Tuesday, 13 February 2018

update on my publication " H & H"

 ...an update on my post..."HEAR! HEAR! It has arrived!" dated 9 February 2018...

An appreciative and huge thank you to all those who have congratulated, complimented and wished me luck in all my RB endeavours . 

Without the encouragement and feedback it would not be easy nor pleasurable to work through and stay focused on that which i know is worthy and an excellent share.

To those who have shown interest in becoming featured contributors...the magazine will only be that much more real and relevant, all thanks to you. Your experiences, your research, your words and pictures will prove that there is a caring, emotional yet logically driven society in the sensual space....a space neither deviant no crass nor taboo.

I am scared, i am nervous but, so much more filled with a knowing that this is right and...with time...will be exactly that, which i wish it to be...a relevant, upmarket, publication that will feed the curiosity and inform guys and girls on topics we all wish to know about.

and thus...

Most important question asked...

"where will i be able to get your magazine?"

My ecommerce site will be linked to my blog. On my site you will have access to download my publication as well as videos and other tit bits for now... 
At present, due to format and blog requirements the site is not featured nor linked to my blog.

Negotiations for shelf space have begun...on completion of the mock magazine...am holding thumbs it will be of a standard to be placed, in a plastic sleeve, on the shelf of certain retail outlets.

And as my team and i proceed, i will keep you posted as to the many exciting happenings that will be taking place.

Now....let us fly free...let us inhale life and let us embrace the sensual side of our self...in doing so...embrace that lover and make them part of your world....RB.

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