Tuesday, 20 February 2018

...are my actions to emasculate u...?

Once again, being privy to a conversation / debate as to the role women play in their own lives and that of their partners. it got me to thinking...

"...is my purpose to emasculate u in my desire to be recognised and acknowledged as your equal? In my subconscious struggle to be your equal have i forgotten myself and managed to get so carried away that u fear my harshness of tongue and behaviour for, i will fight u tooth and nail to show u who is the more capable of our two sexes?
Will i make u step back in astonishment... for my vehemence bears no witness of the woman that stands before u? There be no desire of your gentle caring way toward me? Your understanding and treatment of me as the 'weaker of the two sexes' knows to patronise my common sense and abilities?
Am i really that forward and confrontational in my desire, simply to have my seat in a place rightfully mine, alongside u?
 The patriarchal control of all things in workspace and otherwise?

I think not...for being your equal, i know i am. And even though patriarchal be the behaviour in a workspace and otherwise, my womanly natural ways have known to win your admiration, and support, and welcome... to not only be your equal but, even your lead in so many areas of life. 
My firm nurturing way has stood me well in challenging moments and, in standing my ground, without a harsh word or desire to emasculate u, i have won.
Do open the door for me and pull my chair out at board meetings,  and at home, u shall be my king for i am your queen and our palace knows be passionate and dynamic ...at times at loggerheads...but, mostly serene in the understanding of each other and who we are and what we mean to our common household.
i wish not to emasculate...i wish to empower u with my support of the man u are and in return i want your love and support of the woman i am..." RB. 

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