows to lead to a conscious state of being where emotion is raw and real and telling.
It is the ultimate reveal of self.

Comfy and sexy

Me and my "bridget jones" pair....