Sunday, 30 April 2017

Do we know how?

...Blessed be this thought...
Blessed be this ideal in all forms living.
To know.
To practise.
To strive.
To accept.

Sunday morning...a mindset to ponder

Is it a strange concept to be kind...without thought or motive.
Have we become so blunt in our behaviour.
Numb to decencies that should be innate rather than forced?
Does our heart not beat warm and full of life.
Does it not reach out instinctively when a touching moment be presented.
Are our actions and reactions hesitant and controlled
by societies impatience of the needy and less fortunate.
The fear of being viewed as weak...?
And who may this society be?
Isn't it scary when one realises that one happens to be part of that society
what it has become is what we, with others have condoned with our inaction
and consistent support in no reaction to fight back,
have given it definition and a space to be accepted
and acceptable.

So how about a new mindset?
A mindset on letting that innate goodness out

A lifestyle kind and caring...

A blessed Sunday to all.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

so let us converse..u never know.

so let us begin a conversation...
you there
me here.

what would your preference of topic be?
or would u prefer a conversation light and free.
it doesn't really matter for your company is what is needed
to the idea that we are chatting , i hope u have conceded.

how beautiful a thought that there be a connect
to imagine we are chatting u did select
now if u could tell me how feel this very instant
u do have to agree this be an erotic penchant.

what a wonderful Saturday evening frivolity
i suppose many would think an oddity
but, imagine the possibility
that this conversation, one day, in reality a probability.


mood has changed...already?

All of a sudden the mood has changed
as the expectation of the exchange
naughtier be those thoughts, more than just a tad
what may follow will definitely be rad...
it seems the sofa be favoured tonight
much amorous an exchange wanting to ignite
but, alas, they only be a writers thought
by pen and paper and camera caught.


the mood tonight

oh do join me on the sofa and maybe a conversation start
no importance on what we may impart
a leisurely lay
the mood to sway
just make sure scantily u be clad
naughty be my thoughts, a tad...

Friday, 28 April 2017

a leap of faith?

...leap of faith (anon)...

How youth knows to fall in love. Witnessing the joys of a new found love, company shared that made my heart smile and my heart beat warm. A confirmation that no matter how old one may be and how many times one may have fallen in love still is the best thing ever....but for the very brave i think...a big thank u to the one who inspired this little piece of writing.
You are special...thank u for sharing yourself so intimately and openly in my company. I am learning with a new found curious need to realise humanity on a different plain. It is an interesting road forward.


How can i hide what boils and simmers under my skin.
that which yearns and burns at the thought of u.
it be searing and all encompassing for it remembers your kindness and care.
it burns bright and strong and transcends into emotions painful...

painful yet joyfully welcome for they remind me i am alive
able to release my heart and let it go to wander
down the corridors of potential love.

love u say?

be it a wise thing to seek love?
oh, but the heart seeketh not. it , like a curious child...
dares to lift the covers off the unknown
dares to peep behind the door
bend and see what may be below deck.
it knows in anticipation that maybe
it may find what it knows to be out there.

that flutter in the hope that it may have come upon that thing called love.
a careful step forward.
and then, a startled jump back
for it may not be exactly what was expected.
does it matter if it be not love?
should it stop those skipping steps of a heart brave and jovial
and hopeful
and carefree shackle itself in fear of being broken
unrequited in return of love offered?

oh no....when someone like u be found
then worthy that hop skip and jump toward a corridor unknown
long and winding may it be
who cares where it may go
who cares...

i surely don't
for the heart be brave to travel an adventure new
an adventure travelled many times
on occasions in the past

and here be me,

she said,
on an adventure new
an adventure similar to others

very different
it be u.
this adventure be 

once agian


who to ask...therein lies the magic.

A discussion had on being an entrepreneur or an employee of a corporation got me to thinking.

What is it about youth that makes one less susceptible to listening...or is it hearing?
Does that phenomena only belong to the young, the inexperienced? Those that need to know the true meaning of a situation good or bad, through experiencing it themselves.
Or is that a phenomena a person would carry with them through life...a character trait of

the stubborn
the stupid
the simply obtuse person


 an assertive person?

Could it be, that by preferring to stick to ones guns one is actually cutting oneself short of greater growth and positive outcomes.
But, what if sticking to ones guns is the right thing to do and reaps rewards huge.
There in lies the trick.
The magic of knowing who to listen to, when to listen and who to approach for advise or help.
There are many noise makers in this world...each one claiming to know internet of humans claiming their right to information gathered along the way of life....and that includes oneself.
Much may be of value but, should be specific and relateable to the matter at hand. Many have a broad base of general knowledge, thinking they professors in all of those fields, freely handing out their opinions, looking for recognition and acceptance of their advise and views.
Nothing wrong with having an open mind and taking note of the share but, information overload can lead to confusion and brain and power drainage. As can arrogance and a "know it all attitude" lead to stagnation of personal growth and an ever evolving persona through knowledge seeking.

To seek the company and voice of those that speak with conviction, for they can due to experience and formal training or education. Those that are masters in their own right in the field they occupy. Their knowledge share is based on more than that theory of what  common logic dictates.
And then those whose life is proof of who and what they are...consistent in what they say and how they behave...socially,professionally and at home.
These are the jewels in society that add value to those seeking guidance and assistance.
To seek them, recognise them, for time does bring them to the forefront...over and over they pop up in the most unexpected places...their reputation preceding them...those are the people i personally wish to hear from and hope their wisdom rubs off and makes me part of their prestigious club.


a flirtation, natural

and while in passing that Protea did call
my journey to get dressed, it got me to stall
the perfection of its tight cupped formation
to step closer and with my bossom  begin a flirtation.

to feel that velvety pink bloom
in its closeness to my bosom its beauty consume
and as one, both be on display
the Protea and my breasts, of deeper indulgence the foreplay.


its name be... could one compare to that intricate creation of any flower.
That weave of petals
In this case...
...its botanical and genus name be 



Wednesday, 26 April 2017

An animation perfect.

(from Mozo Travel)

...and there it was

the miracle of things natural.

So fine and small be that flower

...even finer be the moment captured.

To not be blind to that around us.

To know to see a story.


An animation 


Mother Nature.





the 'little black dress'

how it knows to capture ones attention
that little perfect invention
a no fussy cut, no matter the length
in the simplicity be its strength.

 an evening out, semi-formal it would be
out of curiosity the question posed, just to see
"what would u like to see me wear"
"that little black dress, would it be fair?"

she smiled for the outfit had already been chosen
that little black dress's magic a guarantee to be woven
a pair of stockings sheer and black
the whole ensemble with fine heels to complete and keep on track.

a fine evening as always such outings knew to be
his appreciation of her dress code she could see
and thus to thank him when in the elevator alone they stood
a soft kiss to extend an invite to remove the lbd later, she would.



(from Mozo Travel)
 ...when the Heavens talk
and Mother Nature hosts...
for humans to see
and listen carefully

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

so what can a touch do?

it be said a tale told in the hand
so soft the travel where it land
not wanting to breath, lest miss the spoil of such a touch
for never enough, the urge a crave, the urge be such.

to melt into the travel of those fingers
the intensity soft yet hard yet searing, lingers
to pray to beg to wish to ask
the addiction, no wish to mask.

they be strong they be firm they be gentle, ever reading
they know to raise the mind frantic, succeeding
and as the rise and ebb of passions flow
to different heights, once again his body to tease real slow.



'what u wearing..?'

Deep in words the mind be channelled.
No thought other than the topic written.
The world a place beyond the realm of here...the fingers typing to capture an idea, a concept running...rushing
It knowing what it be, the fingers hoping to capture the tone the message.
And thus on a seat . Oblivious to time and the reality of this world.
Oblivious to dress code.
So when the mobile invasive bleeped.
The silence broken, the concentration shattered for it needed to be

...and the question be...

'what u doing?'


'what u wearing?'

'very little'




to not be obtuse?

So when two people meet and there be an attraction, what is it the makes them gel? Is it that strong physical pull, a lust illogical. Be it mannerisms and idiosyncrasies. A friendship and understanding a familiarity. Something on the intellectual front.
And if that initial attraction lasts longer than a month or two and one starts classifying that interaction as a relationship, why is it with time compromises need to be made. A need to address certain characteristics and modify them to that growing relationship.
Of course, one understands one needs to be progressive in ones personal growth for ones life does move on and new responsibilities and duties come with such a progression.
Does that mean those mannerisms and idiosyncrasies that define the very person one is, should also change? Those that are part of one defining the very core of who one may be.
Whereas at one stage giggling coy or laughing robustly was so attractive, now grates the nerves. When wanting to be touchy touchy and feely feely was never enough yet, now is an invasion of personal space. When having heated debates was exactly that, a sharing of personal opinion and standing for what one believes in yet, now, is classified as being argumentative and wanting to be obtuse.
Does familiarity breed contempt.
Is boredom now defined by the very person that was the life of ones day, the reason for the smile on ones face.The challenge of the unknown past...all be less stimulating and thus the need to seek new pastures, new challenges, new debates even if argumentative.
Can one successfully compromise oneself to a point that it doesn't make one feel as if ones identity has been lost as well as that which knows to make one happy?
What is it that makes us become disinterested, less satisfied...lost.
Can the blame be placed on the other person...would that be fair?
And those long term relationships where people do manage to stay sweethearts eternal...should one be a skeptic and just say they settled for an adventure discovered, for others boring and mundane, the novelty worn off.
Yet, for them those silver grey hairs and the worn faces and body lived, still imbue a serene happiness lived and adventure still travelled...compromises made...costing nothing more than appreciating and acknowledging the other as much as possible, the same way as the first day they met.
And thus the importance of being as original to self as possible...?
For one day it may catch up with one and then the dissatisfaction will set in and then posed the question...."is this what life is about?"



revenge...a waste of precious time.

is vengeance different





Monday, 24 April 2017

to see one of my worlds...

let us meditate in two
sit across from me, would you
and in your head space allow me in
to nibble at your thoughts would be a win.
once i settle and your mind read
an erotic thought to plant the seed
and as the tingle begins to grow
a surge of blood, a lustful flow.
even though our eyes be closed
emotions deep, a desire imposed
a meeting of two souls transcending
from the bodily form ascending.
the depth of yearnings burning
overwhelming surging
the desire to be one imploding
at all restraints corroding.
the feeling to want the other within
a meditative coital union begin
for when two  minds meet on another plain
from physical contact we shall refrain.
a sinking into velvet depths
a painful breathing, erratic breathes
and when every level of contact mental be reached
that physical space between us will be breached.

i shall possess u
as u will me....
that my dearest is the way to conquer the mundane, and join me, one of my worlds to see.


don't be left 'behind'

she begged him to hurry lest he be left behind
so lost was he in what be the display, the first of that kind
a delicious thought his mind did ravage
it took all of his control that thought to manage.

so there he stood and simply smiled
and all those images in his head filed
she moved and bent so provocatively
that 'behind' of hers calling evocatively.

to step into waters warm was the intent
to make sure she joined him, his plan hell bent
but all he could manage was to stand and absorb
a butt cheek or two , an inviting orb.


have courage...Why? Say it as is...

How often one worries to express what one feels, especially in a situation where one feels attracted to another, not only on the physical level but, any level being intellectual, amusing, thought provoking, friendship and much more.
Why is it that we find it easier to show anger, frustration...those feelings of negativity.
Yet to show the softer side of self is so daunting. The fear of exposure of the inner self. The fear of being refused or ridiculed or being wrong.
And what if ones courage to simply say it as it is, taking that first step to acknowledge, vocally, a fact, enriches and grows what is already there.
One need not be brave need simply to say it as it over thinking as to what the response may be...a liberating selfish indulgence of telling the other how happy they make one.

I prefer to be selfish in that sort of indulgence and tell my special ones how awesome they make me feel!!


Sunday, 23 April 2017

not wishing to disturb?

the evening settled to a pace slow
the day done
to depart and go home.

first, the need to ensure the hostess
be left in the clasp of comfort and serene repose.
and while she prepared herself
to free her form of much that clothed her curves
he could not help himself but, check in to see
the progress.
The desire to stand as a spectator and
nothing more, lest he disturb the ritual of a woman undressing.
in the comfort of a space personal
no need to hurry or be concerned to be interrupted by an intrusion.
but then she looked up and spotted him
leaning against the wall, arms folded
quite lost to the moment of her disrobing.
she returned his gaze with a smile
and once all was off
decided to step closer
press herself gently into him
and kiss him goodnight.

taking him by his hand
in her nakedness
she led him to the door
and let him out
his hand brushing her naked skin as he stepped into the cool evening.
home waiting.

a price too dear to pay...

...and this poem spurred by observing lovers having a tiff and wondering what would be if they knew to simply concede...

she be invasive with her prying
he be evasive, to answer, denying
together a team doomed
between them a war loomed...
to know to walk away
far as possible to stay
while each vent a frustration different
a stalemate reached, of this both observant.
he be unsure what happening, why she upset
she be thinking he hiding something, prodding an answer to get
and even though from mars be men
as warmongers women score a perfect ten.
and after the shell shock of a perfect attack
he try to find his path to her heart back
a slight simmering of uncertainty to let him in
but then she looks at him and sees his love , to turn him away would be a sin.
the cogs of the brain they churn
and turn
both men and women need to learn
that either wrong or right in a moment heated
best to keep level headed rather than conceited.


Friday, 21 April 2017

to join company polite tonight

...would u join me for a cup of coffee tonight
for some company, polite
though thoughts not contrite
to open invite...

warning...not for the prudish...a fantasy real.

The thighs of a woman virile strong
shapely and long
above him did stand as bent over he be
a tightness of balls and a long shaft for her to see.

a game they were playing, his was the call
gnawing fantasies in his head to trawl
the blindfold to help in darkness to sink
as her hands on his hips went, pulling his buttocks, into her groin to sink.

his instinct to fight back as control she took
but, with a quick slap to his balls his world she shook
further he arched, his teeth biting into the bed
the firmness of her intent, to surrender to, instead.

her nails a path traced on the softest part of his scrotum
down his spread thighs and up with momentum
and has her thumbs his perinea did tease
a cry of surprise escaped ,his breath did wheeze.

his high riding sacs, tight against his manliness
she pulled on gently, releasing them, slightly slapping them against her womaness
tighter she pulled a yelp from him escaped
as his shaft and balls pulled back between her things taped.

The pain searing at first, then slight, the pleasure full blown
the intensity the height of euphoria felt,eventually known
and all this before the main theme of the game be played
by her and her strap-on,the request had been to be layed.

an adventure he had sort and she had complied
and now a new playing field identified
the request now be for a gorgeous shemale
the fantasy of two beauties, best of both worlds, himself to avail.

RB. like me.

...a simple draping around a neck...

an item of beauty.

a gift orange.




bigger bucks to coin

when at a distance the eye does spy
the very inaction, no hurry, does not belie
but to lay in the sun a cigarette light
the morning rush of work to fight.
around the hubbub of pedestrians
rushing to work disciplinarians
a friendly smile to greet the day
to toil and work the hours away.
now one wonders what to do
in the sun to sit and responsibility to shoo
or the young smiling man join
and a buck or two coin.
but, wait even the sleeping dude will earn
no painful muscles or tiredness his body burn
a job is a job the argument may be
what effort applied, who cares, no-one to see.
a sad state of affairs if that be the case
rather bigger dreams and quality  to chase
and thus the smiling young man and his friends join
and with them bigger bucks together to coin.


this mornings capture

She did catch my eye this morning...

as did his elegant hand did the animated speaker.




the iron curtain...&...the bead curtain

although the origins be, from behind the iron curtain
delicacies of the womanly sort there grown for certain
why not try another sort of curtain woven of bead
and see where delicious thoughts may lead.
an abundance of tiny little beads serese and gold
a strong thread them  together to hold
threaded a beautiful expression of art
nipples pushing through the hanging beads to part.
teasing and tickling and enhancing they be
in the cleavage they sit for others to see
the pleasure of all things beautiful in one
the display of bosom and bead a combination perfectly done.


ones own master...are u?

The dew of thoughts from sleep
still lingering on a waking mind.
Dreams so real a tingling left on a body warm wrapped in a fluffy duvet.
The peace of a resting mind
piece of mind
lost in a world dreamy.


Does it exist?
Would one wish it into reality?
It is tangible? Is it not?
For the recall is there... then the recall begins to fade.
A desperate need to want to remember.
it was so beautiful.
It was so real.
A fading...the dew gone.
The day rising....the sun bright.

What will be the happenings, the events, of sleep tonight?
Will there be a new dew blanketing waking thoughts tomorrow morning?
Welcoming ones...
An influence of daily experience or yearnings mirrored?
An expression of self that cannot be lived in the waking world.


That other world we live in.

Sleep...a heavenly escape...for some...while others toss and turn in turmoiled nightmares....RB.


Thursday, 20 April 2017

such gentle softness

when wanting a woman shapely soft and feminine
to first look at and admire for ones eyesight medicine
then begin the meditation of a fantasy
of all worldly reason to let go and her form be pure ecstasy.
to kneel before her and inhale her scent
the headiness of her muskiness in him a searing advent
for she knows exactly how to let him know
when bending down to kiss his lips, what shall follow.
the intensity be in the touch of this steamy affair
for she buries his face in her softness to taste her he dare
there be no sharing further than gentle and lingering play
in their hands, their feet their bodies their passions to momentarily allay.

but when such gentle soft and sensual be a woman and man
those inexplicable moments only know to fan
the true essence of an erotic mind
meandering in the recesses of a woman, that special kind.




 Why would u wish to be anything else than that which u are
A unique fingerprint of life.
An identity like no other...a person...only one of u...even as a twin.
Your stripes be the ones u create in your life. They be deep, can be vicious in their depth yet, maybe the very thing that brings a brilliance out of what and who u are.
Our wish to have a life better, a life lighter, a life to that brain in our heads that feeds every thought, question posed, ideas created.
What guarantee be there that it would be any better. possessing that 'know' that blessed be our lives, we were born to it , without choice...thus maybe to choose to make the most of it.
Never turning ones back on that which one has. Some will say, easy to have that sort of mindset if life not too difficult or too cruel or too challenging.
I agree.
And that is why it would be up to the rest of us, whose life may not be as bad as we think it to be, to lend a helping hand to those in need. and maybe a simple start be the following.
What a blessing a smile speaks volumes.
It speaks of appreciation.
It speaks of caring.
It speaks of hope and kindness.
How sexy be a smile.
How seductively inviting and men and woman.
To care to smile, even through tears ....will win many a cold heart over, a worried state of mind appeased...diminish those grey clouds of concern and uncertainty.
All it lighten your day and most definitely anothers is...

a smile.


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

definition by association?

so how is it that we know
what colours may be
how is it we know that blue be the colour of the sea
green be the grass and leaves on the tree
hues of gold brightness, yellow the rays of the sun be.
so point at the item, give it a colour, that colour has a name
and should the hue be similar of another object, thus the colour the same
then follow the evolution.... dark and light and pastel and more
a finer definition and detail of colour required for sure.

now if that be the case a colour to know
would the same principle apply for shapes on show
and thus if at my picture u should look
there be a heart on display, unless i be mistook....(wink).


what do u see in an expression?

what would u see when an artist an expression otherwise presents?

can u see further than the supposed mess of possible events?

is your first reaction one of confused pity and concern
for what else could it be, it can only be that, to discern.

do those that dare to be different and society's mould avoid
in their behaviour puzzling be their saviour, toxoid
be there not a freedom of judgement burdensome
for they care not , their approach to be different, fearsome.

of course to be different and the minority
be considered an abnormality by the majority
their need be to over-analyse
for the artist's oddity find a compromise...

...that be to have pity and a false understanding
thinking they be wise of the artist comprehending
only to become an example of how arrogantly naive society can be
no further than the length of their own noses see.

don't be quick to judge what may not be like yours
differences in others cannot be all flaws
it takes all sorts this beautiful world of ours to create
and with all the differences is why we, it, adulate.


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

a fetish he had to indulge in

 he said:

'I see u sitting in the bath and thought to ask
would u entertain a fetish of mine, a simple task
I've always wanted to lay back and simply relax
and this erotic thought of mine to rev to the max.'

she said:

'what be this fetish of yours, if i may ask
i trust it be a pleasurable task
for i see your intent be to join me in the bath
and can only imagine something indulging in mind u hath.'

and thus he answered:

'my darling one, my sexy sweet
i know my expectations u shall meet
your hand be deft and sturdy i have seen
guiding that razor, seeing where its been.'

knowingly she replied:

' it be a shave u looking for
hairs around your manliness to be no more?
do lay in the water and spread your legs
for yourself u shall have to display, the moment begs.'

and thus he did exactly as told
as she began to lather him, his erection very bold
and with much expertise forward she lent
the razor up and down his shaft and round his balls be sent.


a tale shared to touch your heart

Have u ever heard a tale that leaves its imprint on your daily thoughts. A tale u wish to share for it be a true love story. In my environment i have had the pleasure of coming across the most interesting of people....their lives a kaleidoscope of happenings...each new tale folding into each other...tales never-ending...they seem to be an eternal story of that person and their journey in a space they have allowed themselves to settle into and be exposed to.

And there i was , the recipient of a story so touching, so endearing.
A story of paths crossed, lovers maybe not meant to be. One, where circumstance did not play fair, but rather decided that many unfinished chapters were to pass between these two people.
They be two Ordinary people. To meet in the most challenging of environments. She a lady in need of a knight in shining armour and he, never expected to be that knight, found himself lost in who she was. An unexpected turn of events that kept their hearts warm their emotions raw, their need of each other euphoric.
But time would not allow them the pleasures of unchallenged love.
Uncertainties, demands, answers sort, jealousies deep....and maybe his fault for even imagining it could be. He knew his life may not allow him to give her what she needed, yet he dared to give his heart and dared to steal hers.
And though their paths were to separate, there always was a crossroad, where they would meet again...and choices were to be made...not to travel on the same path...yet, they chose to do so.
No matter the years passed in not seeing each other, it was always like the first time for him. He had found that his love for her had not diminished. If anything, he had placed his love for her above any other he had felt or would ever feel.
But. She had passed and experienced too many new obstacles. She had not forgotten her love for him... something had burnt out....a slow flickering burn out. He was still her security blanket. He was still that beautiful place for her to go to...knowing she shouldn't, for she knew how her heart would want to shatter in a million pieces once she had seen him.
It just had to be so.
They were destined to write many chapters before their story was truly told and found its end.

I find myself lost in thoughts of these two people and honoured to be part of their be part of their tale for one of the two has taken to sharing it with me. Why? I cannot answer but, will forever be grateful.
 Thus my new love be, to hear more and pen it as best i can....and hopefully when it be told in completion to me....and the last chapter written ....u, the reader,will be around to read it and shed a sigh or two and maybe wipe away a tear, or swear from frustration, at the tale of these to people i am beginning to get to know.
It not be a simple tale.
It not be an ordinary turn of events but, it still be a tale many of us can relate to and maybe, even, see ourselves in.


to not be jaded

no need to hurry
no need to scurry
time be irrelevant
this time round time not persistent.
the sun so hot
responsibilities forgot
nothing more to share
but together be bare.
the heat did rise
down it beat no compromise
but to seek shelter in the shade
as relief she bade.
he sat in the chair
not willing her to scare
so complete and lost in her nakedness
that it began to work on his jadeness.
he had forgotten what it be like
her comfortable leisure him did strike
and thus his phone off it went
to let himself go, in her company to be spent.
so when to the shadows she did recede
he did to her request accede
and thus his shorts discard
smiling at himself, how he be on 'guard'.


Dear 'loveletter'

Dear Love Letter...

I sometimes wonder what it is that defines u. Is it a moment when feelings run high and thus the need to express oneself in a format where the pouring out of ones being is acceptable and understood?
Are u there to be indulged only in moments special, popping up unexpectedly, the desire to pen u accompanied by little hearts and x's for kisses?
Are u that courageous love sick puppy that cannot define anything in ones own world beyond the subject that is the subject matter of u, the 'love letter'?
Be u the format of many sighs, silly giggles, yearnings the human heart finds hard to grasp?
Are u, 'love letter', seeped in passions lustful, desire burning, hearts full?
Do u pop up when the heart be broken and the eyes spilling with tears? Are u words of begging and praying and hoping unrequited love may find a turn and be banished for the reader will be touched by what u say?
Are u words of regret and asking for pardon and forgiveness for indiscretions unnecessarily practised?
Be u the love of a parent, a child, a friend, an admirer...a lover....and much more.

What be u, 'love letter'?

May i indulge in u no matter what and rather be your servant at all times of day and night? May i let those who touch my heart know all the time what they mean to me?
Are u not words of kindness, words of gratefulness, words of thankfulness and recognition?
Be u not at my disposal whenever i choose and thus free to indulge in without an excuse or explanation?

I think so....and thus, dear 'love letter'...i sit to pen u down to another who be dear to my heart, kind and caring of who i may appreciation of all.



Monday, 17 April 2017

how would u define it?

it be in the mess of the hair
the relaxed untidiness of a soul gone to pasture
nibbling at the vastness of a peaceful state in the surrounds.
it be the letting go of all that knows to shackle
requires to shackle
over an extended time linked to urban living.
it be in the recognition and understanding of what be on display
that jewel of a moment in time
so frequently passed unnoticed by the blind
for all they know is the flash of fast cars, fast women and fast men.
it be in knowing to walk the maize of life
feeling uncertain
sometimes lost
many times elated
a bit forlorn
at times alone
and even feeling alone when part of a crowd.
it be knowing that one is human
and to treasure that imperfect birth of self
no matter the ever evolving society.
that wisdom that evades many
they being a mass of aspirations
urban and concrete.
it be in the few that know to make one shine
make one grow
make one certain
courageous and valiant.
it be in having faith in self
a true love of self.
it be success
when felt as a failure.

it be called...



how simple it really is

how could a weekend be more perfect
than that when the skies and nature know to share
to dare
oneself fully expose and share
a sort of exhibitionist flare.

the tingle of of sweat beginning to glisten
the rays of the heat bright and blinding yet welcoming
the pleasure astounding
much more of self to reveal, amounting. sometime be something as simple as knowing to


Sunday, 16 April 2017

personal time

a selfish indulgence...



what be in a gift..?

trick or treat
the bag did meet
no matter the content
the interest, well spent.

the uncover of what be bought
a gift specifically sort
it come from borders across
to not have found it would be a loss.

the preference for all things different
to be quite rare, even more significant
the intricate detail in the precious handiwork
a fascination of the colours in the beadwork.

the day be right to present the gift
on spotting it, the corners of her mouth did lift
what the bag held a trademark that the giver did care
in what was presented to the receiver, in the share.

what be the gift that lit the eyes
like any other received from the giver a surprise
it be priceless for it defined the core of her
cause it be from the people of the land and thus, her stir.


internet commands

 an indulgence in words, written by many over periods and periods of time, a share revealing , a share stirring the cockles of ones...