Tuesday, 13 February 2018

a perfect pair

"Hello my Alice." he said.  It was a thing between them....Alice in Wonderland...she reminded him very much of the curious young girl that fell down the rabbits hole and had the adventure of her life. The adventure she had, was of her choosing...every choice she made, path followed was that of a mind curious, desirous, adventurous and courageous to try...no matter how silly, off keel or nonsensical it may have seemed.
He became her Mad hatter...and found himself enjoying a world new,  introduced by his Alice. There seemed to be endless possibilities to all things yet, at the same time a definite answer. She made him consider ways and means of applying himself that brought great pleasure he had forgotten existed. 
She was gorgeous ...his Alice....so alive and always lost in a thought upon thought upon thought...her head never ever seemed empty...a wonderland of imagination.
"Oh my dearest Mad Hatter!" she responded. He loved how her whole being would light up when she saw him. Her hug was infectious and demanded a burying of self into her frame. 
"What are we going to indulge in today?" she asked.
"My dear Alice...does it really matter. Just take me with u and never let me go."
And in those brief moments of sharing he dared himself to follow and fall into her world...possessed and intrigued by her abandon to whatever lay ahead.
"How do u do it?" he asked her. "How do u trust so easy and welcome whatever may lay ahead? Are u not scared it may be all wrong and dangerous?"
"If i thought like that, " she responded." Then imagine all the good things i would miss. And anyway...scary is as big as i make it. Dangerous?...well, when it comes along, i know i shall know to apply myself and deal with it. And anyway my dearest Mad Hatter...i have u beside me! Whatever could go wrong!"


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