Friday, 30 June 2017

Good morning...GRIN!!!

Good morning Friday!....i could marry this man. 
comedians are my weakness.
The sillier 
the better.

'red tape'

Red tape, for me, be about much which one should adherence to rules and regulations. It outlines 'stay-away' zones, danger areas one should avoid.
It should be a guideline steering one in the right direction. 
But, what happens when those rules are applied to keep one in check. Not in a good way but, in a controlling way. 
 Laying a foundation of uncertainty and misunderstanding leading to inaction, procrastinating...a slow slide into a corrupt state of being.
Education, through a formal system or informal,  has always been the biggest enemy of any institution wishing to keep people in check. 

When consistently told that something is bad, one begins to believe it, even when the facts dictate different. 
How much easier to veer away from stirring the waters. How much easier to keep on the right side of the red tape... even if it may be the wrong side.

Would one be considered a coward, under the control of a regime powerful and corrupt because one does not wish to be singled out and thrown to the wolves to be devoured and ridiculed. 
So much easier to leave the questions for another 'fool' to ask.
But were it not for those 'fools', leaving a system unchallenged can lead to dictatorial tendencies...for once there be a taste of power, very infrequently, there are those that do not hunger to be mightier than most.

The question foolish is that 'fool' that dares to challenge the red tape if it means bringing about a change beneficial... long term?

I stand in admiration of the bravery of those that know to hear the plight of masses under the oppression of those corrupt , putting in place red tape that wields power in the most dictatorial of ways.
i stand in admiration of those that know to ask the right questions, those that can bring about a mindset new through communication and sharing of facts and educating the misinformed. 

I stand in admiration when a change can be brought about through the integrity of the action taken. 
I stand in admiration when the word spoken and written knows to be powerful enough to make others take action, in a way peaceful yet powerful.

It is a thankless job, that of a 'foolish hero' ...they tend to be labelled mavericks, pariahs in their society...i like that sort.


Thursday, 29 June 2017

Happiness is...

waited in anticipation... 

news come through...

 when a plan comes together.

Can you answer the question...truthfully?

 A ask of what a fantasy may be...

is it something that fires the imagination
bright and joyous...knowing to be satisfactory merely by thought being lent to it?
Does it make u daydream and lighten your burden of reality
for your reality be mundane and plodding of nature.
Do u wish to have the courage to share it in the hope
u will not be ridiculed or laughed at
or berated and sternly be put into place.
Does it have a life and breath in society, understood
accepted within the norms set by the keepers ...whoever they may be.
Does it challenge the gatekeeper of a spirit subdued, slumbering
on the borders of being classified as a non-entity...just another beating heart
a life born to breathe.
When indulged in thought how far do u colourful do u become?
is it that same u that lives in the fantasy
Have u asked yourself .....and if come in reality u be different?
Be it a fantasy that would destroy all the goodness in your life, be it a fantasy dared not
into reality.
Then why does it bring joy and why the smile and why the.....sigh....knowing it cannot be.
How far does your imagination stretch and what is it that fires the fantasy to become,
yearned for, needed....hankered.
Riches witnessed, successes attained, love immeasurable
a caring nurturing

What is it that holds u back...why is it a mere fantasy...

Is yours simply an imagination unrealistic
or have u allowed those high walls of self-incrimination classification being...u will only but fail...if u try.


So u have tried...?


Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Did he know her so well...?...mad hatter

  how a hungry and lusty secret inside her gnaws
the mad hatter does know, lustful gluttony in its jaws
does feast upon a woman's heat
to make her his, in yearning agony, complete.

to watch her from beneath the rim
of his top hat, his eyes...dark... with seduction brim
and she an image of him be
her hat, her eyes seering, just as lustful, for him to see.

the game begins the heart does pound
a tingle deep in the loins be found
no move to surrender just as yet
a state of begging to beget.

(the mist and the raven - Bastien Lecouffe Deharme.)

that eventual gluttonous surrender a frenzy mad
a feasting of two bodies had
to dip and suck and bite and thrust
to clutch and tear and growl a must!

the mad hatter... knew her well
he knew her hunger to recognise and to tell
when deep in his seat he should recline
and simply watch a strip divine.


In prep...enjoy

a haunting forgetfulness

(The mist and the raven - Bastien Lecouffe Deharme.)

The beginning of his hell...

He sat across from her. He thought he was listening to what she had to say but found his interest being distracted. 
Not difficult. She was beautiful. At first he had not noticed . 
A woman who cared not to make an impression immediate. Hers was one of those subtle games played. A game more dangerous and addictive for it knew to creep up on one without one being aware of it.
She had asked him out for a cup of coffee. He had had the pleasure of her company once before, and it was in passing. They had happened to be at the same function, a work function. She was one of his associates date for the evening. 

What had intrigued him, on that evening, was her ability to be ever present and looming in her attendance, yet, no effort made to be part of any conversation or group of people.
As the evening progressed, he had made a mental note to share a word or two with her but, before he could, she was gone. His associate informed him that a previous engagement called for her to honour it.

He hoped their paths would cross again. 

It was a surprise when the call came. She spoke to him as if they were long lost friends of some sort. So matter of fact. He didn't even have a chance to refuse her invite. It was more in the line of knowing where his mind was at, and that word or two he wished to have shared with her nearly a week ago, was going to happen now.

"I can imagine you didn't hear a word i have said." he caught her saying, an amused naughty grin on her sensual mouth.
"Sorry. My mind did stray. You were saying...?" slightly embarrassed that she had caught him out.
"I was saying... apart from the that function, have you and i met before? I get the feeling i know you. That is why i asked you out."
She didn't seem the sort to play silly games, so he took her question seriously.
"No... should i know you?"
"I don't know. I thought maybe you could tell me something i may have forgotten."
"Forgotten?" he asked , curiosity beginning to set in. He felt a prickly feeling in the nape of his neck and all of a sudden he had this eerie feeling that he actually may know her.
"Never mind. I suppose i am just being silly!" And from that point on, their visit became light and full of banter. It was a few hours later, before either of them considered to look at their watches. What spurred them to do so, was the quietness of the restaurant, realising they were the last patrons seated.
"My word! I do hope i didn't keep you?" She said " I so enjoyed myself."
"I am not shy to say if i am bored and have to go. "
"I know." she said as the waiter put the bill on the table, aiming to pull it toward herself.
"Now that would be an insult." He said, taking the bill away from her .
She smiled.
"Thank you." And stood up, readying herself to leave.
It struck him as a little rude and strange that she would do that. He handn't even settled the bill as yet.
"You wont mind my hurried departure?" as if reading his mind.
"Not at all." Where-as, in fact, he did.
She swept her coat in her hands and placed her bag over her shoulder and leaned into him, placing the softest of kisses on his lips.

It struck him....he did know her!
And with that she was gone. His heart was clenched in pain as he watched her leave. Those lips, that soft sensual mouth....that scent. 

Could it be...? 
A brief liaison so many years ago....a liaison he nearly broke his marriage for....a liaison he regretted he had not broken his marriage for.
Was it her? 
Intimate images that haunted him for years, all of a sudden came back and he began to gasp for air....(to be continued).


When loving another be born centuries ago

Lovemaking...a part of a story that will play out in the most loving, sensual and gentle of ways...

They lay cocooned , his naked frame enveloping her from behind. Any onlooker would have imagined they were one. He was tightly pressed into her back, a perfect naked fit.
Their legs shaped together...their toes caressing each others. 

He was wide awake, inhaling the scent of her body, listening to her deep rhythmic breathing, knowing she would wake soon. 
The movement of her toes gave it away. Her body stirred, not moving away from him but, rather pressing closer into is form. 
That tiny little motion was like an electric shock , an instant reaction from his manhood. He tried to control himself, and not respond. 
But, her subtle soft movements, her round soft bottom, gently searched to press itself against his growing hardness.
His heartbeat became erratic, and his breathing shallow. She took his hand that lay across her waist, and guided it to her breast, so warm from the evening soft. 

And then that hand of hers she place on his thigh, the thigh that had become like steel for the energy flowing through him had woken every nerve, every muscle in his body. 
She placed her hand on his buttock and gently pushed him toward her and coaxed him to press his hardness against her soft flesh. As hard as his body was, so soft was hers in return.

Their morning waking was a gentle one but, heated and passionate. 

That cocooned shape became even more cocooned for she had woken in him the need to unite with her physically, and she had allowed him to slip into her waking desirous need of him... 
to enter her world, swallowing his reality into her reality...
a mix between sleep and waking...
that moment before one becomes fully aware of what the day may bring.
He let his mind drop into hers. 

He let her guide him with her moans, her body. 
At times she just lay passive but, arched accepting of every thrust he gave of himself....a thrust that took a little more from him and surely made him hers. She accepted and would hold on to it forever...that love he gave of himself to her, unrestricted.
And then at times her moves became desperate, hard, wanting, her yelps begging him to give her more....he felt he was being possessed and couldn't give enough of himself. 
He arched her into the air with his need to search deeper, his hands on her hips, she begged for more, he couldn't help himself ...he began to moan with her, begging her to take more and more of him...

Their morning love affair was nothing out of the ordinary. This morning love affair was one born centuries ago...when the first star did rise in the sky...two lovers united reborn century after century after century....(to be continued)


Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Itemised...The RB Brand...countdown #3

Firstly i would like to thank my readers local and from across the globe for the support and interest you have shown in my shares on my blog. 
Thank you America for your growing support. Your numbers do rival the interest shown from South Africa . 
And for everybody else, who pops in now and again, to see what i may be up to, in my head space...Thank You. 
World....from all the beautiful countries that i have a reader....i Thank You.
 And, a Thank You, in advance, to the new readers that are still to come on board.

My idea started off with the publishing of a book...and morphed into much more...the possibilities on offer, and the encouragement and support i received, kept me writing and exploring... and here we are.
This was just under a year ago.

What is ...'The RB Brand'......simply itemised

A.    Writings in various formats
    1.    Book
    2.    Magazine
    3.    Series of Generic pieces
    4.    Personalised pieces

B.    Voice clips
    1.    Series of Generic pieces
    2.    Personalised pieces

C.    Videos
    1.    Generic
    2.     personalised

D.    Guest - series of non-fictional articles

E.    Guest - series of fictional writings

F.     Gallery of Glamour Models - South Africa's Beauty
    1.    Generic photographs
    2.    Personalised photographs. your convenience and pleasure, to be downloaded and enjoyed.

And as The RB Brand finds its roots and trusts to capture an audience loyal and supportive, ever growing, it will look to expand in other areas for those who wish to surrender to, and appreciate the art of a sensual tease.

I shall be posting as to the roll out ...the journey...and the official launch .

Am looking forward to making you part of a rich eroticism that lives in my head and will be represented by a class act, personally picked and approved by my team and i...sounds pompous?

Not at all...i simply know what RB is about...and she is that fantasy you will want to indulge in.

Sincerely and loyally yours


when the brain churns and churns...GRIN

so cute that i don't feel so bad that my thoughts so radically challenging and seriously silly at times!

lest we forget

i stand before you bare
glorious in the innocence of nakedness
for your scrutiny ....unashamedly exposed to your kindness and critique...fearless.
i know immediately you shall spot
all my wrongs and flaws, at first
an eyesore...and then they will be just another part of me... unique, defining...quite inviting.
those flaws will ease your nerves
will show my human side
and make u sit back...and allow the pleasure of what be before you to be indulged for your personal 
my wish be granted that u find comfort
in your flaws
knowing i have them too and that we are....just 2 peas in a pod...human...imperfect.
our joy shall be to share of each other
to be close in our freedom to touch and kiss
and, most importantly of all,
to look upon each other
unreserved in the hungry need to feast
upon flesh naked the most intimate and loving way.
we shall discover a world fantastical in its sensual allure
an exotic array of human pleasures and indulgences.

we shall revel in our freedom to let go
and travel that land called 'Fantasy'
...i shall hold your hand
and kiss u dear
and together we shall be courageous
to indulge.

Monday, 26 June 2017

the acknowledgement...The RB Brand...countdown #2

You know those times when one is aware of what ones dream may be, what space one would love to occupy but, no matter the struggle or application, it somehow seems to evade one.
So one follows another path. Many a time it may not be as satisfactory yet, it reaps its rewards and along the way, one begins to forget that dream from long ago...that space wished upon...only to be revisited with sighs and nostalgia, now and again.
Those revisits can be dangerous and can know to make one regret many a good thing in ones life...constantly comparing it to that "what if" scenario.
But...what if the path one is on, is one needed to be travelled, needed to be known, for somewhere along the line one became blind and lost in the trivialities of things that did not define ones spirit?
What if a map had been set out to bring one back to ones self in the most unexpected ways...a journey travelled that many would define as non-conformist, questionable.
The trick then lies to know what this whole journey may be about, to define and understand the present and what the future may hold, to not be scared. For to cower in fear is the best aphrodisiac to feed the mind of those that prey on uncertainty and draw strength from ones surrender.


And that is how it began for all my pompous and assured and successful professional life, all of a sudden i found myself flailing to survive...a decision taken that cost me nearly all and, made me rethink and look at life differently.
My will to continue living the good life i knew and to not let go of any of the beautiful things i had surrounded myself with, made me seek avenues of saving all that i had worked for and knew at that point.
That was not to be...well...i didn't lose everything.
I did have to let go of much i loved and tightened my belt real tight and applied myself to "SURVIVAL MODE". It worked.
So began the discovery of a me that was always there. So began this new journey that was the dream i had always had .

So began The RB Brand.

It started with writings, appreciated, to my surprise. The interest grew. It led to an offer and that offer took me on a journey most amazing....somewhere along the line, the business model began to like me...budget forecasts, understanding the input in relation to the remuneration need to not be a fly by night, awoke in me my analytical, strategic being.
And thus begun the long haul back and forth to eventually arrive at the doorstep of it all happening and coming together!!

From the onset RB was not me yet was (does that make sense?)...RB became everything i wished to share with those who were interested. RB became my dreams, my fantasies, my reality of another sort. She defined my love of the human psyche, understanding man and woman alike and loving them for what they are.
Unreserved in her expression of thought, hungry to communicate both physically and mentally...keen to absorb and at the same time share.
i can imagine this script may make many uncomfortable for we have become creatures without courage to express ourselves in the most revealing of ways. I do care to reveal myself for what i hope to bring to you, is the revelation that sensuality and seductiveness and sexuality is not taboo and is as natural as the birth of each one of us. 

The RB Brand is sincere, it is sensual, it is sexy, it is erotic, it is normal.

It is your dream your fantasy... it is not unique at all but, rather, everything you know, simply put in another format .
What be that format?
it culminates in a gathering to raise a bubbly to all the uncertainty that eventually has come to fruition in the most positive of ways.

Sincerely and loyally yours


a mans' surrender

....let us try and make it real
for it is...

she let him in and showed him a world new
where many wanted to play but, didn't have a clue
for their minds be wrapped in uncertainty
the scars of urban legends their freedom possessed completely.

she coaxed him with fantastical tales of erotic tease
like an innocent his body hungered each image to seize
his mind began to realise that till then he had been drowning
deep in inhibitions and misunderstandings confounding.

she smiled she beckoned she whispered she embraced him into her
she let him her mouth taste with a kiss explosive his reality to blur
she let he hold on to her for dear life
for she needed to feel his surrender to her world with no strife.

she would swallow all his uncertainty in the play that followed
that part of him lost in 'unknowingness' too long wallowed
she would make him realise how beautiful his sensuality be
and completely exposed at her seducing mercy she would eventually...set him free.

with every look so deep his gaze yearning
he would drown in her welcoming eyes searching
and there he would find himself his manliness unquestionable
for now he recognised himself, very little unattainable.

she would make his body tremble his spirit soar
she would make him alive again to his very core
a man that always knew how it could be
eventually allowed himself to let go and the truth see.


the vision of a blind man

his sight be taken away a long long time ago
on others to rely and, with their eyes show
what he knew the world to be at one stage
now living in his head that "once upon an age".

but, then his world became more real
his hands, did help him see, with them to feel
more beautiful more real he felt the image
in his minds eye the creation to the reality, a linkage.

this time round, before him she stood
to guide his hands to her breasts, she would
his gasp did make her catch her breath
his hands did see her, to her very depth.

so gentle, so caring, they knew to caress
her femininity his hands did address
she found herself begin to see what he may see
she shut her eyes and let herself go and, just be.

all of a sudden the world became dark
at first frightening and stark
then, a glimmer of a light bright and warm
comfortable, inviting did her mind swarm.

herself, she could see through his gentle touch
a tear ran down her cheek, it was too much
for how he saw her was beyond anything she knew herself to be
and thus embrace him close and kiss him gentle, to remember the moment for eternity. 


the coat

the wind, the chill did require for a coat to be worn
at her cover up, he felt quite forlorn
but then she decided to show him and reveal
what beneath that beautiful coat she did conceal.

the outing did take a special turn
the adventure that followed a repeat he did yearn
so once again he thought an invite he had to extend
and asked her in her coat to once again attend.


Sunday, 25 June 2017

too fast too furious he felt his fall

(Peter Lindbergh - northern light)

how jaded he felt, how beaten how off track
if only he could find his way back
his mind was twisted his mind a gnarl
at logic that it be not so, it did snarl.

her skin so fair , so soft and yielding
to his kisses and touch wielding
and there he sat so far away
his choice from her, away to stay.

that pang the jealousy that his, she no longer be
her surrender to another his imagination could see
his hands did fist, his breast did beat
a fear of stupidity in his heart, did take a seat.

and then his hair pull, to clutch his head
why such an idiot, to walk away, than surrender instead
the sky above he begged for mercy
the need to be heard, his being thirsty.

because those eyes his soul pierced deep
clearly their ability for it to steal, and keep
too fast too furious he felt his fall
the need to run, the need to stall.

and now her scent, her laugh, her warmth, a mirage it be
his choice to allow her wings, to set her free
and then he wondered, at the cruelty of his stupidity
at not recognising and knowing their compatibility.

how hard he had tried to find the one
many a time thinking with his search, he be done
and when it eventually did come by
he had no courage even to try.

so quick his retreat to salvage what had been
but sadly, of her, he had himself to wean
for another had helped her pain go away
in time, his friendship she had accepted and invited him to stay.


Tennessee Williams...magic


Introduction...The RB Brand...countdown #1

Good morning Sunday!...Good morning All!

For some time now, i have been posting cryptic clues as to a journey i had chosen for myself. Unfinished stories, hints as to my challenges and train of thought and of mind when slightly off keel. All in the hope of bringing you on board in understanding and supporting me in my journey forward and thus,
opening up a new mindset, approach and understanding in your journey with me. 

My fate had mapped a space unusual, unexpected, considering my austere professional upbringing and background. All of a sudden i found myself in an environment most intimate, most revealing, most sensual....yet, far from unfamiliar or uncomfortable.
I have never been one to go on long trips of guilt or any form of self inflicted punishment, and thus, with careful consideration, was accepting of such. What helped was my ability to acknowledge and recognise that there are people who are bright, knowledgeable, wise, kind, extremely successful and prosperous, giving, teaching....leaders. They know to set an example for others to follow. They know to be supportive, encouraging and guiding when needed. I recognised very quickly that these people, in their professionalism paired with sympathy and empathy, were also no mans fool and knew to cut one to the ground, in the most subtle of ways, when needed.
So i went out my way to watch, absorb, hear, take on, learn surround myself and any other verb that may exist in that category....with this type of mindset and style of living life. I can confidently say, that most of these intelligent, wise, successful and prosperous people had many many skeletons in their closet but, it did not deter them from trying to reach those high levels of success both personally and professionally.
And thus begun my journey through life and stood me in good stead when most needed.

Each one of us has our own road to travel and mine,  was going to be this. How i was to get to this point too, i realised was necessary, for along the way i accumulated many a success and failure that would mould me into what i am today.
My experiences and education, both formal and informal, gave me the tools and understanding of focusing, desiring, applying and bringing into fruition that which i identified as my next project at hand. Although i claim to have had the happiest of childhoods and the most fortunate of ones too, i can guarantee you , it was not always smooth sailing, and being the maverick that i am, brought upon myself hardships that could have been averted if i had known to toe the line.
But, that was not what i was born to and, why indulge myself in self pity and cheat myself of life itself?

And thus...nearly a year ago began the countdown to 
'The RB Brand'.

RB is women...who is considerate and understanding of the plight of women. She understands femininity and what it is that turns those cogs that define her. Yet, at the same time, knows to be uncertain and work through it. She is passionate and real and a hero in her own right. Her world is colourful and very little is not possible. She loves without reserve. She gives without reserve and takes just as much. She is an enigma at time, sometimes a Fata Morgana...there are too few words to describe her for she is all women.
One thing for sure, she is passionate, sensual, sexual, revealing surrendering, alluring, seductive and intelligence and wisdom makes her successful in her alliances and dealings with her male counterpart.
She knows and accepts who her man is... she knows to make him King of Her World yet, rule with a sturdy and fair hand. She makes him grow, she makes him flourish.
She makes him love her unreservedly, she makes him ache for her, she makes him lust for her.
She makes him kiss and protect her and hold her in the palm of his hand like she is the last drop of water on this earth...she wishes to bring out the very core of both men and women in their sensual dealing with each other...for she is every woman and she invites every man into discovering himself in who she is.

and that is ...
'The RB Brand'.
....and thus, RB welcomes you on board and looks forward to enriching your life with colourful possibilities that have always lived within you and that are not taboo but, a mere extension of what all humans were born with...and simply, forgotten.

Sincerely and loyally yours


Saturday, 24 June 2017

Good morning Saturday!!!

Good morning Saturday!! how heavy or light is your bin bag...

There i was, in my work studio cleaning and shining the place up....and as the only person occupying that space...was i in awe of how full and heavy that bin bag was ...accumulated in less than a week....where did all that crap come from? I didn't remember purchasing nor using nor needing anything that had landed in that black bag...and thus...

The amount of 'rubbish' one can accumulate over a period of time is amazing. The more one dares to live, the fuller that bin bag becomes. 

The problem is, that some of us either, have very little to throw out , for we have guarded ourselves and secluded ourselves from the wonders of what experience has to offer....while others will have bag upon bag to discard...through experiences unnecessary and personally destroying.
Either way can be unhealthy, cheating oneself of a balanced living. 
But, one is simply human and if one knew, what be the right choices to be made, then there would be no bin bags at all.
So, to regret, cower in fear or any such similar behaviour is a waste of time.  History will repeat simply is so...don't over-analyse it yet, at the same time, don't just accept it. 
Make it work for you.
Me...i choose to let go and live life to the full...what may that be...i can't tell you for i am still living it and loving matter what. 
So come join me and make this Saturday one of the best Saturday's you may have had in a long long time.

Let loose and allow the 'self' to shine!
Happy Saturday!


Friday, 23 June 2017

the Thursday morning 2am realisation...join me please.

There it was...a 2am Thursday morning epiphany as to many a thing bothering, eating, questioning and keeping me awake, night in and night out, for the last few months.
The choice to take a path, i believed and still believe, will be nothing less than a success...please do not confuse my confidence and faith as one of pompous cockiness.
 A success of my sort of which i will work hard at making bigger, better and far reaching. A dream that refused to go away...well, let us put it this journey of realisation...

Life does know to challenge us, throwing us a curve ball many others will have the good fortune of never experiencing. But, who is to judge whose curve ball is worse than the next persons.
All of a sudden a choice made exposing one to a space and company least expected. One begins to flounder, building up a strong reserve and acceptance of ones fate. Somewhere along the line, the fear of eventually conceding to defeat and allowing self-doubt, the observation of others prodding and bullying one into further surrender. But, the resilient of spirit never lose sight of that silver lining and no matter the downfall or doubt, know to keep that distant dream never knows when a miracle can happen.
Choices we make at any specific moment, most make, believing it be the best road to follow. Many a time the heart may rule the reason but, it knew to make one happy and it knew to give one faith that it would lead to bigger better things.
So life takes us on a roller coaster and downs...the downs scarring us to the pit of our tummy, nauseating...and somehow when the ups come...the joy knows to overrule any negativity that may have been.
Now, to know to remember those know that life be dynamic and that there never is an even grading, a balanced, in equilibrium state eternal. When entering a space a level headed coolness should prevail, a quick observation and understanding of what the requirement may be and most importantly of all, to understand the pitfalls and challenges.
How easy it is to wear rose-tinted glasses and imagine that the world is fair and all are equal. It doesn't mean though, that one cannot be fair in ones own decision toward others and most importantly toward oneself.
And thus this brief introduction of my realisation, that, i can be my own worst enemy...of which is not my style...or i can be the person i know to be.
So was it a miracle that happened....or...was it that deep knowing and faith in self that has kept my dream alive and thus

now begins the countdown to the launch of my brand
...The RB Brand...

It has been hard work, many a decision changed, financial challenges, time, personal issues...real self doubt...and the fear of failure....but, here we is to be realised into this big beautiful yet, scary world.
I trust i shall draw you in and make you follow where to from here, and make you an ardent supporter of what i shall be offering. I promise to try and keep you entertained and interested .

To those who have a dream...don't give up.
 First and foremost know who you are and what you want.
Be prepared to work hard, diligent in your application, many a  sacrifice will be asked of you and when doubt knows to set in, take congniscance of it, analyse it, understand why it be there...ask those wise and supportive of you to work through it with you. will never regret that eventual achievement of where you knew you could be.


Thursday, 22 June 2017

bewitch me...enchant me

bewitch me
enchant me...possess me all
take me
and kiss me resistance shall fall.

your touch your look does make me drown
your sensual queen, u shall me crown
for once those sensual embers u do stoke
an erotic naughtiness u will invoke.

no holding back of what i shall take
in u, a grunting groaning lustfulness, i shall wake
i shall plough your thoughts with my juicy warmth
your mouth i shall lick, an eagerness in your kisses bring forth.

your hands i will let travel all over my burning flesh
desperately seeking for our bodies to mesh
i will make u whimper and writhe and thrust
all because u dared to enchant me now to possess u, a must.
we shall be delirious in every position engaged
whatever between us before may have passed upstaged.

and as the tiredness of contented play
begins to possess our limbs and in our minds does stay
then once again, u shall me bewitch, with your manliness
as i lay back and accept, in total 'abandoness'.



a perfect, magic carpet ride

 do u dare to sit in front of a mirror, it merely imaging
at first, the physical form, superficial, one dimensional, diminishing
then to look a little deeper and dare to see
what beneath that exterior does lie for u to be.

come sit with me and let us together the real u discover
i shall help the erotic and sensual in u uncover
should u worry as to what may be revealed
we both know passionate depths of imaginings be concealed.

i care not to judge nor ponder at what we shall find
but rather, release u from your shackled eyes so blind
for attracted to your energy that burns so hot, i am
your uncertainty, an offering together forever we shall damn.

what pleasure i see what passion in your eyes does flicker
how excited and capturing your heart that beats quicker
do travel with me on my carpet of erotic sensuality
allow the mirror to reflect your freedom of banality.

when up i stand and cup your face to kiss your lips so yielding
my lips will be possessive in their power wielding
and as your breath with every kiss becomes more staggered and challenged
all those years of uncertainty will at last be avenged.

we shall ride that carpet erotic and completely together surrender
in the meshing of two sensual minds we shall discover unearthly splendour
so come my dear, and share the vision imaged in the mirror
and let us together that magic carpet ride bring into fruition and make much clearer.


could it be that simple?

...and before anybody be of the opinion, i may be going through a crisis of some set, rest assured, it be more a state of introspection brought on by much around me that i have witnessed and that has made me question the human psyche the hope of understanding why it is we choose a path challenging and less rewarding at most crossroads in our life....

 Be those daydreams stark and nakedly more than bare
in an unfruitful result of what may be.
Capturing you in a surrender

false and corrupt...

for doubt does set in and the spirit does break.

Oh how the world all of a sudden seems unfulfilling and swayed by forlornness!
Painfully beating down all resistence....
where did it go to...?

...those bright colourful daydreams of what could have been?

What was it in life that knew to rob you of yourself so brazenly and cruelly...
Can it be said it be yourself?
...and the stuttering and spluttering of excuse as to why not
...a cowardly ease 
sliding into
giving up
for so much more comfortable the fangs of Mediocrity.

Oh Mediocrity!  How i curse you for making my life hell
for making me yearn for colourful dreams and miracles real...

He sat on the bench and gnawed at his daydreams grey
and wished that spark to ignite again.


success...who doesn't want it???...

Having experienced much uncertainty and fear, as to a project i have been hard at task on, an incident i came across recently, helped me put things into perspective.

How easy it is to give up and take a path less rewarding, a crossroad reached, a decision needed as to the next step to be taken. Sometimes the influences are out of ones control and the looming dread be so challenging that one dares only to cower in uncertainty and fear for ones courage seems to desert one.
But, the deciding factor lies within oneself...that desire to challenge all norms and beliefs and fire forward hard and uncaring of the consequences...even if it means potential failure.
Nothing comes easy in life....even that which one thinks comes easy....there is always a price to pay.

...and thus this piece written .... to my project...?....the countdown has begun to it becoming a reality and worthy of sharing with all.

how dedicated i shall be to the task at hand
and in all my glory proudly, before u stand
no shame in who or what i have become
wonderful experiences thus me, the total sum.
my mind be vast, colourful and receiving
of new ideas and experiences, conceiving
it knows to take me to places where the courageous dare to go
and those more fearful, by the hand take, to lead and show.

why the fear of being simply human and alive
why the need to box anything different and falsely it contrive
why the wrong questions asked and thus uncertainty rule
why over-analyse and to oneself be cruel...???

when out the box one knows to step, and a new direction take
all of a sudden a brighter world influencing, decisions to make
and should one falter as the journey does unfold
there will be many like me, who believe in u, and help u to be bold.
a breath given at birth when our mothers labour us into life
her fierce determination to bring u healthy into life no strife
no matter the challenges and the cruelty of this life u may have to face
be it not fair to reward your birth rather, success to chase?

how easy it is to be cynical and not forgiving
to live a life lost with every failure, self demeaning
our thoughts be vast and seriously powerful
why not dip into the belief of self and ones potential.
no excuse to let go and lie down and surrender
you, yourself are your own personal mind bender
do i care to allow you to wallow in self pity
not a chance, for my personality be too gritty.

so let us together a new path for u find
one reaping personal strength and diligent of mind
of course it ain't gonna be an easy one to contain
and definitely not easy from doubt to abstain.
but in the future your success i clearly see
for your path u have now clearly plotted of what can be
next to u i shall stand and not allow u to fall
for your success is guaranteed and u have ....eventually....heard the call.



Wednesday, 21 June 2017

my "Marie Antionette's" court...erotic

(danceviewtimes- Leigh Witchel)

i came across this image and with immediate effect it captured me ...
What was it that had me going back to it, over and over. 
What was it that stirred a deep like of what i saw. 
Is this the part of me that knows to make others uncomfortable for it knows to arouse a sensual erotica within?
How passionate that grip, the strength of limbs lithe and firm. 
A dress code fit for Marie Antoinette's court where the majestic knew to dance and dance. 
Where cake be eaten and passions flared . 
Where lovers indulged and games of intrigue and deceit knew to unravel many a state. 
Where the court jester, in his playful nonsensical stupidity ruled the minds of less wise and intelligent. 
Oh those corsets knew to hold a body tight...
bursting to surrender to a touch burning, wanting , demanding...!
When searing be the gaze and the grip leading...the swerve of a body led in a dance possessive. 
How can i help myself from gazing at the 'richness' of those limbs... 
that manliness so bejewelled in a sack of encrusted glitter.
Now the will to dance with them to be part of their court ...
to wear shoes so fancy and be so strong of limb and demanding of grip. 
How i would love to be a part of that dance.
How i would love to be so graceful in my art of dance
portraying a space in time
and capturing the imagination
another like me.


a 'new you' discovered

 do i know your mind to capture
in ecstasy and moments of rapture
most definitely my beautiful one
for once through my door, it shall be done.

first with my eyes to undress u complete
then kiss u soft yet with passion deplete
any inhibitions or doubt that may linger
to step toward my little den and beckon u with my finger.

i shall show u what it means to let go
i shall show u what it means to go with the flow
when down to lay naked, i, u make
to know to make u quiver and shake.

between your spread legs i shall stand
and coax u to rise to the occasion grand
and that only with my feathery touch
it be futile to sanity clutch.

why bother to fight that desire so lustful
rather in my teasing wickedness be trustful
let your yearnings be vocal and begging, please
allow me to set free all u want with my tease.

the crests of many an emotion new u shall experience
that it mirror your fantasies not a coincidence
for what greater pleasure for me it be
than to take u through my looking glass and set u free.

u shall ride what your imagination created
u shall let loose and to surrender unabated
you shall give of yourself without reserve
no care for the old ways to preserve.

i shall take and drown in your need
i shall indulge and completely feed
on the heat and the throb of what pounds in me
a unison of body and mind it shall be.

and when it feels as if your mind be detached
with the reality of who u were mismatched
for no longer do u recognise those restrictions before
for opened wide be the 'new you' door.

no longer the ability to take a step back
no longer the happiness to back track
to that old restricted and uncertain you
but rather to welcome and enjoy new passions that till now were few.


a natural state of affairs

how seductive the feel of woman's form
in its curve an alluring norm
 mans pleasure to look and see
of how tempting her shape can be...RB. 

wrapped in a piece of art

to wrap oneself in the beauty of a piece of 'art'
would u consider a cloth woven to play that part?
when colours meshed and printed bright
a new sensuality from ones thoughts alight.
so fine be that thread smooth on the skin
sexy the feeling , heaviness of clothes to bin
a gift received from the far east
now to allow the giver on it to feast.
oh yes, to feast i would say
in a way concocted naughtily to play
for how unfair would it be
to not allow the other to share and come see.
beneath that cloth nothing else to hinder
what may be served later for dinner
to nibble gently on what revealed the beginner
and thus the main course...well...most definitely a winner.


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

a gleaming happiness

how that water did more than wash and cleanse
to free the mind of much daily nonsense
with each droplet and wetness as it soaked
a feeling of letting go and relaxation it stoked.

the spirit now free to indulge happily
to be silly and carefree to indulge jovially
and thus all smiles and gleaming nakedness
in the teasing there be no bashfulness.

and even though seductive not be the play
his interest did peak, there be no delay
so sitting on the bath edge and enjoying her banter
and absorbing her playfulness is all that did matter.

creeping upon him did a hardness arise
that quite natural be its growth, no surprise
for she had that affect on him quite regularly
through her naughtiness his fantasies grew vicariously.

one day he would let go and indulge
his need of her eventually divulge
but till then he would let her erotic naughtiness tease
for it knew for the moment his mind to please.


internet commands

 an indulgence in words, written by many over periods and periods of time, a share revealing , a share stirring the cockles of ones...