Monday, 12 February 2018

this man

 deep truths lie in the colour red...
a red bow, to pull on it, it be said
in such an action, an invitation read
ones naughty nature definitely fed.
a tease, a play a desired attention
of anything else that might have been, a suspension,
for now...nothing else be required 
a lovers presence near ... desired...

and thus, as she sat there and wondered where he may be
eyes closed, pretending him to see.
she knew his touch she knew his scent
for her, this man was simply meant.
a man who revelled in her unashamed desire
to have him hot, his manhood fire,
to have him stand between her legs
to take him his manhood begs.
she knew to play, to stop his hurry
she knew to make him forget, all inhibitions bury,
for a true lover she knew to be...

like no other... set him free.


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