Thursday, 15 February 2018

what now that valentines has past... the 14th February past, valentines gone
all that passion and love considered bygone?
if anything, a door opened to reveal 
what might have been forgotten, daily challenges knew it to conceal.
a slight coaxing for, it was valentines day
to brush the cobwebs of a hesitant lover away,
and there be the gem of what always knew to be and exist
worth ones time and effort , a beloved to show, thus persist.
no matter that valentines now be in the past,
the spell of ones professed feelings now be cast
and thus valentines day a daily occurrence
no longer to forget or take fore longer a lazy complacence.
two lovers to find each other again
always a right time to enjoy each other, no longer a 'when',
for even a peck on the cheek does know,
a true lovers such a dear action...will always show.


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