Monday, 16 July 2018

my jezebel

melting by Lindsay Garret

how sweet u stand there in your deceptive coyness
angelic be your eyes 
deep and swirling be their restless pools...
as u pin me down with your gaze
demanding...!... my weak mind to bend and bow.
how my inner being 
and grovels at the foot of allure
defined by the nakedness of your glistening flesh.
u stand smart and tall 
assured in your power of my smallness.
my smallness defined by my inability to deny u...
oppressed and devoted , gutted and hungry my lust .
oh!... u... jezebel! of all luscious uncontrolled hungers!
how i shall tear u down with my touch my mouth
my manly strength!
i shall plough that womanly richness of yours
 taste the sweet nectar that will drip from between your thighs
u shall spread yourself before me 
writhe and arch!!!
and bend !!!
and moan...



now i see..

.no matter how i bend u,
arch u,
wish to conquer u,
...make u mine...
it is not u that shall break.
how pitied, and small, shall be my groans and cries
when u walk away,
leave me drenched in remembrance
of how u allowed me to eat and presume to take control.
oh, u, jezebel...
how cleverly u have imprisoned me with your so-called surrender
how deceitful be u in playing with my sanity...
further gnawing away with your bosom rich in its roundness
your buttocks splayed for the taking...
cowering... sit i in the corner now
desperately in need of u.... 

my jezebel.


Friday, 13 July 2018

that once in a lifetime love affair

" ...dawn, the flight an early one, he wondered if he would have time to drop in and see her, even for a split second...that was all he needed.
A most unexpected turn of events that had him remembering his younger days when there was no doubt what he wanted . He chased desires, wants, needs, expectations with the playful strength and certainty of a cub lion. Wherever he went, whatever he did, his faith was unshakable...he knew he was going places.

He was a late bloomer when it came to sexual encounters, admiring the fairer sex from a distance,preferring to chase those dreams of simply doing and being what his spirit desired. 
The reaches of Africa, its beautiful stretch of savanna...the Serengeti.
That freedom, unrestricted pleasure he felt, zest for life, inhaling, drenching himself in the pureness of very little tarnished by the touch of western so called civilisation, where the pristine was considered as a waste of space and natural resources.
That invigorating feeling of life flowing through his veins...that same feeling that coursed through his body the night before.
A raw wildness , a sincere uncontrolled yet, very natural eating of each others hunger.

And it all started with the two of them laying on their backs, on the carpet. A perchance encounter of two people who found an understanding of life in nature and all it had to offer. Two people who developed a relationship of some sort, over a period of separating them...and bringing them together again...perchance.
Even then, those many years past, he had known she had more to offer but, selfishly he chased everything else, except the truth.

The truth of reality.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, fully clothed, his mind lost in that moment when his hand had slipped under her lose t-shirt, that first touch of her soft flesh, that first sigh that escaped those soft generous lips of hers that he had never forgotten...her kisses that had eaten at his memory for years and years.
She had turned her back to him and he began a slow reveal, an undress of her shape... time had moulded her into curves and mounds of delicious sexiness, feminine. He had kissed the dip of her waist, he had cupped the softness of her bosom, he had traced the length of her form with his breath, he had tasted the sweetness of nectar he had thought never would be his pleasure again.They had dipped and arched and whispered and demanded and rolled and burned on every inch of that carpet.
She had kissed him sweetly, ominously, ever so gently and carefully...when he left. It felt as if that was to be their last encounter.

As he stood up, he realised he wouldn't go and see her one more time.When the chance had presented itself, he had not taken it...he had let it pass him by...he had let her go.

It was time to catch that flight home. It was time to let sleeping dogs lie and once more, try forget her."


Tuesday, 10 July 2018

a calling card

if a doorway could lead to spaces in ones mind
a gateway open.
if that doorway knew to reveal what on the other side might lie
...a beckoning of mysteries sensual, provocatively soft...



be a calling card.


if that doorway could transcend yearnings, mere feelings,
and snap!...walking through, makes arms soft
kisses adoring, gently passionate
a depth of longing witnessed in eyes telling. 
a lover knowing of ones wanderings... agitated .
an unsettled spirit waning...
receding in the feel of closeness,
an inhale of scents familiar comforting in their seductiveness...
an intoxicating welcome of all that awakens a spirit free and wild...
embers quiet yet, hot...waiting to be fanned into life
once more.

a calling invitation she in that doorway.



Sunday, 8 July 2018

a serious cup of coffee

 a serious cup of coffee
the day to see me through,
the game last night, i must admit
has left me a little blue.
no matter, though it wasn't meant
no matter hard the fight,
today no less the congratulations
for RUSSIA still be my star and shines real bright.
the tears did flow
burrowing be the look, at the tv to stare,
the shouts of support the shouts of anger
referees calls did know to flare.
and, when all was done
the chatter was small, the gestures gone...
up stood us to clean the dishes
..for that was us...done.

quiet were the goodbyes
the hugs not so tight as on arrival,
the ride home then became loud and analytical
alive again...!... from forlornness a reprieve a sabbatical.
of course a win is what we wanted
the chance to see the final,
but damn!... that was a serious match
the RUSSIAN team...they did announce their soccer arrival.

u did us proud
to u i raise my coffee mug
and shout "LONG LIVE RUSSIA!"....real loud!

..."dolgoye vremya ROSSIYA!!"...


Saturday, 7 July 2018

a monster awoken.

shigeru umebayashi

Having been commissioned to write a piece for a follower of my writings..and because this commissioned piece is one to try and capture his inner turmoil of emotion for another...i sat down and the first step was to allow music to translate my thoughts, my images playing in my head...reading and rereading his request....for music knows to free me of the shackles of restrictive realities...

...upon the way this came to play

and this is what i read ...a comment on the public forum for this link

"One day you will ask me which is more important? My life or yours? I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life."- Lori Charen.

...she has awoken a monster of emotion...of words... within my imagination. 

And thus i sit and write in the sway and pursuasion of what i hear and have read.


do u know it...?!!!!


A start to your weekend...allow yourself to fall...

"... in the beauty of music.


flow of images from whence do they come?
and that emotion?
that knows to well up ...flow down...deep into ones being...

how wordless the feeling
appreciation to

when in a vacuum ...yes vacuum of sound... my being floats.
no up or down.
no beginning 

a travel.
into the colourful blackness of my head 
i fall...
 the next note,
that cord, that softens and enhances the exactness
of the piece played.
how masterful the mind that hears music still not created
and pens it in scribbles...for notes...


musical notations.


....feed my ears....feed my spirit...feed my being...feed my soul.


woman...the gorgeous creature that u are

 "...what is it about u that makes u irresistible?
what is it that makes me look...what is it that makes me shiver and shake
my resolve, my strength crumble at a glimpse
how u play with me...strum...pick and pluck....PING!...goes my attention...
fully focused ...lost to anything else...
woman...gorgeous creature that u are
why torture my senses , why tease me so...?
how i labour in my imagination to keep u near for, vivid be every curve ...nipple hard...
sweet and wet the warmth of your womanly lusciousness
hidden and guarded between those milky thighs
come release me of my hunger...NO! don't leave my dreams! don't leave my fantasies!
stay there for me to feed and nourish my lustful hungers,
for, at a distance u are now...till next time we meet..."


He sat and stared and stared at the images he had captured of her with his camera....but, his vision became introspective and his mind wondered to their last meeting when she had welcomed him between those thighs of hers, when she had held his hips, tight and controlled with her firm grip...and up and down went her pelvis...allowing him the wondrous view, as he supported himself above her...of a perfect fit...a perfect slide...a soft warmth...enveloping.


my team...tonight i cheer...RUSSIA!

does it matter the thoughts of another,
when the soccer arena be yours to take them farther,
than the discarded belief that u can't make it,
match after match,  closer to the goal bit by bit.

the underdog, not the best considered soccer team
 a host nation, regarded with high esteem
a deep routed fascination with everything u present
welcomed the world to its land ...the World Soccer Event.
dear RUSSIA today i send u all of me
my strength, my belief, the courage and faith for u to see,
behind u, this fan, stands no matter the outcome
thank u for making this world soccer event so much fun!

i wish i was there in my Fatherland 
to feel and taste and inhale the event grand!

Россия ! Россия !
my blood flows strong
i wish i was there where i belong ....

no matter...tonight we feast!  tonight we sing!
tonight  in our support our spirit does wing!
Blessed be u in your faith and courage
taker no heed of others disparage!

Россия ! Россия !

Thursday, 5 July 2018

absent lovers

how an absent lover knows to be ever present in their absence.
what is it that tortures the mind when they gone...
memories of nights luscious in shares sincere?
where music knew to be the ambience and dim rooms cast shadows
of two bodies close... ?
a perfect match of soft and hard, a pliable love affair of desires never satiated...
where silence ruled golden, bright, coital in a union of bodies 
rhythmic in their understanding of matching each others unspoken desires.
to and fro...they flow...across land in his and her mind...
absent sweet the torture.


a bit of lace

 how wonderful a piece of lace to play with and to feel...

a direct RB share- that the cat purring?...

i heard the cat purr
i think i saw her stir...?...
with purpose i saw her stretch
something maybe to fetch?
her purr a delicate yet, dangerous growl
i think one should take care not to fall foul
of her side that wishes to lick
with her tongue anything inviting flick.
what a kitty what an inviting purr
i feel something dangerous within her stir
nothing to be frightened of this i guarantee
rather surrender, liberate your thought and let her set u free.
of much untrue and debilitating
your uncertainties aggravating
u know who u are and can be
let her show u how and thus with clear vision see.
to know to embrace all that lives
within yourself and generously gives
to those who wish to see
the real u and what u know to be.



a real question...

(follies of God" by James Grisson...Alfred A. Knopf) took him on travels far and wide. Personal TLC was not an indulgence familiar to him. He suppressed his need to dabble in sexual intimacies when away from home, a sort of guilt stopping him. 
Yet, when he got home, the welcome was not one he wished for. 
A luke-warm hello, sometimes a lucky hurried hug or kiss on second thought, was dished his way. 
The frustration began to set in, that need for acknowledgement of sexual more satisfaction in jerking his hardness off. 
It started feeling nonsensical and stupid. There he was a virile man, and all he wanted was for his partner to acknowledge his sexual needs.
Was that really it? Was it all about sexual needs? 
He realised it went deeper than that. He realised he missed the intimacy, the closeness that they had known to share ... and the cherry on top was their mutual sexual understanding of each other. At times soft and loving and completely immersed in each other, true lovers...dear lovers. 
Then, at times, she knew to be wild and demanding and hurried and selfish in her need of him...and when he wanted his quickies...damn...those did blow him mad.
No matter the sexual share, the after glow of knowing the care was there as was the love...he saw it in her eyes, he felt it in her closeness, he heard it in her naughty giggles.
What happened? Where did that woman go? What was he doing wrong or was it simply a fact of time passing by. 
Was it time he looked for sexual favours somewhere else? Maybe that would make him feel more appreciated, once that sexual need was relieved? The thought daunting . resort to sex...empty endeavours to please his cock?
All he wanted was to be seen, to be held, to be kissed...all he wanted was what they had before.

She stopped at the kitchen door, he had just come home. She knew she had brushed his happy greetings aside without a second thought.

He seemed to be so needy. 
What was it that gnawed in the pit of her tummy? What was it that held her back from responding the way she would love to? What was it that had made them drift apart?Why did she feel resentful toward him?
She realised she was in another place in her life...a new journey of discovery...she had given him children, been the best wife and mother she knew to be, now she wanted to selfishly live her life for herself. 

Was this going to be the end of them or would they now to meet at the crossroads of life and find a way back into each others life....

Only time would tell.



Wednesday, 4 July 2018

to be 'your silhouette'

 how i want to be a silhouette...a configuration of curves
 in that bright and light and beautiful mind of yours that swerves
in and out of corridors of ideas, thoughts and imaginings
to unsettle and make your heart pound a bit faster through your daily happenings.
and, even though clear may not be every part of me,
enough to dream a little of what i may look like, and see,
for, the shadow cast of my welcoming form
will know every inch of u to warm.


Tuesday, 3 July 2018

may i admit...

 may i admit
oh! do permit...
come closer, lend me your ear
for what i shall say does concern u, my dear....

temptation hard and fast has been knocking on my door
shaking my resolve, my very core
a kind of naughtiness i know u shall enjoy
nothing about me knows to be coy
cause, when it comes to u what a wondrous enjoyment u know to be
alive i come, erotic as hell your touch, your closeness knows to make me
and thus, care to step my way
care to hurry and stay...?...
within my hunger u, i shall embrace
every part of your length with my tongue trace
a pattern of luscious lust like a tattoo on your mind shall remain imprinted
nothing in what i shall do to u, stinted.

Shhhhhhhhh!....don't fret don't moan my dearest one
the day today might be done
but...tomorrow when the sun knows high to climb
then hasten my way...don't waste any time!


could u imagine this dream of mine?

 a night spent in restful sleep where, words played out in dreams.
a kaleidoscope of imaginings... in that instant, a sleeping reality.

where lovers kissed...touched...caressed...

suddenly, an impatient hurry washed over me to wake and sit before my keyboard.
for, if i could paint my dream with words.....

do sit yourself down and allow a selfish moment to drift.

would i be shamed to admit to my yielding, my moans and cries and growls?
when upon me u descended with the intent of a hungry man?
where my wish was to lay inviting in my quivering anticipation of your desires?
where your commands seemed nothing more than a voicing of what i needed...
wanted u to say...

there was no corner of the bed , no piece of linen, no cushion left
that did not burn from how u controlled my every begging...
clutched in a desperate need to feel deeper...harder,
when u began to moan, uncontrollable in your desire 
to take more of me
...then ...
above u i rose...
and straddled your hardness...
...riding u like a manic...
wishing to sprint to the finish line...


...drenched, be we both...

clutching...melting...tranced and bewitched.

(...can u feel it? can u imagine?
drift back...back and u read again and again
...and...imagine it to be u.)


Sunday, 1 July 2018

direct RB share- #4...for u i shall strip...

"...and if a strip is what u looking for 
then ,
this way u should be looking... for sure!"
said she to him... agog he stared!
to let his jaw drop, to stare he dared!
so brief and quick the tease the play,
on both knees he went, to beg her stay,
she looked at him, standing tall yet, welcoming...
placing her heeled stockinged leg on his shoulder, backward him propelling.
landing on his bottom looking far up at her,
a leisurely travel beforehand, the length of her for sure,
how gorgeous and demanding and confident she stood,
to demand of him to undress, he hoped she would.
he wanted himself, before her to display,
he wanted her to see his ardour without delay,
in the hope that toward him she would sway those hips,
in the hope she would eat him with those luscious lips.
what did transpire left him breathless and lost,
the need to come back and find out more, the cost.
for, too short be the dalliance with the dancer tall,
more time he needed in her unrestrained seduction, wanting to fall.


side by side

( Sent to me by a very dear friend and verbatim his comment attached.)

"...Think this quite a telling commentary which confirms the perception that the human is an unwelcome interloper in Earth's environment.
Sometime, something will give -  but the build-up will be over the coming decades and maybe only next century will there be a major collapse of some kind.
Definitely a glass half-empty view...."
...and your opinion...?   would love to know...RB.

a sad reality- a Sunday consideration for all

battle buddies - twitter

I came across the photo on twitter and my first reaction was not one of 'aaaah! geee! how cuuuute....!'

An instant welling of sadness , a kind of unexplained melancholy gripped me...both for the soldier as well as the canine.
Is the soldier's head bowed in prayer? ...the canine watching his buddy...understanding of what is to come?...

of course, one cannot miss the beauty of a moment captured by the camera lens ...that faith, trust, adoration and love, that unquestionable bond between two lives ...precious to all who know them. 
An understanding of each others zest to be best at carrying out ones duty for country and people...that flow of adrenalin when fear grips, transcended by the need to jump into action. 
Nothing else seems to exist at that moment except...the two of them...trained to save, trained to kill, trained to survive and come back and receive accolades of praise ...unaware be those clapping hands and cheers of praise of any scars, memories explosive and bloody that would remain imprinted on both their minds.

Would that canine know any of the modern chaos where guns and bombs and drones and missiles ordered by generals and admirals, sitting in their towers, administering orders via satellite...pocking and littering the heavens beyond the human eye...were it not for the greed and avarice of mankind...?...the purpose being what...?...claim over each other, claim for control...?...claim for recognition...?...of what.

Yet that soldier will and so will his trusty mate, the canine, for so he has been trained (mind u, both of them) ... go out in battle and kill another in belief of something passed down by another human being....a sick legacy passed on from generation to generation...never the desire to put a full stop to the ever increasing chaos.

And thus, on this Sunday, i challenge all who dare to say that humans were born good and kind of nature.
Actually it is the opposite...we know not to be kind and empathetic and live in peace. 

Peace needs no simply is...a concept we do not understand and thus, will forever be warmongers in search of something that will be the death of humanity...



my jezebel

melting by Lindsay Garret how sweet u stand there in your deceptive coyness angelic be your eyes  yet, deep and swirling be thei...