Saturday, 10 February 2018

a captivation sweet

 how her ties knew to bind him ...the physical easy to unknot...but the seat that she had taken in his thoughts, more binding than those knots on his wrists. And when she tied him down, to tease him to a point, desperate for release, cruelly she would stop and have him writhe and beg, for the intensity of the throb would rake his body and he felt as if he had cum without ejaculating.
he knew with every one of her strokes she wanted him to experience the freedom of feelings and wasn't about her, it was about him....learning to let go...learning what it meant to embrace himself... that shallowness and discontent he had been feeling of satisfaction or fulfilment in matters intimate.
she showed him what it would be like to allow his partner to lead , to take control, to dabble in an erotic tease...her nakedness untouchable yet, within reach.
her mouth alive with moans soft, coaxing him to surrender. she showed him the comfort and pleasure of appreciating the hardness of his manliness ...and as much as he wished to indulge in the physicality of her...eventually...he let go...and allowed her to further captivate him with her touch...RB.

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