Monday, 26 February 2018

the trilogy tease...deceptive?..quite...erotic most definitely!

oh!...don't be fooled by what u may see!...still waters know to run deep
definitely, no pain involved..restraint of sight and movement, to engage all senses, no longer asleep .

to experiment and trust and take my lead, for i shall do nothing out of the ordinary
address your inhibition, uncertainty and remove the mediocrity , that deep complacency.

when i look at u, u know to possess me with your desire to be shown,
living in a fantasy of what could be, till that moment prone,
and then u say...'please show me, i know u can' invite so sexy
my mind knows to travel and get lost, those few words...a strong epoxy.

i know only to engage in your mind and thus the command
allow yourself to drop into my world...the demand!
it is not about your body, the physical form,
it is not about what u think it may be a desire to conform...
it is about u and that sensuality that burns deep within
it is about crossing over from the expectation, the illusion of, 'what if', and allowing reality to win.

the uncertainty of selfishly realising every core of your being,
the fear of what u may find, the self very seeing,
what i do know, the realisation will make u groan
and the pleasure eventually realised , the truth of the matter shown.
to trust a lover and experiment together
an indulgence shared, each to keep forever
so, don't hold back and allow me to feast
your surrender makes me a true erotic artiste...RB.

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