Tuesday, 31 July 2018

To edge...to wedge

"There u are! " Said she, looking at him from above.
Spotting her at the window...he thought...my delicious erotic dove.
"Open those curtains" he begged of her, his groin athrob
Knowing to glimpse some of her nakedness, would do the job...
One step, two steps, three steps at a time he did rush
Eventually reaching her door, his cheeks in full blush
No matter the tiredness no matter the sweat
To stumble through her door, knowing what he would get...
She sat on the sofa, enough on display
To fall before her on his knees without delay
"Dear man "she said, looking straight into his eyes
"How hot I see, does burn your desires.
So...come...find soft comfort between these thighs of mine
I am sure it is going to be a delicious dine."
And just as he was about to find the spot
She nudged him away and told him why he could not
"First, my dear." She said, " quite selfish I know to be.
Your boundaries I need to push and see
How far I can take u over the edge
What is the maximum your jewels I can wedge."
"Don't be cruel " he said, "let us play together 
For in this lusciousness of yours i have wanted to drown forever.
Let us edge, let us wedge I truly don't care
As long as it is a mutual share."
He convinced her to let go, together they drowned
In swirls of sensuousness they went round and round
Eventually to dip no further to fall
For spent.,.complete...to take a breather...was the call.


Monday, 30 July 2018

Good morning

...good morning...

A view different

I wonder what out there knows to lie
From the unknown the brain desires to shy
And then the reminder ...my love of discovery
The adventure...the art of jugglery.
Why shy away from what lays out there
Rather to dare and myself to share
With what I know will be a sexy novelty
A new indulgence, a definite probability. 
And thus to know how to take on  change
The day to shine , the events arrange
For my spirit to fly as well as yours
 together we will know to open delightful doors.


Friday, 27 July 2018

they just knew how to do it to each other

 He sat, not too far away from her. He wasn't the chatty sort. Strangely, he felt very comfortable in the lingering silence between them. She sat there, above him, on her plinth, completely naked..her posture spoke volumes...no care in the world, unaware of their nakedness.
He smiled, realising she was the image of how he was feeling. Nothing else existed but, the look shared between them.
It spoke of knowing, it spoke of comfort of a different sort...an erotic burning...a sensuality he had always tried to capture.
There was no pretending, no embarrassment no need to avert his gaze away from her breasts...those nipples so prominent, demanding attention.
Her slight leaning in, a subtle invitation...a 'come-hither-to' unspoken. Exactly what he needed...neither too little or, too much...a mystery, an allure of what could be.
He watched her hands travel up and down her leg. There was a sensual tenderness in the caress which, confirmed all he thought she was.
A sensual creature, an erotic being, a lover raw and indulgent...a temptress...a tease...the lead and then the surrender...the controller, suggester, invitee...a seductress that never gave away too much.
But, the slight upturn of those lips of hers and the slight parted mouth gave it all away.
Could such a seduction, that spoke volumes and volumes not be the real deal?
He began to play with his hardness, enjoying the look in her eyes, her attentiveness obvious in the pressing of her thighs together and that gentle... 'hmm..' that escaped her throat
'Don't u want some?' he asked of her as he watched his hand grasp his rock hard throb...his other hand reaching to cup his tight balls.
"As much as i am sure u want some of this..." she responded, her voice trailing off, her thighs parting to make way for the cupping of her warm wetness with the full of her hand...diverting his attention away from himself and rather focusing on her...RB.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

a worthy shriek??

i sat...
 i joked
i poked
i stoked.
i watched i looked
and further hooked...
i crooked
and booked,
your mind did steal...
no real
the deal!
a fantasy to share
and thus the dare
garments off!...let us be bare!
a giggle a laugh,
and shy cough...
for... there... before us tall and proud!
in his glory steadfast loud!
your rod
did prod


i eeeeeked!!!
and further shrieked!!!

"...my golly gosh!
that ain't no tosh!
how it to quash???
with some naughty josh?..."

u grinned all naughty
in your hard state haughty.

quick to put u in your place!
and thus your rod with my hands to lace!
up and down to change the pace!
faster!... faster!... like a race
u clenched the seat yourself did brace!
AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! u screamed as u reached last base!

no more joking...

no more poking...

a faint choking... 

with my stroking...

in the afterglow...soaking.


coy and naughty

...tongue in cheek...

"is that an oyster sitting tight?
a delicious tit-bit, a tasty bite?
how coyly it knows to peak from there!
i cannot help myself but, stare.
may i indulge and find the pearl?
in the discovery your toes to curl?
for, a master discoverer i know to be,
to dive deep in that delicious sea."

she smiled at him and dropped her gaze.
a slight unclasping of her thighs, did him amaze.
just enough to view the treasure,
affording him immeasurable pleasure!!

but, before he could indulge and seek,
sinking to his knees so weak,
up she jumped and walked away!
leaving him groaning... on his knees to stay.


slops!...snob?...or...slob?...a test for u...

 ...a thought...

Preferences....for attire, shoe-ware, cars...mates?...friends?...places to be seen?...and much more...
Within the blink of an eye, the mobile one bought yesterday is no longer the newest nor the trendiest
That striving to be on top of ones game...whose game?...to be in line with social acceptances. which social acceptances?
Ever on guard to be as acceptable, purposeful, useful...right! A slip of a personal preference, stepping out of the lines drawn by strangers one will never get to know...yet...have had influence over masses as to behaviour and and and.
To don a pair of slops...being a slob? or simply relaxed and unaware of the side-glances and comments from those in what i call, the peanut gallery .

Now a test for u....

Of course a fact none of u would be aware of...unless u are close to me. 
My writing takes up any spare moment of my day and night. 


Swiftly weaving its magic through any space i occupy day and night...the genre?...there isn't. for, all music knows to feed and teach the spirit and soul emotions, ideas...imaginings...trying to capture the piece...headbanging, dubbing, classical...does it really matter?...each an artist in their own write, even those overnight commercial on-off pieces.

The attire...naked, semi-naked...dressed. The shoes...who cares!!!!

My blog...posts as the feeling captures me...at times being away from the computer and taking sabbaticals to refresh the tired and challenged mind knows to awaken new parts in my head i know to lose when the rat race seems to have wrapped its gnarled talons around me.

And thus...the vary varied and variable posts and videos u will find on my blog...hoping to entertain and keep you smiling, fantasising, questioning, getting angry, having an opinion...wandering....letting go of urban legends, hearsay...understanding that one is not alone in those questioning moments.
Never calculated nor written to please and keep within any boundaries...simply a very sincere share of rambling thoughts and emotions at that moment....

Now your test...

My previous post...the RB direct share #6

That sexiness sensuality that knew to ooze into my brain... a piece of music that spoke volumes to my spirit...a need to capture the moment instantly!

...did the slops bother u?...and if they did and caught your attention and not my moves and my semi-nakedness...then my question be...have u missed the sincerity of the share and all u will find on this blog...is your mind so trained into a pornish scripted setting that a pair of slops would throw u ?


For those who it did make a difference to....take a step back, look at your life, and ask yourself...have u missed the very jewel that may be sitting under your nose because u are so set on stupidities such as the wrong colour blouse or fingernails too red or house a little untidy, kids a little too noisy, hair not the best cut...?...

Do slops make one a slob?... your observation of them a snob?

...i wonder?...


Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Direct RB share-#6...it does seduce...

It played...it stirred
Not simply heard...
A twist a turn
The loins did burn...
And thus for u
Moves...a few
A quick hello
Your imagination to blow...RB

...till a next share...

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

a 'smurfie' goodnight

...a hue of blue
a chant to brew
sleep to pursue
your thoughts subdue
a kiss i send
a sensuous blend
in sleep descend
sweet dreams ascend ...



your 'negative'

 u feel me near, u know i'm there
behind closed eyes i dwell.
each time u blink
in a daydream sink
in a wink
i know in your thoughts to swell.

a photograph undeveloped
an image unfinished
a memory
an imagining
a happening
once more i reach
your reality breach

your 'negative' i am.


a prickly affair

It was an introspective weekend where i had the pleasure of being in company of ladies from all walks of life , ages and professions. Each of these women had a common goal...to be the best woman she knew to be...underlined by the ever burning hope that no matter the demands and changes of an ever evolving world and societies expectations and standards..she just knew to come back...time and time again...stronger than before.
The sad part of it, is that with every battle, a little more of herself she has had to sacrifice without being aware that she has...misunderstood by those around her, who love her dearly but, do not understand the demands she herself has placed on herself...wishing simply to be the most 'perfect'.

If only she knew how to not be her own worst enemy... and that maybe being perfect may not mean that which she thinks...

...this is dedicated to u...

 to be a mother or a wife or a sister , someones girlfriend...or...simply a girl, a woman 
would u know what it takes?
for at times so confused a state of mind
the demands, expectations, insinuations my very being shakes.
cowering, wandering, thinking i had it right 
that bulb switches on in my head so bright!
and then, all of a sudden, the limitations shift
a new set of rules a new set of needs plonked at my feet!
a turmoil, a rush a gush of confusion
trying to find myself in this new mess... a new seat.
how tiring, aggravating, irritating this new demand
and should i dare fail this global command
where would it leave me...?... should i ignore, let me try...?
fukc u all!...be the cry.


more than one of me

 if there was more than one of me 
how much more i would get to see
my eyes, my hands my whole being
seeking, searching...ever seeing.
all four corners of the world
in my rush to see, unfurled
and in the same breath u, i'd take
my companion to be, our worlds to shake!
the excitement, the zeal, the need to share
new horizons, new heights to dare
and when the eve would know to set
the comfort of each other, we would let.
the crests, the waves, the pinnacle of it all
the melt in each other the call
for what better ending to a day
than in u to melt and drift away.


Wednesday, 18 July 2018

a blast from the past

(internet - powerofpositivity.com)
" ...of recent he had been on a high, nothing disturbed his smug satisfaction with work, home and social dabbles.
A belief that he had found the balance to good living, even with all its challenges. In his fifties he had worried about such stupidities...with time the understanding that he wasn't alone in that boat and, in fact, many new liberties and freedoms could be embraced without having to excuse them as weaknesses or unfortunate dalliances, giving him a new found peace as to what his life was all about.
An acceptance that ageing was a natural phenomena not to be escaped, nor feared but, rather, understood and allowed to simply be there, without giving it  much power and allowing it to make or break what defined his life.
And then the glitch that spoilt the long spell of equilibrium, so finely tuned was every aspect of his life.
No longer did that golden era of all things attained, reached, arrived at, accepted, discovered, deserved...seemed to be enough.
An attendance at the theatre and perchance spotting her...quite a shock... a forgotten dalliance of many many moons ago, with an unknown gentleman, was all it took.
She was none the wiser to his lingering gaze / intrusive gaze...constantly drawn in their direction...seated at such an angle that he had the pleasure...?...displeasure...?...of witnessing such pure uninterrupted affection and absorption of each other.
It looked as if they would sit in each others laps, if that were possible...closer than close they seemed to clutch to each others sides.
And, when their heads met , a whisper of some sort, they seemed to linger in their joining, wishing not to be separated, as if each others thoughts were flowing through that simple action of leaning toward each other.
He could glimpse the look in her eyes as she looked at her partner...and...he could imagine her partner looking back...most probably drowning in the pools of direct full attention and appreciation that was obvious in her gaze.
Her body spoke volumes...soft and pliable and seductive ,...gentle and caring to invite him closer into her form.
He could sense her partners melting, totally surrendered to her sensuality.

A sadness enveloped him, a sense of loss...he had been looking forward to the evenings events, loved that he was with his life-time partner...and reached out to take her hand.
"All OK dear?" is what she said
"Of course. why?"
"Well...what a pleasure to have u reaching for my hand.Quite unusual...u know I love u." she said.
He felt a stabbing pain, deep melancholy wash over him and wished he could reciprocate..........


u know that feeling

u know that raunchy feel u get?
that right person, their image firmly in your mind set...
their every move, their very being
unaware, as if unseeing.
that vibrating sensexual energy
of luscious pleasures... a prodigy.

u know that festering hunger that bites hard?
nothing its irritating presence knows to discard...
for in the head
the mind does bed
the sauciness of a woman's curves
the very definition of all she is, your manliness... spurs.

u know that desire to let things go
nothing to reign u in but, prefer to reveal and show
no care,
to dare...
and let her feel the heat that burns
the heart that yearns
the mind that blushes
the mouth that gushes
with fantasies pent-up
her nakedness a set-up
to have u spill
to have the will
the courage to take
the moment make
a frenzy of surrender
a jibberish mess of lustful splendour.....!!!!!

aaahhhh!...the liberty... the freedom of it all,
those luscious images do call,
to close ones eyes
for nothing has the power, nothing knows to defy
the pull, the magnetic mystery cry
the body nor mind, knows not to shy
sinking in layers and layers of imaginings to ply
the call to return to reality...defy.

 so deeper to sink.
and in a blink...
once again... to invite
be the mind and body's 'plight'
the raunchiness of what she is
pure, unashamed delightful...bliss.


Tuesday, 17 July 2018

a red ribbon

 ...the red ribbon...

tell me i am wrong...tell me it doesn't do it to u

 now...what is it that they say about music...
u want to tell me it ain't got power?
it know not to seduce the listening ear?

 oh come on!!...then u be not listening with intent
to hear.
then u ain't lost to the will to enjoy the message written and played

and thus....

u just ,JUST HAVE TO...LISTEN...






take me
shake me...bake me HArd
twist me
turn me...tweak my tits
spread my legs and eat my bits!..."

couldnt help myself...the song does it to me...

now tell me this ain't one of the most raunchiest sexiest pieces of music written that makes u want to go play naughty...VERY NAUGHTY... and do things...?!?!?




Monday, 16 July 2018

i wish to toy with...?

"how i wish to toy with all your bits!" she said.
that brazenness, a frankness she dared
the way she looked at him and,in words shared.

"your precious hardness beckons my hands to reach,
the distance between your stiffness and them breach,
deliciously i shall twirl and twist and grasp and grab!!!
soft and hard, between my palms, the slide of your c*ck shall stab."

she continued...

"i shall marvel at the growth, the thickness, protruding.
my attention to your jewel, preluding,
a gush! a burst! a thrust! a growl..
as forward u spray...!...accompanied with a wolf howl."

"creamy rich aplenty your satisfaction be,
on your face a spent contentment to see,
but...wait...no hurry to let go of your c*ck yet
for, i see, the continued caress a new hardness does beget."


a light caress of limbs

drenched be the bed with thoughts unhidden
luxurious and at liberty every flitting image
of him enveloped in the draping of limbs naked
no harnessing of lustful exposure
for... it be his to take.

hard beat the heart
gauged the shaft of a man hungry yet, controlled...
wishing only to revel in the serenity of a mind
lost to the harshness of anything hard core.
the lay of nakedness...all there. 
first...a light caress of limbs angled to catch his interest.
then to inhale the scent of sensuousness
womanliness...ripe...to be plucked by a caring hand...
 the need to steal himself away from thoughts
rushed and hungry
desirous to devour
rather, the selfish slow seduction of all his senses...
an engagement.
a slow pressing of a throbbing urgency against the 
revealed soft petals of her lusciousness .
to place himself firm
from the back
along the length of all she was.


my jezebel

melting by Lindsay Garret

how sweet u stand there in your deceptive coyness
angelic be your eyes 
deep and swirling be their restless pools...
as u pin me down with your gaze
demanding...!... my weak mind to bend and bow.
how my inner being 
and grovels at the foot of allure
defined by the nakedness of your glistening flesh.
u stand smart and tall 
assured in your power of my smallness.
my smallness defined by my inability to deny u...
oppressed and devoted , gutted and hungry my lust .
oh!... u... jezebel! of all luscious uncontrolled hungers!
how i shall tear u down with my touch my mouth
my manly strength!
i shall plough that womanly richness of yours
 taste the sweet nectar that will drip from between your thighs
u shall spread yourself before me 
writhe and arch!!!
and bend !!!
and moan...



now i see..

.no matter how i bend u,
arch u,
wish to conquer u,
...make u mine...
it is not u that shall break.
how pitied, and small, shall be my groans and cries
when u walk away,
leave me drenched in remembrance
of how u allowed me to eat and presume to take control.
oh, u, jezebel...
how cleverly u have imprisoned me with your so-called surrender
how deceitful be u in playing with my sanity...
further gnawing away with your bosom rich in its roundness
your buttocks splayed for the taking...
cowering... sit i in the corner now
desperately in need of u.... 

my jezebel.


Friday, 13 July 2018

that once in a lifetime love affair

" ...dawn, the flight an early one, he wondered if he would have time to drop in and see her, even for a split second...that was all he needed.
A most unexpected turn of events that had him remembering his younger days when there was no doubt what he wanted . He chased desires, wants, needs, expectations with the playful strength and certainty of a cub lion. Wherever he went, whatever he did, his faith was unshakable...he knew he was going places.

He was a late bloomer when it came to sexual encounters, admiring the fairer sex from a distance,preferring to chase those dreams of simply doing and being what his spirit desired. 
The reaches of Africa, its beautiful stretch of savanna...the Serengeti.
That freedom, unrestricted pleasure he felt, zest for life, inhaling, drenching himself in the pureness of very little tarnished by the touch of western so called civilisation, where the pristine was considered as a waste of space and natural resources.
That invigorating feeling of life flowing through his veins...that same feeling that coursed through his body the night before.
A raw wildness , a sincere uncontrolled yet, very natural eating of each others hunger.

And it all started with the two of them laying on their backs, on the carpet. A perchance encounter of two people who found an understanding of life in nature and all it had to offer. Two people who developed a relationship of some sort, over a period of time....life separating them...and bringing them together again...perchance.
Even then, those many years past, he had known she had more to offer but, selfishly he chased everything else, except the truth.

The truth of reality.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, fully clothed, his mind lost in that moment when his hand had slipped under her lose t-shirt, that first touch of her soft flesh, that first sigh that escaped those soft generous lips of hers that he had never forgotten...her kisses that had eaten at his memory for years and years.
She had turned her back to him and he began a slow reveal, an undress of her shape... time had moulded her into curves and mounds of delicious sexiness, feminine. He had kissed the dip of her waist, he had cupped the softness of her bosom, he had traced the length of her form with his breath, he had tasted the sweetness of nectar he had thought never would be his pleasure again.They had dipped and arched and whispered and demanded and rolled and burned on every inch of that carpet.
She had kissed him sweetly, ominously, ever so gently and carefully...when he left. It felt as if that was to be their last encounter.

As he stood up, he realised he wouldn't go and see her one more time.When the chance had presented itself, he had not taken it...he had let it pass him by...he had let her go.

It was time to catch that flight home. It was time to let sleeping dogs lie and once more, try forget her."


Tuesday, 10 July 2018

a calling card

if a doorway could lead to spaces in ones mind
a gateway open.
if that doorway knew to reveal what on the other side might lie
...a beckoning of mysteries sensual, provocatively soft...



be a calling card.


if that doorway could transcend yearnings, mere feelings,
and snap!...walking through, makes arms soft
kisses adoring, gently passionate
a depth of longing witnessed in eyes telling. 
a lover knowing of ones wanderings... agitated .
an unsettled spirit waning...
receding in the feel of closeness,
an inhale of scents familiar comforting in their seductiveness...
an intoxicating welcome of all that awakens a spirit free and wild...
embers quiet yet, hot...waiting to be fanned into life
once more.

a calling card...an invitation ...be she in that doorway.



Sunday, 8 July 2018

a serious cup of coffee

 a serious cup of coffee
the day to see me through,
the game last night, i must admit
has left me a little blue.
no matter, though it wasn't meant
no matter hard the fight,
today no less the congratulations
for RUSSIA still be my star and shines real bright.
the tears did flow
burrowing be the look, at the tv to stare,
the shouts of support the shouts of anger
referees calls did know to flare.
and, when all was done
the chatter was small, the gestures gone...
up stood us to clean the dishes
..for that was us...done.

quiet were the goodbyes
the hugs not so tight as on arrival,
the ride home then became loud and analytical
alive again...!... from forlornness a reprieve a sabbatical.
of course a win is what we wanted
the chance to see the final,
but damn!... that was a serious match
the RUSSIAN team...they did announce their soccer arrival.

u did us proud
to u i raise my coffee mug
and shout "LONG LIVE RUSSIA!"....real loud!

..."dolgoye vremya ROSSIYA!!"...


a morn different...a dawn erotic

  why is it that some mornings make the mind unravelled, the body to shake...?... with anticipated naughtiness the desire to indul...