Thursday, 22 February 2018


 how shall i put it...

every time the pen put to paper
a free flow of emotions the conveyor
of what knows to live in me
and wanting others to feel and see
each time the camera does a photo take
with words to pair another scenario awake
and thus, to my videos we get
what could be ...the platform be set.


a car ride
on the naughty side...
a parking lot indulgence
a passionate emergence
and when down the passage to the bedroom walk
on pillows white and sheet crisp, captured be two need to talk. 

this be a trilogy for those who wish to find
an indulgence of an RB-sort-of-naughty kind
where chapter one a lustful start...
chapter two touch and tease does impart...
chapter three a necessary end
the growls, the groans...the moans...a mindbend. 


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