Tuesday, 27 February 2018

when a lover is more than just a bodily indulgence

 ...when a lover is more than just a bodily indulgence...
...she looked at him and he felt his heart melt, the softness the intent of her gaze, the desire to tell a story simply by looking at him. She did know to speak on and on and, many a time, lose direction and thought at what she was actually trying to say. 
But, her verbal meanderings were interesting and fantastical, making him wonder what her head space actually looked like. 
Was it a kaleidoscope of colour...sometimes bright and distinctly individual or, was it a mesh of woven rays of brightness, nothing too distinct? 
He thought to himself, to be a lover as she, needed something very extraordinary in thought. The surrender of self, allowing the flow of energy, the intent to sear and burn the other. Her hunger for his nearness so powerful it knew to draw him in, breaking down all resistance and selfishly needing to indulge in every curve, every mound....roundness....depth...sweet sweet succulent depth of her.
She was special for she gave of herself not simply physically, but, if one could say...'whole'...?...all...?...beyond....without concern for self preservation of emotion. 
He saw how it drained her when he had to leave. 
But, he masked his concern of the separation by thoughts of next time. He knew he was selfish, he knew he had it better than her...he just couldn't let her go. She made him feel complete. 
That part of life he did not have at home. 
And as the plane lifted, his mind went to the night before....the pace at which she had begun to dance her magic around him. 
Her hands knew to feel, rather, than touch beyond the surface of his skin....her touch travelled into the flow of his blood stream, instant arousal...but not the kind, to put it crudely,to fuck
...he needed her to 
...have him
....taste him
...breath him
...see him. 
It was not an arousal of his manhood due to knowing that they may indulge in coital pleasures, it was what she did to his brain that fired his body. She played with his sight, she played with her words, she played with her presence, she played with him...in the most delicious and unselfish way possible. 
The sincerity of wanting to devour him, climb into his spirit and invite him into hers, made him yelp like a pup. Her lusciousness of intent,a pure seduction, coaxing him over the edge of logic and reason...that is why he couldn't leave her be. 
She was his fix...his temptress, his sanctuary when life knew to become pastel and meaningless... RB

some just know how to say it


“I can speak to my soul only when the two of us are off exploring deserts or cities or mountains or roads.”

 Paulo Coelho

...the magic of words

the power of words...a reflection of the mind within. The intent woven , like a work of art ...cast to crochet an emotion within the readers imagination and heart...RB

Monday, 26 February 2018

the trilogy tease...deceptive?..quite...erotic most definitely!

oh!...don't be fooled by what u may see!...still waters know to run deep
definitely, no pain involved..restraint of sight and movement, to engage all senses, no longer asleep .

to experiment and trust and take my lead, for i shall do nothing out of the ordinary
address your inhibition, uncertainty and remove the mediocrity , that deep complacency.

when i look at u, u know to possess me with your desire to be shown,
living in a fantasy of what could be, till that moment prone,
and then u say...'please show me, i know u can'...an invite so sexy
my mind knows to travel and get lost, those few words...a strong epoxy.

i know only to engage in your mind and thus the command
allow yourself to drop into my world...the demand!
it is not about your body, the physical form,
it is not about what u think it may be a desire to conform...
it is about u and that sensuality that burns deep within
it is about crossing over from the expectation, the illusion of, 'what if', and allowing reality to win.

the uncertainty of selfishly realising every core of your being,
the fear of what u may find, the self very seeing,
what i do know, the realisation will make u groan
and the pleasure eventually realised , the truth of the matter shown.
to trust a lover and experiment together
an indulgence shared, each to keep forever
so, don't hold back and allow me to feast
your surrender makes me a true erotic artiste...RB.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

the trilogy tease...a video in free flow

looming...larger than life, she was...my shadow...
she had a part to play...not much to say
like a mirror of me
so, i watched to see...
how naughty she could be.
a blushing grin did touch my face
i enjoyed the naughty kinky pace
she drew me in, i did concede
together we did make him plead.

PRELUDE 1...video trilogy

 a prelude...a glimpse...

and as the scene was set...the idea took shape
as the camera man began to tape...
the lights went on 
upon her shone
a turn of events
an erotic suspense.

 the last scene did play itself out
something different an unexpected bout
a perception deceiving of what was presented
yet, he knew what was to come, the very expected.

so fine tuned was she to his mind
his erotic, be of a different kind
definitely nothing to do with pain
most definitely meant to drive him insane!

 she wasn't the sort to lift the crop
to deliver pain, she just could not
the purpose the tease of all she held
RB naughtiness distinctly spelled.

and thus with each swoosh, each deliberate move
standing on the sideline, he watched and approved
the time had come to be a part
the time had come for her to start.

he presented himself, like a lamb to sacrifise
he knew whatever she was to do would be precise
the intent to enjoy herself erotically uninhibited
not knowing what it meant to be in action restricted.


Saturday, 24 February 2018

the eve before the video shoot

 the eve before the video shoot...
quietly naked ... serenely lost in a rundown of the few hours left before,
the cameras come to life.
a sexy nervousness settles and the mind begins to meander through imagined scenarios...
of two lovers enraptured in nothing more...than each other.
the desire to possess and free with a tease...to pull on the strings of sanity...
to play and feed off each others gaze, touch...closeness.
each knowing the other better than themselves... as if the physical form belonged to the others conscious.
and thus, to be in each others company, a seduction to nurture the beauty of true lovers.
no matter the circumstance, no matter the place...nothing knows to inhibit the rawness of
a desirous luscious need to let the other know 
how much they wanted.

a video created to stir the embers of seductive erotica that dwells deep within all
...male and female...RB

Thursday, 22 February 2018


 how shall i put it...

every time the pen put to paper
a free flow of emotions the conveyor
of what knows to live in me
and wanting others to feel and see
each time the camera does a photo take
with words to pair another scenario awake
and thus, to my videos we get
what could be ...the platform be set.


a car ride
on the naughty side...
a parking lot indulgence
a passionate emergence
and when down the passage to the bedroom walk
on pillows white and sheet crisp, captured be two bodies...no need to talk. 

this be a trilogy for those who wish to find
an indulgence of an RB-sort-of-naughty kind
where chapter one a lustful start...
chapter two touch and tease does impart...
chapter three a necessary end
the growls, the groans...the moans...a mindbend. 


how much is enough...financially.

Conversations.....do know to shed wisdom , even in areas where one may imagine oneself wise enough already.
For those that think they too wise or, know it all, at any point in their lives...sorry for u...the world will pass u by, sooner rather than later, u will be shown up for your desire to stay in a state stubbornly ignorant.
Lending a keen ear, does not mean one is expected to believe or take on anything heard. But, it does leave the option open for further investigation and application in ones life, should it make sense and be suitable for further growth and success .
I love pioneers...and by that i mean...not only those that dare to venture into unknown territories but, also those who dare to better their lives and adopt and adapt to a new way of thinking or lifestyle positive.
To aspire and surround oneself and intentionally will positivity even bigger than that which one may possess, should be a normal state of being.

and thus the story...

"It has been so long since i have seen u! Trust u have been keeping well?!?" An enthusiastic and sincere greeting on seeing an old acquaintance that had been missing in action for quite some time. She did notice though, that his demeanour was not one filled with energy and if anything, he seemed to be a little "out of it"...a quiet disassociation of what was around him.
"Are u ok....?" she asked, since his response was a mere shrugging of shoulders.
"Ag...just feeling a bit narfy..." he responded.
"Well. I think i know what narfy means. But what do u mean by that. Are u sickly?"
"Not at all." He said. "Its just i have no interest to be busy anymore, i know the wrongs in my business but....i simply don't care. U know when u aware that they taking u for a ride yet, u make no effort to rectify it because it will make no difference in your life? I am there. How much more do i want? It is time to sell off everything and just be plain lazy. I have worked hard enough and made enough."
All she could do was stand back and smile..."I like your narfy." she said..." wouldn't mind being narfy, just like u. Yes! one day i shall be just as narfy as u!"
He was definitely a character she had much to learn from. His positive outlook as to his dedicated application to hard work that knew to reap rewards later in his life, was worthy of noting and hearing how he did it. 
Their visit was an interesting educational one for her and for him, a realisation that maybe it was time he wasn't tooooo narfy and best get out there and tie up the lose ends and work toward freeing himself of unnecessary existing responsibilities. It was time to put the full stops to his finished endevours."


Wednesday, 21 February 2018

simply me

when up against a wall i stand

in my posture, one simple demand

your attention full throttle ahead
...naughty! naughty!...is what they beget...RB.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

in dreamland i shall be

 near u are not and the night is deeply dark
imagination of arms around me, kisses soft, a desire does spark.
a body warm, a willing share...
when united, does know to flare.
for when the stars the sky do leave
throughout the night your image my peace does thieve
a sleep challenged for my bed be empty
yet erotic dreams there will be aplenty. 
thus close your eyes and feel me near
allow me into your dreamland, your lids to sear,
with images so real coaxing u to wake
every part of your being does violently shake...
so deep the desire the need to glimpse
my absence in your bed, does make u wince,
and thus... to shut your eyes and count to ten
for there u shall find me...once again.


...are my actions to emasculate u...?

Once again, being privy to a conversation / debate as to the role women play in their own lives and that of their partners. it got me to thinking...

"...is my purpose to emasculate u in my desire to be recognised and acknowledged as your equal? In my subconscious struggle to be your equal have i forgotten myself and managed to get so carried away that u fear my harshness of tongue and behaviour for, i will fight u tooth and nail to show u who is the more capable of our two sexes?
Will i make u step back in astonishment... for my vehemence bears no witness of the woman that stands before u? There be no desire of your gentle caring way toward me? Your understanding and treatment of me as the 'weaker of the two sexes' knows to patronise my common sense and abilities?
Am i really that forward and confrontational in my desire, simply to have my seat in a place rightfully mine, alongside u?
 The patriarchal control of all things in workspace and otherwise?

I think not...for being your equal, i know i am. And even though patriarchal be the behaviour in a workspace and otherwise, my womanly natural ways have known to win your admiration, and support, and welcome... to not only be your equal but, even your lead in so many areas of life. 
My firm nurturing way has stood me well in challenging moments and, in standing my ground, without a harsh word or desire to emasculate u, i have won.
Do open the door for me and pull my chair out at board meetings,  and at home, u shall be my king for i am your queen and our palace knows be passionate and dynamic ...at times at loggerheads...but, mostly serene in the understanding of each other and who we are and what we mean to our common household.
i wish not to emasculate...i wish to empower u with my support of the man u are and in return i want your love and support of the woman i am..." RB. 

a well stitched jacket of fine cloth

 the fine cotton of a well stitched jacket,
silken lining the kiss of elegant extravagance.
to imbue the calm serenity of a seductress desirous...
to capture the imagination of a lover...the passionate gentleness of touch
and kiss so feathery yet,luscious and lingering...
to swirl in moments lost and forgotten for, time, knows not to tick.
eyes half moons, sultry in their gaze...lips moist, parted as a tongue
leisurely travels across soft plumpness.
no need or hurry as a sweltering deliciousness begins to settle
between firm thighs...the softness of a seductress wanting...a moistness 
drippingly nectar like... sweet and telling.

how a jacket of fine cloth does know to set a mood ...a play... a tease


Monday, 19 February 2018

a joyous jamboree muted

 i dreamt of a gala...an evening out
where, that which was hidden yet, very 'in sight'...was meant for u.
i imagined a room full of people, unseen they were, for all that i could see and caught my concious
...was u.
the joyous jamboree that filled the room, as if muted to my ears, for all that i could hear
...was the beating of my heart.
the thought of when our gaze did lock...even  now...extracts a moan, so lusciously painful and  desperate and deep within my core.
i watched your mouth part and could actually hear u inhale deep...as if u inhaled the whole of me.
...transfixed as i watched u approach.
i could hear your thoughts.
i knew u missed me.
and when...eventually...so near u stood...it was as if we became one...yet...not touching.
it was a gala, after all...and thus the need to be on our best behavior...
the evening wore on, and when it ended,
so did the agony of needing to give myself to u...u took me...u arched me...u made me yours
and...i... possessed u...and stole your sanity.


i want this perfect passionate virtuosity...do u?

This love affair between my imaginary Alice and her Mad Hatter, does have my heart astir and my loins throbbing....a perfect imaginary union...a love letter written....oh, how i wish i were the recipient...perfect passionate virtuosity...RB 

"Dearest Alice -

Below are some lines that I've abstracted from some verses that I came across recently and which struck a chord. It makes me think of what happens
when we are together and the range of our passion when we make love together, both giving and receiving unending pleasure in the blending of our bodies and spirits,
simply being sucked into each other and just not wanting it to end. And then when eventually we do burn out, it is always with a sense of such serenity and peace that
we lie entwined with one another. Would that it could be for ever and ever.....

love with every passion blending,
pleasure that can never cloy:
and nothing can our peace destroy."

Friday, 16 February 2018

a saving grace...a perchance find

Dear Sensual Creature...
i happened to come across u.
Do i say, in a moment of weakness, i had to reach out and contact u?
I cannot, will not and refuse to accept such an admittance
it would be false.
How lost i felt, my emotions bluntly numb...a walking shadow of the man i knew to be.
what happened?
what cruelty in life knew to rob me... of ...me...? 
what was it that had me searching to find a saving grace to my being?
i wanted to know and feel again the stirring of life...
of feelings so raw
that they would know to shake me into an exhilarating reaching out to live!!!
reaching out to embrace my beloved again
my existence defined in our closeness and desire to be as one....
our minds excited at the thought of each other...
the body hungering to be intimately devoured , feasted on....satiated.
u were an answer ...not a moment of weakness.
a washing away of uncertainties...
a find that, helped me find me...each time letting me go further and further
into my self...i began to recognise the old me...and i loved it.
now dear sensual creature...i know what i need to do,
i know to never cheat myself of the pleasure of a sensual life.
perchance i found u...perchance?...RB.

Thursday, 15 February 2018


Promiscuity -  characterized by or involving indiscriminate mingling or association, especially having sexual relations with a number of partners on a casual basis.

Having studied Chaucer at University, and now occupying a space sensual, where promiscuity is a daily topic of conversation, i thought it quite appropriate to paste an interesting article that came to mind ...lengthy it is...go on! have a read!

And thus...to be revered?....Chaucer's Wife of Bath?...what be your point of view?...and is she a worthy feminist for today's modern society to aspire to?

Pseudo-Feminism in The Canterbury Tales

by Lily Green
In the minds of some, there is nothing more dangerous than a woman who stands tall, speaks her mind, and possesses a firm notion of what she wants from herself, her peers, and the world. Such a woman has been portrayed in countless forms of media throughout the development of Western culture. As feminism slowly began to take root all over 1850s Europe, appealing to rich and poor alike, this type of woman shifted from being looked down upon and feared to being a beacon of inspiration. However, before this shift occurred, there was a pervasive, implicit societal code integrated into the very backbone Medieval Europe. 

Women were expected to fit themselves into one, ubiquitous mold: a small, unassuming, shadow of a figure who obeyed her husband’s every whim, whose loyalty to her family and her house, no matter how abhorrent, was only eclipsed by her idealization of God, who was expected to keep her mouth shut and her head down. She was only seen as a possession. This ideology was common among men of all classes during the Middle Ages, and thus, many of these tenets are addressed in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. Likewise, is important to understand the circumstances under which The Canterbury Tales were written. This set of poems was penned in the midst of extreme social upheaval, as Europe was undergoing a change from the religious- based Medieval Ideology to the more secular Renaissance Humanism. Chaucer and his peers continually grappled which this mass change in belief systems, and new social trends undoubtedly led to him writing this anthology. He intended to preserve a snippet of time which would eventually be lost forever to new social mores. It is impossible to say exactly how Chaucer dealt with such changes, however, one can infer that he was less than thrilled with them. After all, his characters represent a sea of contradictions, contradictions that parallel the current societal fight. For example, one of the characters, The Monk, who constantly violates the unwritten social and theological code of what a man of God should be. Instead of being caring, stuck in purposefully planned poverty, and selfless, The Monk is greedy and lives a somewhat sumptuous: the antithesis of the ideal monk. 

And now, with that in mind, consider this. The Canterbury Tales, which describes the pilgrimage of a motley group of people, is published in 1495. One of the characters breaks out of the constraints placed upon her and is the antithesis of every Medieval woman. She takes no issue with standing up to her husband and castigating him for his constant belittlement of her. She is incredibly promiscuous: she has had five husbands and is considering getting a sixth. When asked to justify this, she asserts that “the wyse king, dan Salomon;/I trowe he hadde wyves mo than oon;/As, wolde god, it leveful were to me/To be refresshed half so ofte as he!” (Chaucer 35-38), immediately revealing not only a deep reverence of The Bible, but a sharp intellect, as she was able to interpret the story of King Solomon to fit her own personal life. Her entire personality, her entire life, goes against the most basic tenets of Middle English society. Should a character as this not be lauded? Should women strive to be like her in every way? Readers have continually answered yes, but in doing so, they undermine Chaucer’s original vision. The aforementioned character is The Wife of Bath, and she is often lauded by readers, academics, and activists for being the first truly feminist character in European literature. However, she is not meant to be a hero, an aspiration for women everywhere. On the contrary, Geoffrey Chaucer created The Wife of Bath in order to emphasize that women ought to play the parts that society instructed them to perform.

Chaucer’s text was never intended to be interpreted in a feminist manner. In fact, some scholars argue that Chaucer actually consulted “anti-feminist literature” prior to writing The Canterbury Tales (HuppĂ© 378). He was not focused on writing a feminist discourse or furthering the social and intellectual progress of women. The Canterbury Tales was a social commentary on the overall grand, sweeping change taking place throughout Europe. While women may have enjoyed slight social progress, it is unlikely that Chaucer supported it or even cared. If he were a true supporter of the advancement of rudimentary feminism, the other prominent female character, The Prioress, would have been going against the status quo of what was acceptable for Medieval women. However, she is very much the epitome of what the ideal woman was said to be: she is “She was so charitable and so pitous/ She wolde wepe, if that she saugh a mous/ Kaught in a trappe, if it were deed or bledde.” (Chaucer 144-146). As a meek, pious woman with a thirst for material goods, The Prioress would have been praised and perhaps even coveted, had she not been a nun. Though she is used to convey a social message, it is not about the development of women’s rights. Thus, if Chaucer’s true intention was for The Canterbury Tales to show pervasive support for women, The Prioress would have appeared to clash with the societal tenets dictating what women should be and act, just like The Wife of Bath. 

Due to the fact that Chaucer’s work was intended to comment on the flawed social development and the destruction of his coveted ideals for European society, it is simply foolish to assume that The Wife of Bath is meant to be a feminist figure. In fact, the very structure of how her character is presented confirms this notion. The Wife of Bath is considered the comic relief of The Canterbury Tales, “a stock figure in a varied sort of pantomime”(Reid 74). This is a fairly accurate statement: besides her “feminism”, The Wife of Bath is also known for her sarcastic and witty humor. However, unlike the stock characters of old, she is multi-faceted. She is funny, yes, but also shrewd, cunning, and obstinate. This character trope, according to David S. Reid, is the “archewyf” (Reid 76). Such a woman often appears to possess some type of positive personality trait which is used to divert the reader from her true malicious nature hidden within. In the Wife’s case, her humor, her wit, and her intelligence is a ploy to hide her secret devious nature. 

Indeed, it is not difficult to see that The Wife of Bath is far from virtuous. She not only pretends to be in love with her husbands, but she takes pleasure in doing so, and explains to her fellow pilgrims that “tikled it his herte, for that he/ Wende that I hadde of him so greet chiertee/ I swoor that al my walkinge out by nighte/ Was for tespye wenches that he dighte/Under that colour hadde I many a mirthe/For al swich wit is yeven us in our birthe/Deceite, weping, spinning god hath yive/ To wommen kindely, whyl they may live/ And thus of o thing I avaunte me/ Atte ende I hadde the bettre in ech degree” (Chaucer 395-405). By having The Wife of Bath be not only open about but proud of her constant deception of her earlier husbands and acknowledging that it was she who had the upper hand in her marriages, Chaucer is emphasizing her archewyf qualities. Chaucer makes no attempt to cover up her depraved nature or hide her inauspicious traits. Though it is perfectly normal for a woman living in a time period that was oppressive for all, especially a middle-class female, to want personal freedom, Chaucer undermines this by placing the focus on her negative qualities as opposed to her true motivations and feelings. Indeed, the deeper aspects of The Wife of Bath’s character are only barely touched upon in the yarn she spins about a knight in King Arthur’s court. Since the negative aspects of her personality are emphasized through the archewyf trope, and the social codes that drive her desire for freedom are forgotten, Chaucer exemplifies that women who try to stand out, to uproot the status quo, to be sovereign from their husbands are not ones to be respected or coveted, but are instead devious and malicious human beings. Thus, despite popular belief, Chaucer is actually demonizing The Wife of Bath and is not laying any sort of foundation for feminism to develop.

Likewise, The Wife of Bath stands out and is clearly used as a mechanism to degrade women in this classic work of medieval literature due to her blasphemous nature. Christianity was at its peak during the Middle Ages. This was a time of indulgences, of great sociopolitical power unequivocally placed in the hands of the Church, of Europeans dedicating their lives to becoming the perfectly pious and God-fearing individual. Thus, a character such as The Wife of Bath would have immediately stood out to the kind of people that the theocentric population of Medieval Europe cultivated. After all, she violates every aspect of medieval society. People in the Middle Ages were taught to act based on what would be beneficial for the greatest amount of people. Personal pleasure and self-satisfaction were looked down upon, and hobbies were unheard of: if people had spare time, it was dedicated to the church or working at home. However, The Wife of Bath rejects this notion. She is a frequent adventurer, and has traveled “…thries…at Jerusalem/She hadde passed many a straunge strem/At Rome she hadde been, and at Boloigne/In Galice at Seint-Jame, and at Coloigne” (Chaucer 465-467). Likewise, medieval ideology dictated that predestination was God’s supreme law: it was decided far in advance whether or not an individual would ascend to heaven or be damned to hell. And yet, The Wife of Bath is not one to wait for fate to take its course. 

When she was stuck in an abusive relationship, she consistently fought back physically and mentally against her husband, and describes “whan I saugh he wolde never fyne/To reden on this cursed book al night/Al sodeynly three leves have I plight/Out of his book, right as he radde, and eke/I with my fist so took him on the cheke/That in our fyr he fil bakward adoun/And he up-stirte as dooth a wood leoun/And with his fist he smoot me on the heed/That in the floor I lay as I were deed/And when he saugh how stille that I lay/He was agast, and wolde han fled his way…Foryeve it me, and that I thee biseke/And yet eft- sones I hitte him on the cheke” (Chaucer 788-800). The Wife does not sit and allow a loveless marriage to consume her, as God would have wished. Instead, she does all she can to free herself from the clutches of this loveless marriage. However, though The Wife justifies her marriages and promiscuity by citing The Bible, Chaucer implies that her action of having “wedded fyve/Welcome the sixte, whan that ever he shal/For sothe, I wol nat kepe me chast in al” is actually sinful, as The Wife was marrying for money as opposed to love (Chaucer 44-46). This instance is clearly intended to juxtapose the wife by contrasting her apparent piousness to her clear promiscuity, which was considered a damnable offense in the Middle Ages (especially as instigated by a woman). Thus, by portraying The Wife of Bath as someone who blatantly undermines the social structure established by the Church, he degrades women by implicitly insisting that a one who goes does not fit the ideal Medieval woman and sacrifices Medieval Ideology in exchange for a more modern code of belief is not to be respected, which emphasizes the true nature of The Wife of Bath: she exists not as a feminist, but as an example, an example of what not to do and how not to be in a changing society. 

Chaucer’s Wife of Bath has perplexed students and scholars alike, because they have no idea how to perceive her. People always have a tendency to interpret characters (especially one as beloved as The Wife of Bath) in a way that suits. However, it is simply foolish to assume that she is a feminist, or meant to represent feminism, because Chaucer intended her to serve as an example of what women should not do or be, in both a social and religious context. She is not a proper, submissive wife, indeed, she “boasts, for instance, of her traditionally feminine powers to lie and deceive and manipulate men” (Hansen 32). The Wife of Bath is out of place and out of time in both the fading Medieval Era and the incoming Renaissance Era. Until the advent of true feminism, it is unlikely that she would have ever been loved and revered to the degree she is today.

... RB.

why ever not!

 why ever not!...the 'unpragamtic' romantic in me thinks this is a wonderful thought!
and then again...the very pragmatic romantic in me thinks the same!

Comfy and sexy

Me and my "bridget jones" pair....