Tuesday, 3 July 2018

may i admit...

 may i admit
oh! do permit...
come closer, lend me your ear
for what i shall say does concern u, my dear....

temptation hard and fast has been knocking on my door
shaking my resolve, my very core
a kind of naughtiness i know u shall enjoy
nothing about me knows to be coy
cause, when it comes to u what a wondrous enjoyment u know to be
alive i come, erotic as hell your touch, your closeness knows to make me
and thus, care to step my way
care to hurry and stay...?...
within my hunger u, i shall embrace
every part of your length with my tongue trace
a pattern of luscious lust like a tattoo on your mind shall remain imprinted
nothing in what i shall do to u, stinted.

Shhhhhhhhh!....don't fret don't moan my dearest one
the day today might be done
but...tomorrow when the sun knows high to climb
then hasten my way...don't waste any time!


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