Friday, 9 February 2018

HEAR! HEAR! has arrived!

Some time back i made mention of plans, for what i call, my RB Brand. 

It all started with a fancy...thanks to being appreciated and acknowledged for my erotic meanderings. 
Along came an offer of a book publication and how happy i was!...reaching for the stars and imagined becoming this renowned writer of erotica that lives within my imagination...yet...sourced from daily witness to real life dramas and happenings.
Being of a business mind, with a formal university education and professional work background and never one to chase after unattainable dreams, i quickly realised that the publication of my book would take longer to come into fruition and be at the mercy of others.
It was not simply the publication of my works i looked to achieve but, at the same time looking for the necessary financial rewards that would ensure a stable and balanced and fulfilling existence . 
The book was thus the start of much that milled through my mind...and many months later after many a sleepless night...with the assistance of a team of very wise and professional minds...i have eventually arrived at one of the  products that has married my passion with a business model that is long term and sustainable and has attracted the correct resources required to get it off the ground. 

One of the items listed on my RB Brand aspirations, was a regular publication...and Voila! it is .  
The seed was planted, and has germinated, and now begins the development thereof.

From the onset the RB Brand has been about recognising and acknowledging those that sit in the shadows of daily living yet, possess hidden talents many would be envious of.

The RB Brand looks to bring attention to and provide a platform for people from all walks of life to express themselves in a real and passionate way that would inform, encourage and stimulate others, and help them realise they are not alone. 

The RB Brand intends to tackle topics of a serious nature with very little filtering...the truth is the it or not...drawing attention to much that makes one squirm or wonder about the urban legends that have become part of what we deem the truth of  life.
Topics of a sensitive sensual nature will be balanced with topics political, financial and relevant to the continent of Africa. The publication will proudly feature interviews with well known personalities and much more.

BUT most important of all...The RB Brand is looking to bring on board those that know they have something to offer...a poem written, a piece of writing, research, advertisers, photographers, videographers etc etc etc. In the weeks that will follow i trust those that have been following me on my blog will seek to make  contact and contribute , should they believe and know they have something to offer...and should you know of another that may benefit from the exposure in my publication, please point them in my direction.

Further posts will be taking place as to requests and requirements and space available for your work of art. 

Looking forward to your journey with me and the growth of a publication sexy sensual and seductively local, relevant and real.


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