Monday, 27 February 2017

come bath with me

to have a bath but not simply to wash and clean
rather a titillating game toward the erotic lean
a bath-time invited to, to share what may be on display
and with every rub and every move a sensuality convey.

but the share would be an unhurried one
a tease, an indulgence prolonging the fun
and once the body all warm and wet
then, with a wave to join, a place in the bath for u be set.

again, no rush to end the heat of the moment
but simply sit in the water, a postponement
for when the need to slide over u takes over
then there's no going back no going slower.


elixir soothing

As the droplets of an elixir soothing
do on a skin settle...RB.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

intent of the giver

when a path be chosen to travel
many will try it to unravel
for if u should show an inkling of uniqueness
u be a threat and everybody look for your weakness.

today for the umpteeth time i watched "Malificent"
a fairy tale for adults, magnificent
for in our desire to wear a crown gold
then ones personality revealed for all to behold.

and then the question of true love
a gift bestowed upon us from above
knowing to recognise it no matter where
with no matter who unconditionally to share.

but it takes the innocence of a soul good
to then let go and believe one would
and thus the white lily i hold dear
for the intent of the giver quite clear.


almost famous - eminem

 Various genres of music. Some fall easier on the ear...some make more sense than others...and then at times even that which may have not caught ones attention, all of a sudden makes sense and is very relateable.

How i take my hat off to all artists who have that knack to catch ones attention...their words sounding familiar....rap...specifically Eminem...and if it goes above your head or u find the lyrics quoted too much to read or nonsensical...then it simply is not your time...RB

"Almost Famous" - Eminem.

Can't stop now, this may be the last chance that I get—
(I just wanna be famous).
You dream of trading places,
I have been changing faces
You can not fill these shoes,
There is too much to lose.
Wake up behind these trenches,
You run around defenseless.
There is too much to lose,
You can not fill these shoes
I just want to be famous,
But be careful what you wish for
I stuck my dick in this game like a rapist
They call me Slim Roethlisberger
I go berserker than a fed-up post-office worker
A murker with a Mossberg
I'm pissed off, get murdered
Like someone took a ketchup squirter
Squirted a frankfurter
For a gangster you sure did shit your pants
When you saw that chainsaw get to waving
Like a terrible towel
How thangs turn out
When his fangs come out
Get your brains blown out
That's what I call blowing your mind
When I cum back
Like nut on your spine
I'm the thumb tac
That you slept on son
Now here I come screaming "a tac!" like I just stepped on one
Low on the totem till he showed 'em
Defiance, giant scrotum
He don't owe 'dem bitches shit
His britches, he out growed 'em
He's so out cold he's knocked out at the South Pole
And nobody fucks with him
Rigor mortis and post mortem
He's dying of boredom
Take your best rhymes, record 'em
To try to thwart him
He'll just take your punch lines and snort 'em
Shit stained drawers
You gon' fuck with a guy who licks the blades of his chainsaws
While he dips 'em in PF Chang's sauce
Games off, homie, hang it up like some crank calls
You think I'm backing down
You must be out of your dang skulls
I'm almost famous
I'm back for revenge
I lost a battle that ain't happening again
I'm at your throat like strep
I step, strapped with a pen
Metaphors wrote on my hand,
Some are just stored in my memory
Some are wrote on a napkin
I do what I have to to win
Pullin' out all stops, any who touch a mic prior's
Not even Austin Powers, how the fuck are they Mike Meyers
And tell that psycho to pass the torch
To the whacko 'fore I take a shit in his Jack-O-Lantern
And smash it on his porch
Now get off my dick
Dick's too short of a word for my dick
Get off my antidisestablishmentarianism, you prick
Don't call me the champ; call me the space shuttle destroyer
I just blew up the Challenger, matta' fact I need a lawyer
I just laced my gloves wit' enough plaster
To make a cast, beat his ass naked and peed in his corner like Vern Troyer
Ya'll are Eminem backwards, your meni me's
See he's in a whole 'nother weight class
He slugs, you're BB's you're bean bag bullets
You're full of it; you were dissin' his CD's
Laughed at Infinite, now he's back like someone pissed in his Wheaties
No peace treaties, he's turned into a beast
His new Slim Shady EP's got the attention of the mighty D. R. E.
He's almost famous
Now there he goes in Dre's studio cuppin' his balls
Screaming the wood off the panelling
Cussing the paint off the walls
Spewing his hate to these haters, showing no love for these broads
He ain't given 'em shit, he says he'll pinch a penny so hard
He'll leave a bruise on the bronze so dark you can see the mark
When it scars, till Abraham Lincoln is screaming out "awww!"
His metaphors and similes ain't similar to them, not at all
If they don't like it, they can all get fucked instead of sucking him off
They can go get a belt or a neck tie, to hang themselves by
Like David Carradine they can go fuck themselves and just die
And eat shit while they at it
He's fucking had it, he's mad at the whole world
So go to hell and build a snowman, girl
The bullies become bullied, if pussies get pushed
Then they better pull me, take me back to 9th grade to school me
'Cause I ain't looking back, only forward, this whole spot blow it
Who could have known he'd grow to be a poet and not know it
And while I'm being poetic let me get historic and raise the bar
Higher than my opinion of these women's been lowered
So bare witness to some biblical shit
There's a cold wind blowing
This world ain't gonna know what hit it
He did it, he made it, he's finally famous

an artist different

how often does something so unique
an individuals interest peak
when an artist a world different defines
his mind not troubled by earthly confines....RB. 

a cacophony of stupidity

i cannot allow the lunacy
or the discrepancy
of a head not level.

the flippancy
and the tendency
into downright intimidation the ascendancy.

the potency
of a cacophony
of stupidity
by those gnawed by jealousy.

the heresy
a leprosy
putting all sanity into jeopardy.

to know to hold a conversation bright
banter witty, argumentative for the intelligent right
for never do they misunderstand or lose sight
that it not about them or their egos thus no need to fight.

to stand as a leader and know u'll be picked on
best that cloak of bullet proof resilience quick don
for there will always be someone who will not be happy
and everything presented will be considered crappy.

best to try and understand what is right and wrong
and not just with the majority go along
even worse when a loudmouth simpleminded idiot
uninformed followers in their wake beget.


how would u know...?

"What is to give light must endure burning
-Molly Guptill Manning.

the question posed:....

"how would u know to be in my shoes,
how would u know my challenges faced my daily dues
who are u to even contemplate to look my way in pity
do u dare to do so because u feel guilty?
i care not for hypocrites who know not my hunger
i care not for political rhetoric for it nothing more than a bungler
don't u dare pretend to know my fate
when was the last time u were at my hells gate."

"never such arrogance professed."... came the answer
"what u have just said sounds like terminal cancer
something i wish to disassociate myself from
for i consider myself slightly more intelligent and less dumb.

but if i may, without making u despondent
for u would be quite surprised at the coincident
the reason i with no guilt your way look
for, a few years, out of that same gutter to get, it took.

yes, i agree political agendas are played by the powerful
and more concern to pump money into wars an armyful
but then i look at those similar to me who make it
and thus ask, am i so incapable and less fit?

you see, there will never be a system fair
there will never be an equilibrium for all to share
but one thing i know for definite
the goodness of many individuals can be infinite.

so sometimes don't read too much in what u may observe
rather your thoughts and opinions a little conserve
allow a moment to play itself out
and thus in the goodness of others have no doubt."



a Sunday thought

we doing and groundbreaking...

Saturday, 25 February 2017

a dress for lovers

i cannot imagine a dress not to wear
in the joy of the fit with a lover to share
to wear it like my second skin
and thus his admiration over to win.

how seductive a lady can be
her elegance for him to see
her quiet femininity him to seduce
the will to please her, in him induce.

with such tender passionate care to court
her approval of his ardour from her, be sort
a gentleman knows a lady's heart to touch
and stir deep passions just as much.

for the one who knows a dress to understand
thus the lady wearing it, goes hand in hand
he be a gentleman wise and winning
for then, to share of her time she would be willing.


some things just are

and there u have it...

it is what it is.

some things just are.


a dress beautiful...?

when a dress beautiful does ones attention catch
it be not in the cut
it be not in the colour
it be not in the embellishments perfectly rich.

when a dress draped long on a frame does sit
the cloth hugging
the seams lined
the length covering
the picture perfectly presented in the clinging fit.

when a dress revealing the bossom covered yet visible
for the cleavage just enough
the heave of the roundness there
the shoulders and neck majestic
the hairline kissing the straps thin

a meandering of a fallen strap

when a dress be beautiful....


when bias can go very wrong

How biased news can be. 
Being an ardent watcher of global affairs, there was a time i diligently switched between the various news channels, hoping to catch up on the atrocities of the world.
I say atrocities, for there is very little reported that does not involve wars, killings, threats, demands and accusations. 
The only consistent 'light' news one gets to hear is the weather...and even that may be challenging if storms are forecast....and sport news...that too may leave mixed feelings if ones team is on the losing streak 
Lately, i have found myself hooked on CNN and the constant reporting of their new President , Mr Donald Trump.
All of a sudden the focus has shifted, nearly 180 degrees, from terrorist attacks, wars, and the like and is dedicated to the progress and action of their President. 
It got me to wandering if the Turner broadcasting system, is for, or anti their President. 
Their anchor journalists constantly trying to bait their guests into saying something derogatory about Mr Trump.

There was never a time i disliked the gentleman, never a time i questioned his capabilities, never a time i didn't think he may just get it right.
He came at a time when propaganda was at its highest, where truths were being polished over and swept under the carpet and those in power, representing the great USA, were bringing it into such disrepute with their war-mongering and deceitful games. 
Their disrespect of their citizens obvious in the drop of their economy while billions were invested in wars abroad.
Then appears a man who shouts...AMERICA FIRST....with such passion and zeal....bringing home a message, an agenda shaking the core and cracked foundation of a country on the precipice of being labelled a global dictator and hypocrite of peace not befitting of the title  "leader of the Free World". 
And when President Donald Trump says ....'The American Flag is what he works for. The American People is who he works for..." one cannot but salute the man.
He may not be a politician, he may not have the fineties of political office, and he may not be good for the global political affairs....but then again....he just may.
And for those who may not think much of Mr Vladimir Putin, he too is another leader i take my hat off to.....he too puts Russia first, Her flag flies high, She is back in her rightful place.
And just like President Trump will do whatever it takes to secure the boarders of his country, instigating a barrage of criticism and hatred at home and even abroad...a sad necessity for their will always be those that will test the resilience of true global leaders, their country and their Mr Putin's path of leadership has been no different.


Now if only the government in South Africa...
knew to fly the South African flag high, knew to put it first and its people instead of fighting for the ANC flag, fighting for personal status and worrying more about their personal agenda. 
A freedom fought, the battle forgotten, the people abused, the youth despondent, education failing...
...woa is South Africa with a leader who cannot even understand that South Africa is not his but rather the other way round... and...  he belongs to the people of South Africa.


Friday, 24 February 2017

time to repose

the day has come to a close
time to repose
the sun in its golden glory slowly did set...

ignorants be easy picking

why is it that people don't ask when they don't understand
preferring to stay ignorant and rather have their egos fanned.

so many walking around that are small minded
by the importance of self completely blinded.

the preference should be to side-step the ignorant
that most times act like children belligerent
but sometimes the stupidity expressed makes one
take the mickey out of such an ignorant, just for fun.

oh i know, that is far from acceptable
and certainly to make fun of another not preferable
but when the obvious stares them in the face and they resist
then maybe they need an eye opener, so how can one desist?

if one is not prepared to learn
to better oneself not the concern
then why all huffed and puffed when pointed out
for those who care to learn, ignorants be easy picking, no doubt.


procrastination breeds regret

to look ahead and envisage the goal
no matter
how far far away u may THINK it may be
how time does know to fly.
apply diligent
u may just regret the procrastination.


political correctness...a shift

there seems to be a shift in the worlds attention
for further bullshit the prevention
so many speaking out the dirty truth
even though they may sound uncouth.

speaking a language that most understand
political correctness being banned
for playing down the middle of right and wrong
simply means anything goes to confusion belong.

mayhem and chaos may be the initial reaction
fear of a change the unknown the distraction
but what could be worse than the lies one has been living
at the hands of the sly puppeteers ones freedom be giving.

why are humans so scared to admit to the delusion
why is it that we have allowed ourselves the illusion
when impatience distrust and anger riled
by a new world order upon us styled.

be courageous and look within your heart
all that u thought u knew, from it depart
look around u with new eyes keen
and you will be surprised at truths never before seen.


the bloom of the exotic

the bloom of an exotic flower
in its rarity and beauty great power
for it captures and holds the attention of many
never failing to amaze the interest of any...

succulent and sweet of scent
to fan the ardour of the observer meant
no chance to pass it by without
indulging in its bloom a quick bout.


a love fest for a blocked mind

 sometimes the brain does die
and new thoughts have no wish to comply
but hide in the deepest recesses of sleepiness
and thus in ones writing much contriteness.

what would the best breather be
in order to set the imagination once again free
maybe to dabble in a hot steamy love fest
for the mind and body a solution best.

but now what would that love fest entail
all of a sudden the imagination has set sail
and thus i see the brain is awake
best before the computer i sit and to writing take!


Thursday, 23 February 2017

his claim

and as the drops fell...compact and wet
the clouds grey and low in the sky set
a piece of music chosen, quite romantic
the choice of it very pedantic.

for it be about a mood created
thoughts in nostalgia insulated
with much dreaminess decorated
and thus the imagination seriously animated.

he be a knight on the door to knock
once over the threshold the passion unlock
a gesture in the sweeping of her frame into his
the acceptance of his claim of her... pure bliss.

company of a gentleman

when the wish be one

to observe the droplets of rain

in a room,


how romantic the heart feels

how willing 

of the company

of a gentleman



behind me

...looking out.

oh to be near.


behind me.

enveloping me.



a mouth parted

your eyes on my parted mouth. 
Would it be possible to tell me how u feel.
Should u reach out and my lips touch...
is their softness imaginable?
Would u be able to surrender to their pliable melting
their yearning telling....
could u imagine a kiss so fierce in its gentleness
searing in its womaness.
before u even let your imagination be gripped by the possibility of what a kiss may mean
all u care is to watch my parted lips
my mouth gasping
for your closeness
teasing and inviting.

when things unplanned one challenge home it hadn't been forthcoming. 
It wasn't about sex. To pick up a woman was easy. So many of them out there offering themselves in the hope of catching a partner and if that was not possible then maybe a sugar daddy.
Beautiful beautiful girls...women sublime in their maturity. He just didn't care to complicate his life. Nor did he care to take the risk of creating any upheaval at home. It didn't matter that things were not ideal. as they said, better the devil u know than the devil u don't know.
So what was it that made him approach her at the coffee shop. Why the risk of exposing himself to the unknown. Actually, there was nothing unknown about her. she wouldn't know him. but, he knew her. 
He knew her thoughts...she had been quite vocal about thing he knew for sure, was, that she was worthy of a cup of coffee.
"May i join u?" he asked.
She looked at him quizzically..."Yes." she responded simply.
There was no explanation as to the ease between them. The familiarity. There was no explanation why each trusted the other, for when it was time to say their goodbyes...the lingering kiss, the meet of lips yielding was unplanned and quite normal and acceptable.
And as each left to their respective cars, it wasn't a surprise that the next day they burned in each others embrace...kisses hungry...a famished sense of lovemaking...the energy, the desire to climb deeper into each writhe closer, thrust deeper, moan and moan and moan...

He had not wanted to complicate things at home..


this morning...what he might espy

a morning rainy a morning cool
not only my frame with clothes to bejewel
a piece of art to brighten the grey
and thus a sunny disposition keeping the cold at bay.

as to the clothes my body to pamper
the preference for nakedness with it not tamper
for the heat of a well conditioned apartment
calls for the disrobing of any garment.

so if a lover should appear
what he might espy he may love i fear
some heels a jewel light make-up naked me
for i cant imagine what more he would want to see.


a giggle to end the night

and thus a smile on my face
today challenging was the pace
but, still, life be good
wit like this be my minds food
and thus with a giggle i bid thee rest
to sleep i go with no protest

Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Sometimes it is challenging being charitable in thought. 

Being patient and understanding of anothers misinterpretations

or slowness.

Sometimes one wonders if the other person may simply wish to be derogatory and challenging.

Enjoying the torture instilled upon one by their behaviour.

...and then one asks....

could it be be possible that they are simply



the precipice, the ledge...

when sitting on the edge
on the precipice, the ledge
when looking down the head does spin
for the line between many thoughts be thin.

all of a sudden events reveal
life in its mad rush did much conceal
how fragile be a human being
how oft we act contrary to our well being.

when young be the limbs and thoughts inquisitive
carefree behaviour of youth indicative
nothing wrong with living life to the full
but then comes the price to pay on the body the pull.

when the heart be weak and the stress be high
when an old man once strong now in pain cry
then the wish be for health on him to bestow
and strength of mind to follow.

how hard to observe when others suffer
wishful thinking for them to recover the buffer
and a reminder that my mortality be my kryptonite
and thus deep in thought thinking of much tonight.



Do we know to be compassionate when another may need our help. Do we know to recognise and hear when the signs be before us.
Are we so deep within ourselves absorbed.
Is it that when we see those signs we feign blindness, become selective of hearing for we do not wish to burden ourselves with anothers challenges. When sharing a kind word or spending a moment or two extra in a situation like that is seen as a favour , impeding on one space and time...yet before the company of that person was sort and enjoyed.
Apart from a person falling on bad economic times, there may be those moments when the loss of a loved one through death or  relationship failed, a child challenging, a parent not understanding, siblings cruel, friends few...
One cannot be on a euphoric high at all times. Some are more fortunate than others to know to deal with moments challenging. But, even those, need a kind gesture to brighten ones day.
It is very telling of much they prepared to give, when somebody needs them. Worst of all be the impatience of family when turned to for a bit of their time.
What has become of that human streak that we were born with.

I sometimes wonder if certain words in the dictionary will become like the dinosaurs...known about....but not felt....legendary, mythological...
...words such as compassion, humility, understanding and patience...or will we all be unemotional...all cardboard cutouts of each other, no need to give of self for we shall not even know the meaning of feeling.
To make love will not even mean to fuck...for even fucking requires raw emotion.
We shall simply participate in a coital action with the main purpose of procreating.

But,  if i should be around i know i shall be a rebel hunted down by the unemotional for i shall challenge the balance of robotic coldness....for not a chance my flesh would not burn from passions deep....not a chance my heart would not ache at anothers pain or fall deeply in love with another....not a chance my eyes would not cry tears for another and even for myself

...i cannot imagine to be anything else than a human, rich in emotion.


come...apply the lotion

when out a shower to step
all fresh and clean, hair wet
how wonderful to share such a state
thus a message sent, a lover to bait.

a bathrobe simply draped
my bossoms warm, their shape escaped
and instead of the lotion to apply
that lover I'll ask and he'll comply.

i can only but imagine the pleasure of such
as he removes my bathrobe my skin to touch
those hands how they know to travel a length
in their touch and tease a sensual strength.

now is it surprising that the task at hand
much ardour and yearning in my belly fanned
and thus a second invite extended to him
to prolong his stay and the lights dim.

a mood set

when hair wet

a mood does set....RB

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

if there were two of me

if there were two of me
how happy would u be
would it a difference in any way make
would it your world upside down shake.

i know i wouldn't know to share
another of me mighty  unfair
for very unsettling it would be
for her toward u be seductive to see.

my place my space my little world
to lure u into around my finger twirled
u are my pleasure my naughtiness
with u no chance of sensual erotic forgetfulness.

your mind your wish your fantasy
when u visit becomes our reality
now the possibility for another me to join
no chance of that to our fun adjoin.

best we keep it me and you
thing always the best when just in two
and she a mirror image must remain
for simply, selfishly, u be only my terrain.


to be curious

...when curious becomes fascinating and the need arises

to find out more.

...when curious exposes one to the discovery of

muchness needed.

...when curious is good for it allows the mind

to rest in an adventure new


find new answers more clear more direct

and more rewarding.

To be adventurous.

To be brave.

To step forward and breath in life to its fullest.


Monday, 20 February 2017

what if on a bed u lay...

now what if on a bed u lay
all of a sudden u become my prey
like a panther on the bed i crawl
between your legs my journey to stall....
dream of what i could indulge in
or in what way your interest win
and once u know what u just might... being i bid u good night.


a masquerade for he and she

When a masquerade need not be for more than two people. When two people indulge in thought , a fantasy similar only because, once in each others company, sanity does not prevail...the need to devour of each other bringing on a natural state to discover what more can be aroused, felt...savoured.

No inhibition in the projection of need, no inhibition to expose oneself complete, at the sensual erotic mercy of the other.

A slow feasting through looking, a brush of the hand, a kiss so lingering...lips melting on hot flesh....a growing throb so painful yet so pleasurable for  each knows it will be satiated, eventual, when sweaty bodies entwined so within each other pant in release and need of oxygen, mouths dry , the need to rehydrate...all juices having exploded, dripped.

When a masquerade for two people becomes one of the most sexiest experiences and a reminder how a face behind a mask , can be so kinky and sensually appealing.


she be the star

she be the star of their masquerade
...the masks came out...

tell me u, who might u be

tell me u, who might u be
sometimes i think i know what i see
then all of a sudden emotions stirred
by the uncertainty of events spurred.
at times the Godzilla tramples ahead
putting bullies and their attacks to bed
no mercy for the distastefully narcissistic
nor more patience for the egotistic.
and even though the shoulders broad
many a time that high wall thawed
when the pain of another deep within does touch
believing it will get better to faith do clutch.
but the biggest commonality i see
is that your spirit no matter what, be always free
and graciously to the universe bow
for it keeps showing u how to live life in the now.
so that spirituality that faith in self
never disbelieved or put on shelf
confirms the grandness of who u may be
another Soul from the humanity tree.


a gift telling

How telling a gift from another can be. How telling it be of how they may observe one...when a gift fine, cloth silken and bright and intricately woven. When birds of paradise does the cloth enrich. When its softness drapes so naturally. When it smooths and caresses the skin....when one looks at oneself and one feels just as delicate and rich as the cloth itself.

How readily and easily one melts into the cloth...feeling seductively sensual ... thoughts pulling at the strings of one's femininity making ones skin tingle, one's breath short, one's mouth lustful, one's eyes hungry...
when a gift such, simply says, one can only be but of fine cloth too and worth the thousand of threads that make that garment...RB.

a happy jester naked

should i round a corner pop
your breath take away and make u stop
for a red feathered mask does make me peak
the surprise buckles your knees and makes u weak.
'how silly of u to not warn me,' u say
still very uncertain, stepping away
but then the rest of me from behind the wall does step
and all of a sudden the mind real adept.

the mask now part of the fantasy needed
and thus the surprise to lustful thoughts conceded
the happy jester of a game of kinky seductiveness
in a state of total nakedness be the becomingness.

nipples kissed

when the wind blows fresh
when being cool 
ones nipples kissed 
by nothing more

natures freshness

when a garden green
a beauty serene
does a mind still
with Mother Natures images fill.
a sky looming hanging low
threatening droplets of rain to let go
yet the skin burns
for natures freshness burns.
to become one with natures force
absorb and what she stands for endorse
for nothing more beautiful than her exposure
and in the stillness of her representation the composure.


Sunday, 19 February 2017

their feet did touch

It all began with sitting across from each other
A sofa large enough  neither each other to smother.
Their feet did begin to touch
The conversation touching on not much.
When all of a sudden the space did disappear
Those subtle innuendos what happened next did steer
Kisses gentle touches lingering
Whispers tickling thoughts meandering
Promise of a lovers surrender
Their  bodies entwined did render.
And before the moment too heated became
One left so both from carnal pleasures abstain
And as she prepared for the evening to retire
She glanced at her lingerie  proof of happenings prior.

if we ourselves could truly see

if we ourselves could truly see
how patient and accepting of self would we be
most in this world care to only know ones own good
eating off the plate of narcissism, constructive criticism not food.

we tut down others and strut our feathers proud
sometimes the nonsense we spew seriously loud
and while others snigger at our stupidity
we continue being an asshole, incredibly.

there are those that care themselves to know well
the importance of self never their heads swell
the comfort in their imperfection their strength
caring to better themselves at length.

they care not to outshine simply for attention
rather their actions and thoughts in another dimension
for their own importance they know be minute
when one thinks of eternity, the universe to compute.

to be a simple human being
accepting of advise and lessons seeing
i cannot imagine a more rewarding existence
a state of deep serene complete complacence.


it doesn't go unnoticed

Is it possible that one can do anything unconditionally....give of self so deep that be not the matter to oneself.
When the care for the others state of mind, well-being raises feelings of concern and love wishing upon them that immeasurable success, a flow of energies positive....a space where the clarity of mind recognises and acknowledges the path forward filled with spirituality wise , faith deep, love sincere, care eternal.
Would one call such people guardian angels
....good Samaritans?
Do we all deserve such blessings in our lives, or is it reserved for but a few who have managed, through their behaviour, to reap support , care , recognition , respect and the patience and trust to be invested in.
The universe is an awesome place. It watches us 24/7....never sleeping....ticking and crossing off our existence in every incomprehensible zillionth of a second of our existence.
What a compliment when one is chosen by such a guardian angel to receive their trust and care and support. 
And what an idiot one would be if such care was brushed off as nothing more than an expected favour, its worth discredited and treated as a game of intrigue to enrich oneself of whatever the other may be giving.
Sometimes we will ourselves into seeing the beauty of another...sometimes we will ourselves to be part of that game of intrigue, even when the subconcious knows what may be happening.
When a person unfairly be treated, their day will come too, when the universe will reward them tenfold more because of their integrity and sincerity in the dealing of another. doesn't go unnoticed.

So, may this Sunday be a day fulfilled with giving and receiving, a Sunday rich.



the glory

A Sunday morning...

the glory of freshness.


internet commands

 an indulgence in words, written by many over periods and periods of time, a share revealing , a share stirring the cockles of ones...